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Sr. Qa Analyst Resume

Jersey City, NJ


  • Over 11 years of Software QA Testing experience.
  • 5+ years of leading and managing QA team, setting up Test Approaches/environments, and maintaining quality.
  • Background in Insurances, Broadcasting, Online Advertising/Ad Tech, Ad Servers, e - commerce, e-Learning, Online, CRM, Publishing and Education, Financial, and other Internal Business Management systems.
  • Experience working in Agile, Scrum, Kanban and Waterfall methodology/process
  • Ability to work independently, coordinate, lead and work with Onsite/Remote and Offshore team.
  • Excellent working experience with QA Team Members, Tech Ops, DBAs, DEVs, UX, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, End-Users/Client, and release management team.
  • Experience in Product/Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC) from Planning to Live/Production Release.
  • Extensive experience leading and driving the software testing process (STLC) in projects/sprints for client/server, windows, mobile and web-based public facing applications.
  • Extensive experience with Manual testing which includes Test Planning, Estimation, Test Designing, Test execution, Test Reporting, defect tracking, UAT and production or maintenance release.
  • Experience with Backlog grooming, Sprint planning, Estimation, Sprint testing, bug fixing, Hosting Demos, Releases and Production support.
  • Proficient in developing and executing high quality Test Strategy/Test Plan, Test suites, Test Scenarios, Test cases, test data and test scripts from Requirement Specifications, Functional Specifications, use cases, user stories, backlogs, change requests, Design Documents, wireframes, Technical Specifications and communications.
  • Experienced with test automation and frameworks.
  • Experienced with frameworks, tags, branches, builds, logs, environments (QA, Staging, UAT, and Live)
  • Experience with front-end and back-end testing including black-box testing, white/grey-box testing, functional testing, GUI testing, end-to-end testing, integration testing, UAT, exploratory testing, API/Web Service testing, cross-browsers/platforms testing, a/b testing, ad-hoc testing, parallel testing, sanity testing, security testing, automation testing, load/performance testing, compliance testing, and regression testing.
  • Experience with tools like Teams, JIRA, Confluence, Okta, Octopus, Git, Bitbucket, splunk, AWS/CloudWatch, Sharepoint, Elastic Search, Azure DevOps, Quickbuild, HP QTP/UFT, ALM/Quality Center, LoadRunner, TestLink, TeamTrack, TOAD, SQLdeveloper, Postman, JMeter, RESTClient, UNIX, DevTools, Charles Proxy, Notepad++, RabbitMQ, WinSCP, VisualVM, SaaS, Salesforce, Zuora, Jasper, Wiki, and other open source tools.
  • Experience creating and managing templates and test metrics.
  • Working knowledge and experienced with multi-tier/ distributed integrated systems, including web based, cloud, and Windows based Client Server Application.
  • Experience with SQL, related RDBMS, schemas, data models and database testing.
  • Good understanding of Object-Oriented Programming languages, VBScript, C, Java, HTML, XML, JSON
  • Experience with product/application launch, Maintenance Releases, hot fixes and production support
  • Experience setting up QA/Testing environments/Test bed - QA, Staging, UAT
  • Ability to stay focused and detail-oriented in a fast-paced dynamic environment.
  • Strong leadership, organizational, analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Great Attention to Details, self-motivated, dynamic, organized, responsible, and a quick learner.
  • Team Player and ability to handle multiple demands with competing priorities.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills (Technical and Non-Technical).


Testing Tools: JIRA Zephyr, Confluence, SharePoint, Azure DevOps, TestTracker, SDK, HP Quality Center / ALM, TestDirector, TestLink, TeamTrack, HP QTP/ UFT, Selenium WebDriver, HP LoadRunner, Advanced RESTClient, POSTMAN Pro, JMeter, TOAD, SQLdeveloper, DBeaver, MS Office, DevTools

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, Buganizer, TestDirector, HP Quality Center/ALM, TeamTrack, MS Excel

Development Processes: Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Mix of Waterfall and Agile, TDD, BDD

Databases: Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, MySQL, MongoDB, DB2, Greenplum, MariaBD

Languages/Tools/Web Technologies: Java, XML, JSON, jquery, JSP, HTML, AJAX, C++, VB Script, ETL, SQL, PL/SQL, FTP, .Net, Shell, SEO, MS Office, CRM, Salesforce, Jasper, AWS, SaaS/Cloud, Web Services, APIs, Firebug, HTTP/HTTPS, Quickbuild, RabbitMQ, RESTClient, Notepad++, WinSCP, Git, Perforce, VisualVM, Jasper, Putty, TailME, JMeter, Eclipse, Jenkins, Ad Servers, LabVIEW, MatLab, Frameworks, Jboss, Apache.

