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Qa Software Engineer/ Firmware Engineer Resume

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Cupertino, CaliforniA


Quality Software engineer with proven ability to achieve bottom line results and meet various projects deadlines, I have over 15 years of diverse experience with various software platforms and business applications and QA testing. I am looking for a position to utilize my extensive software / hardware development skills and technical knowledge.


Programming Languages: C, C++, JAVA, JavaScript, VBscript, PERL, Unix C Shell, batch files in DOS, HTM Data base Environment Oracle Server 10g,11g, Oracle Forms, Oracle Development tools, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, MS Access.

Software Change Management: IBM/Rational Clear Case, Clear Quest, PVCS, MSFT Source

Networking protocols: Frame Relay, ATM, xDsl, OSPF, BGP, MPLS, SNMP, MIB, TCP/IP, LAN / WAN.

Assembly languages: GAL, MIPS, and PC68000.

Operating systems: Solaris 2.x, HP - UX, Windows 95/98/2000/NOperation Platforms,SUN, HP, DEC, SGI, Intel.

Software Automation: by using Perl, Selenium, C, Linux, Confidential iOS, IPTV, iOS/Android Confidential /Audio Compression & Codec, Confidential streaming over Wi-Fi and IP for testing. Confidential Tele-Presence; Management Suits (TMS), Multipoint Control Units (MCS), Confidential Communication Server (VCS) & Tele-Presence End-Point EX90, EX60.

Rally (Agile tracking): Confidential CDET, Software design, testing, and implementationATM / DSLAM Database programming; Oracle /SQL/SQL*Plus/MySQL., Confidential L2, L3 switches protocols, WAN technologies, OSPF & EIGRP routing protocols, VOIP over SIP and H.263, H.264 protocols.


QA Software Engineer/ Firmware Engineer

Confidential, Cupertino, California


  • Setting up various mobile devices and desktop computers to share and sync up their individual collections of photos and videos to a central Lyve storage device or cloud over wireless or wired connection.
  • Running performance tests of photo and Confidential transferred from many Lyve apps on mobile or desktop platforms to a Lyve storage device.
  • Preparing USB drives and SD cards with test photos and videos, attach them to a Lyve storage device, and then monitor and measure the file transfer rate.
  • Verifying picture quality displayed on TVs or monitors connected to a Lyve device via an HDMI cable.
  • Debugging tools used to retrieve Lyve app logs from devices that include Android Debug Bridge (adb), Xcode (ios)
  • Testing Lyve devices’ capability to establish wired and wireless connection to different router models configured with different security mechanisms.
  • Qualifying the Lyve Web Portal and web KIOSK app that can be used by end users to manage all connected devices with shared photos and videos.
  • Performing Smoke / Validation tests to assess a full spectrum of the functionality of Lyve apps on and release builds.
  • I have gained extensive hands-on experience with Lyve app installations and un-installations on different desktop platforms such as Windows and Mac and mobile platforms such as Android and iOS devices.
  • Hand on experience with LYVE Apps on different platforms, Ita (iOS), Avery (Android), Morgan (OSX), Ward (Win)
  • Test management tool: Test Rail and Bug tracking system: JIRA.

