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Test Lead Resume


  • A successful technology - driven professional with around 10+ years experience in various roles of Testing (10+ Manual testing, 9+ Performance testing, 5+ Security Analyst, 4+ Automation testing, and 1+ Test Lead).
  • Experience in testing VAS, Web, Mobile applications, middleware components, GUI, Database & API for Manual testing, Performance testing, Automation testing, and Security assessment.
  • Shown excellence in critical, challenging projects and a virtual client-facing environment.
  • Good understanding of Business Requirement Documents, Functional, and System Requirement Documents.
  • Experience in preparing Test Plan, Test Case Design, Peer Reviews, Test Case Execution, Traceability Matrix, Daily / Weekly Status Reports & Defects.
  • Good Exposure in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle, Software Testing Life Cycle, Defect Life Cycle
  • Well acquainted with Smoke testing, Sanity testing, Functional testing, Browser compatibility testing(Cross-browser testing), System Integration testing, Regression testing, Retesting, End to end testing, Performance testing, Automation testing, Security testing, UAT testing, Client support.
  • Involved in Automation full life cycle activities like automation tool selection and methodology development, deciding framework for automation, implementation, providing automation strategies, implement and maintain standard estimations model by Phase, etc.
  • Experienced in implementing and maintenance of various types of Automation Frameworks.
  • 6 years of automation experience with Selenium Webdriver using Java.
  • Experienced in automating API testing with Rest Assured and testing Mulesoft API.
  • Experienced in performing performance testing over cloud products and on-premise products.
  • Handled Security assessments for all the projects of the company along with 2 other resources.
  • Experience in Web Application Security, Vulnerability Assessment.
  • Had supported lead auditor for conducting of ISO 27001 auditing.
  • Scanned Servers, Applications, Databases, Firewalls, Switches & Access points for vulnerabilities.
  • Experienced in analyzing requirements, automating test cases, executing automated scripts, and reporting the findings.
  • Strong communication and team-building skills with proficiency in grasping new technical concepts quickly and productively utilize the same to meet tight deadlines
  • Enthusiastic to learn new concepts in emerging technologies, Self-motivated, Proactive, Good interpersonal skills, and able to work independently.
  • Capable to handle multiple tasks and work towards tight deadlines.
  • Flexible and versatile to adapt to any new environment and work on any project.
  • Subject matter expert in Performance testing.
  • Travelled Toronto-Canada(Sister company) and Dhaka-Bangladesh(Client Location) On-Site for handling QA aspects of the In-House product and Performance testing respectively.
  • Attended the Jmeter tool workshop which was conducted in Bangalore, India (2011), on behalf of IMI Mobile.
  • Participated in Indian Testing League representing IMImobile and have qualified till Semi-Finals at World conference next-generation testing 2015 Bangalore, India.
  • Attended an Agile workshop conducted in the company.
  • Attended various security conferences and workshops.
  • Participating in requirement specification and documentation review meetings with developer and product teams.
  • Participating in Sprint planning, Test planning, Sprint review and Sprint retrospective meetings.
  • Discussing with the Project manager regarding the resource allocation and test strategy.
  • Designing Test plan and circulating the same to the stakeholders and discuss for further negotiations.
  • Grooming the team.
  • Write Test Scenarios, Test Cases, and review the scenarios/cases written by the team.
  • Analyze the requirements for automation, conduct feasibility analysis over the system. Creating the automation test suite, writing scripts, execution, reporting and maintaining.
  • Analyze the requirements for performance testing, servers under test and list down the scenarios and creating the scripts for the test.
  • Lead the daily stand-up meetings with the team for the day planning and review the tasks.
  • Reporting defects in the defect tracking tools. Defect Tracking and handling Defect Triage calls.
  • Delegate the work to subordinates, review the work done by them.
  • Analyze the Bugs raised, Security reports, Automation scripts & reports and Performance scripts and reports shared by the subordinates.
  • Send weekly status to the management and stakeholders.
  • Discuss with the dev team regarding the issues.
  • Performing and handling Manual, automation, performance, and security testing along with the team.
  • Produce the reports for various testing performed.
  • Take To Go / Not to GO decision and Produce Test Exit report.
  • Participate in the UAT testing with the client and address their concerns. Get the UAT sign off.
  • Participate in post-deployment live testing.
  • Understanding the requirements and application to be automated.
  • Conducting feasibility analysis and identifying automatable requirements.
  • Creating an automation test suite document detailing the high-level scenarios for automation.
  • Preparing the Automation plan and estimations.
  • Identifying and implementing the automation framework.
  • Learning the objects and updating the keyword-driven datasheets.
  • Design and development of HTML based reporting framework.
  • Writing the test scenarios, functions and reusable components.
  • Executing the scripts for sanity, functionality and regression based on the execution plan.
  • Sending the daily sanity and weekly regression reports to higher management.
  • Logging the defects in QAComplete/JIRA and tracking them till closure.
  • Maintaining the existing framework by updating the existing scripts according to new changes.
  • Assigning and monitoring the automation process with the team.
  • Perform Web Application Vulnerability and Network scans for various deployments across PAN India and overseas (USA, CANADA, MEA, APAC, UK).
  • Defining the scope of the scan.
  • Configuring policies in Nessus for various o/s flavors like Windows, RHEL.
  • Configure audit compliance policies based on the client’s requirement for the servers which are deployed in client location or if requested by the client.
  • Deployment of the tools and their maintenance.
  • Analyzing the reports for potential false positives, reporting the same to respective teams.
  • Identification and Exploitation of security vulnerabilities in web applications.
  • Support to Dev and IT team in getting the alerts resolved.
  • Supporting ISO 27001 audit.
  • Closure of the audit points highlighted by the Third Party Auditors.
  • Roles and responsibilities in Performance Testing:
  • Requirement Analysis, Test scenarios designing.
  • Identifying the test assertion parameters, baseline values.
  • Identifying the type of performance testing to be done, like Load, stress, spike, volume, scalability, and endurance testing.
  • Identifying Test Data requirements and Test Data preparation.
  • Building scripts for the test execution.
  • Test Environment setup and deploying the system.
  • Generation of a load from different geographical locations.
  • Configuring scalable load generation on the AWS cloud.
  • Execution & Monitoring.
  • Analysis and reporting along with any suggestions.
  • Lead the meetings to let the stakeholders and management understand the results of the performance testing.
  • Roles and responsibilities in Manual Testing:
  • Requirement Analysis, Test case designing.
  • Identifying Test Data requirements and Test Data preparation.
  • Test Environment setup and deploying the system.
  • Performing the Sanity test of QA setup to confirm whether testing can go ahead.
  • Test Execution (Sanity, Integration, Functionality, Regression, Retesting, Browser compatibility testing.).
  • Publishing Test Metrics/Status Reports.
  • Reporting the defects, bugs in defect tracking tools like JIRA, Rally, YouTrack, FlySpray, QAComplete, etc.
  • Defect Tracking and handling Defect Triage calls.
  • Regression testing.
  • UAT Support.
  • Root cause analysis.
  • Detail Log Analysis.
  • Live deployment support.
  • Post Live testing and monitoring the system.
  • Support to platform support team in analyzing any concerns and issues observed in Live.
  • Performing Unit test for an application for a developer in Lab setup prior release to testing.
  • Devised SQL queries in MySQL to perform back end validation.
  • Participated in Sprint planning, review, and retrospective meetings.
  • Training new resources.
  • Providing solutions for the Load requirements of other projects.


