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Software Development Engineer In Test Resume

Washington, DC


  • In 6+ years of working as a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) I have acquired expertise in implementing the following Software Testing strategies and tools:
  • Manual and Automation Testing.
  • UI Testing, Functional Testing, Smoke, Regression, Database Testing, API Testing, Mobile Testing.
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Software Test Life Cycle, Defect Life Cycle.
  • Waterfall and Agile/Scrum methodologies, key practices and ceremonies: Sprint Planning Meeting, Grooming, Daily Stand - up meeting, Sprint Review, Sprint Demos, Retrospective Meeting.
  • Test Automation using Java, Maven, Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber, Gherkin, JUnit, TestNG.
  • Java programming language and Object Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) for Test Automation.
  • Creating Hybrid frameworks for Behavioral Driven Development (BDD) and Data Driven Testing (DDT) with Cucumber and Gherkin language.
  • Perform Cross Browser and cross platform Testing using Positive and Negative Testing approaches.
  • Using various IDE: IntelliJ, Eclipse, PyCharm, Jupyter NoteBook.
  • Mobile Testing with Appium and Android Studio.
  • Jira and Slack for project management and communication.
  • Git/GitHub, BitBucket for version control.
  • Using Maven build automation tool and configuring pom.xml for testing projects.
  • SQL, database management and integration with Java and JDBC.
  • REST API Testing using Postman and REST Assured Library with Java.
  • Collaborating with DevOps team to configure and Schedule Smoke and Regression Tests using Jenkins.
  • Designing and executing Test Scenarios and Test Cases in Cucumber BDD framework using Gherkin language.
  • Tracking bugs and defects using Jira with Xray plugin.
  • Developing and implementing custom utilities and Page Object Model (POM) for a framework.
  • Conducting Data Driven Tests using Apache POI.
  • Generating Extent-Reports, HTML reports and Cucumber JSON reports.
  • Analyzing and implementing strategies for testing Web-based applications.
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills


Automation Testing Tools: Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber, Maven, Jenkins, JUnit, TestNG, AssertJ, Hamcrest, Selenium Grid, REST Assured, Appium, Android Studio.

Languages/Frameworks: Java, Python, SQL, Gherkin, HTML/CSS, JavaScript.

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, JIRA-Xray

Version control: Git/GitHub, Bitbucket

RDBMS: Oracle Database, MySQL, JDBC

Build Management Tool: Maven, Ant

CI/CD: Jenkins

API Testing: REST Assured, Postman

IDE: IntelliJ, Eclipse, PyCharm, Jupyter Notebook

AWS: Work knowledge of EC2 instances

OS: Linux, Mac, Windows


Confidential, Washington, DC

Software Development Engineer in Test


  • Design and implement automated functional tests and automated UI tests.
  • Review product requirements and functional specifications to develop Test Cases and perform Automation Testing.
  • Execute manual and automated tests in compliance with a test plan.
  • Participate in code and test plan reviews with QA and Development teams.
  • Participate in Scrum ceremonies: Sprint Planning Grooming, Demo, Sprint Retrospective and daily stand-ups.
  • Responsible for maintaining and debugging automated smoke and regression suits.
  • Create new test cases for newly implemented features based on acceptance criteria using Cucumber and Gherkin.
  • Build and maintain BDD automation framework with Cucumber, Selenium, JUnit, REST Assured.
  • Design feature files written in Gherkin language.
  • Perform Database data verification and API testing using REST Assured library.
  • Use Java with JDBC for database integration.
  • Use Postman to perform manual API testing and creating requests for further API Testing.
  • Use REST Assured library and POJO model to perform Deserialization and Serialization of test data.
  • Validate test results with REST Assured library, JUnit, AssertJ and Hamcrest matchers.
  • Perform manual testing of GUI.
  • Use Jenkins for CI/CD automation, analyzing logs and creating reports.
  • Verify and report issues and monitor results of automated test executions.
  • Prepare and present progress reports, metrics and analysis.

Tools: Used: Java, Selenium WebDriver, Maven, JUnit, AssertJ, Cucumber, Gherkin, SQL, JDBC, Postman, REST Assured, Jenkins.

Confidential, Arlington, VA

Software Development Engineer in Test


  • Developed Test case documentation, created test.
  • Participated in Agile/Scrum ceremonies.
  • Executed test cases in QA and Staging environments.
  • Configured DDT frameworks with Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Apache POI.
  • Used Selenium WebDriver to test front-end of web applications.
  • Used Selenium Grid to run parallel testing.
  • Designed and executed test cases in accordance with test plans.
  • Completed data retrieval from database using SQL queries.
  • Performed Smoke and Regression Testing using Jenkins.
  • Performed manual and automated API testing using Postman and REST Assured.
  • Used Jira for project management and bug tracking.

Tools: Used: Java, Selenium WebDriver, Maven, JUnit, SQL, JDBC, Postman, REST Assured, Jenkins

Confidential, RESTON, VA

Software Development Engineer in Test


  • Developed test documentation and created project status reports
  • Engaged in daily Agile/Scrum ceremonies
  • Designed and ran test cases
  • Contributed to Selenium framework development
  • Implemented parallel testing using Selenium Grid
  • Used Selenium WebDriver to test Web based application
  • Used SQL queries to retrieve data from database
  • Utilized Jenkins for running Smoke and Regression tests
  • Performed API testing using Postman

Tools: Used: Java, Selenium WebDriver, Maven, JUnit SQL, JDBC, Postman, Jenkins

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