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Principal Test Engineer Resume

Annapolis Junction, MarylanD


Lead Test Engineer with over 22 years’ experience providing the following levels of testing: Software Systems ·IV&V·System - Integration·Simulator·Acceptance·Functional·Load·Stress. Most testing was in a multi-tiered/multi-server client-server environment or in a java web access environment as part of a full software and hardware development lifecycle in accordance with industry and government standards and methodologies. Possess extensive experience verifying requirements, writing test plans, test cases and procedures, coordinating support for tests, process flowcharting, troubleshooting problems during testing, diagramming and setting up data communications configurations and maintaining team web pages. Supported multi-billion-dollar operations on multiple projects. Over 15 years of experience in research and analysis in trending, time studies and workflow. Possess an ISTQB foundation certification.


Hardware: LightRAID Dell Cyclades KVM Zenith SUN Sparc Stations SCD VEDA Silicon Graphics O2/200 VAX Hewlett Packard Epson iMAC PowerPC 4K/8K series Toshiba MAC Powerbook MAC G4 server VDS VTS PolyCom various satcom modems Dell servers 1850 and 2850, Dell 1950, 2950, R610, R710, R820

Operating systems: Linux VMWare Windows XP/NT/2000 UNIX VAX VMS MAC OS8.X/9.X Small Conversion Devices 5.0 Portable Telemetry Processors

Software: Selenium 2.9 IDE - Glimmerglass Jira- Confluence- VMWare- Custom developed software Java- Control Center System (CCS) Visio Claris Crome Internet Explorer Netscape Firefox Mozilla Acrobat 3.0/4.0 WinRunner 7.0 Test Director 7.5 LoadRunner-Web 7.5 complete suite of Microsoft Office products Access Oracle Java - DOORS Rational COTS GOTS Custom designed automated testing tool

Functional Skills: Selenium automated testing power and thermal testing test planning and coordination system interfaces operations floor plans resource coordination stress/load testing functional testing systems interface testing data quality testing regression testing system testing application interface testing diagramming data flows technical writing UNIX HTML customer relations public speaking client support software and hardware configuration


Confidential, Annapolis Junction, Maryland

Principal Test Engineer


  • Principal Test Engineer and Test Lead for a high-profile applications development program.
  • The program has the attention of the highest level of the customer’s management and is now being redesigned for other customers to access and use as well as to migrate to entirely different code bases and not just different platforms.
  • Perform both automated Selenium testing and manual testing of the application, and some testing under the GUI interface within the Unix structure.
  • Wrote and updated the test plans.
  • Wrote and updated the Selenium test scripts.
  • Provided direction for the other member of the test team on the rare occasion when it was necessary.
  • Worked directly with the developers to solve developing issues, especially those not covered by the ticketing process.

Hardware: VMware, Dell desktops

Operating Systems/Software: Linux, Java, Tomcat, VMware, Windows 7, Selenium IDE 2.9, Git, Confluence, Jira, eVo, API, ReST,IE, Firefox, Chrome, Word, Excel, Notepad, Wordpad

Functional Skills: Selenium Automated testing, Manual testing, functional testing, Regression testing, Linux, Writing test plans and procedures, Agile-Scrum, Teamwork

Confidential, Annapolis Junction, Maryland

Sr. Test Engineer


  • Perform test and evaluation in a Linux environment operating in multiple system configurations, including Vmware.
  • Test and write discrepancy reports on an ongoing basis.
  • Work with an automated testing tool to create automated tests within the framework using the GUI and by placing configuration files in the automated test directory structure and running the pre-generated tests. Perform software installations as needed.
  • Perform data capture, analysis, and characterization using COTS and specialized hardware and software.
  • Write formal, manual regression and functional tests for inclusion into the documentation database.

