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Senior Api Tester Resume


  • 8+years of experience as a QA in testing web based/ Client Server applications and Web Services, API testing with Manual and Automation Testing tools in various domains.
  • Experience in working with different development environments such as Agile/Scrum& Waterfall
  • Involved in the Design and implementation of different Automation frameworks such as Hybrid Framework, Data Driven Framework, Keyword Driven Framework and Page Object Model (POM) for various projects.
  • Expertise in Automation tools such as Selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE/RC, Selenium Grid, Java, Jenkins (continuous integration), Maven (Build Management), Eclipse, Cucumber, TestNG (Regression tests) and JUnit.
  • Good at implementing the concepts of Object - oriented programming using Java.
  • Extensive experience in JIRA, Selenium WebDriver, Maven, TestNG, Log4j, Rest API Testing (Postman and Rest Assured Automation), Soap API Testing (SoapUI Tool ), Git, Database Testing using JDBC API and Jenkins.
  • Excellent knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle and Software Test Life Cycle.
  • Effectively worked with Software development team in improving development and testing processes to efficiently deliver software and services which meets the quality, standards and customer expectations.
  • Proficient in automating test cases wherever required using Selenium WebDriver in Java with the help of Maven, TestNG, log4j, Git, Jenkins.
  • Hands on experience in Grouping of Test Cases, Test Methods and Test Suites for regression and functional testing using the TestNG annotations like Groups, Parameter, Data Provider and Listeners.
  • Very good exposure of testing applications on wide range web applications on Telecom domain.
  • Good Knowledge in OOPS (Object Oriented Programming System) concepts i.e., Abstraction, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, and Inheritance.
  • Ability to validate GUI and system functionality on desktops as well as mobile devices running with Android and iOS with the help of Appium tool integrated with complex architecture and Mobile Browser, Mobile Native Application Testing, Mobile Cloud Platform.
  • Experienced in making DataDriven and keyword and hybrid Framework to maintain Test Suites.
  • Experience in SOAP API manual testing using SOAP UI tool. Experience in POSTMAN tool for API testing for some scenarios.
  • Experience in Rest Assured API automation testing wherever required.
  • Expert level knowledge in all modules of Quality Center (Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab, Dashboard and Defects).
  • Extensive experience in designing Test Cases, Test Scenarios, Test Scripts and Test reports of manual and automated tests.
  • Basic understanding of Behaviour Driven Development (BDD).
  • Excellent writing and communication skills. Ability to perform multi-tasking and excellent in working in environments with deadlines.


Senior API Tester



  • Created a feature enabling users to upload and playback 360-degree videos.
  • Transitioned the upload team from RPC service to a RESTful API to eliminate coding language restrictions and remove costly servers using the RPC service, streamlining the upload process and reducing upload times by 50%.
  • Built RESTful services for logging video playback metadata (i.e. the time the viewer stopped watching the video).
  • Implemented Google SAML for internal access to Vimeo, replacing Idap to remove costly LDAP servers, streamline access to employee resources, and improved information security at scale.
  • Created a Granafa dashboard to monitor Vimeo API performance and identify critical issues for resolution.
  • Partner with the community team to gather user feedback and feature requests to inform product strategy.
  • API Management Solution Delivery and Advisory Services (on-perm and SaaS).
  • API Vendor Evaluation and Selection Services.
  • API Management Architecture and Engineering (REST, SOAP)
  • Security (PKI, Mutual SSL, OAuth, OpenID Connect, Security Access Tokens, Basic Auth, SAML).
  • Assistance with API Management Pre/Post Sales Activities.
  • API Management Program Guidance.
  • General Identity & Access Management Advisory Services.
  • Provide documentation of API Management Implementation (Buildbooks).
  • Used Maven as a build tool to manage dependencies and used Jenkins as continuous integration server to run automated test suites.
  • Utilized JIRA as a test management and defect management tool.
  • Developed automated scripts using Selenium Web Driver and Implemented Framework using Java.
  • Used Selenium APIs such as take Screenshot for failed test cases, select for selecting multiple values from list, Action for various key and mouse event, with different Locators like XPath, CSS, id, Link text, name.
  • Expertise in performing manual testing Mobile Application Testing using Appium.
  • Experience in Mobile APP testing on Android, iPad and iPhone, Emulator, Simulator to perform Mobile App testing, phone functionality and native app testing using Appium.

