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Mobile Testing / Quality Assurance Resume

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  • Extensive working experience in Automation/Manual testing of API/Web Services testing and Mobile application testing.
  • Expertise in Test automation using different Automation tools/techniques, Unit testing by using Selenium Web Driver/IDE/GRID, Test NG, Cucumber, Maven, Jenkin, Fire Path, running scripts, debugging scripts in different environment, Extracting Test results, Cross browser testing, and data validation.
  • Experience in IT, extended expertise in QA and Automated Software Testing using QTP/UFT, SOAPUI, Quality Center, ALM and Selenium.
  • Developed new and updated existing Automation test cases using Selenium WebDriver, Junit, Cucumber and TestNG using Git Hub and SVN as VCS for Java - based web application, using Maven as a Build tool.
  • Solid experience on build Management tools like Maven/ANT and continuous Integration tool Jenkins.
  • Configured the CI environment using Jenkins/Hudson and automatically build, test and deployed the Java project.
  • Experience in writing Automation scripts and frameworks using Java, C#, VBScript.
  • Expertise in writing Test Plans, defining Test Scenarios and Test Cases, developing and maintaining test scripts, analyzing bugs, interacting with the development team and track the bugs till closure.
  • Extensively used JAVA OOP’s concepts for developing Automation Frameworks using Eclipse, Maven, Selenium WebDriver and TestNG.
  • Proficient level of experience on DevOps essential tools like Subversion (SVN), GIT, TFS, Hudson, Jenkins and Maven.
  • Hand on Experience in automating scripts with HP Quick Test Professional (QTP/UFT) using VBscript and management tool HP QC/ALM.
  • Worked within the context of a Scrum team to recreate issues and to resolve software quality issues that arise in day-to-day operations.
  • Experienced in developing Automation Framework using Page Object Model (POM) withPAGE FACTORY CLASSfor The Web and Mobile Applications.
  • Experienced in performingMobile testingby developing and executing test scripts for both Android and iOS platforms usingAppium, JAVA, TestNG and Maven.
  • UsedHPQuality Centerfor bugs Reporting and communication to developers, Product support and test team members.
  • Automated Test cases in TDD (Test Driven Development) and BDD (Behavior Driven Development).
  • Created various Web Scripts for the Application using Load Runner for Performance testing.
  • Excellent skill in finding bugs and over defect management, using bug tracking tools - Jira, Quality Center.
  • In depth knowledge in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Test Life Cycle (STLC).
  • Excellent Understanding in using the waterfall and Agile Methodologies.
  • Experience of testing web, mobile applications and APIs in Agile process.
  • Good experience in manual and automation of Web Services (SOAP/REST) testing with SOAPUI, XML, JSON.
  • Hands on Experience using various Concepts of QTP such as checkpoints, Regular expression on various stages of application in different projects.
  • Experience in user controls, data controls, writing test cases and debug the errors in .NET by developing ASP.NET
  • Strong knowledge in Health Care industry, experienced in testing different healthcare ERP solutions.
  • Very strongSQLskills, including the use ofnested table expressions,unions,multi-table joins,scalar functions,outer joinsandderived columns.
  • Experience in performing the Black box testing, Grey Box Testing, integration testing, Regression testing, Database testing, system testing, and supported user acceptance testing (UAT), Smoke testing, End-End testing(E2E) with business users.
  • Solid record of success in client relationship cultivation, interpersonal communication at all levels, and coordination of teams.
  • Strategy- and data-driven professional known for organization, excellent judgment and critical-thinking abilities. A true leader among leaders with a results-oriented personality; can innately influence others.


Testing Tools: Selenium Web Driver/RC/IDE/GRID, QTP, Gherkin, JUnit, Cucumber, TestNG, Web Services

Scripting/Languages: java, Java script, jQuery, .Net, SQL, C, C++, C#, VBScript(UFT).

Web Development: HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, XSD, XSL, XSLT, XPATH, AJAX.

Test Frameworks: Junit, TestNG, Hybrid, Data Driven, Keyword Driven, Gherkin, Cucumber, BDD/ATDD, POM.

Database Technologies: MS SQL server, Oracle PL/SQL, MYSQL.

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, Bugzilla, Quality Center, Test Director.

Test build: Jenkins, Hudson and Maven.

