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Tosca Automation Engineer Resume

Arlington, VA


  • Over 8 years of professional experience in Quality Assurance (Automation/Manual Testing), Mobile Testing, ETL Testing, TOSCA Commander (TBox engine), Selenium Automation Testing of Web - based applications in different domains such as Financial Services, Banking and Healthcare.
  • Proficient in using test automation tools such as TOSCA, Parasoft (SOA), JMeter and UFT to develop automation testing scripts for Web, GUI and Client/server applications.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of TOSCA automation Test Suite, TDM and TOSCA automation Techniques.
  • Expert in using TOSCA for automating Web application like SALESFORCE Lightning application (both regression and Sprint work).
  • Comprehensive knowledge of SAP (SD, HR, CRM, BI modules) and Oracle (HRM) Modules functionality Testing.
  • Experienced in Financial reporting, Financial Spreading, Basel II/III Implementation, Comprehensive and Capital Adequacy review (CCAR), Dodd Frank Act, Financial Market risk management including Credit Risk/ Probability of Default Risk, Risk Weighted Assets and Value at Risk & Fixed Income Products, Bonds, Equity research, forecasting & Capital Market Risk; understand the risk data requirements.
  • Experience in core Java, and apply most of the concepts like the OOP’s, Collections, and Exception in projects and frameworks. Experience in Continuous Integration with Git, Maven, and Jenkins.
  • Experienced in BDD using Cucumber in Gherkin format by creating feature files, step definitions and Cucumber Runner classes. Experience with TCD, DEX, CI/CD with AZURE DEVOPS.
  • Experience in both front-end and back-end testing, Java with Selenium WebDriver for front-end and SQL Developer, JDBC API, Postman, and REST Assured for back-end testing.
  • Proficient in writing Selenium Web Driver automation scripts in Java, Python, C#, .NET, JavaScript using Maven, Cucumber and TestNG Automation Testing for Web Applications.
  • Expertise in Functional & Automation development/testing of Web based applications on multiple levels of SDLC and Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).
  • Experience in developing/testing in Groovy script REST APIs using SOAPUI and POSTMAN.
  • Strong knowledge in web services testing via Tool SOAP UI, Ready API/ Restful web services
  • Defect logging, tracking and monitoring using HP Quality Center (ALM), HPQC, Jira.
  • Excellent Communication skills and good experience in working in stressful team environment, and with a good planning, analytical and problem solving skills.


Domain Knowledge: Financial, Banking Reporting, Credit & Market Risk, Equity, CCAR, Basel

Software: Tricentis Tosca 12.3 thru 14.0 with DEX, Worksoft Tool Suite (Certify, BPP, Analyze, Execution Manager, Impact, Certify Dashboard Reporting, etc), HP testing tool suite (especially LoadRunner, Quality Center (ALM), UFT), JMeter, eCATT (SAP R/3), HP Diagnostics, HP SiteScope, Citrix, etc.

IDE: Eclipse, Intellji

Test Management Tools: QTP, WinRunner, ALM, JIRA, HPQC 10.0, Bugzilla.

Automation: TOSCA, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, Log4j, BDD, POM, XML, Cucumber, Sauce Labs, SOAPUI, POSTMAN, REST Assured, Groovy Script

Languages: C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, .Net, MATLAB

Framework: BDD (Behavior Driven Development), TestNG, Maven

Continuous Integration Tool: Jenkins

Database: MySQL, Microsoft SQL, DB visualizer

Project Methodologies: SDLC Methodologies, Agile, Scrum, Waterfall

Version Control System: Git, TFS

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript

Quality Assurance and Testing: Creating test strategy, test plan, test cases, test data and test execution, creating and managing defects, generating test execution scorecards and test dashboards.

