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Aws & Devops Engineer Resume



  • Around 8+ years of experience in automating, configuring and deploying Web based applications in production and non - prod environments, Systems Administration, Cloud Computing, Software Configuration Management (SCM) and Software Development.
  • Worked as a Production Support engineer to support production priority 1 and 2 applications.
  • Familiar with AmazonAWSCloud Administration which includes services EC2, S3, EBS.
  • Testing and implementing and Post-production analysis of the projects.
  • Experienced in using and configuring AWS services such as EC2, EBS, RDS, CloudWatch, Auto-scaling, IAM, Route 53, and S3.
  • Setting up databases in AWS using S3 bucket and configuring instance backups to S3 bucket.
  • Good understanding of AWS Elastic Block Storage (EBS), various volume types and utilization of different types of EBS volumes based on requirement.
  • Hands on experience with Chef and Ansible inAWScloud environment.
  • Build Customized Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) & deployed these customized images based on requirements.
  • Provided security and managed user access and quota using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).
  • Experience in architecting and configuring secure VPC through private and public networks in AWS.
  • Troubleshoot AWS EC2 Status check including System Status checks and Instance Status check alerts.
  • Hands-on experience with AWS Lambda workflow implementation using python to interact with application.
  • Experienced working with CI/CD tools, Terraform in AWS cloud environment.
  • Configured and Managed Elastic Load Balancing(ELB) to avoid fault tolerance and avoid single point of failure of applications, hence provide high availability and network load balancing.
  • Worked with networking teams in configuring AWS Direct Connect to establish dedicated connection to datacenters and AWS Cloud.
  • Configured and monitored Distributed and Multi-platform servers using Chef. Defined Chef Server and workstation to manage and configure nodes.
  • Knowledge of Puppet as Configuration management tool, to automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications, and proactively manage change.
  • Experience in managing source code in Subversion, Git, Git Hub and CVS
  • Created Linux Virtual Machines using VMware Virtual Center (ESXI), hypervisor-v, PHP Virtual Box.
  • Worked on Virtualization and Containers (Docker) and Hypervisors ESXI, ESX.
  • Ability to build deployment, build scripts and automated solutions using scripting languages such as Shell scripting ( Bash)
  • Worked on web servers like Apache, NGINX and application servers like Web logic, Tomcat
  • Extensive experience with Software Build automation and standardization tools like ANT, Maven.
  • Implemented Continuous Integration using Jenkins and GIT.
  • Used REMEDY and JIRA as defect tracking tools for tracking defects and change management.
  • Experience with automated testing methodologies Junit and Selenium.
  • Understanding of Project Life Cycle Management and experience with AGILE Methodologies. worked on Agile tool Rally, tracking status and setting up velocities for the projects.
  • Ability to troubleshoot any issues generated while building, deploying and in production support.
  • Team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, self-motivated, dedicated and understanding the demands of 24/7 system maintenance and has good customer support experience.
  • Performed RedHat Linux installations using kickstart and applying security polices for hardening the server based on the company policies.
  • Created and cloned Linux Virtual Machines, templates using VMware Virtual Client 3.5 and migrated servers between ESX hosts.
  • Managed routine system backup, scheduled jobs, enabled cron jobs, system logging and network logging of servers for maintenance.
  • Performed RPM and YUM package installations, patches and other server management.


Programming Languages: Java/J2EE, C, C++, Python, selenium

Cloud Platform: AWS, Microsoft Azure

Configuration Management: Chef, Ansible, Maven, Docker

Database: Oracle, SQL Server, MS SQL.

Build Tools: ANT, MAVEN

CI/CD Tools: Jenkins, Bamboo

Version Control Tools: Subversion (SVN), GIT, GIT Hub, CVS

Languages/Scripts: Unix Shell, Bash, Python, Ruby

Operating Systems: Red hat, Ubuntu, Linux and WINDOWS, CentOS

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, Java Script, JQuery, XML, JSON, XSD, XSL

