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Sr. Quality Engineer - Sfdc Resume

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Folsom, CA


  • Around 7 years of professional experience in Analysis, Design, Development and support of business applications using J2EE Technologiesand Automated and Manual Testing of Web based applications using Java, Javascript, Selenium and JUnit/TestNG Automation Tools
  • Expertise in design and development of various web applications with n - tier Architecture usingMVC and J2EE Architecture techniques
  • Proficient in working with various technologies like Core Java, Java Beans, J2EE (JSP, Servlets), Spring, Hibernate, JMS, JDBC, AJAX, Design Patterns
  • Extensively worked in developing the web applications using the Spring and Struts Frame Work
  • Experience in developing Enterprise Applications as well as Distributed Applications using J2EE Technologies
  • Extensive experience in preparing Test plan, Test scenarios, Test cases, and Test Scripts, Test data, Automated Testing Framework based on User requirements and System Requirements Documents
  • Experience in working with open source tools Selenium (Selenium IDE and Selenium Webdriver),Cucumber, JUnit, TestNG, Eclipseand creationof testing framework
  • Performed Functional testing, Regression testing, System testing, Integration testing, Security testing, Configuration testing, GUI testing and User Acceptance testing
  • Experience with Cross Browser Testing using Selenium Grid/Selenium WebDriver and TestNG framework
  • Experience in designing and generating different Test Reports
  • Experience in Bug Reporting, Bug Tracking using various Bug Tracking Systems like Bugzilla, JIRAandQuality Center. Actively interacted with the development team to fix crucial bugs
  • Experience and good understanding of various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Testing Life Cycle, Defect Life cycle
  • Developed Testsuites to run Selenium Automation scripts.
  • Used Jenkins as Continuous Integration tool
  • Expertise in working with various databases like Oracle9i, Toad andMySQL
  • Exposure to performing database backend testing and in writing SQL Queries.
  • Experience in development and execution of test automation frameworks such as Data Driven, modular driven, Hybrid and Page Object Model
  • Experience in testing Webservices which follows SOA Architecture using SOAPUI Pro
  • Experience in building webservices using Jersey, spring-ws, Apache CXF and Axis2. Experience in testing REST APIs
  • Experience in developing and deploying enterprise applications on Tomcat, Websphere5.0 and Web logic 8.1 Application Servers
  • Developed Java applications in various IDE like Eclipse IDE, Bea Web logic Workshop Studio8.1, and IBM Web Sphere Studio Application Developer5.0
  • Created Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) to analyze changes and identify the areas of application for Regression Testing. Executed Test Cases, logged defects, developed Test Defect Reports and escalated issues.
  • Participated in design of Proof of Concept (POC) with QA Lead
  • Involved with SDLC models Waterfall and AGILEScrum Methodology projects
  • Experience in version control system SVN and CVS for source code maintenance
  • Technical expertise in Unix/Linux commands


Languages: Java, JDK,, JavaScript, SQL, PL/SQL, JSON, Angular.js, Node.js

Web Technologies: JSP, Servlets, Swing, Java Beans, MVC, JDBC,JMS, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSLT, Restful Webservices

Web / App Servers: WebLogic 8.1, WebSphere 5.1.2, Apache Axis2, Apache CFX, spring-ws, Jersey, Tomcat

Testing Tools: Selenium WebDriver/GRID/ IDE, SOAP UI Pro, JUnit, TestNG, Jenkins, ANT, Maven, REST, Appium, Maven, WSDL, Jenkins, Gherkins

Project Management: Rally, JIRA, Quality Center, HP ALM, Bugzilla

Version Control: Git, SVN, Perforce

RDBMS: Oracle 10g/11g, DB2, MySql

Automation Framework: Data Driven, Modular Driven, Page Object, Hybrid

al Qualifications: Bachelor s in Computer Applications from Siddaganga Institute of Technology, India