Environment: /Operating Systems: Windows (X,7), Macintosh, Linux (mint, ubuntu, Fedora, Red hat)


Confidential, Arlington, VA

TOSCA Automation Engineer


  • Collaborated with regulatory reporting team and Axiom configuration team to confirm manual data input templates which could be consumed by Axiom Controller View. Build and maintain CCAR (Comprehensive Capital Analysis & Review) operating rhythm and governance framework. Mapping/Reconciling data for edit check purposes for FR Y-15, FR Y-12 and FR Y-12A.
  • Worked with all modules of TOSCA like Modules, Test Cases, Requirements, Test case Design & Execution Lists. Worked for TOSCA integration with Jenkins.
  • Designed automation framework using Tosca and Individual contributor.
  • Involved in detailed documentation of test results together with the development of automated regression test framework to automate the test scripts for the System integration, Functional, GUI, Data Driven (both positive and negative Testing) and Regression testing using Selenium and Tricentis Tosca.
  • Setup Selenium WebDriver to run Selenium scripts on different browsers.
  • Wrote test plans and project level test strategy documents Tosca Automation framework TBOX / TBOX modules, TCD, Requirements, APIs, BI in Tosca.
  • Involved in detailed documentation of test results together with the development of automated regression test framework to automate the test scripts for the System integration, Functional, GUI, Data Driven (both positive and negative Testing) and Regression testing using Selenium and Tricentis Tosca.
  • Created reusable automation script in QTP for assigned test cases of CRM, Sales Force, HR applications.
  • Used Postman for REST API Testing. Validated and analyzed API response.
  • Worked on Automation Framework using Java, Selenium WebDriver and Testng for Automation of UI test scenarios. Performed Migration testing and reported the data discrepancies for cleansing the Database.
  • Responsible for writing SQL queries for accessing data from the MySQL database
  • Performed functional, regression, smoke, and end-end testing.
  • Have done cloud-based testing (Azure, AWS).

Environment: Tosca, Java, Quality Center/ALM, Selenium Grid/WebDriver, SOAP UI, CRM, SQL, JavaScript, Jira, GIT, MS Excel, MS Word, Jenkins, HTML, ASP.NET, CSS, TestNG, Maven, BDD, AWS.

Confidential - McLean, VA

QA Automation Engineer


  • Defined the interface with centralized Credit Risk Interface (CRI) which host all approved credit documents for Confidential .
  • Studied the Basel III accord and Fed's CCAR. Led the Basel III Data GAP Assessments.
  • Performed Test Execution and defect logging and tracking using JIRA.
  • Wrote test case automation scripts in Java and Selenium.
  • Used Selenium Actions class to handle mouse movements and hover-over actions on Web Elements.
  • Used firebug to identify object's ids, Name, XPath, links in the application.
  • Executing TOSCA scripts for Regression testing of the application with various data sources, data types, and logging defects. Used TOSCA TestSuite for test automation of an application built for SAP team.
  • Migrated Automation Scripts from Quick Test Professional to TOSCA Automation scripts.
  • Developed Data Driven Tests using TOSCA and automated functional testing.
  • Developed an automated scripts and frame works using Python, Java, C#, VB Script.
  • Develop a cucumber BDD API automation framework with java using data-driven and behavior-driven with page object model design pattern (POM) from scratch.
  • Wrote Selenium script for taking screenshot and used action class to perform mouse movement.
  • Implemented Continuous Integration of automation framework using Jenkins.
  • Facilitated enhancement and maintained the current Test Environment in Eclipse and IntelliJ using Java.
  • Used Java as client library for Selenium WebDriver and developed Automation Framework using TestNG.
  • Tested the encryption and decryption of login and Logout functionality that was developed in C#.NET.
  • Tested web based application developed in C#, ASP.NET, and JavaScript.
  • Involved in Manual and Automated testing using QTP and Quality Center.
  • Applied test automation framework on CI/CD process using Jenkins.
  • Involved in writing Features, Scenario Outlines for Cucumber BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) framework and automating BDD scenarios using Cucumber Runners.
  • Performed complex queries for Data validation in SQL statements.

Environment: Tosca, Java, Python, Intellji (IDE), Quality Center/ALM, Selenium Grid/WebDriver, SOAP UI, Groovy Script, SQL, JavaScript, Jira, TFS, Jenkins, HTML, CSS, TestNG, Maven, BDD, CRM.

