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Test Planner / It Specialists Resume

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Middletown, NJ


  • IT Specialist offering extensive experience in Quality Assurance Test Lead, UNIX System Administrator, Defect Management and UAT/Helpdesk Support.
  • Experienced with Manual and Automated Test tools such as Selenium, QTP, Win runner, Load runner, Runner and Open - Source Tool, SDLC Process and Testing Methodologies.
  • Experienced in writing test plans, testcases and documented QA process. Proficient in Functional Testing, Black/white box Testing, Regression Testing, System Testing, End-to End testing and Load Testing.
  • Exposure to QA/BA principles like Software Engineering Process, Waterfall Model, Rational Unified Process, Agile Methodology and Scrum Approach.
  • Highly motivated, detail oriented with excellent communication, analytical and writing skills.


Confidential, Middletown NJ

Test Planner / IT Specialists


  • ROME FTTB Enhancement Project - Ensured that Fiber to the building (FTTB) Enhancements was done in ROME by adding valid Attribute: Building fiber status code, Customer premise Location, FTTB Project Code, Plan of execution, Inside wireing,Building CLLI, wifi available, small Cell, Competitive tiers, EMUX/EMT Locations. Responsibilities included - Created/Executed JST Scenarios using Rally. Reviewed User story and attended scrum calls on daily basis. Tested End-to-end Flow for Sales Express using ipad and ipad touch. Experienced with mobile testing using different browser, Interacted with web application testing to validate connections with routers.Documented Test results and created Handover package for BPE.
  • MACD-AVPN Project- Enhanced Confidential &T Business Direct Eorder user interface for existing Eorder Customers by adding MACD AVPN site configuration on existing AVPN Network, Transport, PPP,MLPPP, FR-Encap Port types using Business Direct applications. Responsibilities included - Used ETL Components to extract data from one DB in to another DB to create Inventory Builds on daily basis. Created valid circuits for End-to-End Testing. Created/Executed BST Scenarios Tested End-to-End flow for Change Cos (from 4cos to 6cos), change port speed (from 44736 to 1500k) change IP data (from IPV6 to IPV4).
  • Excellent understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle including good knowledge of Waterfall, AGILE, (SCRUM and Kanban) Spiral and RAD models. Experience with industry standard methodologies such as RUP (Rational Unified Process), UML, and CMM (Capability Maturity Models).
  • Experienced in managing large and complex projects, firm-wide quality improvement initiatives, defect tracking, integration testing, time and cost analysis, regression testing, QA automation, vendor selection, and system operations
  • Implemented Multiple Test Strategy for Cloverleaf and Non cloverleaf projects. Delivered final Test Data Strategy to PM. Created/Closed CQ defect and Updated TP Tracking sheet in teamroom.
  • Completed 100% of deliverables on-time and within allocated budgets.
  • Provided production technical support to the user community after go-live.
  • Experienced with E-Commerce. Created/updated shopping cart and validated data in SQL Database.

Confidential, Middletown NJ

IT Architect / QA Analyst


  • Created High Level Test Plans and Testcases for appropriate healing of the Network based on Business Automation Rules defined in the Model and it's ticketed in AOTS for Projects. Reviewed documents with Developers/SE and made a final baseline document and loaded in Prism Database.
  • Linked Test package in ReqPro and Generated Requirement Traceability Matrix in Prism.
  • Performed offshore Team Co-ordination for CTP/INSTAR/GCP Applications as well as Project Management activities pertaining to following of the processes to comply with industry standards. Performed backend testing using SQL Queries
  • Created traceability matrices to validate testcases with Requirement. Created/closed defects using SCME.
  • Expertise in Rational Suite of products such as Rational Software Architect (RSA), Rational Software Modeler (RSM), ReqPro, Test Manager, Functional Tester, Manual Tester, and Performance Tester
  • Proficient in Oracle & MySQL, Sybase database and Unix/Windows operating systems
  • Proficient in Functionality Testing, Black Box Testing, White Box Testing, System Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Acceptance, Load/Stress, and Performance Testing.
  • Highly motivated, detail oriented, ability to work independently and as a part of the team with excellent technical, analytical and communication skills.Strategy and Design Solutions Volunteered Test Proposal Manager Jan 2010-May-2010
  • Volunteered with prime focus on development and testing for government & Community service proposals.

