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Performance Engineer Resume

San, FranciscO


  • More than 6 years of extensive experience in Software Performance Test Engineering of business applications in financial companies.
  • Experienced in writing scripts using HP VUGEN for different protocols - Web- http/html, WebServices, AJAX TruClient, CITRIX, RTE, Web-Mobile http/html .
  • Extensive experience on HP Loadrunner components including VuGen, Controller, Load Generator, Agents, Analysis and Monitoring tools. Also has good knowledge on analyzing Load runner test results and articulation these into an accurate report for business, management and development teams.
  • Leading Performance Testing Team.
  • Experienced to analyze every hour test result, average response time, CPU/Memory graphs using HP Analysis Tool.
  • Experienced in automation testing using Jmeter, Selenium WebLoad.
  • Proficient in writing Test cases, Test scripts and create scenario in ALM Performance center.
  • Specialized in Performance Testing application using monitoring tools-Introscope, Sitescope, DynaTrace, SPLUNK.
  • Five years of experience in Software Development Life Cycle, involved in all phases of SDLC from information gathering stage to maintenance stage of the project.
  • Worked as Testing Analyst to set up the environments to execute testing in different platforms for various applications in Windows and UNIX platforms.
  • Experienced in writing SQL quires.
  • Experience in providing consultation and impact evaluation to test executioners and manage assets usingexpert in the different types of testing - Load Test, Stress Test, Endurance Test, Regression Test etc.
  • Ability to master technology very quick.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and knowledge of good documentation practices which proven to coordinate with team to get efficient results and also capable to adopt and learn new tools, techniques and approaches.


Programming Languages: C, Visual Basic, Java .Python

Web Technologies: ,Net, Java, ASP, HTML, UNIX, SQL, VB Script

Operating System: Windows, MAC, Linux

Database: MS SQL, MS Access

Servers: IIS, Websphere, Apache Tomcat

Testing Tools: HPLoad Runner, HP Performance Center, Jmeter, Willy Introscopre, SiteScope, SPLUNK, Dynatrace


Confidential, San Francisco

Performance Engineer


  • Understand the business requirements and identify the test cases for Performance Testing.
  • Gather all the information about Project, system architecture, technology, protocol, SLA, transactions volume etc.
  • Prepare test plan with proper information.
  • Prepare automation test scripts using Jmeter for Load, stress, endurance test.
  • Correlate dynamic values, parameterize and make sure script is getting valid response.
  • Execute browser test to collect user end time which will include page load time and rendering time.
  • Analyze HAR files from chrome developer tool.
  • Analyze application server logs using Splunk.
  • Analyze AWR report to find out database information.
  • Gather debug log information to get database, apex timing.
  • Analyze CPU and Memory utilization.
  • Identify if there is any issue either in application functionality or system level and make some suggestions to application team.

Confidential, San Ramon

Senior Performance Test Engineer


  • Primary tool is Loadrunner, create vugen scripts, enhance, update for each release.
  • Developing scripts for native mobile applications for both android and iPhone also developing scripts for hybrid application.
  • Mainly most of the scripts are written using ANSI C language and protocol is web-Mobile http/html protocol besides I am working in Ajax TruClient, web Services and mobile protocol.
  • Writing test plan and review it with other team members.
  • Supporting 3rd Party applications like Salesforce, Adobe, Appian and FiServ.
  • Coordinate with different team like Application, DBA, middleware team to get Test Application and Test Environment readiness.
  • Participate in daily status call with internal team members and reporting it to Manager.
  • Create and Execute scenario in ALM Performance Center. Rebooting and troubleshooting ALM PC if any issue occurs.
  • Create scenarios in Performance center and execute the test.
  • Prepare automation test script using Jmeter and WebLoad.
  • Directly communicate with developer to gather test data.
  • Detect Performance degradation issue like memory leak; high CPU/memory utilization and find out the root cause also improve thread pool utilization, memory leaks, data base connection etc.
  • Observe real time server status while test is running and try to find out the issue if any transaction is failing during the test.
  • Coordinate with offshore team. Distribute work in between Performance Team members
  • Create test metrics, performance graphs, analysis report and create test report for the senior management.
  • Prepare test report and present it to team.

Environment: HPLoadRunner, HP Performance Center, HP Quality Center, IBM MQserver, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Weblogic, Load Balancer, Visual Studios, JAVA, AJAX, PERL,Application Performance Analyzer, Open VMS, Windows.

