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Qa Automation Engineer Resume

Augusta, ME


  • ISTQB certified with over 9 years of experience in Quality Assurance and QA Automation working for clients in E - Commerce, Banking and Financial Services, and Government sectors performing Functional, API, Database and Performance testing.
  • I enjoy working with various types of project stakeholders to deliver quality assured products to customers and contributing to the organizations’ goals.
  • Methodologies: All phases of SDLC and STLC; Waterfall and Agile-Scrum methodologies.
  • Requirement Gathering & Analysis: BRDs, FRDs, Functional Specifications, User Stories, OpenAPI Specifications, WSDL files, SLAs.
  • Test Planning: Test Strategies, Test Plans, UAT Plans, Product Backlog grooming, Sprint Planning.
  • Test Design: Test Scenarios and Test Cases in Zephyr, qTest, and ALM; creating RTMs.
  • Test Automation: Developing and executing automation scripts in Eclipse IDE using Selenium WebDriver-TestNG-Java (Hybrid) and Selenium WebDriver-Cucumber-Java (BDD); in MS Visual Studio using WebdriverIO-Mocha-JavaScript frameworks.
  • CI/CD: Integrating, running, and monitoring automation test scripts using Jenkins (Git/Maven) and Bamboo.
  • API Testing: Validating RESTful Web APIs of Microservices based application using REST Assured libraries with Cucumber-Java and using Postman; utilized SoapUI to test SOAP Web APIs with XML responses.
  • Performance Testing: Developing and executing test plans using JMeter for various types of Performance testing by identifying Parameters, establishing Checkpoints, and implementing Correlation.
  • Database Testing: Validating Structural and Functional aspects of Oracle database using SQL queries; utilized SQL Server Management Studio to manage and test data on MS SQL Server database.
  • Test Execution: Performing Functional testing - Smoke, Sanity, System Integration, End-to-End, Regression, UAT, Browser Compatibility, Negative, Beta; Performance testing - Load, Stress, Spike, Endurance, Scalability, Volume; Database testing - Indexes, Views, Tables, Data changes.
  • Defect Management: Managing defects in Jira, Bugzilla, and ALM; conducting Defect Triage meetings; performing Root Cause Analysis.
  • Test Closure: Preparing Test Summary reports, Daily/Weekly Status reports, End of Sprint/Release reports; participating in Sprint Demos, and Sprint Retrospectives.
  • Professional Skills: Detail and result oriented; zeal to update skills with new tools and technologies; managing multiple projects simultaneously; identifying and discussing project risks and issues with the team, take necessary course of actions; experienced in Onsite-Offshore model.


Programming languages: Core Java, JavaScript, Gherkin

Test Automation: Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber, TestNG, Eclipse; WebdriverIO, Mocha, Chai, MS Visual Studio

API Testing: REST Assured, JSON; Postman, OpenAPI; SoapUI, WSDL, XML

Performance Testing: JMeter

Database Testing: Oracle, SQL Developer; MS SQL Server, SQL Server Management Studio

CI/CD tools: Jenkins, Maven, Git; Bamboo

Test/Defect Management: Zephyr, qTest, ALM; Jira, Bugzilla



Confidential - AUGUSTA, ME


  • Leading all testing efforts for Benefits, Time Tracking and Absence modules; analyzing User Stories; designing manual Test Scenarios/Test Cases in Zephyr for Smoke, System Integration, End-to-End, Regression, UAT Testing.
  • Prepare detailed Test Plans and UAT Plans outlining all aspects for various types of testing.
  • Identify automation feasible scenarios for Smoke, Sanity, System Integration, End-to-End, Regression, UAT testing; develop, execute and maintain automation test scripts using Selenium WebDriver-Cucumber-Java in Eclipse IDE.
  • Configuring Maven projects and updating pom.xml files with dependencies; utilizing BDD for developing automation scripts from Feature files; creating separate page object classes for web elements; creating comprehensive code in Step Definitions and running them with TestRunner classes using Hooks and Tags.
  • Preparing and maintaining API test automation suites for RESTful Web APIs using REST Assured libraries and Cucumber-Java in Eclipse IDE; validating HTTP request methods like GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE and their respective JSON responses.
  • Creating and executing Performance Test Plans in JMeter using Thread Groups, Samplers, Logic Controllers, Configuration Elements, Listeners, Timers, Pre-Processor/Post-Processor Elements, and Assertions; identifying memory leakage, connection issues & bottlenecks in the application using Performance Monitor.
  • Use SQL Developer to write queries using Joins, Sub Queries, Unions, etc. on Oracle database to validate, fetch, and maintain test data.; perform Structural database testing of Indexes, Views, and Tables to verify ACID properties; Functional database testing by validating the data changes due to the CRUD operations.
  • Designing process flows in MS Visio for interfaces; creating test scenarios/test cases resulting in determining 20% more errors; liaising between various stakeholders for facilitation, execution, and validation of interfaces; verifying configurations and transfer of files between source and destination.
  • Work with Business users on UAT execution sessions; document feedback to include in subsequent sprints.
  • Logging all defects in Jira; conducting defect triage meetings with stakeholders and track them to closure; creating Root Cause Analysis and make necessary plans for future sprints.
  • Creating Requirement Traceability Matrices between user stories, test scenarios, test cases, and defects; creating and tracking projects tasks in Smartsheet.
  • Preparing daily and weekly status reports for all types of testing and reviewing them with all stakeholders.
  • Participating in Product Backlog grooming to backlog user stories, Sprint Planning to plan user stories for each sprint, Scrum meetings to discuss blockers and tasks, Sprint Retrospectives to discuss issues and mitigation plans.


