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Sr. Performae Test Engineer/lead Resume



  • Solid 8+ years of extensive experience in the field of Information Technology with Performance Testing/Engineering on various platforms.
  • Experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) which includes Analysis, Development and Release process.
  • Experience handling performance projects with Waterfall and Agile methodologies.
  • 6+ months of experience using Rally tool for tracking tasks and iterations for Agile environments.
  • 2+ years of experience testing Pega PRPC 6.1 and 6.3 framework.
  • Extensive experience using HP LoadRunner Virtual User Generator tool for creating complex test scripts using HTTP/HTML, Web Services, Web(Click & script) Ajax True Client protocols and others.
  • Extensive experience using HP Application Life Cycle Management tool (ALM) and Performance Center 11.52v
  • Proficient in writing Test Plans, Test Scripts, Test Scenarios and Test Cases for performance testing.
  • Experience using Monitoring tools like Dyna Trace, Diagnostics, Sitescope, Introscope tools for capturing application metrics, identify and isolate any load related bottlenecks with in the applications under test.
  • Hands on experience using Splunk to analyze server logs real time when tests are in execution phase.
  • Extensively worked on Disaster recovery testing.
  • Experience in Leading a Testing Team.
  • Experienced in Design and Execution of Test criteria, Scenarios, and Scripts from requirements.
  • Deep knowledge in the Analysis of Bug Severity, Bug Tracking System and Bug Reporting.
  • Performed Load Balancing testing by using IP Spoofing, BigIP Load Balancers.
  • Good Team Player, ability to work independently, quick learner and self - motivated.
  • Experienced in using Quality Center as Defect Tracker.
  • Proficient in System testing, Sanity Testing and Regression testing processes of given software application for different software Releases, Builds and Patches.
  • Created Scripts using Virtual User Generator (VuGen).
  • Good with Debugging, Identifying, Adjusting and fixing script errors by running VuGen.
  • Very good knowledge with Parameterization and Correlation needs for scripting.
  • Extensive experience using Virtual Table Server (VTS) as a centralized repository to store data and share data between parameters during test executions
  • Executed Performance Tests and Stress Tests using LoadRunner controller and performance center and analyzed the results.
  • Good with writing ‘C’ language functions in scripts for error handling, output messages, round robin functions for hitting individual server specific by-passing load balancer.
  • Experience using Visual SourceSafe for maintaining the version control of scripts.
  • Experience testing Bulk uploads of PDF, .XLS etc using Vugen and Load Generator.
  • Conducted navigational testing and functional testing.
  • Performed IP Spoofing using LoadRunner for the load balancing issues.
  • Installing, maintaining and administering LoadRunner software.
  • Plotting and implementing scenarios and loading Load runner scripts into controller.
  • Created Performance scenarios and scripts for doing multiple iterations.
  • Analyzed LoadRunner scenario results.
  • Used Quality Center for tracking and reporting bugs.
  • Live monitoring of Graphs/ Monitors.
  • Analysis of cross results, cross scenarios and merged graphs.
  • Analyzing scenario performance, graphs and reports.
  • Configuring Run-time settings for VuGen, Controller and Performance Center.
  • Creating various scenarios in Performance Center based on test type.
  • Linked Sitescope monitors to performance center test scenario.
  • Modified LoadRunner scripts to integrate with Dyna Trace.
  • Developing/ Recording/ Enhancing Vuser scripts.
  • Configuring Run-time settings for Action / Think-time.
  • Hands-on experience on different versions of LoadRunner.




RDBMS: ORACLE 9i/ 10g/ 11g, SQL SERVER 2005/ 2008, DB2/ AS 400







Confidential, NC

Sr. Performance Test Engineer/Lead


  • Assisted technology and line of business partners to review project documentation and identify high risk projects that require performance testing.
  • Reviewed and analyzed LLD, HLD, BRD and NFR documents.
  • Worked with team leads for gathering information and created test plans including Scope, Entry Criteria, Success criteria, Test strategy, work load, Test run scenarios, performance metrics, Schedule time line Etc.
  • Conducted meetings with application development to get clear understanding on project architecture and documented relevant test cases in scope for testing.
  • Created various VuGen Scripts for the Application under test using HTTP/HTML, Web Services, Web(Click & script) and Ajax TruClient protocols.
  • Enhanced and modified the scripts according to the test case scenarios.
  • Extensively worked on Virtual User generator, Controller, Performance Center and Quality Center.
  • Created Parameters and did correlation on scripts and enhanced them according to the test case.
  • Used Controller and performance center to Perform Load Test, Longevity test and Stress Test creating scenarios reflecting near to real world scenario of the application.
  • Load Tests were performed up to a maximum of 10,000 users.
  • Monitored server metrics using Diagnostics, Sitescope.
  • The Average CPU usage, Memory Utilization, Heap, Memory leaks, Response time, TPS are analyzed for each scenario.
  • Communicated with developers to resolve the application problems while executing Performance tests.
  • Detected defects and communicated with application development logging defects in Quality Center.
  • Involved in multiple server remediation, monitoring tools upgrade, OS upgrade projects identifying risks and provided solutions to overcome risks.
  • Used Oracle, SQL clients to write SQL Queries required to retrieve data for Scripts involved in testing.
  • Extensively used Dyna Trace for debugging high response transactions drilling down on Pure Path.
  • Experience using Splunk tool to analyze server logs.
  • Documented and presented all Testing results including response time analysis, Server Metrics, Defects information, Potential risks and Recommendations.
  • Experience Tracing Pega PRPC applications for any errors or wrong integrations.
  • Executed performance testing for Pega PRPC 6.1 and 6.3 testing user interface, Agents and Business Intelligence Exchange (BIX) extract.
  • Worked with Database Administrator for taking the backups, restoring data between servers, providing AWR Report for oracle and PerfMon Report for SQL servers.
  • Involved in troubleshooting production issues and isolating issues through group discussions and providing performance tuning recommendations.
  • Worked with Visual Source Safe for version controlling, checked in and checked out.
  • Flexible working with Waterfall and Agile project methodologies .
  • Attended weekly team meeting, walkthroughs for project updates and provided weekly status reports.