SOAP Technologies: SOAP, Web services, SOAP UI.

Test Management Tools: Eclipse IDE, HP Quality center

Management Tool: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), Microsoft PowerPoint, MS Access

Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall, Scrum

Version Controllers Testing Tools: GIT, SVN, Selenium IDE/RC/ Web Driver/Grid, QTP, Junit, TestNG, Eclipse, SoapUI, Appium, HP Quality Center/ALM and Cucumber, Load Runner, JMeter, Log4j, Firebug, Coded UI.

Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8,10/vista & server 2003, Unix, Linux and Mac, Mobile Testing Android, iOS.


Confidential, MN

Mobile Testing / Quality Assurance


  • Collaborated with IT partners to review and clarify the scope of delivery and business requirements for the application being tested and customer deliverables.
  • Developed automated test cases, test strategy and executed tests using Selenium with java.
  • Developed the automation framework using Selenium and TestNG for functional testing.
  • Designed and Develop Selenium Hybrid Automation framework using Java reflection, TestNG, Apache POI, for Web Service automation and Maven.
  • Performed Page Object Model, Automation framework with Java, Selenium WebDriver.
  • Responsible for implementation of Hybrid Test Automation Framework, Page Object Model using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and Maven and Java.
  • Configured Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Cucumber, Jenkin, Maven tool and created selenium automation scripts in Java.
  • Conducted all Quality Assurance software life cycle tasks including requirements and design reviews, code inspection, unit and system/acceptance tests witnessing.
  • Performed web services testing with SOAP UI by validating request and response for XML, JSon files.
  • Performed QA testing procedures including black box testing, white box testing, Grey box testing, user acceptance testing, and maintenance regression testing.
  • Developed the test scripts and analyzed the results in various stages of the application including integration, regression, functional Integration and acceptance testing using Selenium.
  • Developed a Hybrid Framework using Page Object and Data-Driven Model on top of TestNG.
  • Evaluated testing and inspection plans; developed and documented test scripts, test cases, defect tracking and report generation; reviewed run-time documentation for defects and issues
  • Developed automation script for Mobile Native applications (IOS, Android) using Appium, Java.
  • Used emulators and IOS simulators to perform the Mobile Testing.
  • Used Appium Xcode for Native Mobile Application automation testing for iOS and Android platform.
  • Implemented Mobile automationframeworks using Appium.
  • Prepared manual & function test cases on web and mobile applications (Apple & Android) as per requirements.
  • Involved on developing the automation scripts using Selenium with Junit Frame work.
  • Designed and develop framework for Mobile Browser application testing.
  • Used Appium for native, hybrid Mobile Application Testing for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Used Appium for test Automation Framework, Cross platform test Automation
  • Used Maven, SVN, Java and Selenium Grid to create automation scripts.
  • UsedSharePointto store document and version control.
  • Effectively participated in every day agile scrum stand-up meetings and participated in Iteration planning and retrospective meetings.
  • Update daily status to Onsite Scrum Master and reporting Manager.
  • Used the Firebug to inspect the Locators of the web elements and Eclipse IDE for Java development.
  • Defects were tracked, reviewed, analyzed and compared using Quality Center.
  • Created Test Data using MySQL and written SQL Quires for Back-End Testing.

Environment: JAVA, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium GRID, cucumber,TestNG, Appium, Quality Center, Maven, POM, XML, MS Excel, HTML, JSON, JavaScript, Eclipse IDE, Jenkins, SOUPUI, TDD, Agile, Oracle, Windows 7, Unix, Linux, Firefox, IE, Chrome, Locators, Firebug.

