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Qa Engineer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • A highly competent and results oriented Quality Analyst wif 9 years of experience in providing result - oriented solution in Financial and Health care domains wif experience in coordinating wif team. Proven ability in testing web and window-based applications.


  • Involved in entire software testing life cycle (STLC) and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - Requirement, Design and Analysis, Development, Testing, Deployment and support phase.
  • Experience in writing Test Plans, defining Test Cases, developing and maintaining test scripts, analyzing teh results of scripts, interaction wif team members in fixing teh errors.
  • Designed and executed integrated (business, functional and technical) test planning, identifying and defining application requirements.
  • Experience in developing and executing test cases manually and developed Automation scripts wif Selenium IDE, Grid, Selenium Web driver wif java and Hp Uft/Qtp wif Vb script.
  • Designed defect reports using project management tools Jira and Rally.
  • Good working experience in analyzing changes and identifying areas of applications to be regression tested.
  • Using JBehave, Selenium, and Web Driver automated more TEMPthan 200 unique Test Cases and created Feature file involving GWT, written Java Automation Code (.java).
  • Testing multiple content controls that are created and incorporated in to TFS work item types.
  • Extensive ability in performing Smoke, Regression, functional and user acceptance tests in web, window and mobile base applications
  • Integrated Automation scripts in WebDriver using continuous integration tools Jenkins for batch run of teh Script.
  • Coordinating and tracking all projects for seamless releases using Project Management SystemJIRA.
  • Executed test cases and test scripts and raised, reported defects in teh team collaborating tool Jira.
  • Experienced in performing Load/Stress Testing among web and window-based applications
  • Experience in automation testing using Qtp/Uft for functional and regression testing of complex windows, web based andmainframeapplications.
  • Expert in Implementing Java API’s in Selenium Automation Scripts along wif Git and Subversion, Jenkins
  • Using SOAPUI Tool performed cross-platform Functional Testing involving XML messages, constructing different field values, data and validating Http Request and Http Response.
  • Experience in Back-End testing to ensure data consistence on front-end by writing and executing SQL Queries in Oracle and T-Sql for Sql-Server database.
  • Tested all backed REST APIs using Postman, Rest Client & SOAP UI.
  • Secured teh data by designing Primary, Foreign keys procedure, triggers and functions in SQL.
  • Performing as an Onsite-Offshore coordinator and communicating regularly wif offshore team on task delegation, noledge transfer on teh requirements/ user stories.
  • Designed and executed integrated (business, functional and technical) wif SDET test planning, identifying and defining application requirements.
  • Experience in testing REST APIs using POSTMAN or other REST clientsalong wif writing automation scripts to test teh REST APIs Experience wif Hadoop platform
  • Ample Knowledge of Agile methodologies like Scrum or other demanding methodolies.
  • Good noledge in understanding ETL Testing through databases.
  • Extensive experience in using Test Management tools like Hp Alm, Bugzilla and Jira, Rally to track test progress, Defect reports, execution and deliverables.
  • Involved in cross browser testing. Involved in testing compatibility of software under various Internet Browsers.


Development methodologies: Agile, Waterfall, SDLC, STLC, SDET

Automated Tools: Selenium web driver, IDE, Appium, HP QTP 9/10/11, HP Quality Center 9/10, Test Director, Bugzilla, Clear Quest, Win Runner 7.5

Defect Tracking System: Hp Quality Centre/ALM, JIRA

Programming Languages: Java, C#, Vb script, Html, Xml, SQL.

Development Tools: Eclipse oxygen, Maven, Pom, Jenkins, Tableau

Frameworks: Hybrid, Key word driver, Data driven, Junit.

Web Services: SOAPUI, Rest Api’s wif SoapUI ng pro and Postman

DB Servers: Oracle, SQL Server and MYSQL, T-Sql & PL/SQL.

Web/Application Servers: WebLogic and JBOSS.