Environment: LoadRunner 9.52/ 11.04/ 11.51 , Performance Center 9.52/ 11, Quality Center, HP ALM, VTS 2.0, Java, .NET, Windows Web Services, SoupUI 3.5, PEGA PRPC 6.1/6.3, Dyna Trace 4.1/ 5.5/ 6.1, Sitescope, Diagnostics, Introscope, Splunk, Wire Shark, Windows PerfMon, PAL, Firebug, Repliweb, Web logic, Web sphere, Apache Tomcat, IIS, SQL Server, Oracle, TOAD, Putty, WinSCP, AS400/iSeries, iSeries Navigator, iSeries Emulator, Visual SourceSafe.

Confidential, DE

Lead Performance Analyst


  • Reviewed and analyzed the Business Requirement Documents and User Specifications.
  • High Level Test Plans were written by incorporating User Profiles, Configurations, Environments, Risks, Test Scenarios, Schedules and Analysis and Presentation of Results
  • Developed detailed Testing Methodologies, Test Matrices, Test cases, and Test Procedures.
  • Lead Performance testing entire applications.
  • Performed failover and Disaster recovery performance testing.
  • Monitored servers using Sitescope and Wily Introscope.
  • Manually writing test cases to test the Performance of the application
  • Utilized Controller and performance center for running Load tests.
  • Generate the Vuser Scripts by using the Virtual user Generator.
  • Interfaced with developers to resolve the problems while executing the Vuser scripts.
  • Detected Defects, Communicated to the developers using Bug Reporting Tool and Tracking the Defects using Quality Center.
  • Responsible for preparing data for different data cycles, executing the Vuser scripts Using the automated tool Virtual User Generator
  • Creating multiple scenarios by adding group scripts to LoadRunner Controller.
  • Configuring the Vuser and Run-Time setting for each scenario.
  • Documented all the Testing results and regression tests results were compared at every new build, analyzed and Presented Results
  • Bug reporting and defect tracking.
  • Attended weekly meeting and walkthroughs for project updates.
  • Participated in discussion of Enhancement and Modification Request issues.

Environment: HP LoadRunner 9.0, HP 9.51, Performance Center, Quality center, Java, J2EE, .NET, WebLogic, Sitescope, Wily Introscope, WebSphere, SQL, Oracle.

Confidential, CA

Performance Test Lead


  • Extensively developed performance tests plans.
  • Developed Performance test scripts using LoadRunner for Ecommerce application
  • Gathered requirements for developing performance test Plans.
  • Used controller, performance center for running the performance tests for different scenarios.
  • Tested Performance of Web Application and Generated Automation Test scripts using Load Runner.
  • Conducted load and performance testing using LoadRunner by creating rendezvous points to simulate heavy user load, and transaction points to test application response time.
  • Uploaded the test scripts into performance center and executed them with different load test.
  • Analyzed the data requirements for the performance test scripts.
  • Monitored Application servers while running the performance tests.
  • Analyzed the business requirements to create difference scenarios for performance tests and meet real time situations.
  • Gathered data for analyzing results.

Environment: JAVA, JBOSS,VBscript,HTML,LOADRUNNER8.2,PERFORMANCE CENTER 8.2, Tomcat, WebLogic, Oracle, SQL server, QALITY CENTER 8.0

Confidential, NY

Performance Tester


  • Interacted with customers for requirement gathering and understanding the business process.
  • Ramped up Virtual users in a load test to achieve a maximal transaction volume of 1200 concurrent users in a two hour time limit.
  • Extensively used Performance Monitors to analyze the System Bottlenecks like Memory Leaks.
  • Analyzed load balancer settings to perform Spoofing.
  • Extensively worked on Virtual User generator and Controller
  • Conducted load and performance testing using LoadRunner by creating rendezvous points to simulate heavy user load, and transaction points to test application response time.
  • Used LoadRunner to execute Load, Stress and Performance tests.
  • Executed scenarios in Controller and analyzed results in LR Analysis.
  • Monitored WebLogic and WebSphere servers by measuring CPU, Memory, Heap Size and Garbage collector.

Environment: LoadRunner 8.1, Quality Center, Java, J2EE, WebSphere, WebLogic, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, AS400, Windows.

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