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Sr. Qa Resume

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Schenectady, NY


  • Over 13 years of extensive hands on experience with Project Life Cycle management, Documentation, Interface analyst Methodologies off QA testing coordination, QA Audit and implementation of RUP software quality.
  • Proven experience in QA Audits, Impact Analysis, Risk Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Defect Management, Technical Architecture, Design, Development and Delivery experience.
  • Proven experience in the creation of HL7 Interfaces and Design Document for multiple hospital systems
  • Hands on experience in all types of testing such as Black Box, White Box, Sand Box, Regression, Integration, Load, Stress, Performance and User Acceptance testing, Model creation, Use case development, and Business Case Validation. Developed Test plans, Test Templates and Test cases.
  • Expert knowledge in Development Methodologies (Waterfall, RUP and hybrid)
  • Extensive business domain knowledge and experience in Healthcare, Banking, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, and Engineering industries, Web/Internet based businesses, EDI/back - end integration, Client/Server Internet, application development, testing and delivery experience
  • Recognized for creativity and innovation in the resolution of difficult and complex situations. Exceptional inter-personal and communication skills, a creative problem solver and enjoy complex, difficult challenges.


Quality Assurance Software Tools: File-AID, File-AID/DataAger, File-AID/DB2, File-AID/RDXXPEDITER/EXCHANGE, SQA Suite, Comparex, (Load runner Knowledge), (QTP Knowledge),HP/Quality Center, Winrunner, PVCS, SQA/IBM/Rational Suite, Clearquest, Hyperstation, (STROBE, Compuware QA Tools) and Peregrine center.

Operating Systems: IBM/DOS, MS DOS, MVS/OS 390, UNIX and Windows.

Software Languages: Software Languages Micro Focus COBOL, System/370 assembler (ALC), COBOLIIEASYTRIEVE, Visual basic, C++, Java Scripts and ADS+ 7.0.

Window applications: MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word, Visio and PowerPoint.

Databases: Oracle 10.0, VSAM, IDMS/ADSO, SYBASE, IMS DB/DC, DB2, MODEL/204TOTAL, SUPRA (Cincom), IAM, SQL Server 2000, EPIC Chronicles and DAF.

Middleware: IBM MQSERIES

Interface Engine: E-Gate, Neon, Cloverleaf and Vitria.


Vendor products: Medipac, Healthquest, Maxmc, Macess, Epic(Bridges Interface,Hyperspace) COMLINK, Confidential, FlexilabFlexirad Sunquest,Vantage QA IBM, Powerscribe, CERNER clinical system, Cognos Impromptu, PLASMFacets Confidential 3.11,4.41,4.51, ITS 10.1 and ECLIPSYS Clinical system.

Other: Mercator, Gentran, ECMAP, Claredi, SNOMED CT, Confidential HIPAA GATEWAY, XML, HTTP, HTML, HL7, EDIWSF2 and Business object.

Methodologies: RUP, Hybrid and Waterfall


Confidential, Schenectady, NY

Environment: XP, Confidential FACETS 4.51, NetworX Pricer stand alone, Facets NetworX, Sybase, oracle, Web, Business objects 6.5Macess, MAXMC, Ruby reports, sql server, citrix and HP/QC.

Sr. QA


  • As a Sr. QA participated in the writing of test Script and testing the upgrade from 4.41 to 4.51
  • Wrote test script for more than one hundred facets patches and enhancements. Those patches included all of the major facets modules (claims processing, Capitation, UM, Membership, provider, billing, NetworX Pricer stand alone, Facets NetworX, EDI, application support and accounting)
  • Validate results using Excel and Mercury HP quality center
  • Wrote sql statement using SQL Advantage to query facets table
  • Wrote test script for MVP and CIGNA provider web verification
  • Wrote test script for Business Object report.
  • Wrote test script for Ingenix HSS APC Grouper/Price Calculation
  • Validate MAXMC application confinement result test cases
  • Wrote business user document for Facets wire retrieval and direct debit applications.
  • Wrote business user document for NetworXPricer stand alone product
  • Wrote test scripts for NetworXPricer and Facets NetworX
  • Wrote test scripts for UAT testing and participated in the execution of these scripts

Confidential, Detroit, MI

Environment: XP, MVS/390, FACETS, DB2, CICS, ITS, Oracle, IMS DB/DC FILE -AID, peregrine, MS ACCESS