SaaS Backend Test Engineer / Wi-Fi Test Engineer

Confidential, San Jose, California


  • Supported and Maintained DMZ projects (Killer One-touch, VMR - virtual Meeting Room, CMR Collaboration meeting Room).
  • Tested audio/ Confidential based products in broadcast industry and Audio codec, include iLBC / iSac/Opus/G711/G723; Confidential codec, include H262/H263/H264/HEVC.
  • Tested Confidential UI on different web browsers (Firefox, Chrome), platform (Win, Mac), and different Mobile devices (ios/android), Window8 Tablet, Confidential Jabber, Tele-presence End-Point Tandberg (EX60/EX90).
  • Ensured that Confidential site is configurable by Confidential users to enable them to schedule / host / join / start / record meetings.
  • Performed Confidential Admin support such as creating new Confidential test sites for specific projects, Configuring admin and super Admin sites of the Confidential meeting site, adding Confidential users, and assigning privilege access rights for each users upon their request.
  • Provided customer support and verified customer issues on Mac/Win includes Confidential /Audio/Data streaming over Multicast, Wi-Fi, SIP, Wi-Fi network statistic, packet loss, IP Access point, Confidential /Audio Codec; Verify that the Confidential can send the enhanced streams to all host/participant devices.
  • Detected and analyzed the data rate smoothing features, and the TX/RX packet loss across the Wi-Fi network and IP access point.
  • Designed test plans and graphic to support projects documents.
  • Designed and updated project information on QA Wiki page.
  • Validates bug fixes and performed testing to ensure product quality and integrity.
  • Reported and updated bugs on CDET Confidential bug tracking system.
  • Worked with various network devices such as Confidential TMS, Confidential MCU, Confidential Tele-presence system Tandberg EX60/EX90, Confidential firewall VCS, DMZ servers; Windows/Mac/Linux/Unix expertise.

Solution QA Test Engineer

Confidential, Santa Clara, California


  • Streamer UI Testing - test Streamer web UI on various web browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. Ensure that SVM Streamer server is configurable; SVM sessions can be created, configured, started, and stopped; Web application and the Streamer server are synched up and provide flexibility for a user-friendly configuration
  • SVM Streamer backend- Responsible for end-to-end solution testing with the Encoder, Streamer, and Reporter. Ensure that the Streamer can create sessions that ingest IP/HD SDI input from the Encoder; Verify that the Streamer can send the enhanced streams to mobile devices. Detect and analyze the data rate smoothing feature, and the packet loss across the Wi-Fi network; SDK Client - Responsible for end-to-end testing, with iOS and Android mobile devices. End-to-end testing covers the quality testing of Confidential -Audio/Data multicast streaming.
  • Installing Streamer RPM package on VM (VMWARE), along with network configuration.
  • Confidential Wi-Fi testing - Connected Stadium Wi-Fi/AP - configuration of Confidential WLC, creating WLAN interface, configuring multicast buffers and beacon intervals of Wifi multicast, TX/RX packet loss analysis from IP Access point; Troubleshoot Wi-Fi packet loss at customer sites
  • Network tools - Elemental Confidential Encoder, Confidential Inlet Confidential Encoder, Wire-shark Capture of Wi-Fi Multicast, Confidential Wireless LAN Controller (WLC), Tektronix, PCAP-Reader
  • Automation tools - developed the Selenium scripts, extended pcap-reader tool written in C.
  • Installation tasks - verified ISO image for Streamer/Reporter server and server installation
  • Designed test plan and test cases for Streamer and Reporter servers
  • Developed installation guide, provided details to release note and supported end-user technical documentation team
  • I have developed extensive experience with No SQL technologies (Cassandra, Mongo) and experience working in third party cloud environments

Software QA / Program Manager

Confidential, San Jose, California


  • Evaluated compatibility by performing functional verification to achieve full production release for all new test cards(Pin Electronics, FPGA, Pattern Generators and Parametric Measurement Units).
  • Designed and completed the test plans and test cases to automat testing of new IC's including consumer power management, data converter, analog / digital and mixed signal chips.
  • Tracked, reported, reviewed, analyzed and verified issues using bug tracking system.
  • As a program manager, I was the focal point for effective communication. I ran cross-functional meetings and set agendas. I also published minutes, captured actions, and drove them to closure. I finally presented oral and written updates at monthly management reviews and participated in office management setup.

