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Mobile Developer / Quality Assurance Resume


  • To make valuable software. me’m driven to design and create valuable and functional software.
  • me wake in the mornings saying yay me get to work. me know many who work in my field for money and don’t get me wrong my wife loves money. me work because me like wat me do.
  • me often see many around me taking 2 hour lunches spending most of the day playing ping pong etc.
  • me come in the office to work. me write my tests first tan create me my methods and me proceed in this manner for every class me can.
  • me use Junit, Mockito or Powermock, Espresso, Robolectric and many other tools available to me to make my tests functional.


Mobile Developer / Quality Assurance



  • Redesigned and Reimplemented business logic using to Retrofit 2, GSON Conversion factory and retrofit 2 Observer adapters.
  • Implemented database versus flat file for Model objects.
  • Implemented Observables using RX Android/ Rx Java.
  • Implemented Dependency Injection for android projects.
  • Added unit tests for the fore mentioned components.
  • Added JaCoCo gradle plugin for code coverage analysis.
  • Added Sonarqube gradle plugin for quality metrics.
  • Implemented and configured Calabash Behavior testing for Android and iOS
  • Setup and configured Jenkins CI for both Android and iOS
  • Setup iOS Sonarqube scans for iOS project.
  • Mentored mobile developers.

Application / Android Developer



  • Created Unit tests for Java and Android projects
  • Maintained and updated Java Enterprise Service Bus for mobile apps
  • Maintained and updated website for iOS wallet insurance cards
  • Updated restFul services on both Android and the webservice as needed
  • Updated / implemented Sonarqube gradle plugin for Java and Android
  • Setup build jobs for both Android and Java projects in Jenkins.


Gradle: Use gradle for automated builds of android and java projects

Android: Write and refactor existing Android applications

Java: Write and refactor existing Java projects

Data Base: Use MySQL, MSSQL in web based services

Web Services: Consume SOAP responses and return a JSON response for native apps

Restful: Consume Json / Gson in Android restful calls

C base: Written C\C++ in many personal projects

C Sharp Windows: Used C# of previous employer to design windows diagnostic tool

Junit: Use Junit for test driven design

Mockito: Used Mockito responses of object outside my test.

Dependency Injection: Use Dagger and butter knife for dependency injection.

Continuous Integration: Configured builds for Jenkins and Sonarqube

Designed and implemented Calabash / Cucumber testing for Android and iOS:

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