Hardware: Linux Workstations, R820, R710, R610, LightRAID

Operating Systems/Software: Linux, Glimmerglass, Custom Designed Automated Test Tool, Dropbox, SIGINT System, LightRAID

Functional Skills: Manual Testing, Linux, Automated Testing, Integration Testing, in depth test analysis and tracking, troubleshooting signal ingest issues, customer relations, Regression Testing, Test Planning, Test Procedures, operating the LightRAID configuration tool, Teamwork

Confidential, Annapolis Junction, Maryland

Sr. Test Engineer


  • Develop the test process and coordinate testing for projects within the program.
  • Develop test plans and test procedures and supervise and assist the engineers in the execution of the tests for each of the systems in integration.
  • Testing is done on hardware, peripheral systems and software to verify functionality and data throughput.

Hardware: Linux Workstations, R720, R710, R610, Windows based desktop, Rack mounted system interfaces, 48M3 Thermal-vac Test system, SATCOM UPLINK systems, KVM

Operating Systems/Software: Linux, Various SIGINT systems, Windows, Microsoft

Functional Skills: Integration test, operating Thermal-vac testing system, coordinated with owner organization for use of Thermal-vac equipment, Write Test Plans, Write Test Reports, Word, Excel, Shareware

Confidential, Annapolis Junction, Maryland

Sr. Test Engineer


  • Principal Test Engineer for a major customer application modernization project.
  • Perform software testing and evaluation in a C++, Java UNIX environment using Sybase as the database using AGILE. development methodologies on a VMWare system resident on blade servers.
  • Write and maintain test specific documentation for Process Improvement as part of an on - going PI cycle
  • Prioritize issue testing for each release and write ad hoc test plans for the issues generated through Jira
  • Maintain test documentation via confluence wiki with links to User Stories in Jira
  • Write and execute test plans and test procedures to include functional, regression and load testing in response to user stories or discrepancy reports
  • Support developer efforts to troubleshoot software problems
  • Provide training and system orientation for new test engineers
  • Provide Issue Reports to the customer, on a daily basis
  • Support planning and scheduling efforts for the program
  • Installed the LS on virtual machines and authored the original installation procedures
  • Provide test support using VMware in a Linux environment
  • Assist developers with troubleshooting issues in the software
  • Write simple scripts to automate integration testing

Hardware: VMware, Dell Workstations

Operating Systems/Software: Linux RH5.7, Windows 7 EE, tomcat, Maven, Git, Subversion, Confluence, Jira, Java, Sybase

Functional Skills: Manual GUI testing, Manual in-system testing, Integration test, Agile-Scrum, System Test, Functional Test, Regression Test, scripting, Confluence, Jira, Subversion, Maven and Git tracing, training, Installations, Stress Testing, Teamwork

Confidential, Annapolis Junction, Maryland

Sr. Systems Engineer


  • Lead Test Engineer for a customer resource management subsystem in a large test and integration team.
  • In a large server farm Implemented with C, C++, Java UNIX Oracle and Solaris in an AGILE environment
  • Performed Systems Integration Testing (SIT), regression, and live data testing, in both the laboratory and operational environments
  • Performed subsystem installations in both the laboratory and at operational sites
  • Conducted and supported troubleshooting efforts on both hardware and software
  • Provided Life Cycle Support to Post - IOC sites
  • Created and maintained systems test procedures
  • Supported integration and subsystem installation for other subsystems including cable and rack work Supported go-live process
  • Mission Transition support and troubleshooting
  • Wrote discrepancy reports and test fixes to those discrepancies
  • Worked with the training team to improve training materials for the system
  • Provided on-site OJT to remote site personnel
  • Lead Test Engineer for a customer infrastructure project
  • Established test doctrine and developed test program for the system
  • Created the installation and configuration guide for the application
  • Established initial document controls
  • Wrote discrepancy reports and test fixes to those discrepancies

Hardware: Dell 2850, 1850, KVM, Windows Workstation

Operations Systems/Software: Linux, ArcGis, Java, Visio, GForge Oracle

Functional Skills: Systems Testing, Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Rack diagrams, Teamwork

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