QA / Audio / Graphic Engineer

Confidential, Cupertino, California


  • Reviewed and prepared business requirements, engineer design documents for many project.
  • Designed and provided Test Matrix for test plans and test cases.
  • Monitored energy saving during Graphic testing. Applications involved include QuickTime Player 7, QuickTime Player 10, iTunes, iChat, Preview, System Preferences, Microsoft Word, Photo Booth, Safari/Firefox (reference to youtube.com, hulu.com), Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Bluetooth File Exchange
  • Monitored energy saving during Confidential /Audio testing. Ensured that Confidential quality (SD/HD) and audio quality work fine when playing any movie using listed applications such as QuickTime Player (7,x), QuickTime Player 10, iTunes, Safaris/Firefox (reference to youtube.com, hulu.com), Confidential Apps (iChat, Photo Booth)
  • Performed hands on MAC OS X installation; build performance and testing process for QuickTime Player project before releasing to the engineers
  • Ttracked, reported, reviewed, analyzed Software quality issues using Radar - Confidential Bug Tracking System (version 6.9), a tool for managing the quality of hardware and software development projects. Upon resolution these issues were verified
  • Provided training document on build release and testing performance - Confidential QuickTime project and ensured that all test cases and test plans are updated for each new OS testing
  • I gained very good hands on experience with iMac (MAC OS X, version 10.6.2) and other Mac Book Pro hardware and software. OS Environment Unix ( Confidential version of free BSD)

QA Confidential Engineer

Confidential, Sunnyvale, California


  • Reviewed and prepared all business requirements and engineer design documents for project.
  • Designed Test Matrix for test plans while the project was under development process.
  • Focused on input of PAL/NTSC, Mpeg2 SD/HD Confidential /audio in both progressive and interlace and performed application stress testing.
  • Verified that Trans-coder product can be able to take MPEG 2 input to decode / re-encode to H.264 Confidential along with trans-coded / pass-through audio functionalities
  • Analyzed process features such as resolutions upscale/downscale, consolidated bit-rate, GUI test, delay mode, main Confidential quality, PIP Confidential quality, GOP structures.
  • Analyzed, designed, coded, and updated the automation scripts for the functional testing of Trans-coder and Encoder projects by utilizing the PERL and executed PERL automation scripts in parallel to the manual test during week day, weekend, and over night to support detecting and simulating the bug issues.
  • Tested critical bug fixes including critical fixes and coordinated with developers in release of bug fixes meeting tight timeline.
  • Tracked,, reviewed, and analyzed defects using Web application to ensure that all the test cases and test plans are updated in the database.
  • Designed the multicast ip addresses for the lab ip network, STB channel mapping. Devices used are, DVD player/off-fair/files, Gigabit Ethernet, iplex-Transcoders/Encoders, Confidential switch, Set-Top-Box, TVs.
  • Worked with many Network tools such as ffmpeg, TSreader, Stream Eyes, Elecard, Harisscope, Spirent Adtech; Environment: Windows, Linux, PERL.

Network Engineer

Confidential, San Jose, California


  • Evaluated Next Generation DSLAM based on Samsung NG-DSLAM AceMap system, LPVA - T1 Frame Relay project.
  • Worked with SPIRENT Adtech AX/4000 test equipment (T1 Frame Relay, ATM DS3 interfaces), DSU/CSU, BPX, MGX to generate voice and data traffic from FR to ATM and ATM to Frame relay network to emulate customer traffic.
  • Participated in Adtech Training (Smartbit, AX/4000)- Testing Routing protocols (OSPF, BGP, MPLS).

Test Engineer / Build Release Engineer

Confidential, Santa Rosa, California


  • Software Build Tasks, developed, applied and maintained Software Build and Software Released, Tracked System bugs, ClearQuest API, Rational ClearCase (UCM), Visual Source Safe, ClearQuest(UCM), Remedy (ARS), Merant PVCS tools, ClearQuest Admin.
  • CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) test: Tested CPE components include ADSL, SDSL, IDSL, DMT, SHDSL router, experienced with ATM switch, Confidential Router 3500.
  • Worked with Network test tools, Spirent Adtech, IP Sniffer.

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