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Sdet Resume

Washington D, C


  • Over 6 years of experience in Quality Assurance and QA Automation Testing in Web based and client/server applications, in both Manual and Automation testing.
  • Strong exposure to all phases ofSDLC,STLCandDefect Management Lifecycle.
  • Excellent skill in analyzing Requirement Documents, User Stories, creating Test Plan, Test Scenario, and Test Cases for Manual and Automation testing.
  • Substantial experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2
  • Complete knowledge of Object - Oriented Programming (OOP) concept by using inheritance, abstraction, encapsulation, and polymorphism.
  • Proficient in Automation tools such as Selenium, JAVA, TestNG, JUnit, Maven, Cucumber, Jenkins, and REST API for testing Client-Server and Web-based applications.
  • Proficient in JAVA, Cucumber, JUnit, TestNG for creating and maintaining Behavior Driven Development, Data Driven Development, and Hybrid Framework.
  • Proven ability in developing BDD scripts, feature files with Cucumber and writing step definitions for behavior.
  • Expertise in using Jenkins to pull the code from the central repository, scheduling the Smoke testing for continuous integration.
  • Maintained theSeleniumandJAVAautomation code and resources in version control systemGit and GitHub as a cloud hosting service to manage Git repositories.
  • Solid experience in using Jira as a Project Management and defect - tracking tool.
  • Experience in parallel testing in TestNG, and JUnit using maven-surefire-plugin.
  • Proficient in writing Scenario, Scenario Outline in Gherkin language, and running Data Driven Testing taking data set from Scenario Outline Example table.
  • ExecutedAutomationscripts on different browsers/environments.
  • UsedApache POImethods with JAVA for writing/reading to/fromExcelperforming Data Driven Testing.
  • Solid experience in REST API using Postman, and JAVA Rest-Assured Library for automating REST API following POJO approach.
  • Experience in Database (RDBMS) writing queries, and proficient using JAVA JDBC Library for automating Oracle DB, and comfortable working with My SQL and PostgreSQL
  • Experienced working withOS, such asMac, WindowsXP.
  • Possess problem solving, time management skills, self-motivated, positive, adaptive, detail oriented, able to work under pressure and quick learner.
  • Experience in JSON Schema Validation.
  • Knowledge of generating automated test reports by using Cucumber HTML /JSON, Serenity and Allure reports including screenshots for failed scenarios


Languages: Java, Gherkin, SQL

Frameworks: POM, BDD, KDF, DDF, Hybrid

Defect Tracking and Management Tool: JIRA X-ray

Testing Tools: Selenium WebDriver, Junit, Hamcrest Matchers, TestNGJDBC (Java Database Connectivity) for executing SQL statements, CucumberPostman, HTML reports / Cucumber JSON reportsREST Assured with Java library, Microsoft ExcelAPACHE POI library and Microsoft Word, Allure Report, Serenity Report

Cloud Computing: Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2

Operating Systems: Windows and Mac OS

Build & CI Tools: Jenkins, Maven, Ant

RDBMS/Database tools: SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

IDE: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, XPath, JSON, XML.

Backend Testing: API with Postman using Get, Post, Put and Delete methodsRest Assured Library.

