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Qa Automation Engineer Resume

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Pittsburgh, PA


  • Around 8+ years of working experience as Quality Assurance Automation engineer.
  • Experienced in software Automation Testing, Analyzing, Reviewing, Understanding Business/Functional requirements, writing Test Plan, Test Scripting and creating TestSenarios.
  • Expertise in developing, executing test cases manually as well as generating automated scripts using Selenium, and Cucumber while serving various domains such as Telecom, Financial, Retail and Manufacturing.
  • Expertise in Software Automation Testing and Manual Testing. Extensively worked with Selenium WebDriver, Grid for testing web applications.
  • Good knowledge of Java Development and proven experience in using Java for Automation.
  • Designed and created Test Suites using different frameworks like Data Driven, Keyword Driven, Page Object Model and Hybrid Framework for Java based applications.
  • Worked Extensively with TestNG Testing Framework. Has implemented cross browser testing and Data driven testing using @parameters and @DataProvider annotations.
  • Implemented test automation for handling Popups windows and Alerts using WebDriver and Alert interface classes.
  • Used AutoIT, WebDriver in automation for Mouse movements, Keystrokes, Window control manipulations and print pop - ups.
  • Has ability to perform switch over to elements in iframes using WebDriver.
  • Ability to perform Compatibility testing with different browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari and with different operating systems like Windows, Mac OS.
  • Experienced in using Apache POI to read the data from external sources in-order to feed test data sets into the test scripts.
  • Involved in Manual testing &Defect Management using JIRA.
  • Created complete solution for continuous integration tool such as Jenkins from code checkout from GitHub to regression, report generation.
  • Experienced in using Forms, tables, links, Keyboard Mouse Events, Uploading Files using Selenium WebDriver, AutoIT.
  • Expertise on Testing REST API using Robot Framework and SOAP UI.
  • Experienced in web user interface automation testing with Selenium WebDriver, Java, Cucumberand TestNG frameworks.
  • Proven ability in developing BDD with Cucumber and writing Step Definitions, Scenarios, Scenario Outlines, Features in Gherkin format.
  • Used Rest Assured Framework to test Restful Web Services including Http GET, POST, PUT. Used Basic Authentication for API Security testing. Used Hamcrest Matchers for Restful Response Assertions.
  • Used SoapUI for testing SOAP, Restful Web services.Used SoapUI assertions to verify the API response.
  • Ability to connect with the Database to execute SQL statements for validating data in the Database.
  • Analyzed requirements documents and Use Cases to prepare the detailed Test Plans,Test Cases and developing Test scripts.
  • Created automation test framework using Tosca
  • Expertise in Integration, Functional, Regression, System testing and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Quick learner and excellent team player.
  • Experienced in all levels of Testing such as Positive testing, Negative testing, Integration Testing, Functional Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Black box testing, Browser testing.
  • Expertise in Problem solving and Bug Tracking Reports using Bug tracking Tools.
  • Assist in User Acceptance Testing when necessary and recommend certification of software changes once the software meets the business requirements.


Automation Testing Tools: Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Server, Selenium Grid, TestNG, JUnit, Cucumber, Gherkin, REST API, SoapUI, Rest Assured, Postman, QC

Bug Reporting Tools: JIRA, BugZilla, Quality Center

Databases: Oracle, MS SQL, SQL Server, SQL

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux

Languages: Java, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, XML, JSON, XPath, JSONPath

MS Office Tools: MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, TOAD

Test build, Integration Tools.: Maven, Jenkins, GitHub

Frameworks: Data Driven, Hybrid, Page Object Model (POM)