Confidential, Lake Mary, FL

Quality Assurance Analyst


  • Involved in testing systems for functionality, accuracy and adherence to specifications and business objectives through manual and automated test execution.
  • Created, edited and executed automated test scripts using automated testing tools.
  • All the test scenarios that have been satisfied with the functionality are moved to automation testing.
  • Developed test scripts to automate process of testing in Selenium RC and Web Driver using TestNG and Junit.
  • Translated the business needs into system requirements by communicating with the business on non-technical level and with the System Analyst on technical level.
  • Identified the key facts and dimensions necessary to support the business requirements. Develop the logical dimensional models.
  • Developed and maintained automated regression test cases in Selenium using Java programming language.
  • Developed Automation Framework for Acceptance Testing using Cucumber BDD and JUnit.
  • Developed Features, Scenarios and Step Definitions using Gherkin, JavaScript, WebDriver.
  • Involved in Deployment Planning sessions and ensure all deployment checklist activities are covered.
  • Used SOAP UI tool to test SOA based architecture application to test SOAP services and REST API.
  • Developed Web Service Test with SOAP UI to test SOA platform.
  • Responsible for estimating required resource and components for SOA testing
  • Developed and executed test cases for EWS (Enterprise Web Services) /XML / SOAP and RESTFUL services using SoapUI tool.
  • Experienced in working on Build Automation and Build Pipeline Development using Jenkins and Maven.
  • Created web UI tests using Cucumber, Gherkin, Selenium WebDriver (tests written in JavaScript)
  • Developed web services in Java and Experienced with SoapUI, WSDL.
  • Developed new functionalities to Virtual Check Scan Emulator written in C#, .Net and HTML.
  • Automated the functionality and interface testing of the application using Quick Test Professional (QTP).
  • Maintained the Selenium & JAVA automation code and resources in source controls like Github, SVN over the time for improvements and new features.
  • Used UNIX and shell scripting extensively to enhance the PERLscripts and develop, schedule and support Control M batch jobs to schedule the data generation and reporting.
  • Analyzed current Claim Authorization Process across all the FACETS Markets. Identified possible constrains that pends claims related to Claim Authorization Mismatch.
  • Utilized role in mobile testing usingAppium Mobile for testing client's m platforms
  • Implemented open source tool Appium,SeleniumWeb Driver for cross browser and cross platform web/Mobile testing.
  • Performed testing of Mobile Web application using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Written Sql queries to pull test data from facets back end. Familiar with facets back end data model.
  • Set up Selenium tools from scratch and configured various other peripherals tools to perform Selenium testing.
  • Used Quality Center to record documenting information useful in debugging process, evaluating test data.
  • Designed and developed automated scripts for functional, regression, sanity, and integration testing using Selenium.
  • Update daily status to Onsite Scrum Master and reporting Manager.
  • Coordinated with technical support associates to fix proprietary software issues.

Environments: Selenium 2.7, IDE, RC Web Driver, My Eclipse, SOAP UI, MySQL, Oracle, VBScript, Web Services, Java, C#, .Net, QTP 10.00, QC (Quality Center) 10.00, Cucumber, Junit, VBScript, Junit, TestNG, Firebug, XPath, Windows, Unix, Linux.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Software Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Identified Automation Scenarios from the set of Testcases/User stories identified in cycle.
  • Developed Web Automation Testcases for the identified Automation Scenarios.
  • UsedSelenium IDEto record, playback and debug individual test cases.
  • Selenium IDE used to test accessibility of all the webpages.
  • We have used JavaScript for creating the automated test scrips in selenium web browser.
  • Developed test plans, test procedures, test scripts/cases, supporting SQL queries, test summaries and other test documents for the assigned software.
  • Executed testing of the various builds, including integration, functional Integration, regression testing and performance tests.
  • Performed Functionality Testing and Integration testing using HP Quick Test Pro (QTP).
  • Executed the tests to verify the web GUI using Quick Test Pro.
  • Created automated VB scripts using Quick Test Professional. Generated Test Data for Automation Scripts in Excel from QTP.
  • Experience in Automation tools like QTP (Quick Test Professional), load and performance testing tool JMeter.
  • Involved in writing load test scripts using Apache JMeter.
  • created various Web Scripts for the Application using Load Runner for Performance testing
  • Documented all test artifacts including full audit and transparency of traceability from requirements to tests, and evidence of test planning and execution.
  • Evaluated risk to the project based on the execution and validation and Created appropriate recommendations.
  • Performed thorough regression testing when bugs are resolved.
  • Created detailed, comprehensive and well-structured test plans and test cases.
  • Performed Regression Testing after the fixes.
  • Worked on Performance Center to create scenario as needed and run the load test.
  • Extensively use in LoadRunner's Web (http/html) and Web Services protocols.
  • Investigated customer complaints and non-conformance issues.
  • Developed, recommend and monitor corrective and preventive actions.
  • DevelopedSQLScripts for Backend Testing to ensure that the data is updated as per the Business Rules.
  • Executed Test Cases for User Stories and Logged Defects for test failures using JIRA.
  • Participated in software design reviews to provide input and identify potential problems.
  • Ensured the test automation artifacts are of a quality that can support immediate and long-term testing objectives; testing productivity, test repeatability, error recreation, and reduced test time.
  • Performed all testing activities for initiatives across one or more assigned projects, utilizing processes, methods, metrics and software that ensure the quality, reliability and systems safety and security.
  • Active part in daily meetings, regular scrums and weekly Sprints.
  • Extensively involved in team meeting and walkthroughs with team members and programmers to resolve technical issues.