Operating Systems: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/98, UNIX/Linux, iOS, Android, MAC, Goobuntu, Mainframe

Web Browers: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari


Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Sr. QA Analyst


  • Participate inVeriskproducts testing to validate new features, new enhancements and required upgrades.
  • Participating in all Agile Scrum ceremonies such as Sprint planning, Daily standup, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective and Backlog grooming
  • Analyze backlogs/user stories, give estimates and set up test data/plans/scripts for QA and UAT.
  • Setting up test environment and test beds for each stories in the sprint.
  • Writing Feature/Smoke/Regression/E2E/Exploratory/API test plans and test cases
  • Reviewing test plans with product and ensuring 100% test coverage.
  • Performing Feature/Smoke/Regression/E2E/Exploratory/API testing
  • Using Postman and JMeter to verify and validate APIs including different schemas, endpoints and versions.
  • Verifying Customer/Client’s Setting, request/response, variables, tags, data/values, business rules, logics, exceptions, tokenization, logs, data sources, and URLs
  • Setting up and running automated test suites (jmx) in JMeter for regression testing.
  • Performing extensive complex manual testing to verify functionality, data sources and integrations.
  • Capturing test results in Jira and Confluence
  • Assisting Scrum Master and Product owners with documentations and requirement gatherings.
  • Reporting issues in Jira (bug tracking) and performing defect fix validation
  • Perform smoke/regression/E2E testing ofVerisk3E applications being rolled into production on a weekly/monthly basis verifying that those applications are working as intended.
  • Work closely with application developers, product owners, application users, product managers, stake holders and internal/external customers, to ensure the delivered application functionality meets all requirements with high quality.
  • Using Desktop/Web/Mobile/API Test Automation solutions to automate existing smoke/regression/E2E/API test cases.
  • Using Postman to run manual API testing and JMeter for automated.
  • Working with automation engineers to build test automation frameworks in CI/CD environment.
  • Using Teams, JIRA, Confluence, Okta, Octopus, Git, Bitbucket, splunk, AWS/CloudWatch, Sharepoint, and Elastic Search
  • Participate in learning new testing tools/concepts/methodologies to improve test operation
  • Helping application customers/users through addressing their production issues

Confidential, New York, NY

Sr. QA Engineer


  • Defining, leading and managing Test Activities for multiple complex integrated systems and applications.
  • Working in agile scrum process and involved with quarter planning, sprint planning, estimation, test planning, test data creation, test execution, troubleshooting, defect resolutions, supporting planed/unplanned production releases and hot fixes, managing sprint boards, and maintaining documents/metrics.
  • Verified and validated work-flow and data-flow functionality related to license creation, user creation, product creation, payment processes, financial/ledger transactions, crystal reports, and user/contract/policy management in legacy systems and salesforce.
  • Worked on salesforce classic and supported functionalities on both sales cloud and service cloud.
  • Helping Product owner, Business Analyst and Scrum master with Backlogs/User Stories/sub-tasks creation, gathering requirements, use cases, acceptance criteria, business rules and other product feature related requirements.
  • Using User Stories/Tasks and verbal communication to document detailed test suites / test plans, test scenarios, test cases, test data, test matrices, and dashboards in JIRA, Zephyr, Confluence, Confidential Docs and Sheets.
  • Preparing Traceability Matrix for Test Coverage and review.
  • Working with developers on setting up test environments and QA builds.
  • Executing test cases manually and working side by side with developers to investigate & fix issues.
  • Performing extensive Functional(positive/negative) testing, GUI testing, System Integration testing(SIT), end-to-end testing, backend/database testing, API testing, Cross-Browsers testing, smoke and regression testing.
  • Reporting defects in JIRA with steps to reproduce, screencasts, error exceptions, expected vs. actual, and logs.
  • Sharing test status at the daily scrum and working with team to address any impediments.
  • Giving Demos and conducting UAT with end users and business owners.
  • Funneling product feature feedback to the Tech Lead, Developers and peer QA members.
  • Writing and executing SQL Queries against SQL Server database to validate data integration/flow.
  • Performing API/Web Service testing using POSTMAN, JMeter, XML and JSON.
  • Participated and worked with Automation Engineers converting manual testing test cases/test suites to automated test scripts.
  • Working with multiple cross functional product teams.
  • Tracking test deliverables and deploying tags to QA as needed for the sprint test execution.
  • Running daily scrum and keeping team members up to date on the daily activities.
  • Participating in Retrospective meeting and helping with improvements.

