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Senior Test Engineer Resume


  • Strong RF testing and test engineering background. Proficient in taking a system from concept to final delivery including all specifications, design and implementation of software and hardware architecture, and generating all required documentation.
  • Highly skilled at automating many types of instruments into test systems: Spectrum analyzers, Oscilloscopes, DMMs, Source meters, Power meters, Network Analyzers, RF switching, Discrete switch multiplexors, Analog input and output cards, logic analyzers and more.
  • Very strong Software development skills in LabView, Teststand, and C
  • Additionally skilled in Python, TCL, Java and C++.



Senior Test Engineer


  • Migrated VXI test station to PXI platform. The PXI chassis included a scope, analog input and output card, DIO and a switch multiplexor board. The small footprint of the PXI chassis allowed for a significant decrease in manufacturing floor space.
  • Created test software using LabView and Teststand to test the RNS final, PCA and component test levels. This included writing to the RNS registers to setup the device, generating input signals (sine waves to emulate brain activity), and measuring output signals across external loads with an oscilloscope or analog input cards. A source meter was also used to measure DC leakage between electrodes and effectively measure resistance within the device. All results were logged to a SQL database including calibration data for the devices which was retained permanently.
  • Designed test fixtures for the PCA and final devices. The PCA board required external load sets, relays, discrete test points and a communication port routed to a socket for the PCA.
  • Deigned several test boards using Mentor Graphics Pads schematic capture, these boards included analog and digital circuits along with switching and load circuits.
  • Created all documentation including test specifications, tech reviews, test plans, parts lists and work instructions for various test stations, ensuring compliance with QA and FDA regulations.
  • Trained manufacturing personnel in the use of the test station. Successfully delivered several test stations to contract manufactures in Minnesota and Oregon.
  • Designed and created environmental test for the RNS. Designed two boards, one a multiplexed load set and the other a multiplexed telemetry (inductive communication) to support environmental testing of 12 RNS at one time.
  • Developed tests using LabView and Teststand so all the units could be run in one Teststand sequence with the need for operator input at only the beginning and end of the sequence. This software downloaded all test data to a database and allowed for individual printouts of each units test data. Created data mining tools for management and engineering to monitor test results.
  • Designed test system for the RNS long range telemetry using the Medical Implant Service Band and 2.45 GHz wakeup frequency. This test was necessary to ensure that the onboard Zarlink radio and supporting circuitry was functional at the PCA and Final levels. This required designing a circuit card that accepted a socket that held the PCA and allowed communication with the Zarlink through a SPI bus using Aardvark technology. The final level was performed in an RF chamber using an antenna that broadcasted the 2.45 GHz wakeup and communicated on the MICS band. Tests performed: RF sensitivity, Power Tuning, adjacent channel power, unwanted emissions and spurs. Developed all tests using LabView and Teststand.


Senior RF Engineer


  • Developed LabView test code along with Teststand to communicate with wafer prober test system for testing of customer products. Including amplifiers, filters and FETS.
  • Used Agilent PNA as main component of test system to measure S - Parameters, group delay, return loss, compression, etc.
  • Worked closely with customers (Nokia, Quorvo, AVX, Skorpios, IDT) to determine requirements for test development.
  • Developed test system to test over 3000 components for customer wafers.
  • Implemented measurements to eliminate probe contact issues.
  • Created statistical data for customers using excel macros.
  • Created system for manufacturing travelers based on MySQL database. Developed client software to communicate with database for use companywide.

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