Master s in Computer Applications from Saraswathi College, India


Confidential, Folsom, CA

Sr. Quality Engineer - SFDC


  • Developed automation framework for Regression testing Suite taking more than 60 manual hours. The framework was simple, easy to comprehend and structured as per standard programming guidelines along with proper folder structure, source control, build and deployment.
  • Performed web application testing on project operated within agile environment with 2 weeks sprint, daily scrum meetings, team meeting, retrospective meeting at the end of sprint, task waiting, pair programming, refactoring and reviews.
  • Participated actively in project team meeting, interacted and communicated with developers and business analyst.
  • Developed Automation test cases using Selenium Webdriver and TestNg using Git as VCS for java-based web application, using maven as build tool and Jenkins to create and run deployment jobs.
  • Implemented extensive logging using log4j and in-built logging for TestNg. Custom Html Reporting was used along with default reporting of TestNg.
  • Developed Hybrid Framework with most used model Page Object Model framework (POM) with the combination of workflows and data driven framework using Java programming in Selenium Webdriver.
  • Responsible for monthly Regression testing and roll back testing of Workers Compensation module of IOP for monthly release.
  • Solely responsible for the data center migration of the Nvidia application from open source data center to Nvidia data center. Huge task with substantial number of carriers communicating with Nvidia on daily basis with file exchange.
  • Fostering solid working relationships among interdisciplinary groups including development, support and product management as most of the team members were offshore and had to coordinate with them on daily basis
  • Performed manual and updated existing automation test scripts with REST webservices using Postman and Rest Assured
  • Performed backend testing of application using SQL, writing queries to confirm correctness of data entered via UI, and data manipulation.
  • Sound knowledge of Apache POI library as the project required heavy use of files to read and write the data.
  • Involved in rigorous internal testing and UAT testing of major Nvidia release with one of the main customers.
  • Used GitHub and integrated it with Jenkins for continuous integration for build management for each release, QA, integration and staging environments
  • Reviewed test Documentations i.e., Test Data, Test Results/Output, Test scripts
  • Tracked, identified and logged bugs using Jira, and worked closely with Developers to troubleshoot and fix the issues.
  • Involved in providing the Testing Effort estimates and provided the timely feedback on progress of the testing activity
  • Worked on and did some research on Dockers to run test scripts of different carriers using selenium Grid.

Environment: Selenium 2.0, Firebug, Java, TestNG, JavaScript, XML,SoapUI,REST, Agile/Scrum,postman,docker,Apache POI library,Unix,Mac OS

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Sr. QA Engineer


  • Developed automation framework consisting of documentation for standardization of programming guidelines, automation folder structure, test results, source control, and common functions for web-based applications using Java,Selenium and TestNG
  • Experience testing LA Healthcare Mobile and Web applications using Selenium Webdriver with integration of Cucumber and Appium for iOS and Android application
  • The framework implemented extensive logging enabled using log4j. TestNG/ReportNG reporting templates had to be tweaked to customize the reports
  • Developed Page Object Model framework (POM)with the combination of modular and data driven framework using Java programming in Selenium Webdriver
  • Development of test scripts in an agile manner alongside the development timeline. The automated test cases helped in doing quick sanity/ regression and sending out reports of the product health during frequent intermediate build releases
  • Responsible for Designing & Building Automated Tests using Selenium Grid/TestNG for Cross-Browser Testing ex.: Safari, Chrome,IE, Firefox
  • Developed Automation Scenarios for Sanity and Regression Testing using Selenium & Appium
  • Design, develop, maintain and execute data-driven API test suites for WebServices (SOAP and REST) using SoapUI and Java for functional testing and schema validation
  • Performed backend testing of application using SQL, writing queries to confirm correctness of data entered via UI, and data manipulation
  • Used GitHub and integrated it with Jenkins for continuous integrationfor build management for each release, QA, integration and staging environments
  • Reviewed test Documentations i.e., Test Data, Test Results/Output, Test scripts
  • Tracked, identified and logged bugs using Jira, and worked closely with Developers to troubleshoot and fix the issues
  • Involved in providing the Testing Effort estimates and provided the timely feedback on progress of the testing activity
  • Worked on user stories discussed in Scrum Meetings, followed Agile methodology to collaborate with developers and project managers for quick and effective software testing in timely manner

Environment: Selenium 2.0, Firebug, Java, TestNG, JavaScript, jQuery, XML,SoapUI,REST, Agile/Scrum,Appium

