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Test Engineer Resume

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  • Strong technical acumen in securing software and hardware
  • Knowledge of Penetration testing tools and testing methodologies
  • Analysis of operating system, application and network architectures to identify security vulnerabilities
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of operating systems and distributions.
  • Windows Server and Desktop Network and domain administration, enumeration and exploitation
  • Understanding of the TCP/IP protocol stack and many other protocols, such as routing protocols through to web services
  • Knowledge of security issues related to many common databases including MySQL, MSSQL, MySQL and Oracle
  • Working knowledge of application testing tools and techniques such as packet crafting, XSS and SQL injection
  • Knowledge of the Cisco IOS operating systems used on routers and switches
  • Scripting and programming skills are not necessarily required but are preferred





  • Perform web application assessments utilizing white, grey and black box testing approaches.
  • Perform mobile application security assessments.
  • Complete social engineering and physical on - site assessments.
  • Utilize network mapping, host enumeration and scanning tools when necessary.
  • Complete project work accurately and within deadlines as required.
  • Complete analysis and draw comprehensive conclusions of overall system risk, making recommendations for remediation strategy.
  • Integrate security risk information into risk tracking system and coordinate with internal colleagues to follow up on vulnerability remediation.
  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships with clients and other team members.
  • Gain and maintain a working knowledge of the Security Products and Services.
  • Continually review and enhance existing knowledge of threat analysis and investigations of common product sets and technologies.
  • Support and encourage consultancy team personnel.
  • Participate in providing mentoring support and guidance to team members to help grow skills and capabilities.
  • Be passionate about information security and conduct research on current security topics.

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