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Performance Test Engineer Resume

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6+ years of Automated Functional/Performance Testing and Engineering experience in a Continuous Integration/Deployment environment using Enterprise and OpenSource tools like Silk Performer, SilkTestManager, WinRunner, QTP, Selenium IDE/Webdriver/Grid, TestNG, Jenkins, Bamboo, Maven, Junit, IBM Rational Functional and Performance Test Suite, HP Performance Centre (previously Load Runner), Quality Center, SOAP/LOAD UI, Jmeter, SAP TAO, SAP TDMS, SAP Solution Manager and WorkSoft Certify Suite. Leveraged testing, diagnostic and monitoring tools like Wily Introscope, DynaTrace, AppDynamics, SiteScope and APM to identify, troubleshoot and validate performance bottlenecks across multitier architecture before production deployment thus preventing downtime and providing a better user experience for our business users. Participated in the E2E SDLC and delivered continuous integration/deployment across Waterfall, top - down and Agile projects.


Operating System: UNIX, Linux, Solaris, Macintosh, Windows Server 2008 Standard

Programming/Scripting Language: SQL, PL/SQL/Perl, Shell

Database/CRMs: Oracle 8i/9i, SQL Server 2008/2012,Siebel 7/8, SAP ERP, MS Access, DB2 6.1/7.2, AQUA Studio 4.7.2, TOAD

Testing Tools: Mercury Interactive WinRunner, LoadRunner, QuickTestPro, SilkTest, SilkCentralTestManager, SilkPerformer, Quality Center, IBM Rational Suite Tools-Performance Tester RPT,Functional Tester RFT,ClearQuest,ReqPro,Manual Tester,Citrix EdgeSight, Citrix Receiver, PVCS Version Control

Monitoring and Log Analysis tools: Dynatrace 5.5: 6.5, DCRUM, Splunk Enterprise, PerfMonLogParser, JMX console, Solarwinds DB monitoring tool, Wily