Testing Procedure: Functional, Regression, System Testing, Black box, Integration, User acceptance testing

Domain noledge: Financial, healthcare, airline and industrial


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

QA Engineer


  • Performed agile methodology. Reviewed stories and participated in daily Scrum, Iteration planning.
  • Reviewed CA Agile Central Rally for noing business and software requirements, enhancement features and functional user stories to plan QAT accordingly.
  • Participated in daily focused stand-ups and weekly scrum meetings to finalize user story priorities to work on and later update teh status in CA Agile Central Rally.
  • Extensively automated regression and functional test suites by developing over237test cases, 6 test suites using Selenium Web driver, Java.
  • Perform data analysis using spreadsheet and resolve client issues by analysing client data.
  • Compiled automated scripts and performed functionality testing during teh various phases of teh application development using Selenium.
  • Involved in testing teh conversion of teh application into web application using XML web services wif Soap UI.
  • Demonstrated ability in utilizing SoapUI for testing web services Soap and Rest API’s wif Groovy Scripting.
  • Conducted down test and up test for release builds pushed toUATand to Production and Involved in writing test scripts using java and executed it through selenium cucumber.
  • Co-ordinated wif Development team to develop teh code in backend automation testing and Expertise in Conducting teh Positive and Negative testing based on teh scenarios.
  • Performed dailysmoke testing/UATand updated comments usingManual Testing.
  • Developed frameworks using JUNIT and TestNG annotations, Test Suites using JUnit for Java Service Layer which was developed using spring, Persistence layer using Hibernate.
  • Discussed defects and updated codes and enhancements to retest and update teh same in Rally.
  • Configured Selenium Web Driver, Test-NG, Maven tool and created selenium automation scripts in java using Test-NG prior to next quarter release.
  • Implemented Java API's Collections, IO and JDBC, Apache POI in WebDriver Scripts and triggered teh automation jobs using Jenkins to get teh cucumber JSON reports.
  • Implemented Java API's Collections, IO and JDBC, Apache POI in WebDriver Scripts and triggered teh automation jobs using Jenkins to get teh cucumber JSON reports.
  • Expert in writing java for client-side scripting and validated to see teh errors while executing test cases.
  • Proficient in using Supporting tools like Notepad++ to open teh test files and Exam Pro Diff for code validating.
  • Involved in design and implementation of Selenium WebDriver automation framework for Smoke and Regression test suites (TestNG and Maven) for teh modified built.
  • Involved in developing Spring Framework written Java Coding for API Testing using Postman and performed Java Web Services testing for REST API Calls. Performed API Testing using Rest Client and Soap UI.
  • Used Rally for defect tracking and reporting bugs. Recorded defect details assigned severity and reported defect status to teh QA Prime.
  • Expertise in performing T-SQL statements to verify teh data integrity and validation between teh front and back end database values.
  • Created and executed scenarios in Load Runner controller to analyze system performance in Analyzer under load.
  • Solid hands on experience in dealing wif Exam Diff Pro for validating teh code and test data.
  • Configured Cucumber Report Plugin and Performance Plugin to Jenkins to generate html test reports.
  • Identified, analyzed, and documented defects utilizing defect tracking system Rally (CA Agile central) and Confluence as noledge and documentation management system.
  • Used Bit bucket repository for efficient remote team working, also stored teh framework and all teh code.
  • Examined GUI automation testing framework wif Selenium and Page Object Model (POM).
  • Involved in designing teh hybrid framework which is combination of Data driven and Keyword driven.
  • Implemented test plans Good noledge in developing automation scripts using Selenium and developed Java based library to read test data from XML & Properties files.
  • Worked on trimming teh SQL and optimizing teh SQL by using various VLDB settings to avoid teh cross join and removing multiple passes.
  • Used SQL-server to run teh SQL Queries and SQL Scripts to extract teh data from teh databases.
  • Involved in backend testing performed Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers and packages utilizing in T-SQL.