Sr. QA Lead


  • Built and managed team from use case writing to application tester.
  • Created test strategy and got sign-off from the client
  • Wrote test plan for ITS provider Audit
  • Managed client test team as well ours, also managing client expectations well and delivering quality test effort on time and within budget.
  • Managed the entire testing at our Test Labs and delivering reports online and on a timely fashion
  • Wrote test plan and strategy for the project
  • Wrote scripts to test ITS Home and Host claims for Confidential .
  • Wrote RTM for project
  • Wrote system test cases Provider Data Audit
  • Wrote test Grid using Microsoft excel for PDA (Provider data Audit)
  • Create UAT test grid
  • Execute mainframe job streams to test P&A claims Physician Assistant billing, PA and registration via MQSI and Facets 4.41
  • Used NDM to send facets and BCBSM claims to IBM

Confidential, Syracuse, NY

Sr. QA Lead

Environment: Windows XP, MVS/390, DB2, LRSP,CICS, IMS DB/DC FILE -AID, MS ACCESS


  • Wrote ETM for multiple test environment for LRSP(Long range system planning), Financial Processing-Disbursements and ITS
  • Defined testing environment

Confidential, Owings Mills, MD

Environment: Windows XP, MVS/390, DB2, CICS, FILE -AID, Microsoft suite

Business analyst


  • Wrote file extract processing tool using FILE-AID to extract FEP, MAJOR MEDICAL and Medicare claims from FLEXX claims file.
  • Create HIPAA cross-reference excel spreadsheet for HIPAA rejection code mapping.

Confidential, Detroit, MI

Environment: Windows XP, MVS/390, DB2, CICS, FILE-AID, Confidential, ITS, MS ACCESS and IBM Rational suite



  • Attended training by IBM personnel for Confidential ONLINE claims entry corrections and pending.
  • Work with another team member in creating a QA department. used the Compuware file-aid tool to extract data from IBM Mainframe to a client server application via Oracle.
  • Used Compuware file-aid tool to extract Confidential CLAIMS from the local system and populate Confidential TRLOG file.
  • Wrote scripts to test ITS Home and Host claims for Confidential .
  • Wrote manual test scripts using IBM rational test manager to test claims for new groups that was added to BCBSM national plan.
  • Wrote SQL using IBM Rational Robot to extract data from Oracle and Access table; and populate the claims tables for the Confidential nightly run application.
  • Wrote test case and manual script using Rational test Manager to verify claims results.
  • Used Rational RequisitePro to load project requirement

Confidential, Oakland, CA

Environment: UNIX, EPIC,MISYSic, Chronicles database, hyperspace, IBM MQseries, Test Director 8.0 and HL7

SR. Tester


  • Tested HL7 Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC) for Laboratory (Misys) results and orders via EGATE interface engine and MQseries integration broker system in a UNIX environment.
  • Execute Manual test scripts using Test director.
  • Create order using EPIC hyperspace patient management Reg/ADT

Confidential, Southfield, MI

Environment: Windows XP, UNIX, MVS/390, DB2, CICS, FILE-AID, Microsoft suite, SYSBASE, Business object, Oracle, HUMMINBIRD, Gentran, Endevor, BRIO SQR, and Claredi.

SQA Lead


  • Wrote test plan for HIPAA 837 professional and institutional
  • Created test cases for (835 Health Care Claim Payment/Advice institutional, dental, professional), (837 institutional, dental and professional) HIPAA transactions on an IBM Mainframe.
  • Wrote test scripts for HIPAA transactions for online line and batch processing on an IBM Mainframe.
  • Modified and create RTM for HIPAA transactions.
  • Wrote multiple SQL statement for DB2 databases using SPUFI and QMF to view results.
  • Used Claredi to verify that the incoming 837 claims and the outbound 835 Health Care Claim Payment/Advice transactions from EDI are HIPAA ANSI X12 compliance.
  • Created test grid for HIPAA transactions. worked with user to define user acceptance test cases.
  • Wrote script to test UB92 version H Medicare Part A national standard format from version 6.0 records
  • Modify RTM and create data map for Medicare & Medicaid Services HCFA 1500 Medicare claims
  • Project 2 Coordinated the requirements, specifications, and testing for Conversion, Interfaces and reports
  • Responsible for the testing of the Provider/Membership conversions from STAR application to Facets 3.11 application.
  • Map blue care network propriety legacy fields to facets for claims and membership processing using Microsoft Excel and EC MAP applications. wrote multiple SQL statement for Oracle Database to test interface error handling. wrote multiple SQL for SYBASE12 to verify that the table was populated correctly with data from the mainframe.
  • Test various BRIO SQR reports for Membership like Certificate of creditable coverage, COBRA Exhaust, Yearly Dependent Audit, Group Audit, Group Member Terms, Out of Area Membership, and TEFRA Membership Audit etc.
  • Submitted and wrote Shell scripts for batch job in a UNIX environment.

