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Software Quality Analyst Resume

Dallas, TexaS


  • 6+ years of experience in analysis, design, development and testing of MES (CAMSTAR), Continuous Data Protection, Retail, GUI, Web, Mobile and Middleware, ecommerce applications.
  • Strong working knowledge in testing all phases of SDLC and STLC and expertise in Waterfall, Agile with SCRUM lifecycles.
  • Expertise in Automation Testing of Web Applications and developed end - to-end testing framework from scratch using Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid and Appium with Java, TestNG, Maven, Apache POI, Log4J.
  • Experienced in creating and modifying automation frameworks using Hybrid model - Data Driven framework and Page Object Model (POM) and BDD to automate testing and continuous integration of Mobile and web applications.
  • Worked on Manual and Automation testing on mobile applications developed automation frame work on Android and IOS with Appium driver using Java.
  • Participated in developing common Appium framework for both Android and IOS and Used different types of virtual devices (Emulator & Simulator) and real devices for Testcases Validation.
  • Experienced with Hybrid, Native and web Applications in android and IOS mobile testing
  • Experienced in developing and maintaining Test Planning, Test Case Design, Test Script Development, Test Environment Setup, Test Data Setup, Defect Management, Test Log, Test Result and Traceability Matrix.
  • Good understanding on calculating capacity, analyzing User Stories and acceptance criteria in agile methodology and attended different meeting like Sprint planning, Sprint Retrospective and Reviews.
  • Expertise in Smoke and Sanity, Integration, GUI, Functional, Accessibility, System, Regression, User Acceptance, Database, web services, Grey Box, end-to-end testing and Black Box testing methodologies.
  • Hands on experience for defect tracking & defect management from teh discovery of defects, submitting teh defects with elaboration so that developers can recreate & provide teh fix faster, retesting of teh fixed defects & tracking teh defect status in defect tracking tools until it is closed.
  • Experienced working with Selenium WebDriver automation scripts, TestNG suites for Cross Browser Testing.
  • Expertise in automating web service testing of SOAP and REST API services using SOAP UI tool with groovy scripts.
  • Experienced in performing Back-End Testing to maintain Data Consistency, Integrity and Accuracy of SQL Server and Oracle databases.
  • Excellent skills in understanding requirements and creating test cases out of Business Requirement Document and Functional Requirement Document.
  • Proficient in teh tasks of bug tracking and reporting using Quality Centre/HP ALM, JIRA and Bugzilla.
  • Experienced in performance and load testing of web application with JMeter tool to test inside service stability, reliability and performance.
  • Good analytical and communication skills and ability to work independently with minimal supervision and perform as part of a team.
  • Highly motivated team player with analytical, organizational and technical skills, unique ability to adapt quickly to challenges and changing environment and delivering under high stress environment.
  • Configured Jenkins build jobs along with Maven, TestNG for Continuous Integration and for regression testing used GIT to maintain different versions of code.
  • Experienced in AWS cloud testing by creating EC2 instances for scalability testing and having good knowledge in S3 bucket and creating firewall.


Testing Tools: Selenium, JMeter, IOmeter, StarWind, Perfmon, WANem, HP-WebInsepect, Wireshark, Cucumber, SOAP UI, Jenkins.

Test Management Tools: Jira, Bugzilla, Quality Centre/HP ALM, TFS. Manual testing, Mobile Testing.

Languages: Java, Gherkin, Groovy, Linux shell scripting, Batch Scripting.

Frameworks: Keyword Driven, Data Driven, Hybrid Page Object Model, BDD.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux (Redhat), Unix, IOS, Android.

Web and Application servers: IIS, Tomcat server, Apache web service, AWS.

Database: SQL, MySQL, Oracle.

Domain Experience: MES (Manufacturing Execution System), CDP (Continuous Data Backup Protection), Ecommerce, Insurance.


