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Senior Qa Engineer Resume

Houston, TX


  • IT software professional with 10+ years of experience with zeal to deliver high quality projects and products.
  • Experience in Automation Quality Assurance and Testing of Client/Server and Web Applications.
  • Participating in Manual, Functional, and Integration, End - to-End and Performance and UI Automation testing.
  • Experienced with Azure PowerShell scripting for configuring and managing Linux/Windows vMs on Azure.
  • Experience in developing Automation processes using Java (front end) + Git/Bit Bucket + Azure +Karma +NodeJS (backend) +Selenium+Jmeter +MySQL+ Jenkins.
  • Involvement in defining project requirements, documentation and sharing using Jira/Confluence.
  • Bug logging and tracking using Bugzilla/Jira. Configured Jira workflow structure.
  • Creation and implementation of test plans/specifications using Test Link.
  • Setting up Performance Testing using Jmeter to monitor and record various application API calls Response, Latency and other performance parameters to execute it from multiple Linux machines.
  • Familiar with container systems like Docker and used container orchestration like Open shift, Kubernetes using Lens.
  • Used Grafana to monitor and analyze pod statistics like CPU Usage, Memory.
  • Solid understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Strong knowledge of the theory of Automation and Manual QA.
  • Participated in writing end to end test scripts using Selenium with Java.
  • Participated in preparing BDD test scenarios using Cucumber.
  • Responsible for integrating and generating Selenium/TestNG and Jmeter Reports using Jenkins.
  • Prepare test metrics reports Excel/JIRA/Confluence and share with all stakeholders.
  • Participate and provide feedback on the release and bug status on everyday Sprint meetings.
  • Responsible for Ad-hoc, exploratory and Mobile mode testing of the system after every major functional implementation.
  • Participated in API testing for project backend testing using Postman.
  • Performed Proof of concept for Test Cafe and Protractor for NodeJs application.
  • Created Project Open Source attribution document by deploying amazon OSS Attribution builder.
  • Well versed with using various Factory Talk tools: FT Vantage Point and Info Platform for managing project data at various levels and data security configuration.
  • Familiar with using various Rockwell SCADA softwares: FT View, FT View Point and FT Historian.
  • Familiar with using Scale Vector Graphic IDE to generate Industrial HMI screens.
  • Conducted in person sessions and recordings for the stakeholders and users.
  • Code maintenance in Java and NodeJS.
  • Knowledge of using databases like MySQL and Confidential .
  • Data access and maintenance on Couch DB.
  • Delivered java based standalone application using Industrial automation protocol such as Modbus which was used as configuration tool for various Industrial PLC, RTU, Controllers used in Oil and Gas.
  • Delivered java based standalone application used as a Virtual Oil and Gas Flow metering based on a Industry proven analytics engine.
  • Experienced in working in traditional and agile workflow environment.


Programming: Java,PowerShell,Shell scripting

Web Automation Tools: Jenkins,Jmeter,TestNG,Junit,Postman,Cucumber,Selenium

Cloud Platforms: Azure

Version Control System: Git, GitHub,SVN,BitBucket

Test Management Tools: JIRA, Confluence, Bugzilla, Test Link

Databases: MySQL, Confidential, CouchDB,FactoryTalk Vantage Point

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux/Ubuntu, VMWare workstation