Environment: JIRA Zephyr, Confluence, Confidential Drive, Event Viewer, SQL Server, Postman, DevTools/Console, Notepad++, Selenium, Eclipse IDE, GitHub, SaaS, Cloud, ETL, SQL, JQuery, Java, .Net, XML, JSON, Windows, MAC, VMware, WebEx, Jing

Confidential, New York, NY

QA Team Lead


  • Leading testing efforts across multiple projects through sprints.
  • Leading and managing a team of 4 QA resources.
  • Providing day to day supervision, impediment resolution, tasks distribution, and prioritization.
  • Involved with Sprint Planning and Sprint Testing.
  • Established a successful QA testing process in agile (scrum) environment.
  • Closed gaps between End Clients, Product Team, Developers and QA Engineers.
  • Involved in developing apps and feature changes on Web-based and Mobile applications (Spoke - a social audio app, hearspoke.com - a marketing site, and Spoke Pub - an internal publishing and content management system)
  • Participating in all meetings; Pre-Planning, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Scrum of Scrum, Scrum Review, Retrospective, and release planning.
  • Working with POs, End Users, Team Leads, and Developers (front-end, back-end, API) to understand applications, user stories, data flow, architecture, frameworks, and to set up test scopes.
  • Reviewing and providing input on all project/product level documentation (Backlogs, User Stories, Use Cases, Dev Tasks, and Mocks).
  • Planning resources, and giving estimates in story points. identifying issues, risks, and gaps in specifications, plans, and communicating them effectively to Devs and Products.
  • Designing Test Strategy, detail Test Plans, Test Suites, Test Cases and Test Metrics for the team.
  • Setting up test environment which includes configuring platforms/devices, and test data.
  • Set up and configured JIRA to be used as a Test Management tool.
  • Set up Dashboards with reports, charts and metrics.
  • Documenting and managing test plans, test scenarios, and test cases/scripts in Confidential Docs and JIRA
  • Conducting Test Case Reviews with Product Team to ensure good test coverage.
  • Executing functional, UI, security, system integration, end to end, cross-platforms, API, database, ad hoc, smoke, and regression testing.
  • Using POSTMAN and Postman Pro to set up and run API testing.
  • Developing and running complex SQL queries to validate ETL data, data model and schemas.
  • Tracking Epics, Stories, Test Suites and bugs in JIRA
  • Tracking tags, builds and releases in GitHub
  • Troubleshooting and using Confidential Debugr tool to debug and investigate any discrepancies.
  • Working with team to convert manual testing test cases/test suites to automated test scripts.
  • Developing and maintaining documents for POs, End Users, and Engineers
  • Attending Daily Scrum with team members to provide status and get status.
  • Coordinating and collaborating with cross-functional team to get deliverables and reach sprint goals.
  • Helping Scrum team with running sprints, setting up standards and improving release process.

Environment: s: Scrum, JIRA, Slack, PivotalTracker, Confidential Docs, API, Postman, CMS, Splunk, Lucidchart, InVision, HockeyApp, TestFlight, SDK, Android Studio, GitHub, Java, JSON, XML, JQuery, DBeaver, SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, iOS, Android, Terminal, Eclipse, Selenium, Charles Proxy, Snipit, Mac, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE.

