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Qa Test Analyst Resume

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Edison New, JerseY


  • Around 9 years of extensive experience as a Functional, Database, Web Services, ETL QA Lead Tester/Analyst in Information Technology and specialization in Quality Assurance, Testing of Software Systems in Client/Server environments using Manual and Automation testing tools.
  • Extensive experience in Utility, Banking, Sales and distribution, Telecom CRM and Telecom billing domains.
  • Extensive experience in Test Planning, Functional Testing, Regression testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, User acceptance testing, Device Testing etc.
  • Expertise in Selenium automation using Selenium Web Driver, Selenium Grid, Java, JUnit & Maven.
  • Experienced in Data Driven Testing, Cross Browser Testing and Parallel Test Execution using Selenium Web Driver and TestNG.
  • Well versed with handling elements in Selenium Web Driver.
  • Maintained the Selenium & Java automation code and resources in source controls like CVS, SVN over the time for improvements and new features.
  • Experienced in testing legacy applications involving middle wares, Unix jobs, data creation tools and middle wares viz., tap, daemons etc.
  • Developed SQL queries and tested complex functional and database scenarios to verify the presence of data in the multiple databases from lower to higher versions.
  • Manual Testing in all phases of QA life cycle which includes designing of high level and low level scenarios and execution of test cases, bug reporting and tracking using HP Quality Center and ALM, Jira in Agile, Waterfall and V - Models.
  • Well versed in test environmental setup on Unix, Windows Operating Systems, including software configuration of various components in a test environment.
  • Involved in regular weekly project status meetings to discuss the risks involved in ongoing projects with onsite and offshore teams and preparing work estimates for future releases.
  • Ability to work as an independent and with the team, problem solving skills, process improvement activities, analytical skills and assisting the testers, developers and managers in technical and business aspects.
  • Worked in Onsite and Offshore model in multiple time zones and performed knowledge transfer to multiple teams.
  • ISTQB certified professional.


Operating Systems: Windows, HP Unix

Application Server: Web Sphere, Tomcat, Tuxedo

Databases: Oracle 9i, 10g, MS SQL server 2010, DB2

Languages: Java

Scripting Languages: VB Script and Java Script

Defect Tracking & Test Management: HP Quality Center, ALM, Jira

Version control: GitHub, MS VSS, SharePoint.

Automation tools: Selenium Web Driver/RC/Grid/Maven

Database tools: MS SQL Server and Oracle.


Testing methodologies: Agile and Waterfall.


Confidential, Edison, New Jersey

QA Test Analyst


  • As a team member and leader identified the division of work and assigned to each team member and worked on the complex scenarios pertaining to billing and payments on www.sce.com.
  • Understand the requirements, develop test conditions, test cases, test plan, RTM for functional and device testing. Developed separate test scenarios for each device and on various versions of operating systems.
  • Developed and Implemented Page Objects, Data Driven, Keyword Driven, Hybrid automation frameworks using Selenium Web Driver, JUnit.
  • Performed cross browser testing on multiple versions and validated the compatibility of www.sce.com.
  • Created the test summary reports, defect reports for effective business management for various releases and track their status periodically.
  • Developed SQL queries for validating the accurate flow of data created in multiple databases and which flows through multiple frontends and vice versa.
  • Created Selenium Web Driver scripts for various functionalities of Billing & Payments application on www.sce.com.
  • Created the client’s first test environment and documented test defects and procedures to enable accurate replication ensure compliance with standards.
  • Prepared the estimates for automation test planning and implementation which reduced the budget by 25% and increased the profit.
  • Worked on performing the smoke, integration, system tests on the environment for API testing using WSDL in SOAPUI tool and validating the response messages and message codes.

Environment: .Net, Selenium, Oracle, HP ALM, Jira, SOAP UI, SharePoint, Windows, Agile methodology.

Confidential, Dallas, Texas

QA Test Analyst


  • Shakeout of the environment before the beginning of testing process and reporting the environment issues to the build release team which helps in the smooth running of the testing process.
  • Implemented Keyword driven framework using Selenium for testing the frontend web portal for Confidential web sales, marketing and various products.
  • Developed the test scripts on the builds by using TestNG with Selenium Web driver.
  • Performed Root Cause Analysis for every issue arising out of incorrect data, process and documented work around for every issue.
  • Organized the sprint plan meetings, daily scrum meetings, sprint review meetings and sprint retrospective meetings.
  • As a Lead performed coordination with the client and getting updates about the future business requirements and updating the test cases, test plan and creating templates for the team for clear reporting.
  • Querying the test data after migrating the data from one database to another on higher versions of the database and reporting the performance to the client and development team.
  • Worked on Change Requests by reading the updated business requirements documents, conceptual design documents, system requirements document and discussing with the development team regarding implementation of the requirements and thus saving time for the team.
  • Involved in the functional study of the application and identified the source of the incorrect data flowing into the database.
  • Prepared the evidence of the data defects and explained to the client and development team by preparing documents with screenshots and explaining each step to reproduce the defects.
  • Created detailed test data for smoke testing, system testing, regression testing, integration testing, database testing and user acceptance testing.
  • Maintained the daily defect log and followed up with the development team and performed root cause analysis of the defects and shared with the testing and development teams.
  • Define the entry and exit criteria for testing process and ensuring deadlines are met covering all the business requirements.
  • Creating and maintaining Re-usable test scripts and thus saving test case, test plan, test data development time.
  • Running the Unix jobs to verify the jobs status and checking the status of each job individually and work closely with NDS infra teams for resolving the issues in case of job failures and database disconnections.
  • Worked with offshore teams in performing the user acceptance testing in different time zones and ensuring continuous UAT is performed successfully.

