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Validation And Test Engineer Resume

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Canton, MI


  • Engineer with 3+ years of experience with Automotive Control Systems having strong interests control systems, hybrid electric vehicles, IC engines, controls, HIL testing, calibration and engine simulation. To obtain a challenging position in a high - quality engineering environment where my resourceful experience and academic skills will add value to organizational operations.


  • Validation of Engine Control Module (ECM) software and Electrical Systems on HIL (Hardware in the Loop) using dSPACE and NI Veristand simulators
  • Familiar with Hardware-in-the-loop(HIL), Model-in-the-loop(MIL) and Software-in-the-loop(SIL) Validation, control desk design and development.
  • Hands-on experience with dspace hardware-in-the-loop and NI Veristand Systems
  • Proficient in analyzing System and Functional Requirement Specifications and writing Test Plans, Test Strategies, Test Scripts, Test Scenarios and Reusable Test Cases. Involved in Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM)
  • Experience in various types of testing likes unit, functional, regression, black box testing and dyno testing
  • With over 2 years of experience in creating plant models, HIL testing and validating using dSPACE
  • Hands on experience with calibration tools like Control Desk, Automation Desk, MotoTune and
  • Familiar with Product development cycle, Agile, V- model and Waterfall methodologies
  • Experience in Model Based Design using Simulink/State flow tools. Worked on ISO 26262 functional safety protocols
  • Knowledge on CAN J1939 communication protocols, analyzing and diagnosing messages in CANoe/CANalyzer
  • Proficient in CAN J1939 protocol and in using engine tools (CANalyzer, CANape, Oscilloscopes) to capture ECU data, flashing the ECU control modules and monitor engine health (diagnostics and events)
  • Documented Test Results on the Design Verification Plan and Report (DVP&R)
  • Identified issues relating to model, requirement and calibration, reported issues and ensured that the issues were resolved
  • Proficient in understanding of issues involved with Communication Protocols and Hardware debugging
  • Excellent communications skills, program Management, flexibility and positivity in working


Programming Languages: C, MATLAB

Software tools: Automation Desk, CANKing, Vector CANoe, CANalyzer, dSPACE Control Desk, MATLAB, Simulink, Moto Hawk, Moto Tune, LabVIEW, NI-VeriStand, RTW/Target Link

Hardware: ECU, Spectrum Analyzer, Network Analyzer, Oscilloscopes, Multimeters,DSPACE HIL Simulator

Communication Protocols: CAN, and J1939


Confidential, Canton, MI

Validation and Test Engineer


  • Involved in developing and testing algorithms involving Electronic Control Module connected with Hardware in loop systems and validating the algorithms using MIL approach to ensure all the input and outputs are fully tested for ECM platforms prior to test on the actual Machines
  • Designed, build, validation, and documentation HIL I/O circuits and wiring harnesses to interface dSpace HIL simulator to electric drive electronic control units and subsystem sensors and actuators
  • Created Simulink RTI models to Interface DSPACE HIL system in MATLAB/Simulink
  • Interfaced HIL Simulator to electronic control unit (ECU), Sensors, fuel injectors and Actuators
  • Worked on wiring harness design to interface ECU's with 6-cylinder 5.9L Diesel Engine
  • Developed and implemented test plans for complex systems using dSPACE HIL systems
  • Performed test plan creation, failure mode analysis, diagnostic analysis, testing and detailed analysis of test results
  • Validated and verified the performance of controller model on Hardware in Loop(HIL) system by sending CAN messages for data transfer as per J1939 protocol using CANalyzer and control desk.
  • Maintained and improve the Hardware in the Loop (HIL) environments for software testing
  • Developed the test cases and wrote the sequences in Test Stand and validated it according to the requirements
  • Documented results and maintain HIL system with updates and Automation as needed
  • Validated software for Powertrain control systems with emphasis on transmission and the interactions with other on-board ECMs like diesel engine and gasoline engine ECMs.

Confidential, Bloomfield, CT

Engine Development - Intern


  • Derived plant models from algebraic differential equations by applying Laplace transformation
  • Controlled algorithms using PID Controllers in MATLAB for various controller applications
  • Designed models in MATLAB/Simulink and verified performance in open and closed loop conditions
  • Prepared test bench and modified models according to the test requirement
  • Developed and implemented test plans for complex systems using dSPACE HIL systems
  • Documented necessary recommendations based on obtained results


System Test Engineer


  • Used MATLAB/Simulink for MBSD control system development and code generation for target controllers
  • Maintain and develop control algorithms for machine control module using MATLAB, Simulink, and State Flow.
  • Studying the functionality of subsystems and develop the test cases for the range of input signals.
  • Perform the MIL and SIL simulation and compare both the simulation results. Analyze the bugs and report it in to issue list.
  • Document the test cases and corresponding results in the Module test specification template.
  • Developed Simulink models with Embedded MATLAB function blocks to utilize MATLAB Script. Generated Code for the models and flashed programs into Arduino micro controllers to perform necessary operations
  • Designed engine PID controller, plant model and performed Model in Loop (MIL), Software in Loop (SIL).
  • Gathered requirements and developed MATLAB script for requirements
  • Soldered all the sensors and actuators to the micro controllers as per the system layout diagrams
  • Verified the working of a developed code on hardware and made necessary changes based on obtained results
  • Improved development process as well as Regression testing, System Testing and Automation.
  • Developed test cases and planning for verification and validation of dspace HIL system
  • Developed and implemented controls, integrating changes to existing software model as well as and tested existing & new control system features using MATLAB /Simulink/Stateflow

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