Confidential, New York, NY

QA Analyst


  • Working with DRX Video Engineering team to improve the quality and productivity of the Truman, IMA (Interactive Media Ads), DRX Video and Companion Ads serving.
  • Supporting feature/functionality changes on DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), DBM, DCM, IMA SDK and on other multi-tire integrated systems/apps.
  • Conducting Manual and Automated testing in agile/fast paced development process.
  • Communicating with Engineers, watching video tutorials and analyzing backlogs, user stories, use cases, PowerPoint sides, and mocks to understand applications and to set up test scope.
  • Attending iteration planning meeting and involved with prioritizing tasks and giving estimates.
  • Setting up test environment which includes configuring platforms/devices and software.
  • Documenting and managing test plans, test scenarios, and test cases/scripts to test different ad serving behaviors using Confidential Docs and Test Tracker ( Confidential Test Management Tool)
  • Setting up test data for the test cases which included Ad orders/campaigns, placements/line items, creatives, inventory (Ad units), ad rules, key values and Contents (Live Steams, videos with pre-roll, mid-rolls, pods & post-rolls)
  • Setting up and validating different line items (Bumper, Sponsorship, Programmatic Guaranteed, Preferred Deal, Standard, Bulk, Price Priority, Network, House) and creative types (skippable, non-skippable, VPAID-Flash, JS, Redirect to DFP, Redirect to DCM, and different Companions).
  • Configuring and running weekly End to End Video Ads Testing on multi-tiered architectures.
  • Using UNIX/Linux commands/Bash, ADB, iOS SDK, and Android Studio to build and deploy tags.
  • Using TestTracker to document and run test plans, test scenarios, test cases and test reports.
  • Performing black-box testing, grey-box testing, white-box testing, smoke testing, sanity testing, end to end testing, UI testing, integration testing and regression testing for the release tag.
  • Performing feature and regression testing for DFP DAI (Dynamic Ad insertion) for Live and VOD streams on different platforms such as Web, iOS and Android Devices, tvOS, Roku, Chromecast, & AmazonFireTV
  • Validated video ad events in the log using manual proxy and Charles.
  • Validating billing reports after running the ad tags for clicks, impressions, CPM, CPC, CTR etc
  • Generating/testing Ad Tags for Interactive Media Ads (IMA) SDK against DFP, DBM & External server.
  • Using HTML5, HLS, Flash Player, JW Player, Desktop Browsers, iOS, and Android Native Apps to test ad tags to ensure content and ads are showing up and playing accordingly.
  • Using Confidential Buganizer to report and track defects and monitor final release tag.
  • Troubleshooting and using Confidential Debugr tool to debug and investigate any discrepancies.
  • Using Charles, Chrome DevTools, HTTP manual proxy and automated framework to verify ad events, track logs and network requests.
  • Helping Test Engineers with converting manual testing test cases/test suites to automated test scripts.
  • Developed and maintained test documents for Confidential Engineers.
  • Attending review meetings, daily sync, and walkthroughs.

Environment: s: UNIX Terminal/Goobuntu, Java, Selenium, Bash, HTML, XML, JSON, Charles, Proxy, Snipit, Debugr, URL Editor Pro, ModHeader, HTML 5, HLS, JW Player, DFP, DCM, DBM, go/VI, Buganizer, TestTracker, Eclipse, Notepad++, gedit, Git, perforce, ADB, SDK, Piper, tvOS, iOS, Android.

Confidential, New York, NY

Sr. QA Analyst / Team Lead


  • Involved with sprint/iteration planning, estimation, test execution, defect resolutions, hot fixes, managing release dashboards, process improvements and resource allocation.
  • Participating in Requirements Gathering, Test Designing, Implementation, Testing and Release
  • Working with different PRISMA Adoption team to support QA activities related to online/digital advertising campaigns planning and creating process, trafficking to ad servers, order/invoice processing, financial reconciliations, and delivery data processing from internal/external ad servers (DFA/DoubleClick, Sizmek/Media Mind, Mediaplex, Atlas By Facebook, AppNexus, Trade Desk, etc)
  • Leading and driving the software testing process (from requirement/story analysis to production release) on major projects, features changes, and sprint/iteration releases in Scrum development process.
  • Reviewing complex business requirements and functional specifications defined in the form of user stories and UX.
  • Providing estimation in the form of story points, test planning, designing, Test Execution, Reporting, and Defect Resolution of Manual Testing on Projects, iteration Releases and hot fixes.
  • Defining, managing and reviewing the test suites / test plans, test scenarios, test cases, test data, test matrices, and dashboards in JIRA using industry standards and best practices.
  • Performing end to end testing on PRISMA around Agency management, Client management, Suppliers, RFPs, Campaigns, Placements, Orders, Ad Servers, Planned/Actual Delivery Data, Clicks, Impressions, Actions and creatives.
  • Performing extensive Functional, UI, System Integration, end-to-end, security, database, API/Web Service, Cross-Browsers, smoke and regression testing.
  • Writing and executing complex SQL Queries against multiple relational databases to validate data
  • Investigating exceptions and services requests using Devtools and by tailing logs using UNIX.
  • Performing API/Web Service testing using Advanced RESTClient, Postman, Jmeter, XML and JSON.
  • Ran Selenium based automated test scripts for daily smoke testing and for sprint regression testing.
  • Helped the team converting manual testing test cases/test suites to automated test scripts.
  • Developing and maintaining reports, dashboards and tracking defect throughout the SQA release cycle.
  • Maintaining opened defects, user stories, release dashboards, and scrum boards
  • Tracking test deliverables and deploying tags to QA as needed for the sprint/iteration execution.
  • Running daily scrum and keeping team members up to date on the daily activities.
  • Recommending process improvements
  • Working closely and Leading On-shore and off-shore software development and QA resources.
  • Troubleshooting, providing guidance, knowledge transfer, & walkthroughs to other QA Team Members.

