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Sr. Manufacturing Design Engineer Resume

Downey, CA


  • More than 19 years of experience in design and development processes, manufacturing and quality of electronic and electrical devices working in wide environment and frequency ranges, built according ISO9001, AS9001, some MIL standards.
  • Establish team and individual goals and providing monthly performance metrics for the processes - manufacturing and quality.
  • Managing, planning, scheduling, supervising and training for manufacturing, quality and testing staff.
  • Design test fixtures and harnesses for all electrical and mechanical assembly levels.
  • Development ATP, instructions and revising BOM.
  • Providing DFM, DMAIC and DFSS analysis, qualification tests improvements.
  • Building or improving a “bridge” between design and manufacturing.
  • Providing DFMEA/PFMEA, RCA and Gage R&R analyses, implementing KAIZEN.
  • Providing IQ/OQ/PQ for production and test equipment, DOE.


Tools: MATLAB (Simulink), MS Office, Minitab, VISIO, AutoCAD, Inventor, LabView. Control operations, inventory, customer communications with Oracle, Agile, ERP, CRM.


Sr. Manufacturing Design Engineer

Confidential, Downey, CA


  • Electrical and RF consulting, design system for harness electrical tests, development system based on Raspberry Pi 3 for Azure IoT Hub.

Manufacturing Engineer

Confidential, Valencia, CA


  • Designed test fixtures and harnesses for manufacturing QA tests, design Test Kits (fixture, harness and procedures for product family) - SkyLink Mini II, SkyLink Mini S, SkyLink LC, ST500, Mobile Ground Data Terminals according to ISO9001, AS9001 for QA tests - electro-mechanical, RF - PCB and antennas (till 20GHz), rotaries, motors and all levels of assemblies, planning and scheduled WIP on manufacturing floor, revised existing ATP and wrote new, meeting with Configuration Manager regarding improvements of company coding, gathered history and performed troubleshooting analysis of RMA issues, controlled MRB, implemented lean six sigma metrics for monitoring effectivity processes performed DFMEA and RCA analysis for finding “bottlenecks” of assemblies, developed instruction for check-in control of vendor’s parts, used ERP for control inventory and operations with WO and RW.

Tester IT systems

Confidential, Calabasas, CA


  • Tested, verified and validated customer’s - LAN and WLAN systems and modules, provided FMEA and RCA analysis, gathered info in ORACLE and Agile systems communicated with customers and supported them with specific attributes of products, provided advising for electrical and RF engineering, trained customers for correct use of test programs, verified and validated wireless modules for running standards IEEE 802.11, provided and analyzed endurance tests results with different failure criteria, worked with wide spectrum company products NGY 10GE SFP+, CloudStorm 100GE (Application and Security Test Load Module), PerfectStorm, Xcellon-Multis QSFP+ and many others

Sr. Manufacturing Engineer

Confidential, Pasadena, CA


  • Managed manufacturing and testing processes of high speed digital cameras - 20k and 65k frames/s, developed and revised existing ATPs, instructions for assembly and testing, planned and scheduled weekly manufacturing WIP, improved cooling video sensor by implementing new materials with higher thermic conductivity, which allowed to reduce thermic noise and thus improve the quality of cameras image, provided FMEA and RCA implemented First Article Inspection for Confidential extenders and analyzed/gathered measurements which were reported to CTO, performed qualification tests for new cameras, provided feedback for SW and HW engineers, participated in development of Impact test for LabView program, developed ATP for this test, used some of a lean six sigma methods to improve manufacturing processes and achieved consistency in quality of image, used CRM system for recording metrics of manufacturing process and provided the customers info on product status, controlled WO and RW for RMA’s, manufactured product families NX, NXA, Y, X and XS, LED for camera’s Lights.

Design Engineer

Confidential, CA


  • Designed high frequency OCXO oscillators with very stable characteristics in temperature range -40+120C for commercial and military implementations, developed through hole and SMD OCXO with ultralow Phase Noise - stability 50 PPB in wide temperature ranges and PN offset, developed DOE, provided manufacturing and test results analysis of prototypes and mass production oscillators, trained manufacturing staff for tuning oscillators and running environmental tests, participated in design test programs on VEE PRO for wide spectrum environmental conditions where the some projects were performed according Confidential -3012 and under ITAR, supported marketing engineers to negotiate new specs and deploy new products, managed technician and engineering staff.

Oscillator Engineer

Confidential, Middleton, WI


  • Designed high frequency OCXO for commercial and military purposes, designed, tested and prepared engineering releases of documentation for manufacturing oscillators with AT, BT, SC-cuts of crystals working on 3rd, 5th, 7th overtones, designed ultralow Phase Noise - 110dBc@15Hz offset, designed SMD OCXO schematics for different frequencies, finished five projects for commercial and military purposes, performed qualification tests and managed manufacturing prototyping own projects, finished some projects performed according to MIL-PRF-55310 under ITAR.

Design Engineer and Project Manager



  • Started as design engineer and later worked as a Project Manager of crystal oscillators - VCXO, FCXO, OCXO; designed and managed a prototyping SMD and through hole VCXO, OCXO, FCXO (with PLL), planned and scheduled WIP weekly, developed environmental test programs on HP VEE (GPIB interface), used some Six Sigma methods for development of ATP, for pre-selection crystals, which allowed to short tuning time in manufacturing till 70% and increased tuning accuracy to 10%, designed test fixtures for oscillator’s tuning, researched different environmental factors on phase noise of oscillators, designed VCXO for 77.78MHz, 19.00MHz, 25MHz, 51MHz, 100.00MHz, 120MHz, 144MHz, 155.52MHz and so on, FCXO for 19.00 and 77.78MHz, OCXO 10.00MHz, 12.00MHz, 100.00MHz, developed ATP, instructions for manufacturing tests and QA control, tuning, researched different accelerated methods of aging crystals and oscillators, trained manufacturing and QA technicians, provided NPI process for many projects, supported marketing engineers to negotiate new specs and deploy new products, managed engineers and technicians.

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