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Test Architect Resume


  • Software Professional with 17 years of experience in Software Quality Assurance and Development, looking for suitable position where I can apply my knowledge, experience and Analytical, problem solving skills to be a part of company’s success and grow myself by learning new tools and technologies required for higher levels.


  • Automated highly Secured and Transactional Payment web applications using Selenium WebDriver and C#.
  • Well versed with Handling Elements in Selenium WebDriver. Writing Test cases using Element locators, WebDriver methods, Java programming features and TestNG Annotations.
  • Proficient in using Firebug, Firepath with Selenium and code for complex business applications with dynamic web pages using XPath and CSS.
  • Managed System, Integration, Regression testing for web applications for multiple releases with CI/CD.
  • Well Versed in managing Browser/OS compatibility on local and Cloud environments for web and mobile applications using Selenium Scripts.
  • Expertise in defining and implementing Automation frameworks.
  • Ability to adopt new tools and technologies and challenging concepts quickly.
  • Microsoft Certified Professional and Confidential Workday champion.
  • Analyzed changes, Planned and Prepared flows and corner scenarios for testing custom changes made in workday, during migration from old system to Workday in Confidential and personally tested customized modules of Workday as per Confidential needs.
  • Conducted sessions, roadshows, trained company associates for Workday.
  • Experience in testing mobile applications both native and mobile browsers on devices and BrowserStack/CrossBrowserTesting.com.
  • Experienced in Web Services Testing with SOAP UI and SOAP Sonar.
  • Hands on experience with Win runner, LoadRunner, SAHI, WATiR, Selenium, Silk Test and Rational tools.
  • 6+ years hands on experience on Burp proxy, Fiddler and IBM AppScan.
  • Verified Multiple web applications with JMeter for confirmation of functionality.
  • Testing Experience with CI/CD process for multiple web applications on daily basis.
  • Coding experience with Ruby for Watir.
  • Experienced in developing and maintaining test strategy, Test Procedures, Test scripts, Test cases and Traceability Matrix
  • Experience in Software Analysis, Development and QA Testing on Web applications and Device applications.
  • Strong experience in test management using HP Quality Center, TFS.
  • Well experienced in Planning, Controlling and Monitoring activities and driving the project to its objectives.
  • Experience in Project Test Management and Complete QA Life Cycle Experience in different models.
  • Proficient in preparing and review Test Plan, Reports, Work progress charts.
  • Ability to adopt new tools and technologies and challenging concepts quickly.
  • Experienced In ETL testing.
  • Experienced in building and Handling Multiple Teams same time.
  • Experienced in preparing SOW, project proposals, resource forecasts, planning, and Monthly billing and Vendor Management.
  • Proficient in preparing Test Plan, Reports, Work progress charts.


Functional Testing: QTP, WATiR, SAHI, Soap UI and Soap Sonar, Selenium WebDriver.

Security Testing: Burp Proxy and IBM AppScan

Performance Testing: VSTS, Load Runner 8.0

Defect Tracking: QC, TFS, Team Track, MS Product Studio

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux

Technologies: C#.Net WCF, VB.net, ASP.net, Ruby, JavaScript

Databases: MS - SQL Server, Mongo DB, MySQL, MS Access, DB2.



Test Architect


  • Requirement Analysis, Design Discussions and Selecting tools and processes for testing needs.
  • Changes to Automation Framework and updates to Automation Scripts.
  • Firebug and Firepath, VS IDE are used to prepare the Selenium Scripts and executed on cloud browsers.
  • Developed test Scenarios, Test Procedures based on the test requirements.
  • Testing Data in different databases and warehouse. Extracting data from different tables and verifying for data accuracy and loading into warehouse.
  • Test Case preparation, execution and reporting on CI/CD process.
  • Functional testing, Data flow Testing, Regression testing and Security Testing.
  • Preparing automation scripts with Selenium for different browsers execution to verify Text checkpoints, capture snapshots, perform functional tests, compare snapshots of 2 browsers.
  • Prepared Scripts to execute on local machine or cloud with same features on multiple browsers in single thread of execution.
  • ADA compliance for all application with JAWS/VO.
  • Validating the data files from source to destination tables and data in Reports.
  • Created, maintained and updated test strategy, test conditions, test cases and regression testing based on business requirement.
  • Analysis of new requirements and Change Requests, Defining Test architecture suitable for the release.
  • Vulnerability scan, Testing and Penetration testing with IBM AppScan, Burp Proxy, Soap and Fiddler tools.
  • Enhancements, Production Fixes verification and certification and Hotfix management for all products.
  • Maintenance and compatibility of applications with latest browsers, OS, technologies as mentioned in agreements specific to the banks and Financial Institutions.
  • Mobile Plug in Testing using Appium, Integration with Existing App and Delivery.
  • Testing Mobile Web and Native applications for existing products.
  • Test Case Execution and Reporting issues for every build deployed.
  • Taking care of project resources, Ramp-up and ramp-down, executing projects within budgets.
  • Prepared a tool that generates the selenium code with minimum inputs and few mouse clicks to make the test automation process faster.
  • Made a utility that compares the snapshots of different browsers automatically and make a diff snapshot.
  • QC administrator for E-Payments Group which consists of 600 people.

