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Sccm Engineer Resume

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Dfw, TX


  • Dedicated, ambitious IT Professional wif demonstrated 7 years of successful infrastructure design, software development and QA testing and Administration in Organization. windows operating systems and Application packaging using Install Shield Admin Studio, Wise Package Studio, SCCM, Microsoft Application Virtualization and Windows Installer Technology.
  • Experience in all phases of Enterprise Level Software Design Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Experienced in Creating Microsoft Windows Installers (MSI’s) Packages, Testing, troubleshooting and deploying Software Packages through SCCM in teh organization and troubleshooting them by generating customized status reports.
  • Experienced in working wif Flexera Admin studio, Wise Package Studio and App - v, and scripting wif PowerShell, Wise Script VB Script and Batch Script.
  • Experienced in creating Virtual Packages Using App-V and testing them Virtual Environuts like Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware.
  • Experienced in Windows and Windows Servers, software installations, Configuration, Troubleshooting, Upgrades, Patching, OS Migrations, Software updating System Maintenance checking.
  • Used GenY VDI'S for virtual packages
  • Experience in providing secure remote access to virtual desktops and applications Citrix Access Gateway.
  • Experienced in Building Thin-App packages by capturing MSI/legacy setupapplicationsusing VMware Thin-app and installing and configuring environment set up wif Group Policies for application integration process in heavily locked-down environments.
  • Experienced in role-based administration in SCCM for designing self -service applications, configuring high availability option and Operating System Deployments and providing boot options services to windows and windows Servers
  • Experienced in Capturing and Creating Windows Operating System Images, customizing reference Images, adding driver packages and software updates, and configuring them as per teh enterprise level standards by using MDT 2013.
  • Performed user-based, Machine-based attachments/assignments of App-Stacks through App-Volumes Manager to meet end-user needs of applications.
  • Experience in building teh automated process for image building wif consistent and stable result using MDT and SCCM for Scheduling and communication for mass-rollout across multi-site location.
  • Experience in Creating and editing security Group Policies, Application Deployment Collections, Advertisements and Task Sequencing, and Log Analysis of Package integration wif Operating System Images for OSD.
  • Experience in creating High-level Documentation wif proposed / Possible solutions wif existing policies, Settings and recommendations in teh organization.
  • Experience wif Citrix XenApp that provides application virtualization and application delivery.


Wise Package: Studio 8.0, APP V 4.6 SP1/5.0 Sp3, Flexera- Admin studio 14.0, Install Shield, Citrix XenApp 6.0, App-V and Power-Shell Deployment tool Kit. PowerShell, Wise Script, VB Script, Batch Scripting.

Windows XP: Windows, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, Linux, VMware, Hyper -V.

File Mon: Regmon, ProcessMon, Picture taker, Examdiff, Wise Com Capture, Windows Installer Log Utility Tool, Icon Extractor, Beyond Compare, Orca

SCCM: 2012, MDT2013, WSUS, SCUP and Microsoft Build Manager

APP DNA: Microsoft ACT Toolkit 5.5, RES one workspace, SQL, HTML, XML


Confidential, DFW, TX

SCCM Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible to software requirement gathering, packaging wif Flexera Adminstudio and testing them in DEV/ SIT environments and deploying them through SCCM as per teh Organization requirements.
  • Created Windows Installer setup packages (MSI’s) and customize existed MSIs and creating transforms (MST’s) as per teh standards, usingAdmin Studio for standard desktops and laptops
  • Developed various custom actions by using Scripting like VB and Wise Scripts that perform specific tasks for pre and post installations.
  • Responsible for gathering all hardware requirements, configuration and security settings for current and new OS (Windows 10) and defining teh standard for creating new windows 10 OS wif MDT 2013 which includes Drivers, updates, patches.
  • Responsible to create customized Task sequence in SCCM for Operating System Deployments in SCCM to enable PXE boot and testing teh image in teh test environments for various packages and image builds.
  • Reconfiguring SCCM 2012 and OSD including moves for network PC’s performing connectivity and Backup.
  • Responsible for evaluating and validating, resolving teh end user requests and troubleshoot teh enterprise package deployments and imaging and server specific applications.
  • Troubleshooting Site Servers, WSUS, SCCM 2012 Hierarchy of Primary and Secondary Sites Servers and providing Risk Assessment and remediation guidance for SCCM Infrastructure for setting up and maintaining solid Patching Solution Using SCCM.
  • Creating various custom actions that need to perform specific tasks for during and after installations.
  • Interacting wif Clients/Users and Application Owners for gathering information required for creating Updated Win10 operating System and Packages as per teh standards.
  • Responsible to installing, configuring, administering, tuning, and troubleshooting for Client Software wifin Citrix Environment and accountable for ensuring teh health and performance of teh Citrix Infrastructure
  • Responsible for testing virtual applications in VMware Workstationand troubleshooting them before sequencing and deploying teh windows-based applications.
  • Responsible for QA tests (Quality Assurance) on all teh packages and Tested applications in Windows 7 in teh Lockdown environment before distributing them to production environment.

Environment: Admin Studio 2015, Install Shield 2015, SCCM 2012, WSUS, Windows 7, 10, VMware Workstation, VB Script, PowerShell, Batch Script, Hyper- V and Windows Servers 2008 and 2012.

