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Qa Automation Engineer Resume

Wallingford, CT


  • Senior QA Automation Engineer with 7 years of experience in all phases of Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), Skilled in different programming and testing technologies, utilizing automation tools like Web, API Testing with hands on experience in different technologies like JAVA, Selenium, Maven, Jenkins, Cucumber, SoapUI serving various domains such as Banking, Retail and E - Commerce, Healthcare.
  • Experienced in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Waterfall and Agile Scrum model. Extensively involved in UI Automation by using Selenium WebDriver, Java, SoapUI testing, Database Testing, Web Application Testing.
  • Creating test automation scripts from scratch using different Hybrid frameworks like Page Object, Module Patterns, UI Mapping, Data driven patterns with Selenium WebDriver, JUnit, TestNG, Apache POI, Maven.
  • Experience in Selenium Automation using Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, Java, Test NG, POM framework, Jira and Eclipse.
  • Extensively uses JIRA tool for maintaining the testing tasks, test data management, defect tracking, and reporting for all User Stories.
  • Expertise in different types of testing like Automation testing, Manual testing, Integration testing, System testing, Smoke testing, Regression testing, JUnit Testing, Black box testing, Grey Box testing, Functional testing, Database testing, GUI testing, Web / UI and (UAT)User Acceptance Testing. good knowledge in connecting .net framework with SQL using entity framework, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to XML technologies.
  • Experience with WebDriver 3.0 - implemented Synchronization, Ajax requests, child windows, Iframes, Actions API, Events, Browser Logs and Performance Logs. construction management, project controls, procurement/contracting, and project management Design, develop and maintain test plans, applications, and automated test script in Cucumber, Selenium WebDriver and Java.
  • Experience in POSTMAN an API testing tool. Experience with automation of Android apps using Appium on emulators and real devices. Used AndroidUIAutomator, Touch Actions and Key Events.
  • Hands on experience working with adb commands, UIAutomator Viewer and Appium Inspector to find elements.
  • Experience with Jenkins, Docker Containers and AWS for continuous integration and testing.
  • Experience with Selenium Grid and understanding on cloud-based testing - Browser Stack and Sauce Labs.
  • Experience with Git and GitHub - worked with Feature and Bug Fix branching systems with CI/CD pipelines.
  • Experience with MySQL and MongoDB for transactional databases to do data validations and test data preparation.
  • Conduct test case reviews, provide project related status reporting, coordinate all release planning and lead the testing team through all project phases.


Test Approaches: Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, SDLC, STLC, Bug Life Cycle

Testing Tools: Selenium WebDriver/Grid, SOAPUI, POSTMAN, Rest Assured, Appium, JMeter, HTTP Client, Cucumber, Sauce Labs

Test Build& Integration Tools: Maven, Jenkins, ANT

Frameworks: Keyword Driven, Data Driven, Hybrid, Page Object Model (POM)

Programming Tools: JAVA, JavaScript, VB Script, Gherkin, SQL C, C++

Markup Languages: HTML, XML, XPath, CSS Selector

Databases: MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Mongo DB, No SQL

Browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari

Defect Tools: HP Quality Center, JIRA

Utilities: Eclipse, GITHUB, SVN, Firebug, Fire Path


Confidential, Wallingford CT

QA Automation Engineer


  • Reviewed Business Requirement and Software Specification Requirements to achieve better understanding of the Application.
  • PreparedTest PlanandTest Cases.
  • ExecutedTest Casesand Gathered Test Execution results.
  • Analyzed existing and planned business processes. Documented workflows and createdfunctional specsfor development.
  • PerformedBack-end testingusingSQL queriesto access the main database.
  • Performed extensivefunctionalGUIlevel testing and wrote /modified tests from scratch.
  • Implemented T-SQL/SQL Scriptsand Wrote SQL queries to validate data.
  • PerformedSanity, Smoke,Functional, Security, ConfigurationandUser Acceptance testing manually.
  • Tested the Application in differentWeb Browsersand on Multiple Platforms-UNIX, Linux and Windows.
  • Manually testedcalculations ofhome and auto insurancerates and dividends using MS-Excel and cross checked for results data.
  • Performed calculations onExcel sheetto estimate how much life insurance a person needs, based on the debts customer has.
  • Handled various Alerts using different methods such as dismiss, accept, getText in an effective way depending on the requirement.
  • Developed REST API automation framework - validating - response header, status, body, authentication, authorization and CSRF using Rest Assured, Java8, TestNG.
  • Performed manual testing of REST API using POSTMAN, worked with collections and CRUD operations.
  • Involved in creating test cases for Mobile App testing for Android Devices using Appium and Android Tools adb and Emulators.
  • Used Maven for dependency management and build management. Used Jenkins, Docker Containers and AWS for continuous integration and testing.
  • Worked on GIT Repository and developed Maven build scripts and executed them in Jenkins to build Production Environment.
  • Worked with GeckoDriver, ChromeDriver (with extensions), Headless Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge Driver, RemoteWebDriver
  • Executed parallel browser testing on various machines using Selenium Grid and performed cross browser testing.
  • Used Chrome Developer Tools - Browser storage monitoring, console, network traffic, timeline, and debugging.
  • Experience using query tools for MYSQL and MongoDB Server to validate reports and troubleshoot data quality issues.
  • Worked with Java 8 - dates, streams, lambda, method references.
  • Analyzing User Stories, building up all the test cases and log bugs through JIRA.

