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Sdet /qa Engineer Resume

Phoenix, ArizonA


  • 8+ years of experience in Software Quality Assurance Testing of Web, Windows, Web Services, Client/Server Applications and Databases in Finance, Healthcare, eCommerce, Mobile Applications domains.
  • Excellence in developing JAVA based automation testing tools like Selenium Web Driver/Grid/RC/IDE test scripts using Junit/TestNG, ANT/MAVEN build tools, Jenkins/Hudson for Continuous Integration.
  • Used BDD framework with Cucumber, Java and created future files with scenario and scenario outline files.
  • Knowledge on HTML semantics/tagging and hyperlink integrity.
  • Tested and Validated Complex Web services, SOA Applications, SOA Interfaces, WSDL Files and Tested SOAP File.
  • Worked on Jenkins to implement continuous integration (CI) and Continuous deployment (CD) processes
  • Proficient in testing database applications developed with SQL Server, Oracle and MS Access.
  • Experience inMobile APP testing on Android, iPad and iPhone,Emulator, Simulatorto perform Mobile App testing, phone functionality and native app testing.
  • Experienced with Web Services, SOAP, SOAPUI, REST technologies writing with Groovy Scripts.
  • Designed and programmed REST API backend to serve web and mobile applications.
  • Experienced in providing the efficient locators strategy like XPath and CSS to run WebDriver script in stable condition.
  • Supported test automation framework by writing new testing methods with Python using Selenium Web Driver and Visual Studio.
  • Good experience in Rest Assured and Tested both XML and JSON formats.
  • Working experience with defect tracking tools like Clear Quest and Test Director/Quality Center (QC), Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) and Team Foundation Server.
  • Experience in integrating Automation scripts (Selenium WebDriver API) onContinuous Integration tools (CI/CD) Jenkins for nightly batch run of the Script.
  • Utilized Jenkins, Git, and Eclipse for deployment on test servers and to move towards CI/CD.


Testing/Defect Management Tools: Selenium Web Driver/IDE/GRID/RC, QTP, UFT, JIRA, HP Quality Centre, Test - NG, Load Runner, Cucumber, SOAP UI, Github, APPIUM, Bugzilla, Manual Testing.

Framework: TDD, BDD, J unit, Test-NG, Protractor, Page Object.

Language: Java, python, SQL, C#, HTML, XML, VB, JavaScript, VB Script.

Data Base: MS SQL Server, My SQL, DB2, Oracle 12c/11g

Processes: Software Testing Life Cycle, Defect Life Cycle, Testing Methodologies, Black& White Box Testing Techniques, Agile Process.

Build/CI Tools: Ant, Maven, Jenkins, Hudson.

Development Environment: Eclipse, Selenium, Testing, TestScripts, Visual studio 2010/12

Platforms: Windows Family, UNIX, Linux


Confidential, Phoenix, Arizona

SDET /QA Engineer


  • Interacted with Product Owner, Customers and Project team members in analyzing theUser storiesandacceptance criteria.
  • Extensively worked on test cases involving validation of data at all levels including field levelvalidatorsandUI validation.
  • Involved in Design, Architecture, Development ofBDDframework by writingfeaturesfiles,step definitionsand closely worked with theProduct ownerusingCucumber.
  • Expertise in usingSelenium Gridto run test scripts on different platforms and againstdifferent browsersinparallelto save time.
  • UsedXPathandDOMto work with dynamic and static objects in Selenium.
  • Implemented the architecture ofBDD frameworkfromscratchby using the existing Hybrid components.
  • Expertise in grouping of test suites, test cases and test methods forregressionandfunctionaltesting usingTestNGAnnotations like Groups, Parameter, Data Provider and Tags.
  • Used TestNG Parameter,TestNG.xmlandData Providerfor parameterization.
  • Used Selenium automation (TestNG) to different type of browsers to perform Cross Browser Testing.
  • Prepared SQL scripts to verify thedatabase updates, inserts and deletesof the records.
  • Involved in Web services testing usingSOAPUI/Ready API Tool. Validated request and response XML. Added assertions to validate the XML inWeb services SOAP and RESTFULservice.
  • Performed data driven testing by getting the data from excel sheet and automated multiple endpoints with various data sets and generated the reports.
  • Data Defined and Manipulate (DDL/DML) using SQL Queries in MYSQL.
  • Automated RESTful web services by usingREST Assuredjava libraries
  • Automated the mobile version of the application usingAppium, Selenium and Java
  • Mapped all the Requirements with the test cases using Requirement traceability matrix (RTM).