Confidential - SCARBOROUGH, ME


  • Established QA testing layer by implementing customized QA processes and designing test artifacts templates for all phases of STLC; standardized the QA Lifecycle resulting in 40% increase in defects.
  • Interacted with Business Users and Business Systems Analysts to analyze requirements from Business Requirements Documents and Functional Designs for the Hannaford banner application.
  • Estimated effort and prepared Test Strategies, Test Plans, and UAT Plans outlining the resources, timeline, risks, and various other factors that impact testing.
  • Developed and executed WebdriverIO automation test scripts for System Integration, End-to-End, and Regression testing; utilized Chai-JavaScript to develop the test scripts in MS Visual Studio using the Mocha test framework.
  • Analyzed OpenAPI specifications and validated various HTTP requests using GET, POST, UPDATE, and DELETE for RESTful Web APIs in Postman; developed and executed customized test scripts using JavaScript and various features like Pre-Request Scripts, Params, Headers, and Authorization.
  • Designed and executed manual Test Scenarios and Test Cases in qTest for Smoke, Sanity, End-to-End and UAT.
  • Conducted Defect Management in Bugzilla and triaged the defects with stakeholders; created Root Cause Analysis reports to share with all stakeholders to discuss next steps for defects.
  • Prepared and executed a comprehensive Regression Test suite covering 70% of applications.
  • Utilized SQL Developer to query Oracle database by writing SQL queries using both in-built and user defined functions to validate data changes.
  • Managed multiple projects simultaneously in an onsite-offshore based model reducing considerable costs.
  • Coordinated UAT sessions with Business users to execute UAT test cases while recommending minor improvements in applications; gathered feedback to be used for subsequent releases; prepared Lessons Learned documenting all issues and mitigation plans to avoid them in future releases.
  • Prepared daily and weekly status reports; prepared Test Summary and Test Sign-Off documents for each project/release.




  • Analyzed User Stories in each sprint and discussed with stakeholders the requirements for testing the Pharmacy module of the Confidential application.
  • Executed manual System Integration and End-to-End testing based on Test Cases designed in ALM.
  • Developed Selenium WebDriver automation test scripts with TestNG-Java in Eclipse IDE for Smoke and Sanity testing; executed the test scripts to validate the build for critical/new/affected features.
  • Developed and executed Regression Test suite built with Selenium-TestNG-Java uncovering ten percent more issues; utilized Hybrid Driven framework and features like Annotations and Parametrization to develop the automation test scripts.
  • Utilized Bamboo for CI/CD environment and integrating, running, and monitoring automation test scripts for continuous testing and produce HTML reports.
  • Performed Browser Compatibility testing to verify application’s ability to run on multiple browsers; Negative testing to cover unexpected scenarios; Go-Live Beta testing during each sprint release.
  • Generated test emails by manipulating data in MS SQL Server database using T-SQL queries written in SQL Server Management Studio and running on demand Shell scripts in PuTTY.
  • Utilized SoapUI to test SOAP Web APIs in XML by analyzing the WSDL specification; validated Request and Response XML, SOAP Calls and WSDL file end points using data related assertions.
  • Conducted Defect Management in ALM and performed Root-Cause Analysis for each sprint avoiding recurrence of defects in subsequent releases.
  • Prepared daily/weekly test summary reports and daily/weekly status reports.
  • Participated in Scrum meetings to discuss previous day and current day blockers and tasks; Sprint Retrospectives to discuss issues from current sprint and plan mitigation plans for future.
  • Initiated the use of SharePoint to store and manage all documents to be used for each sprint right from requirements phase to deployment.
  • Prepared Knowledge documents which helped newcomers get acquainted to the application and process also aiding in cross functional knowledge transfer.

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