Environment: JIRA, Quickbuild, RabbitMQ, Postman, DevTools, RESTClient, Notepad++, WinSCP, VisualVM, Confluence, Jasper, Mainframe, JMeter, Selenium, Eclipse, Jenkins, Oracle 10g, ETL, SQL Developer, Java, XML, JSON, UNIX, Putty, TailME, Windows, Web-based, PRISMA, RADIA, Ad Servers.

Confidential, New York, NY

QA Engineer (Lead)


  • Leading and driving the testing process on major projects, milestones, and releases.
  • Involve in backlog grooming, Test Planning, Test Execution, defect triaging, estimation, spring planning/testing, demos, UAT and retrospectives.
  • Validated all software development efforts which include quality backlogs, use cases, UML, UX, user stories, change requests, new requirements and production issues.
  • Working on e-commerce, publishing, internal business systems, CRM system(salesforce), financial system, accounting/billing system, inventory management system and consumer facing Kaptest.com.
  • Performing end to end testing on product creation process, check-out process, different payment processes, journal creation process, and other business transactions.
  • Worked on many systems/application & web-pages/modules/portals re-design and optimization projects.
  • Working with multiple cross functional business teams and streams.
  • Converting project related documents into Test Documents /artifacts.
  • Developing and executing detailed Test Plans, test scenarios, test cases, Test Suites, and test scripts.
  • Managing Requirement Traceability matrix, test templates, test data and keeping them up to date.
  • Tracking deliverables and code deployments (Builds)
  • Performing extensive Functional, GUI, System Integration, end-to-end, security, parallel, database, performance, UAT, Sanity, Cross-Browsers and regression testing.
  • Executing Manual Testing Test Plan, Strategy, Test Cases, Test Suites and maintaining test matrix.
  • Working closely and Leading On-shore and off-shore software development and QA resources.
  • Administered, Conducted and Coordinated User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and parallel testing.
  • Providing technical guidance, knowledge transfer (KT), walkthroughs, mentoring and coaching junior QA Engineers
  • Developing and Executing automated test scripts for Regression testing using HP QTP / UFT.
  • Performed Web Service Testing using REST Client and XML files.
  • Maintaining the release board /agile board in JIRA and providing status in the Daily Scrum meeting.
  • Helping QA Manager in creating, architecting, managing and evangelizing QA process and procedures.

Confidential, New York, NY

Software QA Engineer


  • Participating in complete Software Testing (QA) process (STLC) and SDLC process
  • Leading on test planning, test case creation & gathering test scenarios for various projects.
  • Assisting in reviewing requirements and technical specifications.
  • Interacting with Developers and Business analyst regarding requirements, testscenarios, defects and pipe-line or major releases.
  • Involving in developing Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Scripts, Test Scenarios and Traceability Matrices.
  • Executing System, Functional, Positive, Negative, UI Testing and Load & Stress Testing on the site.
  • Manually executing test cases and reported results to development teams.
  • Performing manual Regression & GUI testing on the Application.
  • Writing SQL queries, statements and scripts to test database for retrieving information, editing data, inserting data and for manipulation.
  • Using JIRA to report, track and triage defects, and to track release cycles.
  • Investigating and properly handling production issues which were reported by end-users.
  • Creating test scripts in VBScript using QTP to perform regression and functional testing on new builds
  • Involving in conducting the test walk-through, UAT and worked closely with project management.
  • Gave weekly status updates showing testing efforts and open issues to be resolved.

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