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Iot Engineer Senior Technical Lead Engineer Resume

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Hillsboro, OR


  • A Software Lead Automation, System test, Release Engineer with 11 years of experience in Mobile and Embedded frameworks.
  • Seeking an opportunity where my expertise can be challenged to solve real world problems.


Programming Languages: C, Perl, Python

Mobile Frameworks & OS: Android, iOS, Windows, LINUX, UCOS

Automation Tools: Robot Framework, Selenium, Appium, UI Automator, Espresso, XCode, XCTest framework

Integration Tools: Jenkins, Electric Commander

Software Tools: Git, Gerrit, Stash, P4, CVS, Source Insight, Bugzilla, Jira, HP - ALM, Qmetry

Debugging Tools: ADB, T32, QXDM, QMI Testpro, Apex, Ethereal


Confidential, Hillsboro, OR

IoT Engineer Senior Technical Lead Engineer

Environment: Internet of Things domain knowledge, Bluetooth pairing and communication, Python scripting using robot framework, Selenium, Appium, XCTest, Jenkins, Functional, End to End testing, Stress and Reliability, KPI, and Acceptance Testing of IoT device, Native, Mobile web &Hybrid Apps.

  • Leading Automation & System testing for Confidential Head worn products for Display & Performance monitoring and feedback.
  • Automation & testing GPS, athlete performance simulation for Running & cycling in python using robot framework.
  • Triaging & debugging functional issues related to Device software, Mobile App, Bluetooth and BLE sensor connectivity, Profile Management, data sync, cloud backup.
  • Debugging IoT device communication with various sensors using BLE and ANT+ protocols.
  • Agile model Execution& Automation of Functional, E2E, and Stability Testing.
  • Debugging software issues on Android Frameworks that are identified by various teams.
  • Coordinating with development and testing team POCs to identify and validate x for issues.
  • Reporting functional/sanity/stability results on daily/weekly basis and follow up with all the open CRs/JIRA until resolved.

Confidential, San Diego, CA

Modem Test and Automation Engineer Technical Lead Engineer

Environment: LTE TDS RRC domain knowledge, IRAT scenarios, Call handling, Log Analysis, Perl programming SANITY/ FEATURE/ REGRESSION/ STRESS Testing, M101 attenuators, ASIA Framework, ATM.


  • Automation of LTE-IRAT, TD-SCDMA test suites, developing framework, writing code, debugging, testing, monitor progress and result summary for test jobs.
  • Design and development of LTG-IRAT automation framework using Confidential ’s proprietary TBS Test Base Station to bring down the dependency on Confidential MD8470A & Star Point SP6100 platforms.
  • Development of TDS Standalone, DSDS, and LTG-IRAT test cases using Confidential ’s proprietary Modem Test Framework (MTF) libraries to be used across the teams.
  • Scripting of Multi RAT(Radio Access Technology) scenarios using MTF and porting the same in multiple setups.
  • Test case validation on stable commercial TD-SCDMA reference phone, that support standard Access Terminal (AT) commands required for 3GPP conformance tests.
  • Verifying network protocol requirement for different modems supporting LTE/TDSCDMA/GPRS (4G/3G/2G) and stacks DSDS, DSDA, and SGLTE on Android /IOS using ADB commands and network simulator.
  • Responsible for replicating field test scenarios on latest test devices, troubleshooting issues found, collecting Key Performance Indicators.
  • Reporting of functional/sanity/stability test result on daily/weekly basis and create and follow up with all the open CRs/JIRA until those get resolved.
  • Worked on Confidential flagship chipsets like Snapdragon-820 (MSM8996), Snapdragon-400 (MSM8x26) and Snapdragon-200 (MSM8x10).


Lead Engineer Software

Environment: C, LINUX, Android frameworks, Triaging& Debugging, Build & Integration, Release ManagementGit repositories, Gerrit and Repo tools, JTAG, CRM, Electric Commander, Perl, Python.


  • Primary point of contact forintegration and bring-up of Android Frameworks on Confidential Snapdragon chipsets, and release management to its customers.
  • Triaging failures occurred in automation which occur in various stages such as build, load, boot and test.
  • Debugging and quick-fixing show-stoppers, resolvingbuildIssues during module Integration.
  • Coordinating with development and testing team POCs to identify and validate x for issues.
  • Working closely with Android software leads to identify and resolve all software issues gating commercial launches.
  • Supporting Confidential 's customers when required to resolve launch-gating issues.
  • Contributed towards integration and bring-up of Android during various public releases.
  • Android version upgrade from HoneyComb to ICS for Snapdragon-S3(MSM8x60).
  • Android version upgrade from GingerBread to HoneyComb for Snapdragon-S2(MSM8x55).
  • Android version upgrade from Froyo to GingerBread for Snapdragon-S1(MSM7x27).
  • Excellent & comprehensive knowledge of git repository used for the open source projects and good understanding of gerrit and repo tools needed for branching strategies & cherry picking process.
  • Validating and submitting builds to tiberium, ARIS, CRM.
  • Script development for code strip/pack, code ship/no-ship rules, wiki generation, dashboards.


Senior Software Engineer

Environment: UCOS, C, NDS test tools, JTAG, Microcontroller, ARM, I2C, Python, Set Top Box Architecture, Broadcasting, MUX, DEMUX Techniques, Video Standards, Decode and Display Pipeline, PAL, Customer Handling


  • Design and implementing the Hardware Porting Kit HPK for Video, decode and display pipeline modules.
  • Porting of middleware on Trident SoC, for various content providers.
  • Testing the drivers combined with HPK with NDS test tools using Python.
  • Coordinating with the customer for fixing the issues.


Software Engineer

Environment: C, LINUX, Voice Over Internet Protocol techniques, Session Initiation protocol, State machines, Call handling, System testing, Reporting.


  • Design and implementation of User Interface and Call Handling of Confidential IP based conference phone, SSIP 7936.
  • Testing the application with Ethereal and Serial traces.
  • Testing of Confidential hand held Communicator device connected over skype, and reporting functional/sanity/stability test result on daily/weekly basis and create and follow up with all the open CRs/JIRA until those get resolved.

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