Confidential, Carlsbad, CA

Sr. Software Engineer in Test


  • Documented test plan, test scenarios and cases corresponding to business rules and other operating procedures for the different modules of the application Planned for and reviewed the test cases for functionality, security and performance
  • Involved in monitoring bank customer transactions on a daily basis and, using customer historical information and account profile, provide a "whole picture" to the bank management. Transaction monitoring includes cash deposits and withdrawals, wire transfers and ACH activity.
  • Used Selenium webdriver for regression testing.
  • Performed smoke, functional, GUI, regression, database and performance testing.
  • Created and maintained test scripts throughout the project.
  • Involved in development of test strategy, scenarios and cases for user acceptance testing.
  • Performed Webservice testing using SoapUI tool.
  • Data driven testing was performed and the scripts are enhanced using Functions.
  • Worked on SQL, DML statements in checking the validity of the backend.
  • Tracking bugs, making pass-fail report were done using Jira.
  • Checked the data flow through the front and backend and used SQL queries to extract the data from the database.
  • Designed and developed automated test cases for new projects and change controls using Agile Methodology.
  • Contributed by creating new automated tests in an existing Java/Selenium framework leveraging Maven build management and pushed the script in Git hub, triggered continuous integration tests using Jenkins.
  • Conducted Cross Browser testing.
  • Prepared final test results and user documents for the application.
  • Participated in Peer Review meetings to enhance the Test Procedures and Test cases
  • Had regular meetings with Developers to discuss various problems

Environment: Selenium Web Driver, HTML, XML, Appium, Node JS, Web Services, SOAP UI, WSDL, Test NG, Maven, Jenkins, Github, SQL, Windows

Confidential, Santa Monica, CA

Software Quality Engineer


  • Responsible for testing effort for a large 9-member scrum team for dealer application
  • Automated testing for front-end application and backend Rest APIs writing 150+ automation scripts using Watir, RSpec, Postgres, Git, Jenkins using BDD methodology
  • Written scripts for Page object model framework. Used user agent to perform manual testing across various platforms, mobile devices and browsers
  • Created test plans, test scenarios, performed peer-reviews and mentored junior team members using JIRA for tracking features, and issues
  • Responsible for performing Rest web service testing and Mobile Testing using Appium for Android devices
  • Performed manual, exploratory, system, cross-browser and end-to-end testing for web and mobile application and BE APIs using Postman and Swagger.
  • Using Maven as project management tool and Jenkins for Building and compiling jobs using Continuous integration
  • Automated the RESTful services using Java and RestAssured to get valid JSON response for methods like GET, POST, PUT and DELETE
  • Identified and fixed process and test issues to ensure reliable regression test suite for supporting Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI-CD) using Jenkins
  • Wrote queries in SQL, developed and executed them to modify /analyze data from the Oracle database and compared it with results from web service response. Verified data integrity and consistency
  • Used SVN as version control system, responsible for code merging across different branches as per request. Participate in daily scrum meetings, weekly status meeting, Test effort meetings, Sizing Workshops and Proof of concept, user story development
  • Perform functional testing, black box Testing, smoke testing, regression testing
  • Enhanced existing automation framework by adding frequently used functionality

Environment: Windows, Firefox, Chrome, IE 11.0/10.0, JAVA 7, TestNG, Selenium WebDriver, HTML 5.0, XML, SQL, Subversion (SVN), Jenkins, Clearquest, JIRA, Splunk

Confidential, Irvine, CA

Systems Engineer


  • Involved in developing and implementing features of P2 products
  • Defined and implemented adapter layer and generated stubs using wsdl2java, Apache CXF
  • Defined RESTful APIs for the adapter layer and for the stub layer.
  • Developed many JSP pages, which enabled the customers to subscribe using encrypted userIDs.
  • Design and develop Servlets and service classes to implement business logic and deploy them in Tomcat.
  • Developed JAX-RS and Spring Annotation based RESTful controllers for the application
  • Designed and developed Service classes using Spring 3.0 annotations
  • Used JUnit4 with Spring Annotations to write repeatable tests for vAppServer APIs.
  • Used Log4j and logback for logging Errors.
  • Involved in configuring pom.xml.
  • Used JIRA as the bug tracking tool and Confluence for project design and documentation.
  • Used Perforce as source control.
  • Setting up and maintaining continuous integration using Bamboo.
  • Debugged and fixed several customer issues.
  • Took the responsibility for periodic rpm drops using YUM and QA releases for validation
  • Utilized Java, Eclipse/ J2EE, tested programming code & applications, collaborated with team and management
  • Accountable for analyzing requirements, developing designs, implementing and testing software/web applications usingJava, J2EE, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, and SQL
  • Responsible for coding and unit testing, resolved testing issues and updated the Jira
  • Implemented the Auto Suggestion module for searching any product using Ajax,JavaScript and developed modal windows for user interaction using lightbox library
  • Assisted with layout bugs that arose within the dynamic code and debugging them forcross-browser compatibility on the website to assure quality

Environment: Java, RESTful Webservices, Hibernate, Tomcat, Eclipse, Oracle 11g, SQL developer, Perforce, Agile, HTML, Ajax, Junit, JavaScript, MVC, Windows 7, Maven

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