TEST REPORTING TOOLS: Jira, Rally, YouTrack, Fly spray, QAComplete.


PERFORMANCE TOOLS: JMeter, WAPT tool, AB tool, HTTP generator, Openload.

APM TOOLS: WAPT tool, jMeter, jConsole, jVisualVM.


AUTOMATION TESTING TOOL: Selenium Webdriver, jMeter, TestComplete, Appium and Katalon.

FRAMEWORKS: TestNG, BDD, DD, Hybrid, Rest Assured.

OPERATING SYSTEMS: Windows, Unix, Kali Linux, Backtrack.

SCRIPTING: Shell script, JS, BeanShell.

DATABASES: Mysql, MS SQL, Oracle, Mongo DB.

VAPT TOOLS: QualysGuard, Acunetix, Nessus, BURPsuite, Nmap, Acunetix manual tools, Sqlmap, Wireshark.

TOOLS: Eclipse, Ethereal, Wireshark, Putty, Win SCP, SSH, SoapUI, Word, Excel, Postman.

CI: Jenkins.

API: REST API, Postman.





Test Lead

Skill Used: Manual Testing, Database Testing, API testing, Performance testing, Automation testing, Security analysis.

Tools: /Technologies Used: WAPT tool, jMeter, jConsole, jVisualVM, JIRA, Beanshell scripting, MSSQL, mongo, SSH, SoapUI, Jenkins, Teamcity, Selenium, Qualys Guard and Burp Suite, etc.


  • A product designed for the clients to communicate with the customers using the Telco channels like SMS, MMS, etc, This product has a new edition of RCS messaging to its features
  • There are custom service developments for the clients based on the requirements.


Senior Test Engineer

Skill Used: Manual Testing, Database Testing, API testing, Performance testing, Automation testing, Security Analysis.

Tools: /Technologies Used: WAPT tool, jMeter, jConsole, jVisualVM, Browser stack, JIRA, Beanshell scripting, MySQL, MSSQL, mongo, SSH, SoapUI, Jenkins, Postman, Github, Selenium, Qualys Guard and Burp Suite, etc.


  • A cloud product designed to provide multi-channel communication for the clients to automate engagement with their customers.
  • (Few channels are Wechat, Watsapp business, Mxit, Push notifications, Twitter, Facebook, Ream Time messaging, SMS, Voice, USSD, etc)


Senior Test Engineer.

Skill Used: Manual Testing, Database Testing, Security Testing, Integration Testing, Performance Testing, Soak Testing, Automation Testing.


  • There were 3 flows created for Confidential for Fraud detection interactive SMS and two interactive survey flow.
  • SFE is used as the core for MCI, to interact with 3rd party suppliers and the MCI core.
  • SFE is used to create auto responder flows in GOK.


Senior Test Engineer

Skill Used: Manual Testing, Database Testing, API Testing, Performance testing, Stress testing, Automation testing.


  • Confidential is an advanced engagement platform that provides all the tools to curate, augment, analyze, and distribute mobile and social content to build and maintain relationships with a consumer base.
  • The platform can seamlessly manage various mobile and social media channels including SMS, MMS, email, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • The Confidential dashboard presents the content in a clutter-free format, with filterable streams and definable user privileges.
  • Information is easily absorbed and assessable for engagement and external publishing.

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