Confidential, Santa Rosa, CA

Environment: Windows, JAVA, C++, VB, ATM and Rational Clearquest.

SQE Lead


  • Wrote the test plan and scripts for WEB remote application. Execute test cases for ESA, and PSA Spectrum analyzers via the Web.
  • Wrote C++ program to calculate Mean and standard deviation for FFT in an NT environment
  • Wrote multiple VB Scripts using via COM API application.
  • Coordinate meeting and steer team to follow testing methodology fundamentals.
  • Create baseline scripts for testing PSA, VSA, ESA Spectrum analyzers and Infinium scope.
  • Submit multiple defects using ATM and Rational Clearquest application.

Confidential, Malvern, PA

Environment: Legacy, VSAM, DB2, UNIX, IBM MQseries, VB 6.0, Candle and IBM Rational suite

Senior Tester


  • Wrote project the requirement for automated environment monitor using Rational Robot REQ PRO 4.5.
  • Wrote test scripts and test the availability of the WEB using rational team test 7.1.
  • Wrote test scripts to connect to MQSERIES server via UNIX.

Confidential, Oakland, CA


SR QA/Analyst


  • Tracked application defects and reported them using Vantage QA.
  • Execute stored procedures using Oracle database.
  • Wrote SQL query to access and update Oracle Laboratory database.

Confidential, San Antonio, TX

Environment: Legacy, Healthquest, medipac, PAS, CLOVERLEAF, CICS, HL7, ADS/PLUS, VSAM, IMS DB/DC and DAF

Senior Prog/Analyst


  • Modified HealthQuest programs to send ADT interface to CLOVERLEAF
  • Tested PAS and billing Medipac systems in a MVS mainframe environment.

Confidential, New York City, New York

Environment: Legacy, UNIX, RISC6000, AS400, Healthquest, Medipac, CLOVERLEAF, DATAGATE, HL7, DB2, Powerscribe, file-aid, DATAGATE, ADS/PLUS, VSAM, IMS DB/DC,MODEL 204, Compuware QA Run, Winrunner and DAF.

SR QA/Analyst


  • Executed compliance and integration testing on vendor applications incorporated into the network.
  • Tested Health Quest 2000 patient management system in a MVS mainframe environment.
  • Tested laboratory systems using DATAGATE and Cloverleaf interface engine.
  • Tested mainframe applications using Compuware File-AID testing tool.
  • Recorded application results in the QA test repository and created appropriate reports for the lead person for the project for him/her to understand in HL7 format and to ensure that the interface engine DATAGATE is receiving the correct ADT records.
  • Tested interface for HBOC Medipac Financial system using ASC X12N format for Medicare-A & B, Medicaid, Champus Military Personnel and commercial insurance.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

SR Prog/Analyst


  • Programmed and debugged batch and online Cobol programs.
  • Updated CICS functions of the membership database using IMS/DLI database for Independent Blue Cross of Pennsylvania.
  • Wrote ECI programs in MF COBOL to update DB2 via CICS queue processing for a major utility company using EDI standard.
  • Wrote interface programs to send EDI messages to financial institution once bill are paid to PECO Energy
  • Define data fields that are needed to send edi payment to Philadelphia Gas work.
  • Create trace ability module for Philadelphia Gas work.
  • Uses EXPEDITER to debug both batch and online programs
  • Uses ENDEVOR to check out module from production and test environment and promote module back into production and test environment. These modules include JCLS, screens and programs
  • Submitted job streams in a MVS conversation from VSE using COBOL-II and VSAM file processing for the FIRSTUSA bank.

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