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Senior Qa Automation Engineer Resume

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Costa Mesa, CA


  • Expertise in implementing Waterfall / Agile and SCRUM Methodology by analyzing requirement specifications and responsible for developing Test Objective, strategies, Scope, Test procedures and Test Matrices.
  • Extensively involved in UI Automation by using Selenium Web Driver, Java, SOAPUI Testing, Database SQL Testing, Web application Testing.
  • Well versed with Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), Logging and Tracking Defects in all the phases with major responsibilities.
  • Experience in using finder mechanisms like CSS, XPath expression, Link text, Partial Link text and name to find the Web Elements.
  • Skilled in using Selenium APIs such as Take Screenshot for Capturing Failed test cases and reporting them through Bug tracking tools.
  • Experienced dealing with Ajax requests in Selenium Web Driver using Synchronization.
  • Experienced using Accessing Forms, tables, link, Keyboard Mouse Events, Uploading File using Selenium Web Driver
  • Used Hybrid/Data Driven Framework and extracted data from external Excel files using Apache POI and loaded into the variables in the scripted code.
  • Involved in design and implementation of Selenium Web Driver Automation Framework for Smoke test and Regression Test. using TestNG. expertise in Grouping of Test Cases, Test Methods and Test Suites for regression and functional Testing using the Test NG annotations like Groups, Parameter, Data Provider.
  • Experience with Cross - Browser and Compatibility Testing to test whether the web applications are working as desired in different browsers and environments.
  • Worked on Selenium Grid for running the Automation Test script on Different Platforms and Browsers.
  • Used Selenium Web Driver and TestNG to run paralleltesting by creating Groups and categorizing test cases
  • Experience in developing selenium automation framework using TestNG and developing ANT/Maven targets to execute automation suites
  • Experienced in testing REST Web Services, handled JSON Request and Response using json simple andRest assured libraries.
  • Tested SOAP Web Services by understanding the WSDL, driving the parameters from property files and scripting using groovy scripting.
  • Implemented automation scripts for Cucumber BDD framework to test key Business Processes scenarios
  • Developed Test Scripts to implement TDD (Test Driven Development), BDD (Behavior Driven Development) using Cucumber.
  • Performed Continuous integration automation using Jenkins and scheduled the tests to run at specific time.
  • Experience in configuring Jenkins to email the content of the status of the build.
  • Generated test logs using Log4j for various log levels.
  • Experience in preparing test data for positive and negative Testing and identified critical bugs in the product early in the test execution cycle.
  • Expertise in documenting defects with high level of detail, accuracy, and informative recreation steps using JIRA, Bugzilla etc.
  • Expertise in working knowledge of Core Java and Object Oriented Concepts( Inheritance, Polymorphism, Exception Handling and Collections)
  • Experienced in Back-End Testing to ensure data consistency on front-end by writing and executing SQL queries.
  • Maintained the Selenium and JAVA automation code and resources in source controls like SVN, GIT over the time for improvements and new features.
  • Excellent analytical skills with good communication and self-organizing skills, assertive and a committed team player.


Development Methodologies: Agile/ Scrum, Waterfall, Jenkins, Hudson, SVN

Artifacts: Test Plan, Test Case, RTM, Test Summary Report, Bug report

Automation Tools: Selenium IDE, Selenium Web Driver, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid, Quick Test Pro, Cucumber, JUnit, TestNG, log4j, Soap UI.

Frameworks: Data Driven, Hybrid Testing Frame work, Page Object Model.

Bug Management Tools: Rally, Quality Center, JIRA, Bugzilla, Version One.

Programming Languages: Java, JavaScript, HTML, XPath, CSS, Bootstrap, DOM, SOAP, WSDL, REST, JSON.

Database/Database Tools: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Toad, SQL, DynamoDB.