Environment: Agile, Java, Selenium WebDriver, POSTMAN, SOAPUI, JMeter, Maven, SQL, JIRA, UNIX.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

QA Automation Engineer.


  • Designed, executed, and maintained automated test case using Selenium WebDriver,
  • TestNG for regression testing.
  • Efficient management of JIRA for bug tracking and TestRail for the test case and test design documents.
  • Extensively used Selenium (XPath and CSS locators) to test the web application.
  • Selected the test cases to be automated and performed functional testing of the frontend using.
  • Selenium (WebDriver) & created Data Driven Framework using TestNG.
  • Creating detailed database test automation scripts capable of validating schemas, data elements and advanced calculations.
  • Understanding of database design and implementation.
  • Used Hybrid Framework of Selenium to get data from Excel.
  • Performed Acceptance tests in BDD format using Cucumber.
  • Functional and Cross Browser Testing of Defined Browser Stack for the site experience.
  • Used Apache HTTP Client in Selenium WebDriver for automating Web Service testing.
  • Involved in creating test cases and automation test scripts for RESTful Web Services and
  • Validated RESTful Web Services using Apache HTTP Client and manually tested using POSTMAN.
  • Used JMeter to test the Stress, Performance and Load of the REST API’s created and executed automated functional, regression, compliance tests.
  • Experience with Assertions like schema compliance, XPath
  • Performed execution and logging defect in Quality Center and Verification of defects for
  • System Testing.
  • Conducted Functional testing, Regression testing, Integration testing and User Acceptance.
  • Performed REST API Testing using Http Java Test Client for SOAP/REST web API’s.
  • Updated the Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM), with Test Case id’s and make sure that all BR’s (Business Requirements), TR’s (Technical Requirements) and DDRs (Detail
  • Design Requirements) were mapped perfectly and all Requirements were covered with Test cases.

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber, TestNG, Maven, POSTMAN.

Confidential, Boston, MA

QA Automation Engineer


  • Participated in collecting and analyzing the business requirements.
  • UsedQuality Centerto manage test procedures.
  • Part of the process of writing test strategies, test plans and test cases for manual and automated testing.
  • Performedfront end,back end,GUI,Functionality,Securitytesting on the application.
  • Involved in Manual User acceptance testing with various combinations.
  • Involved inRegressionandsmoke testingfor the new build functionality testing.
  • Worked directly with developers to report discrepancies and to resolvedefectsand track changes to status.
  • Involved in planning and creatingTest scenariosandTest objectivesto ensure that the system modification will meet the specified business requirements.
  • PerformedData DrivenTest scripts for reading multiple data.
  • UsedQuality Centerto create report.
  • Performed BDD (Behavior Driven Development), ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development) using Cucumber Features, Scenarios and Step Definitions.
  • Used SoapUI to test the application web services.
  • Used Maven Performed continuous integration of code and scripts using Jenkins. Configured and launched builds using Jenkins jobs and analyzed the Test Results from Jenkins UI.
  • Worked on SQL queries to verify data integrity and validate updated data for the Test cases in different modules of the application.
  • Performed defect tracking, using tools such as Bugzilla, Jira and Quality Center.
  • Execution XML requests and documented responses for Web Services Data Using Soap UI.
  • Developed SQL scripts/queries for data verification to compare the expected results with database and analyzed the data and the calculations in the mapping for its correctness.
  • Created and executed SQL inquiries to verify the correct inclusion, cancellation and updates into the Oracle supporting tables and cubes.
  • Involved in daily Defect Triage meetings with Project Managers and developers during System testing and UAT.
  • Used Firebug Tool to identify the Object's id, Name, XPath, link in the application.
  • Lead sub-teams, assigned project work to testers, provided input to Test Plan, point of escalation, SME within function or application, and provided status reports as needed.
  • Worked with developers to Create and update the defects, resolve, and track their status using JIRA.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, POSTMAN, TestNG, Eclipse, HTML, SVN, Maven, Jenkins, SoapUI, Agile, QC, SQL, JIRA, UAT.


QA Engineer


  • Participated in collecting and analyzing the business requirements. Followed Agile methodology and attended Scrum meetings.
  • Designed and executed quality Test Plans and Test Cases to verify Reliability, Accuracy and Compatibility of application.
  • Executed UAT test cases and conducted manual testing in Jama contour.
  • Involved in Development of Test Scripts using Automation Framework with Java, Selenium WebDriver, Maven, TestNG and Apache POI using Patterns Like Page Object, Data Driven Testing, UI Mapping and Java Design Patterns.
  • Worked with ID, CSS Selectors, and XPath locators to identify Web Elements and created Automation Framework.
  • Excellent Knowledge on Core Java, Multi-Threading, Collection, Exception Handling & Serialization, Java (Java 8), Lambda Expressions, Stream API, Exception Handling, File IO.
  • Created Test Suites and performed parameterization using properties files for SOAPUI test cases using Groovy Script, Property Transfer and analyzed the response and made logical assertions for WSDL in SOAPUI.
  • Performed data driven testing by using JDBC as a data source in SOAPUI and configured SQL queries to fetch data from the database.
  • Used SQL for data integrity testing, captured the SQL statements from the application execution and manually checked the results.
  • Worked on UNIX based platforms to analyze and debug application issues.

Environment: Manual Testing, Mercury Quality Center 10.0, Windows XP, UNIX, Microsoft Tools (Word and Excel)

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