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Rf Engineer Resume

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  • 7+ years of experience working in telecommunication industry.
  • Three years of experience in software/automated testing.
  • Strong experience in performing Basic Sanity & Regression Testing for new AP,CP
  • Hands on experience on test simulators Agilent, Rohde & Shwarz and Spirent tools.
  • Performed eMBMS FOA app test and validated embms blanking in the sub frames.
  • Good experience in observing the Layer 3 Messages, RSRP, SINR, Throughput, and BLER during the Test and verify Handovers between all sectors during shakedown drive.
  • Well versed in test verification of different GSM and CDMA smartphones.
  • Good knowledge of 3GPP, VoLTE, LTE, HSDPA, HSUPA, UMTS.
  • Knowledge of SGSN, GGSN, MME, HSS, SGW, PGW, PCRF, IMS.
  • Responsible for IOT's and customer visits to T-Mobile lab and Confidential &T labs.
  • Well experienced in testing and validating the performance of Metro cell, Macro cell and Remote radio heads.
  • Executed manual and automated tests on devices and Network simulators.
  • Experience working with both Network and UE tools - QXDM, QPST, QMI, QCAT, QLAT, WPS, NEM, SAM, Sherpa, Winds, NNEXT, Wireshark, Odin.


Confidential, NY

RF Engineer


  • Executing handset testing in lab, developing test plans/test cases, analyzing test results and debugging issues.
  • Experienced in designing and executing handoff, roaming, reliability, and instant call related test cases.
  • Qchat latency performance testing (QLAT) on Confidential internal base station setup and also on Sprint network.
  • Experience working with Voice over IP, PTT, SIP protocols.
  • Reported bugs, test failures, troubleshooting stability issues, and worked closely with development team to ensure high quality release.
  • Created test cases in Single PDP environment and executed them in different scenarios.
  • Using the ADB shell Android debug bridge for installing Applications and extracting logs from the Mobile devices.
  • Developed automation scripts, created detailed test reports for functionality of Push to Talk technology
  • Radio connectivity (RAN) configuration for WCDMA related to camping and registration issues.
  • Performance and stability of Confidential Mobile chip sets; it concludes testing of modem, apps, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and power management component of the chip.
  • Responsible for keeping track of issues raised by field testing team, monitoring the status of the issue, and close the issue after it is resolved, tracking the test reports, and provide support to the development team in reproducing and reporting issues upon special request.

Confidential - Seattle, WA

RF Performance Test Engineer


  • Responsible for test execution of Confidential &T FDD and TDD test cases for conformance on ALU network.
  • Execution of Confidential &T's ADAPT test suites such as Confidential &T Record and Playback tests on Spirent and R&S.
  • Validating call flows during Emergency E911 VOLTE calls.
  • Running tests using device specific Confidential commands for automation.
  • Strong experience in using the ADB shell Android Debug Bridge for installing Applications and extracting logs from the Mobile devices.
  • Extensively worked on Confidential UE 9x25 to configure different EARFCN's using QPST, and verifying UE performance using QXDM.
  • Responsible to setup and debug issues related to Confidential UE in the team, manage the patch panel that controls the internal wired RF signals coming from the eNB to the UE.
  • Good understanding of wireless protocols TCP, UDP, IPV6, RLP, SIP.
  • Assembled all the parts of enodeB, then installed and configured them in the lab.
  • Logging, analyzing protocol stack messages, documenting and filing data collected and bugs reports during data performance, radio performance and device aggression test using QXDM, slick edit and APEX.
  • Testing procedures include LTE Mobility Management Procedures, LTE RRC and Encryption, Network selection, LTE Intra-RAT and LTE Inter-RAT Mobility Procedures etc.
  • Tested the LTE Radio Assets that are developed by ALU in both TDD and FDD.
  • Created CR's and followed up with OAM, CA LLP and Modem software developers to fix the bugs.
  • Hands on experience on ALU tool WPS to create databases, work orders, extract snapshots, propogate templates based on network requirements.
  • Managed the ALU internal lab networks using NEM/SAM to upgrade RAN software, manage cell setup, monitor alarms, Tx power, Rx Power, return loss and VSWR measurements.
  • Worked on UNIX platform to configure cell parameters and perform database imports to the eNB.

Confidential - CA

Software Test Engineer


  • Analyzed business requirements and system specifications to formulate Test Plan, Test Case and Test Scripts
  • Developed and executed Automated Testing Scripts to efficiently test new functionality and continually retest existing functionality for GeoBlue Expat, GeoBlue Traveler, Members, Providers, Agents & Employers modules
  • Developed, maintained, and executed Regression Testing by using Automated Testing Tool Confidential QTP
  • Created comprehensive Test Plans with well defined, reusable Test Cases from business requirements and functional specifications documents including enterprise data warehouse and related systems and technologies
  • Worked with System Architects to better understand technical and business processes to create and maintain Automated Test Script libraries for Functional & Regression Testing for Members, Providers, Agents & Employers
  • Created Software Test Plans, Manual and Automated Test Scripts for user interface, functionality, system and Ad-hoc Testing for Individual & Family Plans, Medicare Plans and Group Plans
  • Worked closely with Technical Delivery staff to detail and created robust Automated Regression Suite using Confidential QTP
  • Created and executed Test Cases, triaged Bugs and reported Testing Status to project teams using centralized Test & Defect Management tools - Confidential Quality Center (QC)/ALM
  • Documented software defects Confidential Confidential QC/ALM and proactively communicated issues to Developers and Business Analysts
  • Converted Manual Tests to Automated Test Scripts to improve the test effort and operational efficiency by using Confidential Quick Test Professional (QTP) and VBScript
  • Performed User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and supported UAT Testers during UAT Week
  • Used project deliverables to determine testing requirements that defined the test artifacts to be developed and executed
  • Created and executed SQL queries to validate Membership and Providers actual test results match expected results, identified and logged defects in Quality Center (QC)
  • Assisted the development teams on the analysis of defects and track them to successful resolution using test & defect management tool Quality Center (QC) & Jira
  • Created Test Metrics to support decision making by the project manager and product acceptance criteria.
  • Used Data-driven Parameterization from Excel to run Automated Test Scripts with bulk Test Data from Confidential QTP
  • Generate effective status and progress reports to the QA Manager and project team managers.
  • Participated in testing process improvement activities & provided testing support after-hours/on-call time.


Associate RF Engineer


  • Drive test and data collection for speech and gprs/edge for 2G.
  • Handlingoptimizationof new and existing sites which includes problems like Call drop, interference, handover failure, in building problem, antenna tilting.
  • Drive Test and Post processing Data Collection, Log file post processing and proposing the necessary changes.
  • Verifying & testing of hardware upgrades and new elements added to the network & keep track of all the up gradation activities.
  • Providing technical support to Sales team and resolving customer complains within given time frame.
  • KPI including HTTP, FTP and RTT file collection.
  • Call testing, BSC up gradation, antenna changes etc.

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