Operating Systems: Windows, XP, UNIX

Utilities: Eclipse, GIT, SVN, Firebug, Fire Path


Confidential, Costa Mesa, CA

Senior QA Automation Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Participated actively in the Sprint Planning, Grooming and Retrospective sessions to analyze the user stories, feature priorities and test timelines.
  • Analyzed the business requirements, participate in reviews and communicate the inconsistencies between the requirements and application.
  • Developed Automation Test Framework in Selenium for UI Regression Test Automation and when necessary and potentially execute Unit Test automation using Java.
  • Worked with AWS S3 and Dynamo DB to automate API testing - REST Web Services using Java and Cucumber framework.
  • Used TestNG as part of UI Automation for grouping, prioritizing, parameterizing and parallel testing. Expertise with Maven to build the project and configuring the dependencies.
  • Worked with BMC Control M for workload automation (batch scheduling) to schedule workloads on a daily, weekly or monthly interval.
  • Performed API testing as a part of integration testing using Postman to determine if they meet expectations for functionality, reliability, performance and security.
  • Tested various Data Extract scripts and Production Exception Requests (PERs) written in SQL to invoke database stored procedures, trigger events such as file transfers and executing windows or web services.
  • Wrote Structured Query Language (SQL) queries to check proper data population in application table and for data verification to perform Backend Testing against Microsoft SQL Database.
  • Used Git as a code repository to check out project from it, make modifications, submit and commit changes to the local repository and then later to the central repository.
  • Used Jenkins to execute the test scripts periodically and performed Cross browser testing and parallel testing on Chrome, Firefox, IE browsers and Safari.
  • Create, execute and maintain number of Test Cases through ALM for functional and UI Testing based on the Use Cases.
  • Weekly analysis of entire internal web application using tabulated spreadsheet of test items for the discovery of regression anomalies introduced from previous patch.
  • Performed cross-browser testing to check applications work on different browsers and versions.
  • Communicated testing progress to business users, and setup meetings with project managers and other senior members on the project to prioritize Test Strategies and Exit Criteria for various testing cycles.

Environment:JIRA, ALM, Control M, Microsoft SQL Server, Postman, SOAPUI, Microsoft tools, Windows, Agile-Scrum.

Confidential, Alexandria, VA

Senior QA Automation Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Participated actively in the Sprint Planning sessions to analyze the user stories in the Product Backlog.
  • Wrote and executed test scenarios, test cases and test scripts for both web applications using Test Complete (java script).
  • Mapped the objects in Name Mapping and developed the automation scripts in Test Complete using java script for DAV application.
  • Developed Automation Test Framework in Protractor for UI Regression Test Automation and when necessary and potentially execute Unit Test automation using JavaScript.
  • Created automation test cases and test scripts using Jasmine framework which is a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on Node.js and in the browser to test the web applications using Protractor Automation Tool.
  • Used the Page Object Model design pattern to create Object Repository for web UI elements and Data Driven framework for reading the data from excel sheets using Apache POI.
  • Worked with SVN to manage files, folders, directories and the modification made to these files.
  • Performed Smoke, Functional, Regression, Positive and Negative Testing for each build of the applications.
  • Used Jenkins and Maven to regularly build the project and manage the builds.
  • Tested the REST Web Services and well handled the JSON request and response using the json-simple libraries.
  • Defined automated acceptance criteria using ATDD to ensure that all project members understand precisely what needs to be done using Cucumber feature file, JUnit Test Runner Class, Gherkin Keywords and Step Definition.
  • Hands on experience in handling synchronizations using waits (Implicit, Explicit) which are Unconditional and Conditional.
  • Developed scripts to find, verify, select, edit and perform various operations on web elements. Used Select class to perform operations on the dropdown list.
  • Performed cross-browser Testing on various browsers like IE, Chrome and Firefox and ensured compatibility on different browsers using JavaScript and Jenkins.
  • Generated HTML based reports for project team members.
  • Used JDBC for Database Testing to execute SQL statements.
  • Analyzed software failures and reported bugs on Rally which has been used as the defect tracking and project management tool.
  • Worked with SQL queries for test data set up in RDBMS-Oracle & DB2, backend database testing, and data validation.

Environment: Rally, Jenkins, Maven, SVN, SQL, Apache-POI, Cucumber, Gherkin, IBMWebSphere, Oracle, Eclipse, Firebug, Firepath, SOAPUI, Java Script, CSS, Protractor, AngularJS, Node.js

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

Test Automation Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Analyzed User stories, Business Requirements, Functional Requirements and System Requirements and participated in Sprint Planning, Review Sessions and Scrum Meetings.
  • Designed Data Driven framework for reading the data from excel sheets using Apache POI (Page Object Index) library and TestNG data provider.
  • Worked with utilities like Firebug and Fire path for the identification of web elements using locators such as id, name, Xpath, CSS Selectors, Link Text, Partial Link Text and Tags.
  • Designed, coded and executed automated tests using Java/TestNG/XML/SQL based test frameworks.
  • Designed and executed the Automation Test Scripts using Selenium Web Driver and TestNG.
  • Worked on Selenium Grid for automation script in Java for cross platform testing.
  • Handled scripts to navigate to various iframes and to handle multiple windows and performed operations on the web elements.
  • Dealt with Ajax requests in Selenium Web driver using Synchronization.
  • Responsible for testing SOAP Web Services by understanding WSDL, driving the parameters from property files and scripting using groovy script.
  • Performed cross-browser Testing on various browsers like IE, Chrome and Firefox and ensured compatibility on different browsers using Java, TestNG and Jenkins.
  • Used Jenkins and Maven to regularly build the project from the remote repository to keep track of failed builds.
  • Used Tags, Data tables, Hooks, Annotations and manage code efficiently by reducing redundancy in cucumber.
  • Integrating Cucumber with Jenkins and thus generate reports according to the requirement.
  • Prepared project metrics and summary reports, defect tracking reports to report the entire status to the product owners and the stakeholders serving as a point of contact.