Confidential, Portland, Oregon

Automation Engineer/SDET


  • Involved in various meetings withBusiness analysts and developers.
  • ConductedFunctional testing, Regression Testing using selenium with Data-driven framework and Key- Word driven framework.
  • Worked on Guidewire’s Data hub and Info center solutions for Commercial Lines Transformation.
  • Worked on anEnd to End Guidewire Datahub/Info centerimplementation of Policy center for Business Owners Property.
  • Worked on Guidewire Policy Center to Datahub Data Conversion Effort for Business owners.
  • Created automation test scripts using data Driven framework and Page Factory model to test the web applications usingSelenium WebDriverwith JAVA and maven.
  • Expertise in usingSelenium Gridto run test scripts on different platforms and against different browsers in parallel to save time.
  • UsedJenkinsto execute the test scripts periodically onSelenium Gridfor different platforms like desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Performed Cross browser testing andParallel testingonChrome, Firefox and Safari using TestNG and Maven on Selenium grid.
  • Expertise in grouping of Test suites, Test cases and Test Methods for Regression and Functional Testing usingTestNG Annotationslike Groups, Parameter, Data Provider and Tags.
  • UtilizedMaventoManage dependenciesfor Test execution, plug-ins and created profiles of grouped Test cases to Run sanity and Regression Testing.
  • Involved in developingBDD Frame workfrom Scratch.
  • Involved in the usage of BDD framework toDevelop CucumberStep Definitions, Scenarios and Features using acceptance criteria.
  • Involved inDevOps Migration/automationprocesses for Build and Deploy systems.
  • Setting upJenkinsmaster, adding the necessary plugins and adding more slaves to support scalability and agility.
  • Planning and setting up of Continuous Integration for various properties onJenkins with Commit, Component, Assembly,Deploy and Smoke jobs.
  • Experience setting up instances likeElastic Load BalancerinAWSfor high availability.
  • UsedAWS to deploy the projectonEC2 instance. Implementation of the Business logic layer for Services.
  • As Test Automation Engineer driving towards the quality and effectiveness of DigitalProduct EASE Web Plat form.
  • Experience inwriting complex XPATHusing following and preceding and using functions like contains and not contains.
  • Thorough experience in implementingAutomation Tools Selenium WebDriver, JUnit, TestNG, Eclipse, Git/GitHub, Jenkins, SOAP UI and REST with POSTMAN.
  • Used the Groovy language toVerify Web Services Through SOAP UI
  • Shared Daily Status Reports with all the team members, Team Leads, Managers.

Confidential, North Chicago, IL

Automation Tester


  • Extensively involved in all stages of testing life cycle, Software Development Life cycle (SDLC), Test Driven Development methodologies, and used agile methodologies.
  • Developed automation test code in Java language using Eclipse IDE and TestNG framework.
  • Assessed & analysed user stories and participated in Sprint planning, Review Sessions & Scrum Meetings and developed Test scenarios, Test cases, Test data, Test procedures, Test reports.
  • Participated in Fast paced dynamic 2 weeks’ sprint in a Scalable Agile Framework (SAF).
  • Worked with Selenium Web Driver with Java for write test scripts.
  • As a Automation Tester, participated in walkthroughs for the evaluation of the testplan with the design and development
  • Participated in QA team and Bug tracking or Defect Review meetings.
  • Extensively worked in Regression testing, Parallel Processing using Selenium Web Driver in Test-NG.
  • Used Selenium Grid to run test cases in multiple browsers and Platforms.
  • Prepared and Execution of test scripts using Test-NG and SeleniumWeb-Driver.
  • Implemented Selenium Web Driver Synchronization features such as Implicit Wait, Explicit Wait to interact with third party interfaces.
  • Experienced in dealing with multiple windows, alerts and pop-ups.
  • Used Firebug, Fire Path to debug, edit and locate the objects based on ID, Name, XPath, CSS Selector, Link, Partial Link, Attributes and Tags.
  • Implemented Data Driven with Test-NG automation framework using Selenium as Java Language.
  • Achieved Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) implementation with Cucumber where backend language used is Javaand expanded test scenarios, tracked Cucumber reports.
  • Web Service testing (RESTful API) and Automation using Apache JMeter usingJSON payloads.
  • Extensively used LoadRunner for Performance / Load/Stress and Volume testing.
  • Performed Parallel and Cross Browser testing on different browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox where multiple tests can run at the same time using Selenium Grid.
  • Used GitHub for source code management and extensive used GIT command line interpreter
  • Using GitHub source control when necessary and test on QA Environments with any change releases by the developers.
  • Performed Back end testing by writing SQL statements like Join, Inner Joins, Outer joins and Self Joins used SQL Developer