SDLC Methodologies: Waterfall, Agile/Scrum

Version Control System: GitHub, Gitlab



Confidential, Washington D.C


  • Responsible for developing and maintaining automated testing frameworks, designing, and implementing tests, debugging, and defining corrective actions, and executing exploratory and automated tests to ensure product quality.
  • Successfully created detailed, comprehensive, and well-structured Test Plans and Test Cases to ensure maximum test coverage and improved test efficiency.
  • Utilized Maven pom.xml to store and manage dependencies for test execution, plug-ins, and developed profiles of grouped test cases to run smoke and regression testing.
  • Analyzed Business Requirement Document and other related references to the project.
  • Interacted withBusiness Analyst, Developers&QAManager for clear exposure to trickle down the technical/functional and user requirements to Test Plans and Test Scenarios.
  • Followed theSDLCMethodologies, throughout the testing process from initiation until deployment.
  • Prepared test scripts to implement test cases, test scenarios, behavioral features, and step definitions for BDD using Junit and Cucumber with Gherkin.
  • Provided manual & automated test services across functional testing practices.
  • Solid experience in Selenium Page Object Model framework with Selenium WebDriver using Object Oriented Programming JAVA and open-source unit test framework JUnit.
  • ConductedSmoke,Functional,SystemIntegration,Regression,andE2Etesting during the entire Project.
  • Performed Back-Endtesting manually using SQL Developer tool and using JAVA JDBC library to automate Database testing.
  • Utilized RESTful API by using REST Assured libraries and JUnit and Cucumber BDD scenarios to automate the tests.
  • Performing API Testing to validate endpoints and proper JSON/XML structure with CRUD operations by using Postman and REST Assured Library and Swagger.
  • Worked closely with developers to resolve error issues during the Test phase.
  • Participated in theQAMeetings and bug triage to prioritize bugs & verification of the Project. Checklist during the Deployments.
  • Used instance of EC2 of AWS machine with 8081 port to access Jenkins CI/CD tool for creating jobs to run smoke and regression tests. I have done FreeStyleProject to create a job, pull code from repository, schedule using build periodically function H 5 * * 1-5(Mon Fri), specify maven goals, generate Cucumber HTML report, configure email notifications, publish test results on Jira using Xray plugin for smoke and regression tests.
  • Reported failed tests with screenshots and documented defects in detail on Jira.
  • Implemented Cross-Browser testing utilizing Selenium WebDriver by testing the application on different browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.


Confidential, San Jose, CA


  • Following theAgileMethodology ofSTLC, throughout the testing process.
  • Reviewing User Stories to accurately understand the project and provide accurate testing estimates.
  • Independently prepare and execute Tests as well as manage all aspects of the testing effort, including plans, schedule, tools, and onshore/offshore team members, for the defined scope of work.
  • Testing all theAPIservices usingTestNG framework and generate reports usingJenkins.
  • DevelopAutomation FrameworkusingSelenium WebDriver, JAVA, JUnit, MavenandTestNGfeature files for applicationUItesting.
  • Identifying elements using various locators such as (ID, Name, CSS, Linked Text, Class Name, XPath) locators in UI testing.
  • Performing parallel testing against different browser using Selenium GRID.
  • Performing data collection Test using JDBC, generate multiple reports inXML,Excelweb format.
  • Validate Web-Services based on vulnerable (URL/Body), methods (Get, Post, Put, Delete) other API parameters and verify status code trough Postman or programmatically.
  • Used Postman client tool and Swagger documentation for manual testing.
  • Involved in setting up continuous integration system using Jenkins and working knowledge with cloud-based code repository system like GitHub.
  • Report software defects inJiraand interact with the developers to resolve technical issues.
  • Create automation scripts inJavausingIntelliJ IDE.
  • Collaborate withBusiness AnalystsandDevelopersas needed to ensure successful deployments.
  • Extensively useSQLServerfor managing the database and making sureFront-Enddata matches withBack-Enddata.
  • Performed bench testing, analysis and evaluations of high reliability space payload electronics, modules and systems using STE such as, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, power source and meter, noise figure analyzers, and signal generations.
  • Reported and tracked bugs, replicated, verified bug fixes and new functionalities, regression tested new releases, supported developers by examining logs and debug files.
  • Identify and log defects if/when a Test fails, if necessary, usingSQLto narrow down the root cause of the problem for efficient investigation by the development team.

QA Software Tester

Confidential, Bellevue, WA


  • Involved in analyzing the Business requirement Documents (BRD) and Functional specification documents (FSD) to understand the application.
  • Developed Selenium script for taking screenshot and used Selenium Actions class to handle mouse movements and hover-over actions on Web Elements.
  • Responsible for extensive testing of different modules of the web-based application and whole testing life cycle for the various modules of this application.
  • Performed Test Execution and defect logging and tracking using JIRA.
  • Developed Test Cases and Test Scripts collaboratively with other testers to test the functional requirements.
  • Developed Automation test cases for Manual scripts by using QTP.
  • Involved in different types of software testing like Functional testing, Regression testing, Integration testing, Smoke testing, and System testing.
  • Designed and build Automation Framework for web-based software products via Page Object Model (POM) design pattern using Page Factory in Selenium WebDriver to reduce code and better maintenance.
  • Working in Agile/Scrum environment. Participating in Scrum ceremonies: Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective and performed both Manual and Automation Testing.
  • Parameterized the fixed values in checkpoint statements, created Data Table for the parameters and wrote functions for the parameters to read new data from the table.

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