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Software Test Engineer Resume

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Denver, CO


  • 11 years of experience with Network Integration and Python Automation Testing experience.
  • Highly experienced in testing in a telecommunications environment and is ready to pick up new technologies.
  • Extensive experience with 802.11 and Robotics framework and have experience with the following Network Protocols: TCP/IP, RIP, OSPF, BGP, ICMP, Ipv6, IGMP/MLD, MPLS - LDP, MPLS-TE, RFC-2544.
  • Worked extensively with Wi-Fi testing and API layers and has experience with both Cisco and Juniper products.


Network Protocols: TCP/IP, RIP, OSPF, BGP, ICMP, IPv6, IGMP/MLD, MPLS-LDP, MPLS-TE, RFC-2544.

Switching Protocols: VLAN, TP/RSTP/MSTP/PVSTP, Link Aggregation.

Wireless and Tunneling Protocols: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, DHCPv4/v6, PPPoEv4/v6, NAT,CGNAT,AP Mirroring, Subscriber Traffic, CAPWAP, wIPS,UPNP,WPA-2,Port Forwarding, GRE and MPLS.

Security Protocols: ACLs, 802.1x, EAP.

Routers: Cisco ASR 9K/1K, Cisco Spit Fire, Juniper MX 480/240/80 and vSRX, PENTAS-300x.

Switches: Cisco Nexus 9k/7k/3k, Juniper EX and QFX, Arista S3700, Extreme X400 and VSP, Aerohive SR2K.

Wireless: Benu xMEG (WAG/MHN) and vMEG(VRG), Aerohive AP150w, 250, 340c, 410 and 550, Xr and BR WiFi Routers, Belair, D-link, Netgare AP’s,Reshberry Pi.

Platforms: Windows and Linux.


Packet Analyzer: TCPDump, Ethereal, Wireshark, Tshark and Protocol Analyzer.

Traffic Generator Tools: Spirent Test Center, Spirent iTest, Landslide, Ix-Network, Ix-Explore, Avalanche.

Scripting Languages: PyTest, TCL/TK, Perl, Shell, Python, Robot Framework, Json, XML, YAML and RestAPI.

Programming Language: C

Database & Servers: SQL, PL-SQL.

Testing knowledge: Sanity, Compliance/Conformance, Functional, Performance, Load, Traffic, Stress Testing and System Testing.

Testing Tools: QTest, Test Trial, Jenkins, Postman, Kibana, SVN,GIT, Bitbucket, JIRA, Clear Quest, Bugzilla, Sales Force, CA Agile Issue Tracking Tool,Splunk, PyCharm and Eclipse.


Confidential, Denver, CO

Python Automation Engineer


  • Automate Router LED color detection using Python numpy and cv2 module.
  • Design End to End Test beds for Spectrum connectivity platform(SCP).
  • Automated Plume, SCL, Splunk and CUJO Endpoints using Python REST API’s.
  • Worked on Wireless Protocols IPv4 /v6,DHCP v4/v6,UPNP and PPSK.
  • Automated WINUI platform using Python Selenium.
  • Firmware Regression Testing for legacy features in SCP Platform.
  • Written Test Automation scripts using Robot Framework.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Python Automation Test Engineer


  • Wired and Wireless Features Tested in AWS Cloud.
  • RF Test beds design / Enhancement.
  • SR2000 Series stacked switches with CAPWAP Functionality.
  • 802.11 ax/ac Performance Testing IXIA veriwave, Spirent .
  • Wi-Fi Sniffers Wireshark, Omnipeak .
  • Regression testing for legacy features in AWS Cloud System, Staging and Production Envs .
  • Automate Network health Graphs Inject Json data, Elasticsearch .
  • Automation API Development (PYTHON), Robot Framework, writing Test Automated scripts (PYTHON), Selenium (GUI), and REST API’s.

Confidential, San Jose CA

Software Test Engineer


  • Worked as Technical Spirent Support Specialist CISCO and Juniper vendors .
  • RFC 2544 Performance Test beds design and Enhancements Cisco Insieme and Spitfire Teams .
  • Deploy and configure Spirent virtual KVM/QEMU images on vendor Server Vmware-Exsi, Cent OS servers .
  • Automate IPTV Channel Zapping Test for real time multicast Traffic results.
  • Automate Spirent Results DB for dynamic quiring results SQL .
  • Developed Python/Perl/TCL wrappers for Spirent products in vendors Automation Platforms PyTest,TOBY, JSAFE, JT, PyAts, Spitfire, and Cay 2.0 .

Confidential, Seattle WA

System Test Engineer


  • Worked on NFV and SDN platforms.
  • Developed Python API to create and deployed virtual DHV services chains like Cisco ASAv, Juniper SRx on UCS server with Open Stack.
  • Deploy the VNF’s with orchestration in a cloud infrastructure and verify DPDK throughput measurements.
  • Testing and Developing Python scripts to monitor the health of the VMs deployed on the open stack.
  • Automate Cli Configuration using JSON/YAML with Python RestAPI.
  • Automating ATT AWS Cloud using selenium Python WEB DRIVER IDE.

Confidential, Boston MA

QA Engineer


  • Designed and developed Product wide Test Plans using RFC and IEEE Standards.
  • Home Gateway and Access Gateway Test Bed design /Enhancements.
  • Flashing different platforms with the updated firmware.
  • Worked on different Wi-Fi products and analyzed the MAC and PHY layerspecifications on different Wi-Fi modes (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac).
  • Worked on Spectrum Analyzers (litepoint, Agilent, R&S) to find sensitivity levels for various MCS rates used in the modulation.
  • Data Plane and Control Plane subscriber Traffic Testing IxExpolre, IxNetwork, IxLoad, Spirent Landside .
  • Worked on BENU’s next generation-LTA+/Wi-Fi Offload-NFV product Confidential Systems level OpenStack’s NEUTRON networking node, NOVA compute node, NUMA architecture, openVswitch controllers and cluster technologies .
  • Automating access points using selenium Python WEB DRIVER IDE and integrating to the base code for smooth executions.
  • Automate Custom Packet Simulator using Python.
  • Automate Platform Features, Routers, Switches, Traffic generator’s and OS Devices.


QA Analyst


  • Functional, Scalability, Performance, Regression and Automation testing of various Routing and switching features.
  • Spine and Leaf Test beds design/ Enhancements.
  • Understating the functional behavior of module specified in RFC/IEEE Standards.
  • RFC2544 Performance Testing Agilent, Spirent Test Center .
  • Automate Python API’s and test scripts for the features tested during releases.
  • Automate Agilent, Spirent Traffic generators using Python.

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