Environment: Apigee API Management, CA API Management (formerly Layer7), API Gateways, API Portals, BaaS, OAuth Toolkits, SiteMinder, Mobile Access Gateway, Microservices Gateway

API Tester



  • Involved in API designing, requirement gathering and transformation of API design to their implementation.
  • Responsible in understanding the existing java web services in order to change java web service to an APIGEE web service.
  • Designing API workflow, identifying common design patterns and policies using Apigee.
  • Analyze the information to determine, recommend, and installation new APIGEE premises and responsible to implement the APIGEE management for internal projects.
  • Worked extensively in build API proxies in APIGEE edge to manage the API by using out of the box policies such as Quota, Spike Arrest, Response Cache, Lookup Cache, Populate Cache, Invalidate Cache, JSON to XML, XML to JSON, Raise Fault, XSL Transformation, Assign Message, Extract Variables, Access Entity, Key Value Map Operations.
  • Integrated services with management analytics and helped in improving the API performance and maintenance.
  • Established HTTP error code-based fault response mechanism for API's.
  • Designed developer portal for each environment using Drupal as an UI based and service-oriented architecture.
  • Using Swagger YAML/JOSN as for documenting API's and on boarding it into production developer portal.
  • Created OAuth 2.0 security for REST API's by incorporating the current SOAP authentication mechanism.
  • Responsible to recommend and provide guidelines in identifying, realizing and managing enterprise service API's.
  • Developed API Policies, configured API Products and Organization attributes and well-versed with API Proxies, Security, Traffic Management policies, API Publishing, Policy Extensions, API Analytics and Reports customization, API Testing and Tracing, Maintaining GitHub repository, Developer portal -Publishing API documentation and Try out operation, Debugging & Troubleshooting.
  • Responsible for securing API proxies using various mechanisms like API key, OAuth, LDAP, content protection policies in Apigee Edge.
  • Work with Postman and Soap UI for the testing API proxies and automating test cases using postman scripts.
  • Troubleshoot and monitor API proxies running on Apigee using Trace tool.
  • Involved in design and implementation of CI/CD pipeline for API proxies with multi-environment.
  • Developed components using APIGEE stack.
  • Work with GIT for version control and JIRA for bug Tracking and Project Management.

Environment: Java 1.7/1.8, APIGEE Edge, APIGEE Cloud, APIGEE Baas, Developer Portal, Rest Web Services, Soap Web Services, Security, Curl, JSON, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Swagger YAML, Swagger JSON, XML, GIT, Postman, Zookeeper, Cassandra, Agile Methodology, Jira.

Software Engineer



  • Involved in analysis, specification, design, and implementation and testing phases of Software
  • Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and work with agile methodology for developing application.
  • Implemented the application using Python Spring IOC (Inversion of Control), Django Framework and handled the security using Python Spring Security.
  • Tested entire frontend and backend modules using Python on Django Web Framework
  • Work with Salt Stack to configure and manage the infrastructure
  • Restful web services using Python REST API Framework.
  • Responsible for handling the integration of database system.
  • Work with Selenium Library to write fully functioning test automation process that allowed the simulation of submitting different we request from multiple browsers to web application.
  • Developed and Deployed SOAP based Web Services on Tomcat Server.
  • Developed Server-side automation using Node JS scripting and connecting different types of SQL and NoSQL stores from Node JS.
  • Work with object-relational mapping (ORM) solution, technique of mapping data representation from MVC model to Oracle Relational data model with an SQL-based scheme.
  • Implemented Performance tuning and improved the Performance of Stored Procedures and Queries.
  • Installed and configured py Builder for application builds and deploying it.
  • Work with IDE tool to develop the application and JIRA for bug and issue tracking.
  • Wrote unit testing codes using unit test, resolving bugs and other defects using Firebug.
  • Work with JIRA to assign, track, report and audit the issues.
  • Work with GIT to coordinate team development.

Environment: Python, Django Web Framework, HTML, CSS, NoSQL, REACT, JavaScript, jQuery, Sublime Text, Jira, GIT, py Builder, unit test, Firebug, Web Services

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