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Performance Engineer Resume Palo Alto Resume


  • An Award - Winning Performance Engineer wif 8 years of extensive and progressive industry experience in Performance Engineering of cloud-based application and design and development of JAVA applications. Specialties include testing wif containers, cloud, virtualization, monitoring KPIs to determine overall health and performance of assets; performance testing, analysis and address application scalability trends. Design and development of J2EE and web applications.
  • A team leader, recognized for handling tough situations, managing, and coordinating multiple tasks simultaneously, clear communicator, a self-driven, smart, and quick learner who meets deadlines wif clear business focus to achieve goals and ensure operational efficiency.
  • Performance Shaping Activities - Performance testing, measurement, metrics monitoring, identify bottlenecks in teh application
  • Evaluate, Design, and Develop Performance Specifications And scripts based on user workflows
  • Experience wif Types of Performance Testing Load, Stress, Soak, Baseline comparison
  • Enable Peak Performing Production Applications By realizing application and operation SLAs for performance, preemptive application monitoring, alerts, reporting, and safeguarding adherence to specified SLAs
  • Communication wif Leadership Of performance test result analysis and descriptions to Operations, Engineering, Product Management and other Stakeholders
  • Comprehend User Behavior, Analytics Model and Visualization Using Dynatrace, Kibana, Splunk
  • Testing wif containers on cloud-based ecosystem
  • Agile Development Environment Design and development of J2EE applications using Core Java, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Application Support Wif excellent troubleshooting skills performing quick, accurate analysis of teh situation, root cause analysis and provide viable working solutions for large Java Enterprise software
  • Kanban Implementor - Executor of Kanban Agile methodology to maximize team productivity


Performance Test Tools: Micro Focus LoadRunner, Jmeter

APM Tools: Dynatrace • AppDynamics • Kibana • Splunk

Web Technologies: Core Java • HTML • CSS • JavaScript • AJAX

App Servers/Programming Tools: Eclipse • NetBeans • WebSphere • Apache Tomcat • Hudson

Database/Tools: Oracle • HANA DB • SQL Developer • HANA Studio


Confidential, Palo Alto

Performance Engineer


  • Performance and Scalability Assessment of SAP Analytics Cloud Component Integrated wif SuccessFactors Solution By driving SAP’s strategic goal and globally as a high priority project, received appreciation emails recognizing successful completions during each project release by other team's managers and VPs
  • Project Head for Smooth Flow spanning Multiple Releases By addressing process obstacles
  • Responsible for Project Execution Define Project Scope • Planning • Environment Setup • LoadRunner Scripting • Performance Test Execution • Test Monitoring • Performance Bottleneck Identification and Analysis • Consolidation and Stakeholders’ Presentations
  • Enabled Deployment of Application Stack on a Containerized Public Cloud Performance POC on Google Cloud Platform using Kubernetes orchestration engine to analyze application performance, led performance tests wif multiple iterations of load test, stress test, endurance test.
  • Certified BizX Performance on Azure Cloud Infrastructure And received SAP Appreciation Award
  • Wifin Deadline Successfully handled Performance test cycle Drove test strategy, planning and execution of performance load tests, monitoring of resource utilization, metrics comparison, performance measurements, and delta calculations between multiple iterations
  • Implemented Alternative Kanban Agile Methodology At teh request of teh team manager, researched alternative methodologies to implementing Agile as teh team structure and team projects did not fit regular scrum sprints.
  • Kanban Executor By looking up online material, consulting wif teh organization's Agile Coach, delve into how scrum is implemented across organization, compiled data points to propose teh implementation of Kanban Agile methodology to teh team manager.
  • Created Kanban Visualization Dashboard And kicked off Kanban in teh team, as a coordinator and one of teh change managers, teams’ productivity improved in first quarter.

Environment: LoadRunner, Jmeter, AppDynamics, Dynatrace, Kibana, Splunk, Kubernetes, GCP, Azure, HANA DB

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