Environment:Selenium WebDriver, JIRA, Jenkins, Maven, SVN, SQL, Apache-POI, Oracle, Eclipse, Firebug, Firepath, SOAPUI, CSS

Confidential, VA

Test Automation Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Analyzed business requirements and functional documents, created to define thetest environment, phases of Testing, entrance and exit criteria into different phases of Testing and resources required to conduct the effort.
  • Performed the build and maven dependencies using Maven build tool.
  • Developed test scripts to identify the web Elements through locators using Firebug and Fire Path Firefox plugins.
  • Performed Parallel and Cross Browser Testingusing TestNG on different browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox where multiple tests were run at the same time.
  • Used XPath and DOM to work with dynamic and static objects inSelenium.
  • Created test approach and test cases for logging module.
  • Reviewed and analyzed the existing test scripts.
  • Developed HTML TestNG reports for analyzing the output of test using Extent Reports API.
  • Maintained user documentation with Selenium output screenshots for User acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Incorporated the test data in Test scripts from Excel using Apache POI API.
  • DevelopedBack-end Testingusing complex queries to retrieve the user information to cross validate in UI and databases.
  • Maintained the Java and selenium test source code and resources in the SVN source control repository tool.
  • Analyzed test results, tracked the defects and generated reports using JIRA.
  • Prepared the data to cover various scenarios and wrote SQL scripts to verify the database updates, inserts and deletion of the records.
  • Maintained continuous test integration and automatic build by using Jenkins and mailed the build outputs to the team members.
  • Performed agile Testing, reviewed the stories and participated in Daily Scrum, Iteration Planning and Release Planning meeting.
  • Participated QA weekly meetings and various other meetings and discusses enhancement and modification request issues and defects in the application.

Environment:Java,SeleniumWeb Driver, TestNG, Firebug, Fire path, XML, XPATH, DOM, Quality Center, Cucumber, Jira, SVN, Agile, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, SQL, Jenkins, SoapUI, Gherkin, Eclipse, Maven, Oracle.

Confidential, Downers Grove, IL

Test Automation Engineer


  • Drafted Test Plan which included Testing objectives, Testing phases, scenarios and test environment after a thorough analysis of the business rules.
  • Developed Test Plan with a Test Strategy for the System Testing. Instrumental in creating design and frame work for automation.
  • Developed Automation framework using Selenium Web Driver.
  • Tested applications developed in Java with TestNG framework.
  • Used Selenium Web Driver for writing test scripts for regression test coverage.
  • Developed and executed White box test cases of the Java API using TestNG framework &Eclipse.
  • Automated Smoke &Functional test cases using Selenium Web Driver, TestNG & Java (Eclipse IDE).
  • Worked on creating test case for Object -driven framework for Selenium Web Driver.
  • Integrated Automation scripts (Selenium Web Driver API) on Continuous Integration tool Jenkins for nightly batch run of the Script.
  • Coordinated with technical support associates to fix proprietary software issues.
  • Conducted backend Testing using SQL queries to validate data for database.
  • Attend the BRI (Business Requirement Identification) meeting to understand the business Requirements.
  • Worked on Project Management too Jira.
  • Verified, edited and update test data in new or existing systems before Testing.
  • Used Selenium Grid to execute test cases in parallel on different target machines.
  • Involved in preparingTest ScenariosandTest Casesbased on business requirement documents usingTest Director
  • Prepare Test Plan, Test Summary Reports, and Test Cases for manual Testing based on the Requirement Document for the Functional, Integration, and UAT.
  • PreparedRequirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)to trace test cases to functional requirements
  • PerformedGUI, Regressionanddata driven Testing
  • UsedTest Directorfor bug tracking and reporting, also followed up with development team to verify bug fixes, and update bug status using Quality Center.
  • Interacting with the development and Testing teams to improve overall quality of the software
  • Analyzed the performance based on the reports generated
  • Responsible for providing regular status report to the management

Environment: Manual Testing, IBM Rational Clear Quest, Quality Center, Waterfall, UNIX, Windows 2000, SQL server 2005, Oracle8i

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