Environment: .Net, Selenium, Jira, MS SQL Server, MS Visual Source Safe, HP Quality Center, Windows 7, Agile Methodology.

Confidential, Iselin, NJ

Senior QA Test Analyst


  • Prepared RTM for all the frontend requirements, database requirements and listed out the fields which populate in database tables based on the fields present in all screens of the application.
  • Involved in preparation of API test plan and test data for all the return values based on the input data. and verified the API returned error messages, error codes and validated them and testing if the API’s are updating the database tables accurately.
  • Understanding the business functionality of OCM based on the BRS, FRS and CDD documents and documented test plan and test cases accordingly.
  • Bug reporting and resolution with the development and client team. Experience in working with NDS infra team to fix the environment issues Confidential short notice.
  • Team mentoring and knowledge transfer for every release and making the team understand new requirements and the impact on the application.
  • Worked on change requests by performing smoke, regression, system, compatibility tests exhaustively for each release and analyzed the results with client participation.
  • Worked on software configuration, test environment setup and performed pre-release tests and reported issues to the development, client and environment support teams.
  • Performed FTP of the test data from local test environment to the remote test environment and performed the test process.

Environment: .Net, MS SQL Server, HP Quality Center, Windows 7, Waterfall Model.

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Senior QA Test Analyst


  • Worked on Change Requests that result in navigational changes and understood the flow of the CR and found defects from the new CR’s and existing functionalities.
  • Worked on Production issues with multiple interfaces by performing end to end system testing which includes frontend, backend and middle wares.
  • Involved in executing load test to verify the performance of the application when the Web Services, Central Processing System, Billing System, Usage System are up and running and prepared the report of the response time of various activities of KoSys and prepared reports with sufficient observations and graphs about the Performance Metrics.
  • Offshore and Onsite coordination about the work status and bringing both the teams in sync so that gaps do not arise especially when weekends and public holidays occur. This helped in minimizing the business impact for the client.
  • Developing test cases, test plans, test data and sent them for peer reviews. Each team member’s work was peer reviewed and final documents were accepted by the client.
  • Weekly updates with the client about the test execution status, especially issues relating to change requests, impact of the change requests on the existing features, data population and accuracy of the data in the respective tables.
  • Raising defects and tracking status in IBM DDTS defect management tool. When the developer changes the defect status an email is sent to the test engineer, test manager, developer and development leads. The test engineer must work on the defect and accept or reject the defect immediately with screenshots as a proof of the test process.
  • Knowledge Transfer to the team members when a new team member joins the team, especially making the new resource understand Deutsche language and learn translating the test cases.
  • Preparing the estimates and deadlines for test delivery for each release separately.
  • Worked with partner systems of KoSys Client viz., KoSys Unix process, Web Services, Central Processing System and Billing Systems.
  • Involved in weekly Software Configuration after the deployment of KoSys-Client in test environment. The environment includes middleware, unix shell scripts, data warehousing path and database.
  • Involved in writing SQL statements to check verification of data entered through the frontend, the performance of database when multiple systems are entering the data from various interfaces, verifying if the database is updating in sync with the updates happening from the frontend.
  • Highly involved in understanding business requirements based on the BRD and CDD.

Environment: .Net, Oracle, KoSys Client, HP Quality Center, IBM DDTS, Unix, Waterfall Model.


QA Test Analyst


  • Executed the test cases with high intention to detect defects and validate all the business requirements and testing if the business requirements are completely met in all the application interfaces and respective tables in the database.
  • Highly involved in the shakeout of the test environment before the beginning of the test process and analyzing the stability of the test environment. If the test process fails due to instable environment and middle ware software failures, the NDS infra team was involved and issues got fixed ASAP.
  • Handled the Amdocs Enabler, the billing system and produced bills for multiple cycles of Confidential &T customers. Created BAN’s for multiple types of business requirements, adding products, creating usage for each BAN, running the billing jobs and generating the bills for each BAN.
  • Performed modification of Test Cases to validate the functionality for each release. Involved in interactions with business teams to understand modified functionality and updated the test cases.
  • Performed the smoke test of the integrated test environment which includes middle wares viz., web sphere, daemons, tomcat, tap, tuxedo. Based upon the billing Unix jobs which are run the middleware should to be in sync with the environment and effective testing was performed to generate the Confidential &T customer bills and test the stability of the middle ware.
  • Confidential &T bills generated through the billing process can be presented in eCare where payments and adjustment can be made by the customers. Exhaustive testing was performed to find defects in each bill viewed in eCare.
  • Involved in support services along with the NDS Infra team when UAT was in progress involving offshore teams to perform end to end testing with huge volumes of data in multiple time zones.
  • Discussed every defect with business teams to understand the root cause of the defect and involved development teams in defect meetings.

Environment: Method invoker tool, Oracle, Amdocs Enabler, Unix, HP Quality Center, Tomcat, Web Sphere, Daemons, Tap, Waterfall Model.

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