Web Technologies: HTML,CSS

Graphic Design Technologies: SVG, Factory Talk View

IDE Tools: IntelliJ IDE,Eclipse,WebStorm

Monitoring Dashboards: Openshift,Lens, Grafana


Confidential, Houston, TX

Senior QA Engineer


  • Responsible for configuring and executing Performance and Stress Tests using Jmeter on multiple Linux machines.
  • Responsible for monitoring various application API calls like Live Data,historical and Timeseries calls and recording the respective calls response, latency and performance in various user and system conditions.
  • Managed Docker orchestration and Docker containerization using Kubernetes. Used Openshift and Kubernetes Lens to orchestrate the deployment, scaling, and management of Docker Containers.
  • Managed multiple Kubernetes pod containers scaling, and auto-scaling.
  • Used Grafana for monitoring and analysing pod statistics like Memory and CPU usage.
  • Monitored pod logs to debug the pod failures during StressTest.Resposible for updating the pod requirements in YAML accordingly.
  • Responsible for documenting Open Source software packages used in the project and generating a project license document using Amazon OSS attribution builder.
  • Worked on Jenkins with multiple stages like checkout a branch, building the application, testing, pushing the image into Azure, deploying to QA, Acceptance testing and finally deploying to production.
  • Responsible for automating the build and deploy process.
  • Integrated Karma into Jenkins to automate running unit tests and record the results.
  • Participated in writing end to end test cases and writing test scripts using Selenium.
  • Involved in writing test scripts using Test Cafe.
  • Contributed in developing functional testing scenarios using BDD and Cucumber in Java.
  • Responsible for integrating Test Cafe and Jenkins and to generate and record reports after each build.
  • Responsible for manual functional testing and bug tracking using Bugzilla and Jira.
  • Taken care of testing the application in Mobile mode on browsers.
  • Responsible for creating and authenticating user accounts and defining the UI permission levels to access various parts of the application.
  • Documenting and sharing the project flow and access authentication process info on Confluence.
  • Responsible for configuring the backend UI data on Rockwell database, Info Platform.
  • Responsible for creating, configuring and managing Virtual Machines, Storage accounts, network security groups and applications using Windows Azure portal.
  • Working Knowledge of databases like MySQL, Couch DB.
  • Good understanding of the principles and best practices of software configuration management (SCM) in agile, scrum and waterfall methodologies.
  • Provisioning environments for Engineering and QA on Azure and GIT as per the requirements and automating and managing different build processes for various environments like development, QA, production and Stress Test and chasing timelines by defining workflows on JIRA.
  • Responsible for Ad hoc and exploratory testing after every major functional feature implementation and integration.
  • Orchestrated CI/CD processes by responding to Git triggers, human input, and dependency chains and environment setup.
  • Participated in developing a continuous deployment pipeline using shell scripts in Jenkins.
  • Working with Engineering and upstream teams on day-to- day environment issues on DEV and TEST env. Via everyday Sprint meetings.
  • Expertise in troubleshooting the problems generated while building and deploying.

Environment: Azure,Kubernetes, GitHub, Jenkins, Docker, JIRA, Unix/Linux, Bash Shell Script, Nodejs, MySQL,Openshift, Lens,Cucumber,Postman,Jmeter,Selenium with Java, Eclipse.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Software Engineer


  • Responsible for gathering user requirements.
  • Prepare and maintain requirements documentation using TestLink.
  • Responsible for developing a major module of the application using Java.
  • Setting up application interaction with Mod Poll and Mod Scan using Modbus protocol for data retrieval.
  • Integrated HMIs into application and display live device data.
  • Gathered and documented device data calculations by interacting with the firmware team using Excel/Confluence.
  • Implemented calculations to display on the UI based on live data.
  • Responsible for coordinating with the testing team in developing test cases on Test Link.
  • Setting and configuring GitHub branches for code sharing.
  • team about GitHub and Tortoise it usage.
  • Configured and maintained device data in Factory Talk Vantage Point.
  • Responsible for version control on SVN, GIT.
  • Creating a fully Automated Jenkins Jobs CI/CD Build and Deployment Platform using Jenkins and GitHub.
  • Delivered and presented the application to the stakeholders and users.
  • Prepared application functionality videos to share with the users along with the devices.

Environment: Java,TestLink,ScaleVectorGraphicIDE,IntelliJ IDE,Jenkins,Confluence,SVN,GitHub,TortoiseGit,Modbus protocol,ModPoll, FT Vantage Point.

Confidential, Boston, MA

Software Engineer


  • Interacting with the client to gather expectations.
  • Requirements documentation and feasibility investigation using Excel and JIRA.
  • Studying and evaluating existing established calculation engines for 3 phase flow measurement.
  • Responsible for building a user friendly interface using Java to configure the existing engine and produce appropriate results for monitoring.
  • Enhanced analytical calculations using the engine such as creating graphical representation for Flow performance and Choke performance curves.
  • Designed HMI screens using Scale Vector Graphic IDE.
  • Worked with the testing team for successful product delivery.

Environment: Java, TestLink, Scale Vector Graphic IDE, IntelliJ IDE, JIRA, SVN.


Trainee / Software Engineer


  • Involved in Code review and Code specifications verification.
  • Part of module maintenance and bug fixing team.
  • Interacting with the build team to configure and schedule builds.
  • Responsible for manual testing the entire application flow.
  • Document Test Cases.
  • Involved in weekly client interactions to gather and update the requirements.
  • Update the SQL database with vehicle configuration data gathered from the client.

Environment: Java, TestLink, Eclipse, SVN, SQL

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