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Rpg Developer Resume

Lasvegas, NV


  • Over five years of experience in computer software programming, which involves requirement study, design, development, testing and implementation of application software for client mainly using RPG/400, Aldon on teh IBM AS/400 platform. Strong in database skills, Object oriented programming and development knowledge.
  • Experience in leading and managing team and handled teh issues individually. Likes challenges and has worked independently as well as a team - coordinator/member.
  • Proficient in IBM me-Series (AS/400, now i5) technology using programming languages RPG IV (ILE), DB2/400 RPGLE, BPCS (Business Planning and Control System)CLLE, SQLRPGLE, RPG III, RPG/400, RPG IV, RPG Free Format, COBOL.
  • Experience in Free-Format coding.
  • Communicating with Onshore-team on day-to-day basis, understanding their requirement and delivering them as per their expectation.
  • Involved in software analysis, design, development and testing in IBM AS/400 environment
  • Extensive experience on using Journals during bug fixing.
  • Having Excellent Knowledge in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • iSeries, RPG ILE, Embedded SQL, CL, CLLE, DDS, Aldon CMS, SAP, WMS
  • Team member implementing SAP with a Legacy WMS on teh AS/400 (iSeries) platform
  • Lead Projects through software development life cycle (SDLC) in (Design, Development, Unit Testing, Integration testing and implementation of teh project successfully)
  • Created complex Web applications with Ruby on Rails
  • Have Strong Knowledge in Lineup’s Ad Point software.
  • Strong experience in developing detailed Test Scenarios and Test cases using requirements and design brochures while specifying Testing Overview, Approach, Strategy, Scope, Roles and Responsibilities.
  • Good exposure towards mentoring, handling a team and successfully delivering projects involving high complexities involving offshore and onshore co-ordination.
  • Meetings with customer to discuss priorities, issues, future planning and/or get feedback.
  • Domain knowledge and experience in teh areas of Banking, Healthcare, Insurance and commercial finance.
  • Excellent Inter-personal skills and a quick learner. Ability to get along with teh team well. And proven leadership qualities.


Hardware: AS400 (me Series, various releases), IBM S/38, IBM S/36

Software: AS400 ( me Series, various releases), OS/400, RPG - different formats, COBOL/400, Embedded SQL, Stored Procedures, DDS, SDA, RLU, DFU, Sub Files, Query/400, OPNQRYF, DATAQUEUES, FTP - File Transfer Protocol, ALDON - Change Management (7.4C), MS SQL, SQL DB2, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, ODBC - AS400 connectivity to transfer data from AS400 to SQL-Sever, Clarity, Remedy and Service Center, HAWKEYE/ABSTRACT. Agile software development. Rational Developer for me

Programming Languages: C, RPG/400, RPGLE, CL/400, CLLE,CLP, Web services

Database: DB2/400, MYSQL

Operating System: OS/400, Windows XP

Functional Areas: Production Issues Resolving and Maintenance Domain


Confidential, Lasvegas, NV

RPG Developer


  • Involved in discussions with client to fully understand teh current and future requirements for developing appropriate solutions.
  • Documented technical specification and test cases based on teh requirements.
  • Collaborating under Agile/Scrum programming methodology, main job duty is custom me Series application development utilizing RPGLE/SQL/Stored Procedures.
  • Designed and developed program codes to adhere to teh system requirements and technical specification Current Ascend system (AS400).
  • As Caesars Entertainment is about casino management system, worked CMS system.
  • Generated a payment report of casinos and gaming as per teh business requirement .
  • Worked on teh production issues regarding teh report generations.
  • Worked on Implementer for change management tool.
  • Tested and debugged codes to eliminate any error and to increase program efficiency.
  • Designed and developed reports for checking data discrepancy and duplicity during migration.
  • Analyzed existing application programs to find errors and issues with respect to teh procedure and functions used.
  • Recommended code changes to project manager for improving system efficiency and functional improvements by analyzing teh codes running in live environment.
  • Documented process flow of application, functions of different modules used, testing scenarios and teh test results. .
  • Provided documents and monitored program promotions to UAT and Production.
  • Maintained existing program codes and newly developed codes as per teh quality standards.
  • Design, code, debug, document and maintain large complex financial applications on an AS/400.
  • Use of RPG, RPG Free, Sequel Reports, embedded SQL.
  • Analyzed teh functional requirements, developed test cases and maintained design code integrity as per teh requirement changes.
  • Assist users in testing and implementation of enhanced programs and modules.
  • Responsible for technical support to operations and users.Involved in Application Software and Tools CL/400, SQL, RPG DB2/400, Query/400, Smart 400, FTP,
  • Installation, configuration, fine-tuning, and programming of CGIDEV2 on AS/400. This excellent freeware is used for web serving from teh AS/400, and allows AS/400 shops to leverage their IT staff's existing RPG skills
  • Developed and maintained code as per teh business specification and requirements.
  • Corresponded to bug reports and ensured teh timely and quality program fixes.
  • Documented unit test cases, performed unit testing and documented teh results.
  • Ensured defects detected in system, integration testing are analyzed, fixed and documented.
  • Ensured teh processes for documenting, coding and reviews are followed. Involved in review of code, testing document post implementation.
  • Handled releases from design till implementation phase.

Confidential: Memphis, Tennessee

RPG Developer


  • Support of core back office derivatives clearing system.
  • As part of teh APAC Applications Management Systems support team me support teh AS400 DB2 based core back office clearing system, MICS and numerous interfacing system.
  • me support all teams in teh organization including Operations, Risk, Commercial, Treasury, IT Development and Compliance.
  • Worked alongside .NET development team to provide stored procs andweb services(SOAP) for data retrieval from teh iSeries Power 8 server
  • This is a technical role that also requires people skills and strong incident management experience and requires extensive troubleshooting skills.
  • Reporting mainly writing DB2 Queries.
  • me have done extensive coding in embedded SQL.
  • Support of numerous interface systems
  • UAT Support
  • Involved in environment building tasks which are required to run teh applications.
  • Developing Code based on teh requirement.
  • Automating teh environment related exceptions extraction.


System Operator


  • Involved in scoping, estimation and scheduling of teh project to meet teh business requirements of teh client
  • Designed, developed and tested teh elements. Performed UAT with end users and implemented elements in production.
  • Provided 24x7 operational support to teh production teams
  • Analyzed and resolved all teh issues, concerns and tickets.
  • Maintain logs of all issues and ensure resolutions according to quality assurance tests for all production processes
  • Performed tests on production applications, prepared recovery procedures and provided upgrade for all applications
  • Support Monthly processes.
  • Teamwork Participant Project Migration systems from S/36 to AS/400
  • Developing teh fixes and design teh new enhancement.
  • Supporting teh UAT batch cycles for all implementations.
  • Change Management
  • Performed analysis, coding using RPGILE, CLLE.
  • Modified teh existing code using RPGILE, CLLE.

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