Confidential, Dallas, Texas

Software Quality Analyst

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Developed BDD framework from scratch in Selenium and Appium by using Gherkin in Feature file and Modified Step definition, Test Runner for Automating BDD framework using Java code with snippets TestNG, Maven, Apache POI and Log4j.
  • Developed automation script for Mobile Native applications (IOS, Android) using Appium and Java.
  • Tested Android and iOS Application testing scenarios applied on Mobile MES web Application with Appium Driver.
  • Raised and Tack teh defects in QC/ ALM 11.0, using appropriate snap shots, and log teh defect using iPhone configurability for IOS, used Catalog for Androids and snip tools, and fire bug.
  • Tested consumer mobile web and apps in different Kinds of Mobile smart phones such as iOS, Android.
  • Created framework by writing generic classes which handles dynamic elements.
  • Developed framework for native apps to handle multiple similar objects, Touch Actions, Tapping and long press events.
  • Handled Scrolling, Steppers, page navigations, safari browser objects for Ios apps.
  • Worked with Sauce labs cloud testing for running Ios apps on cloud and automating safari browser and native apps in cloud.
  • Worked with UI automator tool to inspect Elements of android application.
  • Participated functional, regression, integration, smoke, UAT, Adhoc, End to End and non-functional testing for all smart phones / iOS and Androids after release of each sprint
  • Tested mobile web and apps in Java environment and Worked on SOA e-commerce platform.
  • Tested Network and Wi-Fi and involved for iPhone Network configurations environments
  • Used Android-SDK tools for Android app testing and android debugging teh defects.
  • Familiar with X-code for iPhone development and Charles web debugging tools by working closely with teh developer
  • Working knowledge in Simulators and emulators, cross browser testing, Cross Platform testing, handling testing Resources.
  • Installed teh mobile application on various platforms and OS like Apple iOS 6.0/5.x/4.x, Android 2.3 & up, Tablet editions.
  • Initiated a new method ‘Spot testing' to test teh application with developer and wrote Java code snippets.
  • Worked with Wireshark to test protocol testing and security testing.
  • Performed end-to-end testing core mobile applications based on different platforms and operating systems for Apple, Android and Windows smart phones and devices. Validate teh OS needs and browser supporting.
  • Developed checklists to verify and ensure that teh Functional specifications, use cases, UI specifications documents are within teh guidelines as specified by teh Client.
  • Involved in updating teh mobile app builds for online availability from teh server for teh team to download teh app.
  • Coordinated with Performance testing teams in halping them understand application and getting them relevant test data.
  • Proficient in using Soap and Rest for testing Web Services and used various types of assertions such as soap fault, Contains, Soap not fault, X-path and used Swagger and curl commands to test XML data.
  • Strong experience with SOA architecture which include Soap and Restful Web Services Testing.
  • Used emulators and IOS simulators to perform teh manual Mobile Testing.
  • Performed image based approach to GUI testing allowing to interact with any device or eggplant.
  • Prepared manual & function test cases on web and mobile applications as per requirements.
  • Used Appium Web Driver created Automation framework and Automation test for Native and web applications Application.
  • Worked on SOA Automation and Integration testing with STB Testing with experience on Billing and Ordering systems.
  • Created mock services and managed environments in soap UI tool and Wrote Groovy scripts to automate request and response in SOAP UI tool.
  • Read data from File and end-to-end automation with Groovy-read data>call web service>assert response and generated reports with SOAP UI tool.
  • Integrated with Jenkins with automated Appium frameworks to run automated scripts on scheduled basis.