Other tools: Jira, Nagios, Splunk


Confidential, CA

AWS & DevOps Engineer


  • Created monitors, alarms and notifications for EC2 hosts using Cloud Watch. Deploy and monitor scalable infrastructure on Amazon web services (AWS) & configuration management using Ansible
  • Created Python Scripts to totally automate AWS Service which include Web Servers, ELB, Cloud Front Distribution, databases,EC2 and database security groups, S3 buckets and application configuration and using these scripts, created stacks, single servers and joined Web servers to stacks
  • Configured Elastic Load Balancers with EC2 Auto Scaling groups.Set up Auto Scaling Groups based on memory and CPU to adapt to unforeseen spikes without having an outage or needing manual intervention.
  • Created customized AMIs based on already existing AWS EC2 instances by using create image functionality, hence using this snapshot for disaster recovery.
  • Handled operations and maintenance support forAWScloud resources which includes launching, maintaining and troubleshooting EC2 instances, S3 buckets, Virtual Private Clouds (VPC), Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) and Relational Database Services (RDS).
  • Configured an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Data Base subnet group for isolation of resources within AWS RDS.
  • Worked extensively on automation engine Ansible that automates cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, intra-service orchestration.
  • Experience in automation tool Ansible and worked as a Data migrating specialist and moved large scale of data and applications from physical servers to the AWS cloud.
  • Involved with Ansible And Ansible Tower as Configuration management tool, to automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploys critical applications, and proactively manage changes.
  • Responsible for installing Jenkins master and slave nodes and configure Jenkins builds for continuous integration and delivery.Used Jenkins for Continuous Integration and deployment into Tomcat Application Server.
  • Migrated the old Jenkins to New Jenkins on a different VPC, provided solution for all the hurdles in migration
  • Configured Jenkins as a CI engine to build and promote applications to QA, UAT and Staging environments.
  • Created Jobs in Jenkins by setting up global permissions and scheduling jobs using poll SCM.
  • Experience in setting up Jenkins CI/CD pipelines - using Groovy DSL. Hands on experience with Docker container technology & micro-services.
  • Implemented a continuous Delivery pipeline with Docker, Jenkins and GitHub. Whenever a new GitHub branch gets started, Jenkins our continuous Integration server, automatically attempts to build a new Docker container from it.
  • Worked in agroup running Jenkins in a Docker container with EC2 slaves in Amazon AWS cloud configuration and gained familiarity with surrounding technologies such as Mesos (Mesosphere) and Kubernetes.
  • Created the naming strategy for branches and labels and involved continuous integration (CI) system with GIT version control repository and continually build using Maven as the check-in's come from the developer.
  • Implemented cluster services using Docker and Kubernetes to manage local deployments in kubernetes by building a self-hosted Kubernetes cluster using Terraform and Ansible to deploy application containers.
  • Initiated responsibility for administering the GIT servers which included install, upgrade, backup, adding users, creating repository/branches, merging, writing hooks scripts, performance tuning, troubleshooting issues and maintenance.
  • Experience in monitoring System/Application Logs of server using Splunk to detect Production issues.
  • Used Tomcat as the application server for deployment of Production & Staging.

Environment: Docker, Ansible, AWS, Git, Jenkins, LAMP, Maven, Apache Tomcat, Shell, Splunk, Nexus, MySQL, Azure, Kubernetes, Terraform,Junit and Python.

Confidential MI

AWS & DevOps Engineer


  • Experience in working with Terraform for automating VPC's, ELB's, Security groups, SQS queues, S3 buckets and continuing to replace the infrastructure.
  • Handled operations and maintenance support forAWScloud resources which includes launching, maintaining and troubleshooting EC2 instances, S3 buckets, Virtual Private Clouds (VPC), Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) and Relational Database Services (RDS).
  • Designed AWS CloudFormation templates to create custom sized VPC, subnets, NAT to ensure successful deployment of web applications and database templates.
  • Leveraged on AWS cloud Services such as EC2, auto scaling, Elastic load balancer and VPC to build secure, highly scalable and flexible systems that handled expected and unexpected load bursts.
  • Deploy, manage, and operate scalable / highly available / fault tolerant systems on AWS.
  • Involved in replacing existing manual deployment and management processes with AWS OpsWorks which uses CHEF to automate how servers are configured, deployed, and managed across AWS EC2 instances.
  • Utilized Configuration Management Tool Chef and created Chef Cookbooks using recipes to automate system operations. Experienced Installing, Configuring and supporting AWS EC2 instances.
  • Used Kitchen as a platform to test our Chef cookbooks. Configuring, setting up of Tomcat, Apache, Redis etc. Create Chef Automation tools and builds, and do an overall process improvement to any manual processes.
  • Wrote Chef Cookbooks for various DB configurations to modularize and optimize end product configuration, converting production support scripts to Chef Recipes and AWS server provisioning using Chef Recipes.
  • Creating from scratch a new continuous integration stack for a web application based on Docker and Jenkins, allowing transition from dev stations to test servers easily and seamlessly. Deployed Jenkins for CI/CD, creating jobs with DSL plugin and automate the jobs using polling techniques.
  • Configured Jenkins, used as a Continuous Integration tool for Installing and configuring Jenkins Master and hooking up with different build slaves. Automatized Java application builds using with Ant and Maven.
  • Implemented a Continuous Delivery pipeline with Docker, Jenkins and GitHub andAWSAMI's, whenever a new GitHub branch gets started, Jenkins, our Continuous Integration server, automatically attempts to build a newAWSECS / Docker container from it, The Docker container leverages Linux containers and has the AMI baked in. Converted our staging and Production environment from a handful AMI's to a single bare metal host running Docker.
  • Created a Continuous Delivery process to include support building of Docker Images and publish into a private repository- Nexus.
  • Experienced with deployment automation of all the microservices to pull image from the private Docker Registry and deploy to Docker swarm cluster using Chef.
  • Maintained build related scripts developed in MAVEN and modified build configuration files including POM.xml.
  • Implemented rapid-provisioning and life-cycle management for Linux using Amazon EC2, Chef, and custom Bash scripts.
  • Integrated Docker container based test infrastructure to Jenkins CI test flow and set up build environment integrating with Git and Jira to trigger builds using Web Hooks and Slave Machines.
  • Built and Deployed Java/J2EE to Tomcat Server Application servers in an agile continuous integration process and automated the whole process.
  • Setup Nagios for monitoring the infrastructure; also used Nagios Handlers, which acts on the service status with pre-defined steps/scripts.