Utilities: Eclipse, Firebug, Fire Path


Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

QA Automation Engineer


  • Developed System Test Plans, Test Cases and Test Scripts based on Business requirements.
  • Developed test cases and scripts for GUI testing, functionality testing and regression testing.
  • Prepared Test cases for positive and negative test scenarios as referred in the user stories keeping in mind Boundary Value Limitations, Equivalence classes.
  • Implemented Data driven framework and worked extensively with TestNG Testing Framework. Has implemented cross browser testing and Data driven testing using @parameters and @Data providers annotations.
  • Partial Link, Attributes and Tags.
  • Createreport and updated mass data using Tosca query language
  • Developing test and defect reports and test scripts in Selenium Environment
  • Implemented the selenium synchronization using the implicit and explicit wait methods.
  • Performed Functional, System, regression, and user acceptance testing.
  • Selected the Test Cases to be automated and performed functional testing of the front-end using Selenium (IDE and Web Driver) & created Data Driven framework.
  • Ability in handling Ajax calls using WebDriver methods waits like Implicit, Explicit, fluent waits and thread sleep.
  • Experience in Drag and Drop, Scroll Down, Synchronization, Double Click, Checkboxes using Selenium Web Driver
  • Used Selenium API for Mouse movements, Keystrokes, Window control manipulations and pop-ups.
  • Ability to handle multiple windows using web drivers.
  • Created test reports generated out of TestNG and captured the error screenshots.
  • Performed BDD (Behavior Driven Development) using Cucumber Features, Scenarios and Step Definitions in Gherkins format.
  • Identify project risks and take appropriate risk mitigation actions.
  • Configured Jenkins build job for continuous Integration and for Regression Testing.
  • Conducted backend testing using SQL queries to validate data for database and Used SQL queries for retrieving data from database for executing user specific test cases.
  • Participated in walkthroughs and technical reviews all through the testing phase.

ENVIRONMENT: Selenium WebDriver, Selenium GRID, Oracle, Jenkins, SoapUI, Postman, HTML, XML, Quality center, JIRA, Microsoft Office, Cucumber, Gherkin, Eclipse, JUnit, Maven, TestNG, Agile.

Confidential, Collegeville, PA

QA Automation Engineer


  • Created Test Cases and Test data after analyzing the BRD under AGILE development methodology.
  • Worked with Business Users and Developers to Create complete test plan as per the high-level project schedule
  • Requirements gathering by working with business analysts, developers and to define the test scope and approach
  • Involved in design and implementation of Selenium WebDriverautomationframework for Smoke and Regression test suites (TestNG and Maven)
  • Developed test plan, test cases, test strategy, test scripts and testing scope document detailing the process for each of the test scripts and the scenarios.
  • Involved in complete project software development life cycle (SDLC) and software testing life cycle (STLC)
  • Setup theautomationframework using Selenium.
  • Developed test scripts to automate testing process in Selenium WebDriver using Java programming to develop/execute the application test plan.
  • Prepared and identified Test Cases forautomationand developedAutomationtest scripts using Selenium 2.0(Web Driver) as framework, used Jenkins to maintain, build and execute scripts
  • Developed the test cases Client based on Use cases, Annotated Documents and Business Rules.
  • Performed Input validations, User interface validations, Browser compatibility and Navigation testing.
  • Conducted Functional, Regression and Retesting; performed Sanity testing to check basic application functionality.
  • Conducted GUI, Functional, Integration, User Acceptance and Regression Testing and logged the defects.
  • Checked the client side and server-side validations. Tested the functionality of the application.
  • Inserted checkpoints where needed, to compare the current behavior of the application being tested to its behavior in the earlier version using Selenium
  • Performed data accuracy, validation, and integrity testing by querying database using SQL Queries to ensure and confirm the business rules
  • Identify project risks and take appropriate risk mitigation actions.
  • Involved in planning as per test results and progress and took necessary actions to compensate for problems
  • Generated reports for tracking defects, test project metrics, test process improvement and management review
  • Used to prepare weekly and monthly status reports.
  • Reporting of issues found during the load testing
  • Prediction of expected results in Load testing and analysis of final output.
  • Developed and enhanced process flows for Shipping address, Shipping options and Payment.
  • Involved with the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to test the usability of the application.
  • Assisted testing team to identify software bugs, created Test Reports

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, Eclipse, Oracle, HTML, XML, GitHub, JUnit, TestNG, Maven, Jenkins, SoapUI, Postman, Rest Assured, JIRA, Cucumber, Gherkin, Soap, Restful.