Confidential, New York - NY

SCCM /Software Packager

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for Creating Windows Installer setup packages (.MSIs) on Windows XP/Win 7 platform and modified teh legacy applications using Wise Package Studio, Admin studio.
  • Responsible for creating and testing MSI’s, MST’s, COTS Type applications, and vendor provided application and customizing them as per teh organization’s requirements according to Microsoft’s best practices guidelines in a locked down environment and set user-based permissions.
  • Responsible for developing various custom actions, like advertisements, targeting shortcuts icons using VB Scrip, Wise Scripts.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting pre-install and post-install errors for applications in both 32 and 64-bit architecture Windows 7 Operating systems.
  • Responsible for performing package validation and troubleshooting teh applications to resolve Internal Consistency Errors (ICE) and compatibility issues
  • Responsible to interact wif end-users and application owners for software requirement information gathering for Application Packaging as per teh recommendations in teh organization.
  • Responsible to conducting peer review and pre-quality control on MSIs created by team members and Conflict resolving checks using Microsoft ACT Toolkit 5.5.
  • Assist wif Final Design / Architect of APP-V, MBAM and VDI Infrastructure which is still to be implemented in their Infrastructure
  • Responsible for deploying applications using SCCM by creating collections, distributions points and generating customizes reports by using SQL query.
  • Responsible for applying custom templates to packages that included custom actions for application isolation installations and converting them into basic developer’s project utilizing Admin Studio features such as legacy setup conversion wizards
  • Creating virtual applications by using App-V Sequencer for windows environments and publishing in User Acceptance Test in Production Environments.

Environment: Windows 7, SCCM 2012, VB Script, Wise script, Wise Package Studio, Admin studio, App -V, GENY VDI', Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.5, VMware, Windows Servers 2008 and 2012.

Confidential, Texas

Application Packager

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Worked wif Wise Package Studio 6.x for repackaging legacy setup into MSI, Merge Modules (.MSM) and Patches (.MSP) and Configuring vendor supplied MSI wif install tailor to create Transforms (.MST)
  • Upgrade VMs hardware components according vSphere requirement and Analyzing teh various technical problems across teh different customers and providing Timely resolution of issues.
  • Packaging of applications using wide range of enterprise tools wif windows installer technology.
  • Creating custom actions using VB script, Wise Script and designed a report on teh monitoring of SQL Server Performance. dis report gives a detail report to teh management on teh Performance of teh server.
  • Handling upgrades for teh Multiple Existing versions and very old legacy versions of teh application. during installation installer will check for all teh older versions including legacy applications, which can't be uninstalled by upgrade table, custom action is added to uninstall legacy application by clearing files and registries deployed by them.
  • Created separate component for each file which are not executable but according to business they are critical.
  • Package integration into Operating Systems Deployment (OSD) task sequences. Create/modify existing task sequence for OS deployments to desktop / server hardware.
  • Work closely wif engineers and senior technicians to communicate problems encountered and implement temporary and permanent corrective actions.
  • Perform OSD Task Sequence Account and security management of Active Directory, user profiles and user account policies.
  • Provided infrastructure and design guidance for setting up and maintaining SCCM 2012 environments.

Environment: Environment: Windows 7, Windows XP, SCCM 2012, VB Script, Wise Package Studio 8.0 and Admin studio 10.0, VMware, Orca. Windows Server 2008 and 2012

Confidential, Des Moines IA

SCCM Software Packager


  • Packaged outputs are deployed using SCCM 2012 deployment tools.
  • Publishing teh sequenced and packaged applications in teh Citrix environment.
  • Troubleshooting of packaged Applications in both teh Windows and Citrix environment.
  • Analyzing teh various technical problems during teh UAT and providing timely resolution of issues in both teh Citrix and windows environment.
  • Sequencing applications using App-V 4.6.sp1 and publishing on Microsoft App-V Client Server.
  • Experience in publishing teh sequenced applications on Windows Server 2008 Microsoft App-V Management Sever to teh defined groups in Active Directory.
  • Packaging of applications using wide range of enterprise tools wif windows installer technology.
  • Monitored and maintain Microsoft server infrastructure, both physical and Hyper-V environments.
  • Tested teh applications to ensure teh applications are compatible wif multiple operating systems.
  • Report and follow up wif appropriate software vendors on system errors and outstanding issues until resolved.
  • Learnt Basics of application packaging and teh process of creating virtual images of teh Operation System using VMWare workstation.
  • Worked wif Wise Package Studio 7.0 for repackaging legacy setup into MSI, Merge Modules (.MSM) and Patches (.MSP).
  • Packaged outputs are deployed using SCCM 2012 deployment tools.
  • Sequencing applications using App-V 4.5 and publishing on Microsoft App-V Management Server.
  • Experience in publishing teh sequenced applications on Windows Server 2008 Microsoft App-V Management Sever to teh defined groups in Active Directory.
  • Develop, enhance and maintain message broker tools and components for providing stable communication environment.
  • Provide technical support / direction to developer's team working to create stable, conventional and effective message broker components.
  • Closely worked wif quality control, change management, and quality assurance department.
  • Aided in solving integration and infrastructure issues.
  • Organized and designed secure, robust message broker infrastructure and environment.
  • Transferred noledge on message broker application development using technologies, platforms and tools to clients.
  • Developed automation and process for operations and deployment of application in a message broker environment.
  • Designed and developed integration components.

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