Environment: Tomcat, Apache, Oracle 11g, Jenkins, Chef, JIRA, Maven, Git, Ubuntu, CentOS, AWS, Docker, Chef, Nexus, Nagios, Ubuntu, Redhat Linux and Windows.


DevOps / Infrastructure Engineer


  • Facilitate the Continuous 'Build Manager's' Role for all Software Development projects.
  • Implementing AWS Security Groups and NACL (Access control list) for Additional Layer of Security.
  • Planning and Implementing, Disaster Recovery and Fault for AWS services.
  • Setting up AWS CloudWatch and Custom Metrics for AWS services
  • Troubleshooting AWS Autoscaling and EC2 instances related issues.
  • Automated AWS resources like S3, EC2, VPC using Python Scripts BOTO3 (SDK).
  • Created S3 buckets and managed policies using IAM roles for S3 buckets and used S3 bucket and Glacier for storing historical data.
  • Setting up AWS RDS (AZ-Failover and Read replicas) and performing DMS (Database Migration Service) along with SCT (Schema Control Tool).
  • Automating infrastructure using multiple AWS Cloud formation templates and updating the resources with the help of helper scripts.
  • Worked 24/7 on-call to resolve any kind of issues.
  • Implementing AWS CloudFront for the newly built websites.
  • Implementing AWS ROUTE53 and AWS IAM security best practices.
  • Implemented Backup & Recovery, S3 life cycle management, reduced costs by creating
  • Customized Alarms. Managed Billing across several AWS accounts and reduced costs by effectively utilizing the resources.
  • Developed configuration management git from scratch and prepared documentation accordingly.
  • Installed workstation, bootstrapped nodes, wrote recipes and cookbooks and uploaded them to chef-server, managed on-site OS/applications/services/ packages using chef as well as AWS for EC2/S3 & ELB with chef cookbooks.
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using MAVEN as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Managing amazon web services (AWS) infrastructure with automation and configuration management tool such as chef.
  • Wrote several Bash and Python scripts to upgrade Kubernetes infrastructure related tools.
  • Built Python flask login framework and set it up as front-end login interface for several infrastructure tools such as for Kibana, Alert Manager and Kubernetes
  • Dashboard based on crowd authentication. Used reverse proxy concept and placed it in a Docker container to support multiple infrastructure tools.
  • Worked on setting-up continuous deployment pipelines using Jenkins across multiple Kubernetes clusters to stress the clusters with new infrastructure tools for Kubernetes in development environments. Automated these pipelines through Jenkins using pipeline script.
  • Wrote several Jenkins jobs using pipeline scripts to automate GITHUB operations through Jenkins. And, Bash and Python scripts to upgrade Kubernetes infrastructure related tools.
  • Automated Kubernetes deployments through Jenkins pulling the deployment Cookbooks from Github and deploying them into cluster using Python scripting with Kubernetes module and through Rest Api.
  • Implemented Kubernetes vault (POC) for staging Artifactory cluster.
  • Used Helm charts in Kubernetes and updated Grafana version 4.1.0 to 5.0.1 for the latest plugins.
  • Hands on experience using chef tool as deployment automation tool as part of continuous deployment of product in system testing and pre-production environments.
  • Created and managed CI/CD pipeline for java web applications (maven builds) using Jenkins.
  • Build development pipeline from Jenkins for the development process.
  • Docker container configuration, activation, handling live webhosting & troubleshooting

Environment: Java/J2ee, CVS, Maven, Subversion, Jenkins, Linux, Shell Scripts, Docker,Kubernetes.