Confidential, McLean, VA

Test Automation Engineer/Mobile Tester


  • Designed Automation Test cases using Selenium WebDriver, Java, Junit, and Maven.
  • Used Selenium Grid to run test cases in multiple browsers and Platforms.
  • Responsible for implementation of Hybrid Test Automation Framework, Page Object Model using Selenium WebDriver, Junit, Maven and Java.
  • Perform functional and browser compatibility testing on mobile (Windows Mobile), web and desktop applications (Windows).
  • Developed automation script for Mobile Native applications (IOS, Android) using Appium.
  • Integrated Automation scripts (Selenium WebDriver API) in Continuous Integration tools (Jenkins) for nightly batch run of the Script.
  • Used emulators and IOS simulators to perform the manual Mobile Testing.
  • Hands on experience on performing Load testing with Load Runner.
  • Developed test cases and automation test scripts based on business / functional specifications using SOAPUI.
  • Performed web services testing with SOAP UI by validating request and response for XML, JSON files.
  • Involved in testing of services using SOAP/REST services using SOAP UI, Groovy Script.
  • Created automated test suites using CA Lisa for testing the APIs with Virtualized as well as live integrated environments.
  • Performed data driven testing by using JDBC and Groovy script as a data source in SOAP UI and configured SQL queries to fetch data from the Oracle database.

Confidential, San Mateo, CA

QA Analyst / Automation Engineer


  • Project is developed usingagilemethodology.
  • Analysed and reviewed Story Boards to gain overall understanding of the functionality of the application. creating automation scripts by using QTP with Data driven testing framework.
  • Created functional libraries with user defined functions and associated with the tests.
  • Implemented Recovery Scenario to handle unexpected events or errors.
  • Implemented SOAP UI for Web service Testing.
  • Developed Data Driven Tests using SOAP UI and automated functional testing.
  • Responsible for documenting the Automated Test results using SOAP UI and QTP.
  • Executed and scheduled the automation test scripts from Quality Centre.
  • Involved in Backend Database testing by using My SQL.
  • Written automation test cases in Java
  • Performed load testing to determine the upper limit of all the components of application like database, hardware and network so that it could manage the anticipated load in future.
  • Performed performance testing to establish the benchmark behaviour of the system.
  • Involved inUser Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the application.
  • Involved in Knowledge Transfer, Group Discussion, Training Session and Brainstorming.
  • Prepared theTest Resultsdocument which summarizes testing activities and results.


QA Engineer


  • Analysed the Business Requirements Document (BRD), developed Test cases and Test scripts for the application under test
  • Reviewed the Business Requirement documents with the business and development team to understand the architecture and prepared the Test plans for all assigned project releases.
  • Manually performed and involved in Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Cross Browser Testing, UI testing, and Accessibility Testing.
  • Developed and maintained automated test scripts on eCommerce websites for Regression testing using QTP, including parameterizing QTP Scripts.
  • Execution of smoke tests on each build using QTP and reporting the results to management.
  • Performed integration testing & data validations using QTP for various interfaces.
  • Developed utility scripts in QTP to export data from different database tables to Excel.
  • Developed workarounds for many of QTP challenges by writing VB Script functions.
  • Executing test cases, ad-hoc product testing, reporting bugs and reporting tester status, writing test scripts, test automation using diverse testing tools like QTP, Win-Runner and Load-Runner.
  • Worked with the Web programming language HTML5, CSS3, XML, JSON and selected web element by using Firebug and Fire Path.
  • Involved in Web Service testing and validating the XML files.
  • Developed Test cases based on the requirements, participated in implementation of Test Cases, and Test Script according to the Business Requirements, System Requirements.
  • Coordinated with UAT team by providing them with test cases and test data
  • Actively participated in sprint planning, start and close meetings.
  • Systems Integration Testing of web-based application, time tracking through electronic gadgets (devices and mobiles).

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