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Devops Engineer Resume

Braintree, MA


  • Self - Motivated professional with around 10years of experiencein IT industry with major focus on DevOps, SoftwareConfiguration Management, Build Engineering, Continuous Integrationand Quality Assuranceat various enterprises
  • Experience working onclient/server and Web/Internet environments under UNIX and Windowsplatforms
  • Knowledge and expertise in every phase of SDLC and worked in Waterfall, SCRUM/Agile and Continuous IntegrationMethodologies
  • Experience in configuration and administration on Source Control tools like GIT (GitHub/Bitbucket/stash) and Clear Case(Base and UCM)
  • Experience working on source control tools like GIT, GitHub, Rational Clear Case/MultiSite, SVN, Subversion andClear Quest
  • Experience on ContinuousIntegrationusing GitHub JenkinsJFrog Artifactoryand CA Release Automation (CARA)
  • Experience in configuring the Security levels required for Continuous Integration
  • Experience in using Nexusand JFrogArtifactory Repository Managerfor Maven, gradle and npm builds
  • Experience in deploying the web application on JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat and Apache containers
  • Experience in setting up the complete pipeline as a code, between GitHub to Jenkins to Artifactory to CA Release Automation (CARA)
  • Experience in implementing ofCI/CD pipeline using Source control, Jenkins and Deployment tools
  • Experience in build tools like Maven, Ant, Gradle and NPM
  • Experience in configuration and administrationonContinuous Integration tools like Jenkins, Hudson, Cruise ControlandBamboo
  • Extensive experience inClear Case administration. Design of Clear CaseBase and UCM components PVOB’s and VOB’s
  • Implemented Clear Case for configuration control and assisted setting up project policies withAnt, Maven, and Unix shell scripts and setting of triggers on the checkin and checkout and deliver of code between projects as part of Inter Project delivery
  • Good working knowledge on creating AWS Elastic Load Balancing
  • Experience in BuildForge creating projects and defined release targets
  • Operational experience in ServiceNow tool.
  • Good knowledge and ability to working on wide variety of open source technologies and cloud services
  • Established reporting mechanisms, which included status of Change Requests and incident reports, pending or completed CCB actions, progress of changes, version release status, facilitating meetings of the change control board (CCB)
  • Maintaining and Modifying Triggers using Perl and Shellfor automation of routine tasks
  • Experience on bug tracking systems like JIRA, Remedy, HP Quality Center and IBM Clear Quest
  • Extensive experience in managing the Major releases in the life cycle of a company.
  • Managed environments DEV, SYST, QA, UAT and PROD for various releases and designed instance strategies
  • Able to effectively manage time and prioritize multiple projects with excellent analytical, problem solving and ability to interact with all the lines of business at all levels


Operating System: Windows Servers, UNIX,LINUX(RHEL), AIX

SCM: GitHub, PVCS,Rational ClearCase2002.5, 2003.6, 7.x, 8.x, Subversion

Build Tools: Jenkins, Maven, ANT, Bamboo,BitBucket, Build Forge

Languages: Perl,Shell Scripting,Python, Makefiles,.NET, XML, HTML, C,C++

RDBMS: MS Access, Oracle, DB2, SQL, PL/ SQL, MongoDB, Lotus Notes

Packages: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel

Servers: WebLogic 8.1, WebSphere 6.0, Tomcat 2.0/4.1/5.5. JBoss 4.0/5.x/6.x, Apache

DevOps: GitHub, Jenkins, CA Lisa,AWS, JFrog Artifactory

Defect Tracking: JIRA, Clear Quest, QualityCenter


Confidential, Braintree, MA

DevOps Engineer


  • Responsible for managing the DevOps process which includes Continuous Integration of GitHub, Jenkins, JFrog Artifactory and CA Release Automation
  • Implemented Perl and Shell scripts for Continuous Build automation and Deployment of artifacts as the application requires
  • Responsible for design and maintenance of the GitHub repositories and the access control strategies
  • Assisted the development team in merging of branches to the master/stable after the production release and resolved the conflicts rose during the merge in GIT
  • Responsible for creating the Jenkins Job templates and creating the JenkinsCI pipelines
  • Created Repos in the JFrog Artifactory for storing the generated Maven and npm artifacts from Jenkins
  • Created Shared Components in CA Release Automation for Deployment of code on application servers
  • Implemented CI/CD pipelines using DevOps tools as required by Application Development teams
  • Responsible for migrating the application from Clear Case and SVN to GitHub and implement the Continuous Integration process
  • Responsible for administration and migration of legacy applications which were on Clear Case and were in the process of migrating to GitHub
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining Maven and Ant build tools for deploying the artifacts such as war and ear from source code
  • Deployed the artifacts generated from Maven and Ant on JBoss, WebLogic and Tomcat application servers
  • Good working knowledge on administration, configuration and deployments on JBoss servers
  • Worked along with the web engineering team for building and maintaining the infrastructure on AWS EC2
  • Responsible for automating the application release deployments for effectively improving the standards and process to meet the audit, compliance and industry standards
  • Managed DEV, QA, UAT and PROD environments for various releases and designed instance strategies
  • Working closely with the test analyst team (QA) and following up on the detects logged into Clear Quest and sometimes performing Ad hoc testing of the applications