Confidential, Eden Prairie, MN

Devops Engineer


  • Working on multiple DevOps and Cloud tools that achieve KPIs. Coordinating with implementation team, to build and engineer services for Linux and Windows OS on AWS platform. Provisioned Instances, Storages & monitoring Services and CI / CD pipeline through Jenkins.
  • Worked on setting up Forward Proxy Squid cluster across production AWS servers and updated puppet modules according to latest releases in puppet forge.
  • Created cloud front distribution CDN via cloud formation templates for application domains distributed across the regions.
  • Coordinating with security team and build Enterprise Qualys scanner for entire production Aws servers.
  • Updated Availability dashboard to use metrics collected from ELBs, rather than nginx. Replicated availability dashboard with ELB CloudWatch metrics instead of nginx metrics.
  • Enabled EMR in production. Created new bucket for outputs, keypair, permissions etc.
  • Writing scripts in python boto3 which are integrated with AWS API to control instance operations.
  • Restrict Inbound and outbound traffic by setting up Nacl rules and deployed via CloudFormation template.
  • Created CI/CD pipeline in the Jenkins and ran the build by integrating with Github repository by using ansible build and deploy scripts. Stored the build Artifact to S3 bucket in AWS cloud. Deployed the code from Jenkins to EC2 Server.
  • Worked on Maven to create artifacts from source code and place them in JFrog for internal deployments.
  • Worked on Roadmap project for Backup and recovery data. Created Backup Script for MongoDB and Created snapshots from exiting volumes and added logging and monitoring to (slack/PagerDuty/logs) notifications.
  • Experience in support/implementing the containerized Elasticsearch as an open source search engine with a REST API and used Fluentd as data ingestion tool and log transfer solution with Elastic Search cluster.
  • Used Kibana for querying logs, solved problems related logs events stored in the Elasticsearch.
  • Analyzed traffic trend when necessary to keep the health of the cluster in check and alerting of production and corporate servers/storage using logging tools like Kibana and graphs in Grafana.
  • Modify existing software allowing it to adapt to the new hardware with improved performance and writing puppet manifests based on the requirements.
  • Puppetized EC2 boxes for data usage added Luigi Scheduler and Jupyter lab services via puppet and attached data to EBS volumes.
  • Responsible for automating cloud infrastructure maintenance, building new operational monitoring, alerting capabilities, implementing and maintaining cloud developed engineering solutions.
  • Deployed Kubernetes cluster in production using terraform scripts and Troubleshooted networking related issue
  • Migrated all monitoring dashboards and user accounts from New relic to data dog. Installed data dog agents on all production servers using puppet.
  • Updated mongo dB puppet modules Adjusted mongo dB profile to address startup warnings and Restore logging support in MySQL/mongo profile. Written Ansible scripts to restart services in all production servers.
  • Worked on Cassandra POC cluster upgrades. Upgraded qa Cassandra environment. Added the plugin to new relic and start collecting data from our qa Cassandra cluster and Investigated Cassandra Streaming Failures.
  • Integrated alerts to Pager duty and slack notifications from new relic, Grafana and Nagios. Split data lake alerting into separate PagerDuty service. A PD service integration with Slack Data Lake shared channel.
  • Planning & developing, Managing Disaster Recovery (DR) environment.

Environment & Tools: AWS (EC2, VPC, ELB, S3, RDS, EBS, ELB, AWS CLI, and CloudFormation, IAM, CloudWatch), GIT, Chef, Docker, Docker Swarm, Unix/Linux, Ruby, Python.