Environment: Jmeter, PeopleSoft Developer, HTML, CSS, Test Director, Load Runner, Jira, Firebug, XPath, VB, Oracle, QTP, HTML, UNIX, Linux, Windows, MS-Office Tool.


Software Testing


  • Developed in writing and implementation of the various Test plans, Test cases and test scripts.
  • Created Test Cases (Test Scripts) using Selenium Web driver, Java.
  • Analyzed the Application Under Test in terms of Object Identification.
  • Developed road map by understanding the Business logic and User Requirements for Manual Testing.
  • Created Test cases from case diagrams.
  • Implemented TestNG Test Automation framework and developed automation infrastructure.
  • Handled duplicate objects and dynamic objects using index property and Regular expressions.
  • Used automated test tools like QTP/UFT for Functional and Regression Testing.
  • Configured QTP Tool settings, Object Identification and globalizing the settings.
  • Repetitive tests were run using the Automation tool QTP/UFT for documenting the regression testing results.
  • Automated the functionality and interface testing of the application using Quick Test Professional (QTP/UFT).
  • Analyzed all the defect reports and worked closely with the Application Developers to fix the issues.
  • Performed Manual performance testing to identify various critical points in the application
  • Modified Tests and performed Regression Testing.
  • Responsible for developing JUnit TestCase Classes, Test Suite in Integration environment
  • Developed Test Cases for Application using JUnit Framework using Eclipse IDE
  • Involved validating sites across browsers and operating systems, the accuracy of links, visual presentation and its alignment with design specifications, and database updates.
  • Worked closely with the developers and helped in their unit testing.
  • Reported periodic project status and updates to the Team manager
  • Developed in writing and implementation of SQL & PL/SQL queries for data validation.
  • Executed test cases before and after bug fixes for each build for User acceptance testing.
  • Interacted with the End users on a regular basis for resolving issues pertaining to the reports.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, QPT, Junit, Java, Java Script, HTML, CSS, Test Director, VB, Oracle, Linux, UNIX, Windows NT, MS-Office Tool, Firebug, XPath, Quality Center.


Business Analyst


  • Designed the efficient Manual test cases based on analysis of Business Requirement documents.
  • Developed and executedNon-functional testing such as performance, load, stress and stability using Load Runner.
  • Involved in Functional, Regression, Performance and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Access Online applications.
  • Worked closely with developers and business analysts to define test scenarios and develop a plan to accomplish the test objective.
  • Performed automated testing on the application using QTP (Quick Test Pro).
  • Created a framework library of functions using VBScript and used them several times in the application testing.
  • Created Exception Scenarios for Pop-Up and Object using Recovery Manager in QTP.
  • Participated in writing the test plans, test cases and involved in the process of analyzing the expected and actual results
  • Involved in Manual testing using Test Director to develop test cases, test scripts, executing the scripts and logging the defects.
  • Performed Functional Integration, and Security Testing.
  • Performed Manual Testing on different modules of the application.
  • Used Visio for creating Activity diagrams, Sequence Diagrams.
  • Conducted and participated in JAD sessions with the users, modelers, and developers for resolving issues.
  • Created documentation, worked with users for new module enhancements and testing.
  • Interacted with the End users on a regular basis for resolving issues pertaining to the reports
  • Extensively used SQL scripts/queries for data verification at the backend.
  • Conducted formal test case review sessions with project team, business analysts and incorporates feedback.
  • Used Bugzilla for defect tracking purpose.
  • Communicates problems or issues with co-workers and managers.
  • Attended daily project scrum meetings and weekly team status meetings.

Environment: QTP, VBScript, Junit, JAVA, SQL, UNIX, MS Office (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Load Runner, Test Director, Oracle, Bugzilla, Windows.

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