Environment: GitHub, Jenkins, AWS, CA Release Automation, Clear Case UCM/Base, JFrog Artifactory, Shell Script, ANT, Maven, UNIX, Windows, Java, JIRA, DB2, JUnit, Spring, HTML, XML, .NET, Eclipse, Oracle, PL/SQL,WebLogic, JBoss, Apache, Tomcat, Clear Quest.

Confidential, Boston, MA

Release Engineer/Clear Case Admin


  • Administration, Design, Maintenance and support IBM Base and UCM Clear Case
  • Responsible for upgrading Clear Case versions, schema levels and feature versions
  • Assisted the development team in issues related to CCRC and CTE
  • Responsible for automating the creation of projects, streams and admin views within the UCM components
  • Working closely with the development teams to automate the application release deployment process to improve efficiency and compliance of the build and deployment process
  • Responsible for creating the Base Clear Case and UCM VOB's as requested by the application teams
  • Providing a focus on architecture and engineering functions will allow us to better define standards in order to deliver highly available superior services to our business which is critical to the success
  • Administration and support for VOLO (in build tool) which provides a web-based interface where users can schedule an application build and deploy process to targeted application server environment
  • Responsible for data source configuration if different containers such as JBoss, WebLogic and WebSphere.
  • Responsible for building Java based applications using Ant and Maven
  • Involved in memory tune up of applications consuming large heap memory working web engineering and monitoring teams
  • Responsible for building .NET based applications using MS Build on windows platforms
  • Build and deployment processes by providing assistance with installing, administering and supporting new tools and technologies required for various applications build and deployment processes on all company supported hardware and OS platforms
  • Responsible for providing critical engineering support for major releases, infrastructure upgrades, DC migration and fast track releases
  • Manages web application hosting, includes platform design and standardization, container support, fault tolerance and disaster recovery related to web applications, and application support
  • Responsible for developing/creatinga resilient, cost-effective, high-performing agile infrastructure offerings
  • Performing sanity check of an application after deployment on the container.
  • Providing engineering support for the SCM (Source Code Management), CAM (Code Asset Management) and Self-service Build Deploy tools shared across the organization
  • Focus on ensuring that our toolsets are available and meeting the needs of our customers

Environment: ClearCase UCM/Base, Unix Shell, ANT, Maven, UNIX, Windows XP, Java, JIRA, DB2, JUnit, Spring, HTML, XML, .NET, Eclipse, Oracle, PL/SQL, WebLogic, JBoss, Quality Center.

Confidential, Bloomington, IL

Build and Release Engineer


  • Worked as aRelease/Build Engineer in Confidential program
  • Providing day-to-day Clearcase/Clearquest Activities problems troubleshooting and build and release support and user helpdesk support for Clearcase
  • Created Rootless components in ClearCase when requested by Dev. Leads
  • Maintained and Synchronized different sites of Clearcase and Clearquest
  • Enforced daily builds and releases from different source codes using BuildForge
  • Created BuildForge Projects
  • Deliver builds and releases in accordance with defined release target dates using BuildForge
  • Support the Development Team and User Acceptance Team in use of ClearQuest and ClearCase
  • Created UCM objects including PVOBs, components, streams and baselines
  • Experience working on the command line using cleartool commands
  • Maintained build scripts usingAntto perform builds efficiently
  • Created and maintained ClearQuest users and groups, queries and reports
  • Provided access to developers for making Baselines and Creating activities as and when required
  • Worked with the Test Analyst technical team in tracking the defects using Doors
  • Debugging the build failure related problems in BuildForge
  • Experience working on deploying the successful build on Websphere application server
  • Create documents on build process and flow, build script maintenance, user guide for developers for local builds
  • Created defects in the Lotus Notes and assigned to the concerned development team
  • Coordinated with the Development Teams to receive the correct versions of re-usable and dependent components and with Environment team for issuing/installing successful builds
  • Created and documented different process followed by team for different tasks and communicated to all the different teams responsible for releasing final code
  • Worked as a liaison between Project Managers and Development teams

Environment: Clear Case, Clear Quest, Build Forge,Unix Shell, UCM, ANT, Maven, UNIX, Windows XP, Java, JIRA, DB2, JUnit, Spring,HTML, XML, .NET, Eclipse, Oracle, PL/SQL, WebSphere, Quality Center.