Confidential, Port Washington, NY

Build and Release Engineer


  • Coordinate with the Development, Database Administration, QA, and IT Operations teams to ensure there are no resource conflicts.
  • Worked closely with Project Managers to understand a code/configuration release scope and how to confirm a release was successful.
  • Created JIRA issues to prioritize and act on what's important and stayed up to date with what's going on around the project.
  • Integrated Maven with Jenkins for the builds as the Continuous Integration process.
  • Installed configured and Administered Centos / RHEL and UNIX servers, Red Hat Centos / RHEL Kickstart services.
  • System and Network Administration training, which include but is not limited to installing UNIX internals, NFS/NIS management, and DNS Configuration.
  • Handled System tuning, log maintenance, disk space management.
  • Sudo administration and Red Hat Centos /RHEL, Centos package administration using rpm and YUM.
  • Extensive use of Veritas Volume Manager for Disk management, file system management on UNIX environment.
  • Use of Korn shell and Bash for scripting.
  • Expertise in Centos, Red Hat Centos / RHEL backup/restore with tar including disk partitioning and formatting.
  • Involved in development, user acceptance, and performance testing, production disaster recovery server.
  • Worked with other IT teams, customers (users), and other managers in helping build and implement systems and standards.
  • Worked on continuous integration using Jenkins, log collection, and analysis, version control systems like GitHub or SVN.
  • Created the Jenkins Build pipeline to build the code using MAVEN.
  • Knowledge of SSL certificates management and Experience in Agile and DevOps practices.
  • Create the Jenkins builds to automate the deployment of the microservices.
  • Created the Jenkins build to trigger by using URL and deploy the secrete files on to the servers.
  • Experience in creating the directory structures on the servers to deploy the code and store the log files on to the log folders. Troubleshooting the issues that are caused in the deployment process.

Environment: Eclipse IDE, Oracle database, Team Foundation Server 2012, Windows Power Shell IDE.


Linux Administrator


  • Performed RedHat Linux installations using kickstart and applying security polices for hardening the server based on the company policies.
  • Involved in installation and configuration operating system Red hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL5.3 and
  • RHEL 5.4) in development and test environments almost six levels on HP physical servers and Virtual
  • Worked with VMware ESXi 4.0
  • Designed, managed, implemented/ supported: Backup/Recovery/Archive, Security Startup/Shutdown,
  • Mass Storage (SAN/NAS), OS Installations/Patches, Hardware/Software installation, Batch scheduling,
  • Data center Migration, Application and Server performance
  • Involved in installing and configure Virtual Machine Using Oracle VM Manager
  • Coordinated with application team in installation, configuration and troubleshoot issues with Apache,Web logic on Linux servers.
  • Used VERITAS Volume manager to create disk groups, volumes, volume groups, and RAID’s.
  • Involved in back up, firewall rules, LVM configuration, monitoring servers and on call support.
  • Worked with Red hat Linux tools like RPM to install packages and patches for Red hat Linux Server andmanaged virtualized OS.
  • Tuning the kernel parameters based on the application/database requirement.
  • Worked on security hardening and documented the whole process for future reference.
  • Creation and Maintenance of User Accounts file systems and successfully created logins IDs on largenumber of servers.
  • Worked on SWAP box configuration, Implementation of disaster backup and recovery.
  • Worked on network connectivity, SAN storage, creating LVM and taking TSM backup.
  • Explore kernel modules and variants, tune kernel parameters, and manage devices, and monitorprocesses and resources during configuration of warehouse jobs.
  • Configured and managed Apache Web Server on Linux for web based applications using REST/SOAP,Apache and Websphere.
  • Creating and cloning virtual machines in VMware environment using Virtual Infrastructure client 3.5 andVSphere 4.0.
  • Server Builds for VMware section and Normal Build of AS4 /AS3 /AS 2.1 EL 3 .
  • Co-ordinate with Middleware team in installation, configuration and troubleshoot issues withApplication Server and Apache/Tomcat server on Linux.
  • Worked on Grub, PXE boot, Chef, Kick-start, Packages, Yum, RPMs, LVM, Boot from SAN, file systemconfiguration.
  • Troubleshooting Hardware and Operating system related issue.
  • Installed/Configured/Maintained/Administrated the network servers DNS, NFS and applicationservers Apache and Samba server.
  • Extensively worked with the LAN/WAN, firewalls and routing for Internet and Intranet connectivityusing different protocols like TCP/IP, DHCP, HTTP/s, FTP, SMTP & SSH.
  • Created BASH shell scripts to automate cron jobs and system maintenance. Scheduled cron jobs for jobautomation.
  • Capacity Planning, Infrastructure design and ordering systems.
  • Created users, manage user permissions; maintain User & File System quota on Red hat Linux.
  • Monitored trouble ticket queue to attend user and system calls.
  • Updated data in inventory management package for Software and Hardware products.
  • Modifying user’s password policies, group policy, UID and GID assignment policies.
  • Linux technical support and prepared technical documentation for check in verification.
  • Regular backing up of critical data and restoring backed up data Worked in solving tickets issued on dayto day activities and problems related to development and test servers.
  • Created and cloned Linux Virtual Machines, templates using VMware Virtual Client 3.5 and migrated servers between ESX hosts

Environment: Red Hat Linux (RHEL 5), Oracle, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, NFS, SAMBA, Apache, POSTFIX,POP3, SMTP, MySql, JBoss

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