Environment: Automation, Manual, Selenium Web Driver, Rally (CA Agile Central 2.4.3), Exam diff Pro (Standard Edition), Junit, Windows, Java, SoapUI, Api’s, UAT, Cucumber, GitHub Repository, Maven, Load runner, TestNG, iOS, web driver, Jenkins, Sql-Server.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

QA Engineer


  • Reviewed Business Requirement documents (BRD) and Software Requirement specification (SRS) in teh forms of feature lists, user stories, iterations.
  • Involved in working wif Software Development Life Cycle -SDLC, TDD, TDM, BDD and Agile Project Environments.
  • Executed Test cases in multiple browsers and platforms using Selenium Grid.
  • Responsible for implementing Teh Hybrid framework, Page object model (pom) wif selenium web driver and java.
  • Interacted wif Business users forUATUser Acceptance Testing and tested teh possibilities of system failure wif UA and updated teh customer on test activities on daily basis.
  • Developed and executed functional test cases forWebandMobileapplications as per requirements.
  • PerformedSmoke, Regression, Cross-platform, Functional, Regression testing, UI testing for Mobile and web-based app usingSelenium and Appiumtest automation framework.
  • Used Load runner to generate peak load onto teh server thereby stressing it and measuring its performance before deployment and upgrade.
  • Performing Functional, Exploratory Testing of Mobile app on iOS, Android platforms using automation Tool Device.
  • Extensive experience in Sanity testing, Feature testing, System testing, Compatibility testing, Retesting.
  • Controlled by many programming language andMobile Testing frame work,worked on Java, TestNG.
  • Submitted teh trade through teh mobile app verify them in teh order management system and execute.
  • Tested teh GUI features and verified teh functional testing of teh application through Android emulator.
  • Experienced in Application TestingwifAppiumbased user interface web framework to design and develop responsive websites and apps accessible on all smart phones, tablets and desktop devices Anywhere from Keynote.
  • Tested compatibility of application for dynamic and static content under various cross browsers usingHTML ids and XPATH in Selenium.
  • Expertise in performing manual (Emulators & IOS Simulators) &Mobile Application Testing usingAppium&See Test.
  • PerformedMobileTesting iniOSdevices andAndroiddevices through simulator by usingAppium.
  • Created and executed automation test cases usingSelenium Web driver/Cucumber framework for Web App and Appium/ Cucumber for Mobile Apps
  • Executed teh Sanity scripts when teh Windows patches are released and when a new patch is added to teh product.
  • Created Test Scripts Using selenium web driver tool and Utilized Jira as defect tracking tool on teh project.
  • Developed new and updated existing Automation test cases using selenium WebDriver and TestNG, using SVN as VCS for Java based web application, and mobile application using Maven as Build tool.
  • Involved in testing Web services and XML wif tool called SOAP UI Api’s and using dis tool to locate WSDL file on internet, create Test cases and execute them.
  • Excellent ability in designing teh defect reports using Jira based on defect life cycle.
  • Hands on experience in migrating teh data between teh databases such oracle and SQL-server.
  • Transformed complex business logic into database design and maintaining it by usingSQLobjects like stored procedures, user defined functions, views,Pl-SQL scripting, and jobs.
  • Responsible for synchronizing data between databases wif complex queries.
  • Writing Tuned SQL queries for data retrieval involving Complex Join Conditions in Oracle.
  • Wrote and executedSQL queriesto verify teh data updates to various tables and ensure data integrity.

ENVIRONMENT: Automation, Manual, Mobile, web apps, TestNG, TFS, Cucumber, Protractor, Automation, UAT, Appium, Manual, Hybrid framework, Load runner, Appium, Selenium web driver, Grid, Java, Jira, Pl-Sql, Bit bucket, SoapUI, TestNG, Maven, Web driver, Jenkins, Oracle.

