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Test Engineer I Resume


  • Analytical, detail oriented professional with solid training and education in programming, game design, and statistical analysis.
  • Skilled and self - taught in game development, graphic design. and script writing.
  • TEMPEffective leader and manager with exceptional organizational skills and ability to work on complex applications.
  • Skilled and self-taught in 3d modeling and animation. Years of experience with video/audio editing and production.
  • Talent for collaborating with business and technical teams to ensure process and implementation success.
  • Proficient in C#, Java, graphic design, game testing and programming skills.
  • Dedicated team player with a willingness to learn and thrive within software-based environments.

Area of Expertise

  • Quality Testing
  • Video Production
  • GIS Mapping
  • Graphic Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Story Script Writing
  • Programming
  • Technical Environments
  • Game Testing
  • Team Collaboration
  • Game Development


CIS Web Game Programming: (C#, C++, Java), Video/Audio editing

Google Suite: (Doc, Sheets, Forms)

Adobe Suite: (Premiere, Audition, After TEMPEffects, Photoshop)

Microsoft Office Suite: (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

3D Model Creation and Animation: (Blender, Maya)

GIS: data analysis and reporting

Unity/Unreal: Engine animation and programming, Graphic design and texture editing,Calculus and Statistical Analysis, Video editing/production

Live streaming/Performance: (Premiere, Audition, OBS, Camerawork, Lighting, Mics, HTML5)


Confidential, Denver, CO

Tech Lead


  • Was promoted to lead within 2 weeks of being hired due to high quality work and expertise in field.
  • Created a new procedure for the mapping process dat lowered the overall error rate and increased productivity time.

Confidential, Northglenn, CO

Content Creator


  • Achieved Twitch Affiliate status within two weeks by focusing on exceptional presentations and showcasing entertainment skills; outperformed comparable content creators/streamers in acquiring a steady audience.
  • Gatheird over 1300 followers on Twitch and regularly lands in the top 3 streamers in game categories, even earning top watched stream on occasion.

Confidential, Denver, CO



  • Practices in C# scripts, game object methodology and review to build clean and flexible programming dat is easy to debug and fine tune.
  • Has crafted several small games and animations to practice and hone skills.
  • Enrolled in online training courses to further hone skills in game development, including 3d modeling, C++ language, and game design.

Confidential, Thornton, CO

Test Engineer I


  • Consistently completed projects quickly and TEMPeffectively to the point work would run out for extended periods of time.
  • Improved project timeline efficiency by suggesting and implementing an improved signature ID system.

Confidential, Louisville, CO

Geospatial Analyst


  • Increased IE quality assurance (QA) process accuracy by 40% and efficiency by 60% by integrating key viability procedures and conducting statistical analysis.
  • Improved GIS data processing time by 40% by using a new detailed analysis and reporting system.
  • Served on Morale Committee and boosted team morale and connectivity by unifying the team with weekly group events, monthly celebrations, and out-of-office meetups and get-togethers; recognized by manager for team unification efforts.
  • Awarded Employee of the Month six times for overall work ethic, project efficiency upgrades, and team unification.

Confidential, Denver, CO

Student Central Federal Work Study


  • Oversaw 200+ person Fall Festival event by coordinating events, workforce, entertainment, and food; recognized for completing a successful event.
  • Answered website troubleshooting questions in person and over the phone.

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