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Etq Analyst Resume


  • Over fifteen years of IT experience in software testing, automation, and development, using, Exactor, Selenium, Visual Basic, VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), Perl, Visual Test, Word Basic, Silk, QTP, Jmeter, and QA partner.
  • Automation using Visual Test, Exactor, Selenium, Webdriver, OpenStA, and QTP.
  • Logged, track, and follow through on all software bugs
  • Developed Exactor, and Selenium scripts to validate and verify Reliance system
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Excellent team player with strong communication skills
  • Quality Center QC, TFS
  • Certified Scrum Master, and ISTQB



EtQ Analyst


  • EtQ system administrator, includes system configurations, new modules development and users support
  • Provide training and support for EtQ team, and Business users
  • Implement system improvement such as views, and scripts
  • Tested and verified system upgrade


Sr Enterprise Wide Program Analyst


  • EtQ administrator, includes system configurations, new modules development and users support
  • Requirements gathering,
  • Validation lead
  • Livelink
  • Building new modules and updating existing modules (enhancements)
  • Implementing Promotion and Patches
  • Provide training and support for EtQ team
  • Modifying, authoring and executing PQ’s ensure new ETQ modules and enhancement conforms to the functional specification.
  • EtQ System upgrade, patching, promotion


Software Quality Assurance


  • Automated user acceptance test using Powershell and Selenium, and Webdriver
  • End to End testing for Confidential enterprise system
  • Installation testing
  • Functional /Usability testing
  • API testing
  • Mobile testing


Software Quality Assurance Lead


  • Helped in implementing XP practice (Agile) within the QA department
  • Assigned and managed testers to various projects
  • Reviewed test plans, test cases with testers and lead developers.
  • Reviewed Selenium automated test scripts with Automation team
  • Regression testing
  • Tested GUI for Reliance System
  • Automated user acceptance test using Exactor and Selenium
  • Automated performance and stress test using OPENSTA
  • Authored test plans and test cases for Reliance System (Audits, Corrective Action, Document Control, Complaint, Calibration, MSDS, Aspect, Delegation, Incident, Change Management, Centralized Reporting, Training)
  • Installed and configured ETQ system (web application - developed using JAVA, JSP, Ajax).
  • Authored QA standard operating procedures and maintained documentation of test results.
  • Performed functional for Reliance System (manual and automation using Selenium).
  • Modified, authored and executed test script to ensure ETQ Software conforms to the functional specification.
  • Tested the Reliance system under clustering.
  • Conducted localization and internationalization test on Reliance system.
  • Conducted LDAP, upgrade, promotion, and data migration testing.
  • Tested Office Integration/WSDL file
  • Database SQL Server 2000/2005 Enterprise (created databases, backup & restore, and data manipulations)

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Senior Software Quality Assurance


  • Configured Comtier’s NMS and Node control utility to connect Central Base Station to Remote stations via satellite.
  • Branched and build ComTier Software under NT.
  • Build automation script using Visual Test to Automate functionality of Node Control Utility.
  • Performed System Integration by setting up ComTier’s Modem Boards and Software and conducted basic functional test by configuring ComTier’s UTM card using SNMP.
  • Ran full life cycle tests on NCU (alpha, beta, and release)
  • Setup lab stations, NT server, Linux, and configured Router, Satellite and LAN networks for testing.
  • Analyzed and authored test standards, procedures and maintained documentation of test results.
  • Performed functional tests by configuring ComTier’s Network Management System (NMS), Test Maintenance and Node Control Utility.
  • Authored, modified and executed test plans to ensure ComTier Modem boards and Software conforms to the specification.
  • Developed Perl scripts to automate the process of updating host software and modified Perl build scripts to build new software releases.
  • Performed Regression testing.
  • Documented bugs found during testing and worked with software developers to resolve issue list.

Confidential Hawthorn, NY

Software Engineer / Virus Analyses


  • Installed and set up NT Networks for testing
  • Automated part of the Immune System Technology using Visual Test, VBA, and Perl scripts.
  • Executed stress testing procedures of the Immune System in Windows NT
  • Performed regression tests and verified bug fixes.
  • Developed several Perl scripts to automate the process of cycling through directories to create a macro (viruses) collection based in their names and regression testing script of the “Replication Controller”.
  • Worked with development team of Immune System Technology to test the replication process and identify bugs.
  • Worked with development team to make improvement to the replication process and add new feature.
  • Defined testing strategies and create test plans for individual components.
  • Analyzed macro viruses, develop, and create Detection and Removal strings for such viruses.
  • Authored Visual test script to test the functionality of Lotus Notes, Freelance, and Reflection.
  • Created templates for testing of the functionality of various applications.

Confidential Santa Clara, CA.

System administrator / Programmer


  • Setup and install NT Networks
  • Installed and setup Hardware and Software
  • Implemented the data migration phase to lotus notes CPAS system from flat files using CPAS data dictionary.
  • Authored VB program to cut and parse large files into several resume files using bookmarks of text strings in the input file.
  • Authored VBA tool to cycle through a directory and convert all word documents into text files for further processing.
  • Authored Silk script to search and download resumes from the web.
  • Customized a Bulk-email program for volume email lists, maintained, and cleaned its backend database records.

Confidential Santa Clara, Ca

Virus analysis / Programmer


  • Developed and executed test plans and test cases using testing standard and methodologies.
  • Executed test plans and procedures for specific components of the McAfee Antivirus product (Virus Scan)
  • Tested and verified new features of ViursScan under Win95, Win NT
  • Analyzed macro viruses and created documentation describing the operations and payload of the virus.
  • Developed virus Detection and Removal Strings (Virus Definitions) using CRC techniques.
  • Organized and prioritized macro viruses and forwarded viruses to other researchers for further analysis.
  • Analyzed hostile Java applets and created detection for them.
  • Assisted clients to analyze their problems and provide solutions.
  • Assisted development team throughout the production life cycle to identify and resolve bugs in new releases.
  • Created detailed bug reports and verified fixed bugs.


  • QA Partner, Selenium, Jmeter, Visual Test, Silk, Quick Test Professional, OPENSTA, Exactor.
  • Visual Basic, Word Basic, VBA, vb-script, C, C++, JAVA, HTML, Perl, Assembly (80x86),ABAP/4
  • Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 95, 98, Windows 3.x, DOS, OS/2, MAC, Linux
  • Completed a NetWare Administrator (CNA) courses
  • Knowledge of Computer Viruses, Wireshark
  • Lotus Notes, MS Access, Microsoft Office 97, 2000, MY SQL, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, Oracle, DB2
  • Jakarta-tomcat, Websphere, Weblogic

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