Confidential, Williamsport, PA

QA Automation Engineer


  • Assessed & analysed user stories and participated in Sprint planning, Review Sessions & Scrum Meetings and developed Test scenarios, Test cases, Test data, Test reports.
  • Developed and Executed Test Scripts using Selenium WebDriver, Testing, analysed Test Results.
  • Involved in preparing test cases using Selenium Web driver to validate all UI components, Popups, Browser navigations, Mouse Movements.
  • Implemented TestNG automation framework for Smoke Test to ascertain that the crucial functions of the application work and implemented Regression Test to verify the existing functionality is affected and to check the configuration settings of the code.
  • Performed Functional testing as per user stories, performed Integration Testing &System Testing usingSelenium WebDriver automation scripts.
  • Executed test scripts in headless browsers like HTML Unit driver.
  • Expert in EDI and HIPAA Testing privacy with multiple Transaction exposure such as new Member enrolment 834 inbound, claim 837 inbound or claim adjudication responce to claim 835 outbond, 276 inquiry277 response, 270 eligibillity/271 benefits
  • Used AutoIt, Robot API tools in automation for Mouse movements, Keystrokes, Window control manipulations and print pop-ups which is not possible using selenium WebDriver.
  • Ability to perform switch over to elements in iframes using WebDriver.
  • Ability to perform Compatibility testing with different browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE.
  • Ability to connect with the Database to execute SQL statements for validating data in the data table (Database testing). Experienced in using Apache POI to read the data from external sources to feed locators into the test script.
  • Performed Data driven testing to validate the components displayed on the website using Selenium
  • Performed Parallel and Cross Browser testing on different browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox where multiple tests were run at the same time.
  • Involved in gathering business requirement, studying the application and collecting the information from developers and writing the test Scenarios.
  • Reviewed test assignments developed Test Scenarios and Test Cases, and conducted tests as assigned.
  • Application was updated twice a week, so that all the Test Procedures created as Baseline can be played back to perform Regression Testing.
  • Performed Functional Testing, Smoke Testing, System Testing, Pega, Regression Testing and End-to-End Testing.
  • Wrote SQL Queries to retrieve the data from various Tables and to Test the Database.
  • Preparation of test data for the negative and positive test cases.
  • Documented Defects found during test and communicated the recorded problems to the responsible development personnel.
  • Retested the application once the Defects were fixed.
  • Participated in weekly walk-through and inspection meetings, to verify the status of the testing.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE, Jenkins, SoapUI, HTML, XML, JIRA, Microsoft Office, Cucumber, Eclipse, JUnit, Maven, TestNG, Agile, Oracle.

Confidential, Canonsburg, PA

QA Manual Tester


  • Organized Test Plan during initial phase of project, prepared test scripts, created Release note in Rally, setup/link Test Lab with release cycle, executed test cases and recorded results in Rally. Executed all test cases in different phases of testing like GUI Testing, Functional, Regression, Integration, System, Sanity and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Wrote Structured Query Language (SQL) queries to check proper data population in application table and for data verification to perform Backend Testing against Oracle Database.
  • Prepared meeting notes on daily execution/highlight of the project and send out the reports to managements.
  • Analyzed Load Test runs resource utilization Processor, Network, Disk I/O, Memory.
  • Interact with Developers and Business Analysts to perform various types of testing throughout Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) and Bug Life Cycle (BLC).
  • Involved with Trainer's training calls by presenting every project's new enhancement and functionality changes for the Branch Users.
  • Created Initial test plan, developed test cases, test scripts and Defect Management Templates manually. Used Rally to store all testing results, metrics, created Test Cases, and Reporting.
  • Reviewed Business requirements, IT Design documents and prepared Test Plans which involved various Test Cases for all assigned module/projects; Review Test Requirements, Creating Test Plans and Test Strategy documents. Prepared a Defects Tracking Log for the SharePoint Site to track defects while testing.
  • Involved in UAT testing, SIT Testing, Regression Testing and Functional testing.
  • Worked with the database administrator to migrate & maintain the applications.
  • Actively participated in all QA and testing activities during UAT and PROD SDLC.
  • Actively participated in smoke, functional and ad-hoc testing.
  • Prepared Test Reports and submitted the bug findings in Rally.
  • Involved in defect reporting, defect tracking and defect reproducing.
  • Developed detailed Test Plan for system Testing based on SRD and BRD.
  • Developed SQL queries to extract data from the source tables.
  • Involved in writing and implementation of the various Test cases and Test scripts.
  • Created Test Cases as per the business requirement and executed them.
  • Interacted with developers, Business & Management Teams and End Users.
  • Involved in cross browsing testing of the application on various browsers to ensure it functions.

Environment: Quality Center, SAP, HTML, MS Office, Microsoft Excel, MS Word, Internet Explorer, Microsoft outlook, PowerPoint, and Visio.

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