Introscope, Sitescope, AppDynamics: Web Technologies

HTML, ASP, XML, DHTML, VB script, Java script, Java: Servlets, JDBC, Applets

Bug Tracking Tools/GUI: Silk: radar, Bugzilla, IPM, VB 5.0/6.0, Crystal Report

Documentation Tools: MSOffice, MS: Visio, MS Project

Web server/AppServer: IIS,Apache,WebLogic,WebSphere, Jboss



Performance Test Engineer


  • Responsible as the only Performance QA Engineer to implement and deliver performance testing for Siebel, SAP, SFDC and Master Data technology projects.
  • Planned & Designed the Load Testing strategy, schedule, set - up of agent machines all across Geos, Installing the Controller & Agents
  • Lead the initiative to performance test Siebel CRM mobile app, devised the performance testing framework for Mobile virtual users by creating a native and mobile browser based script framework.
  • Installed and setup the load controller machines on physical and virtual machines, managed the tool licenses and their annual renewals, configured the distributed agents across all topography, ensured that all the performance testers under team has sufficient license privileges to execute and script E2E scenarios. Acted a single point of contact for any issues related to performance test tools availability and licensing.
  • Executing the Load Test & reporting the results to higher management, leading the Overall testing process from gathering reqs to tracking defects/retesting them
  • Conducted high level meetings with Admin/Directors to spearhead testing process
  • Reporting the risks involved going ahead with critical design flaws & bugs
  • Provide feedback about the Tools & flaws in testing methodology
  • Writing detailed Performance Test Plan to have an understanding for all audience stating the performacne requirements, SLAs & testing strategies, Entry and Exit Criteria & Sign Offs
  • Prioritized and managed multiple initiatives supporting multiple lines of business
  • Proven experience in an environment managing multiple concurrent product releases under tight deadlines
  • Strong ability to adjust priorities and realign resources and schedule to manage unexpected changes in product release road map and initiatives
  • Reacted accordingly to various challenges before, during and after application performance management engagements
  • Provided clear and concise analysis and thorough documentation as required to provide our customers the most accurate information on how their application performs from a response time and infrastructure utilization perspective
  • Participate in Proof of Concept or Prototype activities related to new tool acquisitions and implementations
  • Worked on SOAP/LOAD UI Tool with Developers during development phase to uncover the Functionality & Scalability issues at an early stage in SDLC for SOA/Webservices
  • Conducted Architectural & Technical reviews during software development life cycle and provide suggestions for performance improvements.
  • Conducted system performance and stress testing, work with stakeholders determining the number of virtual users to be used during the performance test.
  • Responsible for Installation and configuration of new BPM probes for synthetic transaction monitoring
  • Perf Center and BPM script creation through Loadrunner 12.0 VuGen. Integrated HP Sitescope into BSM/BAC dashboard
  • Analyzed the CPU Utilization, Memory usage, thread usage, Garbage collection, and DB connection to verify the performance of the Application.
  • Planned the approach and test strategy for performance testing by identifying workflows and system characteristics to be performance tested and ensure they are reflected in the test scope
  • Planned and managed deliverables for: performance diagnostics, capacity planning, performance architecture design, performance tuning, and performance monitoring.
  • Experience in setting up monitoring tool such as Wily, Dynatrace, SiteScope, Jmeter, AppDynamics, IBM Tivoli and HP APM
  • Performed performance profiling and optimization across Siebel and SAP Application and DB servers using Jmeter, LoadRunner, APM and Dynatrace tools.
  • Worked with Operations and Engineering teams to make changes to improve service performance and scalability across our application, systems or database layers
  • Performed Java and SQL performance tuning that includes garbage collection, heap management, JVM configuration, explained plan, query optimization, optimizer hints, etc.
  • Tuned the Round robin, first in first out, dynamic and predictive settings on citrix s DMZ netscaler servers while load testing huge # of requests and suggesting to production team the ideal setting to move forward.
  • Developed SOAP/JMS protocol webservices scripts based upon the Input XML/XSD from developers.
  • Scheduled automated test suite through Selenium Grid/RC and reported results to respective stakeholders.
  • Developed the Backend connection Selenium scripts to automate the SQL queries across MS SQL and Oracle Studios.
  • Converted selenium Junit test case into Maven eclipse to leverage them for continuous integration and cross browser/platform testing
  • Integrated HP LR with open source Continuous build servers like Jenkins, Bamboo and enterprise licenses tool like CA Release Automation tool to automatically deploy and performance test processes in QA landscape
  • Setting up the Windows PerfMon & JBoss Performance monitoring counters on the servers/tiers involved in the architecture-FrontEnd, Middletier, Backend & Database.
  • Collecting & Monitoring the Performance Metrics thru AppDynamics and HP APM for SAP platforms.
  • Used Putty to capture metrics on Redhat Linux and leveraged Unix statements like Top, rstat, vmstat, lstat, tcpdump, htop, Iostat to capture CPU usage, Memory usage, Swap Memory, Cache Size, Buffer Size, Process PID, User, high memory and cpu utilization of a running process.
  • Setup several load agents and workbench using Citrix virtualization products.
  • Configured the Application Explorer and Metrics console in HP APM across tiers and gathered the real time metrics
  • Analyzed the Java and .net probes on Application servers using APM
  • Measured the geographical latency and response time using the Topology view of APM
  • Reviewed the Inbound/OutBound server requests, SQL statements and trended methods to analyze the query execution time
  • Configuring the HEAP SIZE & JVM for tuning on Jboss/Apache based upon the Test Results
  • Enabled the printing of detailed GC logs to understand the behavior and pauses of Minor and Full GC and gains recovered out of it.
  • Optimized the JVM parameters in JVM6 and 8 to increase throughput and decrease unnecessary GC execution.
  • Monitoring the frontend & Backend boxes like Apache, windows server, collecting the resources, HEAP memory, IDLE, BUSY WORKERS, CPU, GC Processes
  • Set up, monitoring & collecting SQL SERVER Counters thru Symantecs I3 tool, diagnosing the Long execution time & DB wait time.
  • Installed and configured the Splunk forwarder on servers under test. Created Indexes and dashboard charts to reflect the application and systems health check for our IIS webservers, Java Jboss application servers and MS SQL availability group Databases. Created Alerts and used machine learning for determining numeric outliers and prediction.
  • Installed and configured Dynatrace .net agents on servers under test. Monitored the purepaths of IIS worker process in Dynatrace client and executed a deep dive into DB and Method calls from purepath tree and drilldown options.
  • Also leveraged the Oracle RAC to monitor Oracle DB and their locks and contentions.
  • Reporting all the Test Results with Response Time, server & monitoring Logs with Technical Architect to get Performance Sign-Off

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