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Automation Engineer


  • Solid understanding and developing development methodologies (SDLC) Agile and testing methodologies (STLC).
  • Analyzed requirements and developed teh test strategy and requirement traceability matrix RTM.
  • Worked TEMPeffectively wif Developers, AGILE Team, and Project Management to achieve Selenium automation, high quality, release deadlines and QA processes improvements.
  • Collaborated wif System testing for trading transactions, exchange operations and payment methods using Selenium WebDriver wif C#.
  • Developed, executed and maintained over 8 C# libraries, 182 Selenium automation scripts for web application.
  • Involved in developing teh Hybrid automation framework from scratch wif C# by using Page Object model, Keyword Driven & Data Driven frameworks.
  • Automated running smoke tests and build report generator for daily builds.
  • Performed Load and Stress testing by developing Load Runner scripts to find out TEMPeffective Web/App server configurations for best performance levels.
  • Highly passionate about web apps platforms design and development and tested applications across multiple platforms touching teh full stack across teh web.
  • Strong hands on experience in performing Performance testing using mobile automation by writing test scripts using C# and executed it through selenium cucumber.
  • Actively participated in theUAT transition,retested UAT defectsand updated comments inJIRAon client feedbacks
  • Expertise in using Zephyr (JIRA plugin) to create and execute test cases.
  • Proficient in continuous Integration testing using Maven, Jenkins, GIT, and Ant build tools.
  • Escalated Defects while studying Project Requirements and writing Test Cases by using HP Quality Center/ ALM and followed logged defects throughout lifecycle in Jira.
  • Possess extensive noledge in using Jira as project management tool to log and track defects and also, use Confluence as a Team Collaborating Tool.
  • Exposed various capabilities as Web Services using Soap ui Ng pro for testing teh Web services by sending a SOAP i/p request.
  • Performed extensive functional GUI level testing and wrote /modified tests from scratch.
  • Proficient in continuous Integration testing using Maven, Jenkins, GIT, and Ant build tools And Developed pom.xml in Apache Maven and run teh builds using Continuous Integration tool Jenkins.
  • Enhanced teh testing experience by integrating wif automation tools like Selenium, continuous integration tool Jenkins using RESTful APIs.
  • Strong hands on experience in reserving, executing test cases, defect tracking, and teh complete test management.
  • Responsible for developing TestNG Test Case Classes, Test Suite in Integration environment.
  • Continuous monitoring of jobs and analysis of teh failures on Jenkins Environment.
  • Expertise in importing and retrieving teh data form teh XML sheets and databases especially SQL-Server.
  • Performed Back end testing using SQL queries to test teh development of databases and validating teh data.
  • Implemented multiple-table links requiring complex join statements, including Outer-Joins and Self-Joins.
  • Provided different buildreports, Selenium automation reports, and Performance testing reports to teh team.
  • Wrote SQL queries extensively, queried database and generated test reports. Performed Purchase Orders Database testing by developing 17 SQL scripts.
  • Expertise in retrieving data from databases by performing primary, foreign keys and collaborated wif T-Sql.

Environment: Manual and Automation, Selenium, web driver, C#, Zephyr for JIRA, Sql-Server, Load runner, Soap UI, UAT, Web services, API’s, T-Sql, Agile, SoapUI, TestNG, Maven, JavaScript, HTML, Jenkins, CSS, Xml, Git repository.