Environment: Win 2000, XP to Win8, Apple Mac OS 10.12, DB2.


Project manager


  • Test case preparation and reviews, test execution, Deployment to QA environment.
  • Status reporting to project teams on daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Tested the performance bottle necks at sources, targets, mappings, and sessions and employed required measures.
  • All applications are tested manually and automated for browsers with WATiR.
  • Prepared scripts, ran tests, Analyzed results in Load Runner for Performance testing.
  • Functional testing, Regression testing and certification to promote to UAT.
  • Automation Script preparation and code reviews.
  • Database testing and Integration testing between Agent, Consumer web and IVR applications.
  • Complete ownership of applications and production issues, support and deployments.
  • Network statistics collection to make the changes to the application traffic between different locations according to the load for each biller.
  • Maintaining Compliance to the PCIDSS standards in all applications.
  • Conducting Security, Load and performance testing of web applications to make sure they are complaint to PCI and OWASP standards.
  • Performed Web Services Testing with Soap and Web Service performance testing with Jmeter.
  • Complete ownership of applications and production issues, support and deployments.
  • Network statistics collection to make the changes to the application traffic between different locations according to the load for each biller.
  • Being 1st Leader of QA I recruited and trained and built the team from 2 to 26 people and brought all upstream and downstream applications into QA scope of testing.
  • Prepared a Script generator which allows user to select the configuration for web application and generates the Ruby code.
  • Built a utility that compares the text on web page and Text in requirements document.

Environment: Win 2000, XP to Win8, IVR, ASP.Net, C#.Net, SQL Server 2005


Project Leader


  • QA Team recruitment, ramp up and training.
  • Involvement in requirements, Design sessions with other companies and took ownership of requirements.
  • Moderator for Change requests and enhancements until Go-Live.
  • Design Discussions with Confidential Project Coordinators and finding issues in requirements.
  • Test case writing, reviews and execution. RTM preparation and reporting.
  • Functional, OS & Browser, Regression and Load Testing.
  • Preparing and Executing Corner Scenario test cases and to make sure 100% coverage in testing.
  • Analysis of Business Requirement Specification (BRS), IT design document.
  • Test cases review and test plan, strategy preparation, Test cases execution, load and performance tests.
  • Automation with QTP, QC.
  • Verified Data accuracy in Reports and Database, Different Data Source, Downloaded Reports from application.
  • Performed User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Daily, Weekly and Release-wise Status Reporting to the management and Stakeholders.
  • Verification of Payment Data flow and data load in database tables and warehouse.

Environment: Java, XML, Win XP, Toad and Teradata


Senior Programmer


  • Test Plan, Test case preparation and execution on almost all OS and browsers available that time.
  • Review and analysis BRS, IT design document.
  • Web application manually tested on all planned OS and Browsers.
  • Rational scripts are recorded and executed.
  • Coordinated Functional, Integration, Database, Smoke and Regression testing.
  • Prepared and executed SQL queries and SPs for data validation and integrity in application reports, downloaded reports, Database and warehouse.
  • Production Monitoring and support.
  • Involved in weekly, bi-weekly meetings with analysts, Dev, DB, QA Teams and other stakeholders.
  • Prepared and executed test cases for 23 languages.
  • Load testing performed with Loadrunner.

Environment: ASP.NET, C#, XML, Win XP, Vista, 2003 and SQL Server


Software Engineer


  • Project Developed for AP Handicrafts for Administration, Inventory and Sales of handicrafts across India and abroad. It has central database and sales and updates takes place in real time.
  • My Responsibility includes coding as per specifications and business rules and Testing the Application.
  • This application is a sales and service application of congas inc in Europe where the application handles, sales of new connections, billing, replacements, customer support and transfers etc.
  • My Responsibility includes coding as per specifications and business rules and Testing the Application.
  • This project is meant for Hotel room booking, room management, check-in and check-out, Restaurant services, maintenance of inventory, service calls administration and Billing.
  • My Responsibility includes coding as per specifications and business rules and Testing the Application.
  • This Application is meant for builders and Tradesman insurance requirements. Users input the details of customer and application will let the customer about the options, premiums and coverage details. Latest updates in policies are updated real time to the application and application returns a detailed report with all options.
  • My Responsibility includes coding as per specifications and business rules and Testing the Application.
  • Requirement Analysis.
  • Test Case Writing & Test Data Preparation
  • Test Case Execution
  • Automation Scripts preparation & Execution
  • Reporting to Test Manager.

Environment: PHP, ASP, VB, VB.net and SQL Server

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