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Software Tester Resume

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  • For web automation I have worked end to end test automation process, I have developed automation framework from scratch using Java and Selenium, I have used Git as version control, Maven as build Tool, Jenkins as Continues integration, Extent Report for reporting.
  • Coming to web services I have worked with SoapUI for soap testing, Postman for rest manual testing, and RestAssured for Automation testing. For angular application testing I have used Protractor with java Script using Jasmine Framework.
  • In area of Mobile testing I have used Appium to build Mobile automation project. Overall, I’m comfortable to Java, selenium, webservices, protractor, Appium.
  • Strong Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle and its methodology like Waterfall, Spiral, Iterative and Agile and experienced with iterative and agile (scrum).
  • Talented in carrying out all stages of Software Testing Life Cycle from requirement analyses to closure.
  • Skillful in analyzing requirements, ability to find defect in story during early stage.
  • Proficiency in creating different test cases and test steps for story and robust knowledge of Traceability Matrix bug management tool so as to perform mapping between test cases and requirements.
  • Well versed in performing smoke test for every build and skillful in performing functional, component, integration and system testing for Cric - drive application developed in java, JavaScript, angular js etc.
  • Strong knowledge of Entrance and Exit Criteria, for decision making, test strategy and test summary.
  • Proficient in carrying out Defect Life Cycle from open bug to closed, ability to found and log the defect.


Management Tool: Jira, Maven, Git, GitHub.

Defect Management Tool: Zephyr.

Database and DB Language: MySQL, SQL, MS excel.

Database Browser: Heidi SQL, workbench, MySQL.

Web Technologies: MS office, HTML, XML.

Programming Language: Java, JavaScript.

Web services: SoapUI, Postman, landlord.

Mobile testing tool: Appium.

Other Tools: Eclipse, putty, Linux, SoapUI, Postman.



Software Tester


  • Gathered requirements documents such as business requirements and design document and other related documents.
  • Using Extent Report to create our report.
  • Works closely with development, QA and business groups to understand their testing needs for various phases of testing Unit, functional, UAT, regression, performance, etc.
  • Created Page Object Model POM framework to automate our application.
  • Develops and executes test scripts.
  • Performed RESTFUL functional web services testing.
  • Validated and created Test Suites using SOAP for validating SOAP and RESTFUL web services.
  • Involved in the testing and automation of the REST web services related to the application.
  • Designed and documented REST/HTTP, SOAP API’S, including JSON data formats and API versioning strategy.
  • Protractor using Java script with jasmine Framework, writing the code on Visual studio development environment.
  • Used JavaScript to enhance test cases and make them robust and comprehensive.
  • Responsible in research and building automation framework using selenium WebDriver and TestNG. The framework is designed to run tests on multiple browsers.
  • Developed GUI mobile automation testing framework for Android with Appium.
  • Performed BDD (behavior driven Development using Cucumber Features, Scenarios and Step definition in gherkin format.
  • Used RDBMS to perform database testing.
  • Created and executed the test scripts with Java/TestNG.
  • Extensively worked with DOM to locate a web element using ID, CSS selector, and XPath.
  • Maintained and executed Maven build files for executing automated tests.
  • Familiar working with version-control tool like Git.
  • Using Jenkins as continuous integration tool for our project.
  • Creating the object repository.

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