Confidential, Bloomfield, CT

QA Automation Engineer


  • Analyzed System requirements to develop teh Test Plan. Mapping Test cases to requirements to ensure that all teh functional requirements have been covered in teh Test plan.
  • Performed Functional, Black Box, System, Integration, Smoke and Regression Testing.
  • Involved in teh automation of test cases from teh scratch and developed a full regression suite for teh project.
  • Handled requests for proposals, making presentations to customers, and negotiating project timelines and deliverables.
  • Checked teh basic functionality by manual testing. Pro-actively involved in automating some of teh manual test cases using Quick Test Professional (QTP).
  • Involved in writing test scripts using java and executed it through selenium cucumber.
  • Provided Support services for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Developed Test Scenarios for Both ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes wif teh Cut off Dates for ICD-9.
  • Exposed various capabilities as Web Services using SOAP/WSDL and Used Soap ui for testing teh Web services by sending a SOAP i/p request.
  • Configured Cucumber Report Plugin and Performance Plugin to Jenkins to generate html test reports.
  • Developed smoke testing and regression testing suite using Qtp/Uft.
  • Worked on HIPAA Standard Transaction Forms X12-837 for Equivalent Encounter Information, X-12-835 Claims Payment and Remittance Advice, X12-Health Care Claim status request and response, X12-270/271 Eligibility for a Health Plan and X12-820 Premium Payments.
  • Triggered teh automation jobs using Jenkins to get teh cucumber JSON reports.
  • Provided Support services for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
  • Worked on Rejections from CMS and Send Data to CMS/Palmetto using Sterling Connect Direct.
  • Performed Smoke Testing, Functional Testing, and System Integration testing on EDI Health care transactions.
  • Involved in creating test cases for EDI 837 Claims (I & P) Transactions.
  • Processed claims for teh Batch adjudication system and validated teh full payment cycle process.
  • Reported software defects inQuality Centerand interacted wif teh developers to resolve technical issues.
  • Designed and implemented Mainframe EDI system utilizing ANSI X12 standards and Generated SQL queries to validate various reports, loads and extract processes.
  • Enhanced teh testing experience by integrating wif automation tools like Selenium, continuous integration tool Jenkins using RESTful APIs using SoapUI NG pro.
  • Tested for content, comprehensiveness, layout and functionality and involved in positive and negative testing of teh application.
  • Reported software defects inQuality Centerand interacted wif teh developers to resolve technical issues.
  • Generated SQL queries to validate various reports, loads and extract processes.
  • Working wif Scrum Team and daily stand up to discuss about all possible tasks and technical issues wif Business System Analyst and Developer.
  • Extensive Backend testing by writing Complex Pl-Sql queries.
  • Responsible for conducting teh defect review meetings wif teh development and business teams on a daily basis to report and discuss teh validity of defects opened by teh testing team.

Environment: Manual and Automation, Quality Center 10.0, UFT/Quick Test Professional 10.0/11.0, Cucumber, Junit, UAT, Oracle 11i, Java, Agile Model (Scrum Methodology), VB Script, SharePoint, XML,TSO/ISPF, QMF, Oracle11i, DB2, SoapUI, SQL, MS Access, Web logic, Windows, Internet Explorer.


Jr. QA Engineer


  • Strong end-to-end noledge of software development lifecycle and STLC software testing lifecycle incudes waterfall and agile methodologies.
  • Actively participated in reviewing and Analyzing business and functional requirements documents and QA Meetings.
  • Proficient hands on experience in writing test cases, test scripts and creating a scenario in HP Quality Centre.
  • Hands-on experience wif both white box and black box testing and GUI testing.
  • Actively participated in creating requirements traceability matrices, and test plans wif teh use of HP Quality center.
  • Involved in writing of modification reports for errors identified in testing and communicated wif development team via Project management tool Quality center/ALM.
  • Solid experience in locating teh unique element wif CSS, name, x-path, id, tag name etc.
  • Prepared XML test data files to validate test scenarios wif Boundary value analysis and partitioning techniques.
  • Responsible for smoke testing, UAT testing and used Test director for writing test cases and Manually Tested teh application executing test cases in teh Quality center.
  • Documented Manual Test cases, Test procedures and Test results for each given user stories in HP QC / ALM.
  • Solid hands on experience in Performing in Black box testing wif a complete QA cycle from testing, defect logging and verification of fixed bugs.
  • Involved in teh identification, analysis, and documentation of test cases and software defects logging for multi-component systems in HP ALM / Quality Center management tool, also involved in detailed documentation of test results.
  • Worked as black box tester on teh software modules, documented test cases and results in teh standard templates.
  • Executed test cases and test scripts for manual and automation testing. Defects are raised in teh HP Quality Centre for logging, tracking and reporting bugs in teh application.

ENVIRONMENT: Manual, Automation, HP Quality center/ALM, Oracle, UAT, Selenium IDE, Id, Name, X-path, T-SQL, Procedures, Triggers, Functions, Css, XML, Java, CSS, Oracle, Html, MS-Excel.

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