Confidential, Weehawken, NJ

Configuration Manager/Release Engineer


  • Migrated all the artifacts fromSubversion and ClearCase 2003.6 to ClearCase 7.0
  • Trained all the teams involved, about the enhanced version
  • Designed CM processes, policies and plans with approval of development and other affected areas
  • Implemented ClearCase for configuration control and assisted setting up project policies with ANT and Maven scripts
  • Responsible for all ClearCase operations on Sun Solaris, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000
  • Enforced development policies using ClearCase triggers and other metadata
  • Worked with the Project Managers to create and implement UCM Models
  • Created and maintained ClearCase UCM objects including PVOBs, components, streams and baselines
  • Enforced builds and releases from different source codes using Build Forge
  • Created BuildForge projects and integrated them project with ClearCase
  • Build, configured and support Application team environments
  • Deliver builds and releases in accordance with defined release target dates using BuildForge
  • Made essential changes in the Schema design and Transition Matrix of the existing system using ClearQuest
  • Responsible for analysis, design and documentation of the ClearCase repository (VOB), administration of VOBs, setting up VOBs/VOB storage, backing up and restoring VOBs and administration of Views
  • Performed changes in the Configuration Specs to allow all types of users to function in a synchronized manner
  • Good Knowledge on deploying the builds on Websphereapplication servers
  • Performed upgrade and tuning on ClearCase environment
  • Created branches, performed merges and labeled baselines in ClearCase
  • Managed product baselines and assisted users to merge streams
  • Performed source code merges between different releases, especially for third party source code
  • Assisted in recovery of a catastrophic disk failure in a critical VOB
  • Provided user support, setting client environment, creation and maintenance of VOB elements and element types

Environment: Clear Case, Clear Quest, Build Forge, Subversion, Unix Shell, Ant, Maven, UCM,WebLogic, Windows XP, C, C++,Java, DB2, Spring, JUnit, JIRA, Eclipse, HTML, XML, Oracle, PL/SQL, Quality Center.


Configuration Manager/ QA Analyst


  • Developed and supported the Configuration and Change Management Processes and Procedures
  • Coordinated with Project Managers to develop the SCM Plans and Tool Usage Models
  • Installed and supported the Clear-Case and Multi-Site tools for the entire group
  • Designed and maintained the VOBs and the Views (Snapshot and Dynamic).
  • Designed and implemented ClearCase metadata including elements, labels, attributes, triggers and hyperlinks
  • Defined and implemented the development policies by using ClearCase triggers, attributes, labels
  • Designed and supported ClearCase Branching models based on the project’s requirements
  • Guided and supported the users to effectively use view config specs
  • Worked with the Project Managers to create and implement UCM Models
  • Created and maintained ClearCase,UCM objects including PVOBs, components, streams and Baselines
  • Managed product baselines, and assisted users to merge streams
  • Migrated various artifacts from CVS to Clear Case
  • Involved in setting up the VOBs, VOB storage space, administrating VOBs, mounting/un-mounting VOBs, backing up and restoring VOBs
  • Set up and manage the parallel development environment by using branches, different configuration specification rules, etc
  • Performed element checkin and checkouts and assisted the development teams as required
  • Troubleshooting of developers for accidentally deleting directories and files by restoring them from lost and found directories in ClearCase VOBs
  • Supported ClearCase Multisite administration in a large Unix/Windows interoperable environment
  • Involved in preparing release contents list and review of deliverables
  • Participated in defining release engineering processes and procedures for labeling, builds etc
  • Documented release, builds and source control procedures and plans
  • Created and maintained ClearQuest users and groups, queries and reports
  • Ensured smooth working by making changes in the Schema Development process and Transition Matrix as and when required and also generated Metrics reports using ClearQuest
  • Coordinated in CCB establishment and also conducted status accounting and audits for the projects
  • Developed and delivered for developers and integrators on Rational CM Tools
  • Enforced various SCM practices to achieve CMM Level 3 standards

Environment: Rational Clear Case, Rational Clear Quest, ANT, JBoss, Visual C++, XML, Visual Basic, JAVA, J2EE, JUnits, UNIX Shell,Eclipse, Q.T.P, Oracle, SQL.

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