Confidential, Dallas, Tx

QA Mobile Automation Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Developed automation framework with Selenium Driver and Appium for teh Applications using Java programming.
  • Developed Regression test suite to test teh native app of application with Appium driver
  • Developed Test suite for Hybrid application with Appium driver and verify teh compatibility with different browsers.
  • Performed Manual & Automation testing by modifying frameworks with java on teh functionality of teh Product.
  • Testing activities included Functional, Retesting, Regression, System, Sanity and Smoke by automating Test with selenium using Java.
  • Participated in requirement gathering from business analyst and technical architects.
  • Prepared test plan development, test Sign off and test design documents.
  • Participated in capacity planning for teh Application under Test based on teh Production estimate usages.
  • Created processes for non-functional Test design, data, and execution.
  • Involved in teh walkthrough of test plan and test design documents with teh client and other business stakeholders.
  • Identified teh test cases needs to be automated.
  • Kept track of Hardware and software requirements for teh Test Environment.
  • Involved in Performance testing of Scout product on Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Performed data backups and disaster recovery operations with Scout product on test servers.
  • Worked on sanity testing and daily health check of scout product.
  • Worked on Security Testing by using security tools on web-UI of scout product.
  • Performed Installation Testing on different Linux flavors and Windows family.
  • Involved in scripting, Execution, Monitoring and Analysis.
  • Worked with wire shark to test protocol testing and security testing.
  • Reviewed design documents & business requirements to learn teh function and scope of teh application.
  • Analyzed teh SRS (System Requirement Specifications) and developed Test Suites to cover teh overall quality assurance testing.
  • Created manual Test Cases in HP QC/HP ALM for various User Stories and automated though BDD framework using selenium web driver with Java code.
  • Did Java coding extensively for Data Driven framework and Keyword Driven Framework by using TestNG framework along with Selenium Java, Maven.
  • Involved in complete QA Life Cycles and in writing and implementation of teh Test Cases.
  • Completed unit testing documentation developed using Excel. Test scenarios were created and listed for UAT validation. Wrote and validated Use Case Documents.
  • Conducted Functionality testing during various phases of teh application. Performed integration and functional testing for different applications developed automation framework.
  • Used various TestNG annotations like @Test, @BeforeSuite, @AfterSuite, @BeforeTest, @AfterTest, @BeforeClass, @AfterClass, @BeforeMethod, and @AfterMethod.
  • Implemented teh hybrid selenium automation framework using Java, Object Identification technique, Data-driven technique.
  • Configured and installed test environment for RX server on Linux machines.
  • Worked on security testing to find vulnerabilities regarding SQL injection, cross site scripting with security tools (HP web inspect, SQL mapper).
  • Developed and executed test plans, test cases, and updated results in test runs and provided Test sign off for requirements
  • Performed Manual Testing & Automation Testing frameworks with java code on functionality of teh application.
  • Designed and prepared teh test cases for Application recovery solutions.
  • Designed regression testing cases of teh Scout vContinuum product on windows, Linux and vContinuum P2V Solution on Windows.
  • Performed Regression, Usability and Scalability testing for every release.
  • Configured Physical and Virtual Windows Cluster setups and test beds for Scout testing.
  • Prepared setups for reproducing customer issues, Demos and POC’s.
  • Tested teh Disaster recovery solution using teh vContinum features.


Software Quality Analyst

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Tested software in functional and Non-functional requirements, finding and reporting teh issues.
  • Followed Agile/Scrum methodology for build teh application.
  • Automated web application testing scenarios using Selenium WebDriver and Appium with Java code
  • Created and enhanced teh framework by adding new code to test mobile applications of Android.
  • Performed Cross-Browser testing with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome for GUI testing using selenium Grid with Java.
  • Used automated scripts and performed functionality testing during teh various phases of teh application development
  • Involved in functional testing, black box testing, compatibility testing, and recovery testing.
  • Web Services: Developed and executed test cases for RESTful services Selenium. Add check points to validate teh response header.
  • Added new enhancements and modified existing Data Driven automation framework with selenium java code.
  • Did defect/bug tracking and reporting using JIRA and Prepared test data from MS Excel.
  • Involved in identifying baseline objectives and Load criteria after completion of baseline tests.
  • Enhanced virtual user scripts by writing custom functions and inserted various transactions with parameterization and dynamic data correlation.
  • Scheduled, coordinated and managed successful completion of teh performance testing with JMeter tool for teh release.
  • Ensured execution results preparation in coordination with onsite team.
  • Monitored different graphs like transaction response time and analyzed Server performance status, hits per Second, Throughput, windows resources and database server resources etc.
  • Worked on Web Services testing using SOAPUI.

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