Confidential, Paramus, NJ

QA Engineer/IVR Test Lead


  • Implemented Healthcare system in nine months for 1000 users which added call center feature (IVR) as well as improved call center productivity 70%.
  • Led WellPoint Test Team of 10 and Configured IP agent workstations with associated phone and IP agent Avaya software for CTI/IVR testing.
  • Designed and executed test packages/ test cases for WellPoint Advocate workstation release using Rational Manual testing.
  • Led and hosted the daily defect conference call with developers, system engineers and project team members in US, India, and China.
  • Improved search capability 80% by delivering w3search software which included different file types and advance options. Led a diverse IBM CVS team of 5 including team members located in multiple geographies.
  • Tested use cases with Soft phone and made call to work center agents and followed thru claim info. Also tested with Transfer calls, explanation of benefits, wrap inquiry, member search.
  • Designed caller experience for IVR DTMF and speech enabled applications.
  • Analyzed requirements, developed detailed designs/call flows for implementation. Effectively document the details.
  • Developed and maintained relationships with clients on all on-going projects.
  • Created and designed effective speech user interface designs including call flow, dialogues, functional logic, prompts, and define grammars to match the established requirements.
  • Delivered IVR user interface design documentation outlining backend interfaces to support business functionality and application development
  • Developed call flows for complex applications including data driven interactions and Contact Center routing of calls.
  • Worked closely with business units to gain in-depth understanding of business issues; identify,
  • Analyzed, and translate business needs into functional specifications

Confidential, Paramus NJ

Test Manager /Defect Management


  • Improved hardware and software announcement rate by 90% and delivered bug-free software to UAT.
  • Troubleshot and closed severity - 1 and 2 tickets in timely manner and gained user satisfaction.
  • Improved productivity 80% and reduced expense by implementing system performance by running a batch jobs overnight. Performed backend testing using SQL query to find OIM products
  • Delivered bug-free software to UAT and improved hardware and software announcement rate to 90%.
  • Created Test scripts using XML in ATG. Experienced with UNIX and SQL Shell scripting.
  • Provided Business Requirements solution for problem found in production with improper billing for Enterprise Wireless customers to correct a problem which originated in Confidential &T Network Connection switches
  • Experience with IVR Testing. Created BMP/AOTS tkt thru tell me system and validated status on GUI.
  • Developed, executed, analyzed, and produced DIT and ST test plans, test cases as per requirements.
  • Improved time and reduced cost for Tier I and Tier II work center users by implementing largest ticketing software that opens up multiple tickets Confidential a time.
  • Experience with Mobile Testing using different browsers and created AOTS tkts.


Application Experience: IBM DB2, SAP GUI, Microsoft Project and Office Suite, Lotus SmartSuite, Lotus Notes, FTP, CMVC, Web Sphere Application Server, Parasoft SOAPtest, UVATS, Prism, Req-pro,Rational Portfolio Manager, Rational Clear-Quest, Rational Performance Tester.

Operating System Experience: UNIX, WINDOWS 95/98/NT/2000/XP, LINUX and MS-DOS, HP-UX (9.05, 10.20), SUNOS4.1, Solaris (2.5, 2.6) MVS, VM/CMS.

Software Languages: Visual Basic, HTML, Visual, C, C++, SQL*Plus, Power Builder, Java, UNIX Shell Scripts.

Software Databases: Oracle 7.3/8i, QMF for windows 7.2g OLAP, SAP 4.6C, SQL, Autosys.

OOAD Tools: Rational (Rose RequisitePro), ClearQuest, Clearcase, Crystal Reports, MS-Visio, MS-Project.

Processes: RUP, Use Cases, WQworkflow, Dataflow

Hardware: IBM-PC (XT/ Confidential ), COMPATIBLE, CDE, HP, UNIX, AS400, PC/LAN, Ethernet, IBM RS/6000, IBM 3090

Software: HTML, Windows 2000 Professional, UNIX, Solaris, MS-Windows, Microsoft office Professional, WordPerfect, Lotus Notes, K-Shell, WINDOWS NFS, SINE, ATT NET CLIENT, PDTOOL, TPTT, Rational ClearQuest Test Manager, Frame maker, MS Excel, MS Project, Sametime, NotesBuddy, Snagit, Xrunner, Mercury (QTP), Loadrunner,IBM Test Management Tool, Rally, QC

Industry: Telecommunications. (Networking/Call and Work Center Technology, Sonet, Private line services, T3, CTI, VOIP, Telephony, PBX, DS0/DS1/DS3, SARTS, DSTS, IVR Related, IVS/IVR, Nuance, Tellme, ASR, VoiceXML).

Platforms: Windows, Temip, UNIX, Netscape, IE and Firefox, Goggle Chrome,LINUX

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