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Electrical Test Engineer Resume



MATLAB(Simulation and Programming): Embedded Systems

Digital Design: DC - DC Converters

Programming: C#, Embedded C, Python.

Simulating: MATLAB

Hardware: ATMEL Microcontrollers & ARM series

Software: Altium PCB design, Microsoft Package


Confidential, WA

Electrical Test Engineer


  • I study new products and prototype as we prepare for production.
  • I develop an automate tests according to customer s need.
  • I write software either in C# or Python to automate the functional test.
  • I capture and analyse test results and report to quality manager at the end of each run.
  • I work closely with design engineers before and during prototype production advising them in changes and adjustments that increases overall production efficiency.
  • This includes PCB design, Firmware upgrades, circuit design and final assembly.
  • I train operators to perform the test, and technicians with debug and detailed failure analyses.
  • I often work on class 3 products.

Embedded Engineer



  • I designed and develop a wide range of embedded systems based on ARM architecture.
  • I developed multiple libraries for AVR family.
  • I am experienced in implementing different communication protocols such as I2C, SPI, USART, Wi - Fi and USB.
  • I developed products with graphic displays, touch screens and various devices such as external memories, accelerometers and GPS receivers.

Hardware Engineer



  • I Designed and developed verity of Digital and Analog circuits.
  • I worked on high end audio amplifier, I developed an algorithm to analyse audio signal using MATLAB and embedded the technique in an audio amplifier.
  • This required extensive knowledge of digital signal processing and MATLAB skill.
  • I have designed high performance switching power-supplies, DC motor Controllers with precise position control and Battery Charger with variable charging modes.

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