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Qa Analyst Resume

Wilmington, DE


  • Over 7 years of overall experience in analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of software applications.
  • Around 2 years of experience in leading and providing oversight to a small team for several product releases.
  • Extensive experience in Quality Assurance Testing of Client/Server and web - based applications using QuickTest Pro, HP QualityCenter, Rational TestManager, Rational ManualTest, and manual testing on UNIX and Windows platforms. More than one year of experience in Web-based application testing such as in Java, JSP and ASP.
  • Extensive experience in preparing test plans, test cases, test scenarios, test reports, performing Black Box Testing, Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Integration Testing, and Acceptance Testing. Two years of Development experience in Web applications using Java, JSPs, Servlets, and JavaBeans. Experience with SQL, PL/SQL, FTP tools and CONTROL-M.
  • Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL).
  • Experience in Agile scrum software development methodologies.
  • Extensive experience in using HP Quality Center for creating test cases, executing test cases and defect tracking
  • Experience with writing SQL scripts for both Oracle and DB2 tables for database testing using tools such SQL Navigator for Oracle database, Quest Central and IBM Data Studio for DB2 tables
  • Identifying the Test Requirements based on User Requirements and Design Specifications
  • More than one year of experience with running UNIX jobs with CONTROL-M
  • Involved in all phases Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using waterfall, risk based-SDLC, and Rational Unified Process (RUP) and Agile methodologies.
  • Creating Test Cases, Test Scenarios, Test Scripts in HP Quality Center, Rational TestManager, Rational ManualTest for Testing Process
  • Working knowledge of QuickTest Pro, WinRunner automated test scripts with TSL and VB Script
  • Executing, Maintaining Test Scripts and Updating as and when the business rules change
  • Performing Functional, Regression, System Integration, and End-to-End Testing
  • Two plus years of extensive programming in the areas of Java, C/C++, SQL, Web Applications.
  • Proficient in the areas of ANT, Java Server Pages, Java Servlets, J2EE Tech. and MySQL.
  • Proficient in the concepts of Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) and project development, which includes Designing, Coding, Testing and Documenting.
  • Understanding of Relational Database Systems concepts required for application development and testing
  • Good working knowledge on both Unix/Linux and Windows environments
  • Skilled in organizing and compiling information and detail oriented
  • Able to play key role as a team player with excellent communications skills


Software Testing Tools: HP Quality Center, Rational TestManager, Rational ManualTest, Rational RequisitePro, Winrunner, QuickTest Professional, HummingBird Connectivity.

Languages: Java, C++, C, SQL, FORTRAN, Pascal, UNIX Shell Scripts

Platforms: UNIX, Linux, Solaris 8.0, Windows 98/2000/NT/XP

Web Technologies: Java Server Pages, JavaBeans, Java Servlets, Struts Framework, JavaScript, HTML, XML, ANT

Web/Application Servers: Tomcat 4.1.x - Jakarta, WebSphere App Server

Database Technologies: IBM Data Studio, SQL Navigator, Oracle 9i, MySQL, JDBC, MS-SQL Server 2000

Scheduling Tools: CONTROL M (Enterprise Manager, Desktop)

Network Security Methods: Audit Trail Processing, On the-Fly Processing, Pattern Matching


Network Security: Communications Security, Client/Server Application Security, Protocols

Network Traffic Analysis Tools: Network Monitoring, etherman, tcpdump

Security Management and Improvements Tools: crack, swatch, and watcher

Network-based Auditing Tools: ISS, SATAN, securscan


QA Analyst

Confidential, Wilmington, DE

Environment: HP Quality Center, HP QuickTest Professional, Java, J2EE, DB2, Web Services, MSP, Profile (Mainframe), Spring MVC, Velocity, XSL/XML, Soap UI, WSDL, Maven, Eclipse, Anthill Pro, Oracle, JDBC, SQLPlus, Apache Tomcat, Citrix, Windows XP/NT, XML, MS Office 2010, UltraEdit


  • Automate web functionalities including validating customer’s details, loan account details and loan payment using HP QuickTest Professional
  • Perform functional, integration and regression testing on web applications also involving external vendor
  • Review business and system requirements to create and execute test cases in HP Quality Center
  • Create and communicate the defects status in HP Quality Center
  • Used WSDL files in Soap UI to validate Web-Service requests and responses in XML format and helped troubleshoot defects
  • Manage test environment and test data and interact closely with development to identify, document and fix software defects
  • Attend daily stand-up meetings and follow Agile software development methodologies
  • Create test data to support system, integration and regression testing on web applications
  • Involve in Test Data Strategies, Test Coverage and Traceability Matrices to aid testing.
  • Write and execute SQL queries to identify test data using SQLPlus
  • Identify and report project risks to team and management
  • Create UAT documentation and obtain approvals form business stakeholders
  • Verify testing in production to ensure the changes were properly installed
  • Communicate test status to project teams and management following Agile Scrum methodologies

Testing Specialist

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

Environment: HP Quality Center, CONTROL-M (Enterprise Manager), Rational TestManager, Rational ManualTest, Rational RequisitePro, Diamond, APIs, Test Plan Manager, Quest, PowerBuilder, Tuxedo, Siebel, WebSphere app server, Web Services, Java, J2EE, Oracle, DB2, AIX, MQ Series, UNIX, Internet explorer 8, HummingBird Connectivity, PuTTY, SQL Navigator 4.3, IBM Data Studio, Windows XP/NT, XML, MS Office 2007, RFHUtil, UltraEdit, Availity, EDI Gateway.Diamond Defects Improvements