Confidential - Akron, OH

Automation Test Engineer


  • Implemented cross browser and cross platform web testing with Selenium WebDriver.
  • Parallel cross browser testing using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and Sauce Labs.
  • Submitted the bug findings using Jira for defect tracking and categorized them based on severity.
  • Wrote Structure Query Language (SQL) queries to check proper data population in application table and for data verification to perform Backend Testing against SQL Server.
  • Involved in converting manual test cases into automated scripts using WebDriver and TestNG.
  • Worked on Testing REST API using Robot Framework and SOAP UI.
  • Involved in developing Selenium Automation Framework with Java using Page Object Model (POM) and TESTNG as test runner.
  • Involved in the Regression Testing by using Selenium after each modification and enhancement.
  • Used Data Driven Framework to check the behavior of application with different inputs as parameters using Selenium.
  • Develop and execute test strategies for ETL testing in complex, high volume data warehousing projects.
  • Created complete solution for continuous integration tool such as Jenkins from code checkout from GitHub to regression report generation.
  • Development of company´s internal CI system, providing a comprehensive API for CI/CD.
  • Designed and develop SAFT framework using Java and Cucumber.
  • Used Maven, Git, Java and Selenium Grid to create nightly automation scripts.
  • Performed automation tests using JavaScript, Groovy, Jasmine and Protractor to perform UI testing.
  • Used git commands, test rails managements for reporting tool, cucumber for BDD framework.
  • Have done Front end, Manual, and Back end testing of electronic health record systems.
  • Developed an implementation guide for Partners for EDI X12 transactions as 834, 835,837,270 and 271.
  • Worked on defining and managing Electronic Health Record (EHR), Health Information Exchange (HIE), Health Exchange (HEX), Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) and Healthcare reform processes

Environment: Java, Intellji (IDE), Quality Center/ALM, Selenium Grid/WebDriver, SOAP UI, Groovy Script, SQL, JavaScript, Jira, TFS, MS Excel, MS Word, Jenkins, HTML, CSS, TestNG, Maven, BDD, Visual Studio, DB Visualizer

Confidential - San Jose, CA

QA Tester


  • In depth understanding of Object-Oriented Programming and skilled in developing automated test scripts in Java.
  • Created automation framework and test scripts using Selenium Web-Driver for multiple platforms and browsers testing.
  • Design, develop and implement Page Object Model Pattern based Keyword Driven automation testing framework utilizing Java, Test-NG and Selenium Web-Driver.
  • Developed automation test cases, executed these test scripts from test lab and logged defects in JIRA/ALM.
  • Used SVN Subclipse repository for efficient remote team working, also stored the framework and all the developed test cases.
  • Configured Selenium Web Driver, Test-NG, Maven tool and created selenium automation scripts in java using Test-NG prior to next quarter release.
  • Reviewed database test cases according to assigned Requirements to validate reports by retrieving data with complex SQL queries from SQL Server.
  • Performed functional testing to identify various critical points in the application and automated it by using Selenium Web-Driver with Test-NG.
  • Used Firebug/ IE Developer Toolkit and Selenium IDE to capture and validate CSS Locators, html ids to identify elements. Testing code developed in TDD / BDD environments.
  • Worked with designing and building automation frameworks in Cucumber BBD.
  • Demonstrated ability to solve complex automation challenges involving Ajax, dynamic objects, custom object types, unexpected event handling.
  • Tested compatibility of application for dynamic and static content under various cross browsers using HTML IDs and XPath in Selenium.
  • Performed functional testing of SOAP and RESTFULL Web Services using SOAP UI Tool.
  • Involved in testing Web services and XML with tool called SOAP UI and using this tool to locate WSDL file on internet, create Test cases and run them.
  • Involved in scope creation, script creation, configuration, execution, analysis, resolution, retesting in order to performance testing using JMeter.
  • Designed scenarios in JMeterto perform Load and Stress tests and to analyze results.
  • Involved in regression testing using QTP tool.

Environment: Selenium Web driver/IDE, Eclipse, Jmeter, Jira, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, X-path, Windows, SQL Server, Application Lifecycle Management, Quality Center, Test-NG, SVN, SOAP UI, Fire bug, Fire Path, IE Developer Toolkit, QTP.

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