Confidential, San Francisco

Senior Performance Engineer


  • Create VUSER scripts in VUGEN using C language. Enhanced scripts by adding correlations, parameterization, conditions control, check point etc.
  • Developed/create vusers scripts using web (http/html), Ajax TruClient, Ajax click and script, webservices and Citrix protocol.
  • Understand the entire system architecture.
  • Gather Performance test requirements for the application and Develop Performance Plan and test strategies.
  • Develop test plans, test scenario, test case, prepare data for different type of tests.
  • Detect Performance degradation issue like memory leak, high CPU/memory utilization and find out the root cause also improve thread pool utilization, memory leaks, data base connection etc.
  • Execute different type of test - performance/load/stress/regression/capacity.
  • Analyze load patterns and create real time load test scenario in the ALM Performance Center and execute test.
  • Create test metrics, performance graphs, analysis report and create test report for the senior management.
  • Work with technical team members - DBA, Infrastructure to support test execution to ensure correct environment before test execution.
  • Using monitoring tools - Wily Introscope and Dynatrace to get server metrics.
  • Monitor metrics on Application server, webserver and database server.
  • Analyze results for bottlenecks and make recommendation for bottlenecks.

Environment: HPLoadRunner, HP Performance Center, HP Quality Center, IBM MQserver, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Weblogic, Load Balancer, Visual Studios, JAVA, AJAX, PERL,Application Performance Analyzer, Open VMS, Windows.

Confidential, Agoura Hills, CA

Performance Test Engineer


  • Analyze Design document-HLD, LLD understand business requirement and create test plan including test objective, Test scenario, Test data requirement, and volume requirement for different release.
  • Responsible for creating, updating the new script using automation tools.
  • Customize Loadrunner script in C language. Developed web Services script for a web service call using SOAPUI.
  • Working with different type of protocols like - Http/html, web Services, Ajax TruClient, RTE, citrix.
  • Coordinated with the Environment team to get the ratio between Performance Test environment and Production environment.
  • Create Scenario in HP ALM for different type of test- Load Test, Stress Test, Endurance Test, Negative Test etc, assign LG Generator, Controller and execute the test in performance center.
  • Conduct Load Test, Stress Test, and Endurance Test to report performance of the application under Load, System stability and identify capacity on web Servers/ JVM.
  • Analyze the performance test result using HP analysis tools, identify if there is any bottleneck and determine the root cause.
  • Monitor CPU utilization and GC heap of application servers and web servers using Introscope, Sitescope, DynaTrace and DNT tool.
  • Responsible for testing both asynchronous and synchronous batch jobs.
  • Analyzed the log using SPLUNK.
  • Database Validation (SQL) to check the updated data in the Database using Toad (Data Query Tool).
  • Prepared Test Report and conduct meeting and working closely with Developer and system architects.
  • Extensively used HP Quality Center for Defect Reporting, Tracking and communicate with different team.
  • Involved in team meetings to resolve the bug and know the functionality and flow of the application.

Environment: HP Load Runner 11.52, HP Performance Center 11.52, HP Quality Center 11.50, HP Analysis Tool, Willy Introscope, DynaTrace, DNT, SPLUNK, Jmeter, Sitescope, Windows 2000, NT, Unix, DB2, SQL, SOAP, UI, Web Services, HP Service Test, VMWare, WMB, HP Diagnostics.

Confidential, Hartford, CT

Performance Tester


  • Creating/Modifying HP Loadrunner scripts for their in house projects
  • Preparing Test Plan

Confidential, West Haven, CT

Graduate Assistant


  • Designed and prepared Network Lab using CISCO router, Switch and HUB for over 30 students
  • Configured Cisco routers, switches, wireless adapter.
  • Designed and implemented LAN/WAN and Wireless Network.
  • Monitor network bandwidth and troubleshoot if any issue found.
  • Implemented DHCP, DNS, FTP server.
  • Helped students to solve arising problem in Networking and Operating System Courses.

Environment: Windows 2000/XP, UNIX, WireSherk, Cisco Software, Oracle, TCP/IP Protocol


Network Engineer


  • Established Network setup using CISCO Switches, routers. Monitoring Network performance
  • Troubleshooting network issues like connection, outage, scheduled upgrades etc
  • Secured network system by establishing and enforcing policies, user accessibility.
  • Setup firewall and antivirus to entire system
  • Reporting Network operational status by gathering, prioritizing information, managing project
  • Involved with business and technology leads to identify the appropriate data for testing and prepare the data for the test cases.
  • Running batch jobs for online banking application.
  • Prepare automation scripts using Jmeter, Mercury Loadrunner and other Banking tool for online banking application.

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