  • Extensively used HP Quality Center on daily basis for creating test cases, executing test cases and defect tracking
  • Extensively used SQL Navigator for Oracle database, Quest Central and IBM Data Studio for DB2 tables
  • Successfully lead a team of 3 people test team in addition to assisting in testing through 7 releases over a period of more than 2 years
  • Involved in all phases of SDLC using Agile methodologies, risk based-SDLC for continuous product improvements in iterative increments
  • Reviewed Use Case Specifications, Functional Design Documents, Technical design documents, and Crosswalk documents to create test cases in Quality Center
  • Experience in with UNIX commands and also using FTP tools
  • Extensively validated XML files for claim transactions submitted from external vendors
  • Used automated tools developed using QuickTest Professional and Winrunner
  • Documented and obtained approvals for Test Plan and Test Evaluation Summary documents for each of these releases according to the Quality Audit guidelines.
  • Provided project related and maintenance tickets estimates.
  • Heavily involved in HIPAA conversion of both 837 and 835 transactions.
  • Used EDIFECS tools to ensure 5010 compliance on 837 and 835 transactions.
  • Documented and sent out the Daily Status Reports with updated Plan Vs. Actual and defects reports
  • Updated Weekly status reports periodically and participated in the Core Team meetings
  • Helped setup data in Trading Partner Master table and Trading Partner Database for 835 testing
  • Helped Manager in documenting the Corrective Action Plan
  • Completed Test Management course
  • Provided several overview sessions to team members on business processes.
  • Assisted with System, Regression, Integration, End to End and UAT testing activities involving external vendors.
  • Completed 4-day EDIFECS Customization training on SpecBuilder Technical, General and RampManager Administrator
  • Completed advanced training on jobs scheduling tool CONTROL-M (Enterprise Manager, Desktop).

Test Specialist



  • Tested and detected bugs for Diamond and other environmental issues using HP Quality Center
  • Uncovered issues related to the data population in the backend Oracle database queried using SQL Navigator
  • Reviewing the Use Case Requirement, Use Case Realization, Diamond Functional Design Documents and Diamond Technical Specification documents
  • Helped with testing PPO migration and Member Health Statements project following RUP (one of the agile methodologies). The system requirements, system design, code deployment, and system testing occurred in iterative increments and phases
  • Co-ordinated, collaborated and worked in small teams including requirements and development teams to accomplish system testing in support of agile methodology as the requirements evolved and updated
  • Conducted functionality testing, regression testing, system Integration testing
  • Performed manual testing on different modules of Diamond, claims processing system.
  • Participated in requirements, Test Scenarios, and Test Conditions walkthroughs and reviews
  • Participated in the Triage meeting with development teams to follow up on Defects/Issues
  • Testing the State Group and PPO claims in Diamond, the claims processing system
  • Validated the pricing information of the health claims, Professional and Institutional
  • Validating the benefits like Co-pays, Deductibles, Co-insurances, Penalties
  • Validated various modes of entries for claims like EDI, Availity, Diamond Internal Entry etc
  • Worked on Claims Adjustments and Reversals with DIAMOND being integrated with Siebel
  • Developed Test Cases in Rational TestManager and TestPlan Manager to define scope of overall testing

Test Analyst

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

Environment: Java, JSP, Java-pluggins, Java Web server, WebSphere app server, Oracle, Citrix client, OS/390, MQ Series, UNIX, ASP, ASP.NET, MS-Access, JavaScript, Internet explorer 5.51, Windows NT/2000, DB2, XML, MS Office 2000


  • Reviewed the Business Requirement documents and the Technical Specification documents
  • Developed Test Plans, Test Cases to define scope of overall quality assurance testing
  • Conducted manual testing, functionality testing, regression testing, system Integration testing
  • Tested and detected bugs in the front end of the application
  • Uncovered multiple issues related to the data population in the backend database
  • Used Unix log files heavily to uncover defects
  • Analyzed connectivity issues of the Internet to the DB2 tables in the backend using Unix log files
  • Performed Manual testing on different modules of the application
  • Participated in requirements and development walkthroughs and reviews
  • Interacted heavily with Developers, Project managers, Business Project Manager to follow up on Defects/Issues
  • Participated in various meetings and discussed Enhancement and Project Change Requests
  • Logged and tracked bugs using ISSU, defect tracking system in OS/390 and reported test metrics
  • Performed negative testing heavily to encounter invalid unexpected values
  • Conducted a thorough shakedown backend testing of the application during System Integration Testing
  • Reformatted the data from the legacy system as per the front end of the application under test
  • Arranged daily meetings with the Tech leads, software development team to discuss the testing issues
  • Actively participated in project enhancement meetings
  • Involved in GUI design, coding and integration of the system.
  • Developed JSPs, Servlets, Beans and implemented security model for user tracking.
  • Middle ware is developed in java (JDBC) to communicate with MySQL database using MySQL thin driver.
  • Configuration of the Apache Tomcat 4.1.x application server.
  • Involved in GUI design, coding and testing of the system.
  • Involved in the documentation of the code and the system.
  • Developed the class diagrams used for the implementation of the system.
  • Tool used for this project was Java.
  • Responsibility - Team Leader.
  • Involved mostly in the designing part of the project.
  • Involved in testing and code documentation of the system.

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