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Selenium Tester Resume

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  • 7+ years of IT experience in Automation Testing, Manual Testing and Application
  • Development of software systems in Web - based, Client Server and Data Warehouse applications under Windows and Unix environments
  • Worked on Insurance, Finance and Healthcare applications.
  • Automation skills in both UI and service level
  • Experience in Selenium IDE, Grid and Selenium RC
  • Experience in Selenium Web driver.
  • Understand the application concepts and flow in order to identify the re-usable key components for automation purposes.
  • XPath, CSSSelector usage in Selenium.
  • Experienced with TestNG and JUnit.
  • Data Driven Framework Automation testing using Selenium.
  • Worked with defect tracking tools like Quality Center, Jira and Clear Quest
  • Involved in all the phases of SDLC and QA Life cycle, with timely delivery against aggressive timelines.
  • Create & executed automated scripts/components using Selenium that supports Java platform
  • Hands on experience with Agile, Scrum and waterfall methodologies.
  • Experience in developing Selenium tests and Java applications using IDE’s such as Eclipse.
  • Extensive experience in Black Box Testing of applications
  • ANT, Maven and Continuous Integration using Jenkins.
  • Expertise in problem solving and Bug Reporting using Bug Tracking Tools
  • Proficient in creating Test cases, Test Scripts for the testing of various types of web applications.
  • Performed Smoke testing, Functional Testing, System Integration Testing (SIT), Regression Testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Designed, maintained and executed the test cases in Quality center tool and logged the defects.
  • Worked in conjunction with the Business Analysts and Development teams to analyze and solve the issues
  • Experience in performing Backend testing by writing and executing SQL queries
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, proven team player delivering under high stress environment with resource constraints.


Testing Tools: Selenium Webdriver,Selenium IDE,Manual Testing, Quality Center 9.2,10.0,SOAP UI

Defect Tracking Tool: Test Director, JIRA, Rational Clear Quest

Database Management: Sybase,DB2,SQL server, Oracle

Programming: Java 7/6,JDK 1.5/1.6, VB Script, HTML, Shell Script, SQL, XML

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, UNIX - HP, Linux .

Version Control: Subversion, Perforce

RDBMS Tools: Toad, SQL Developer, Squirrel, DB Artisian

Others: Microsoft Office, MS Visio,Weblogic,Websphere


Confidential, Texas

Selenium Tester


  • Worked with Business Analysts and Developers for requirements review and developing Test Scenarios
  • Analyzed Business Requirements, use cases AGILE (SDLC) PROCESS and worked on automation and manual testing of the application
  • Worked and helped Manager to create Test Plan and for testing life cycle of application
  • Developed System Test Cases and procedures to test various application points
  • Used Modular Driven Framework for creating Selenium scripts
  • Performed functional testing to identify various critical points in the application and automated it by using Selenium WebDriver
  • Tested compatibility of application for dynamic and static content under various cross browsers various elements identifying techniques (ID, Name, Xpath, CSS) using Selenium Framework
  • Involved in Design and development of SQL Programs, procedures to track status and data files on real time basis.
  • Checking the regression logs for the loans and credit cards modules.
  • Developed ANT Scripts to run the automation scripts and implemented POI.jar to develop Excel and HTML based test reports.
  • Setup Continuous Integration system for QA using Jenkins.
  • Widely used Rally for user stories, bug management and team communication
  • Tested Manually Android Native app version of the application

Environment: Eclipse IDE, Java, JUnit, TestNG, Rally, Selenium WebDriver, ANT, Jenkins, Modular Driven Framework, Agile

Confidential, Springfield, IL

Selenium Tester


  • Gathered specifications and requirements to develop Test Plans and to create Test Cases using Quality Center.
  • Actively participated inagile testing. Completed tasks on time for each sprint to meet the deadlines.
  • Used Selenium IDE for Open source web testing.
  • Involved in creation of Automation test framework using Selenium.
  • Used Firebug Tool to identify the Object’s id, Name, XPath, link in the application.
  • Added annotations to the test. (Selenium).
  • Developed the Automation Test Scripts using Java and execution using Selenium.
  • Involved in executing all Selenium test scripts on the different browsers and checked for compatibility.
  • Regression test cases were automated using Selenium, Web Driver, and Web Driver Backed Selenium.
  • Executing Test Cases, Test Plans and Analyzing the Test Results.
  • Developed the Positive and Negative Test Cases for various modules based on the business requirements.
  • Performed Manual Testing on different Modules of the Application.
  • Investigated software bugs and maintained reports, tracked defects.
  • Prepared detailed reports of Bugs and Defects, Pass/Fail reports and comparison analysis, and interacted with the development teams, application and data architecture team, migration and build teams and the DBA team to report and correct defects.
  • Extensively used Quality Center for test planning, maintain test cases and defects.
  • Categorized bugs based on the severity and interfaced with developers to resolve them.
  • Execution of daily smoke tests to ensure the deployment of each environment is stable.
  • Divided various functional areas of the application into various Risk Levels for effective testing of the application, also risk leveled all the Test Cases accordingly.
  • Prepared status summary reports with details of executed, passed and failed test cases.

Environment: AgileMethodology, Java, J2EE, Selenium, Web logic App Server, Quality center, UNIX, MS Office andSQL Server

Confidential - Ashburn, VA

Selenium QA Tester


  • Analyzed the Use Cases and various documents to prepare Test Plan.
  • Highly experienced in designing and applying test methodologies to ensure products meet required specifications and Performance expectations.
  • Developed the Test strategy for short term and long term automation.
  • Prepared Manual testing scenarios and test cases for system design of advance builds of an application.
  • Automation infrastructure and error free test scripts are developed using Selenium Webdriver methods and features.
  • Used Eclipse IDE with selenium for supporting functional testing of client side application.
  • Created Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) while preparing the test cases.
  • Organized the test cases in the HP ALM/Quality Center (QC) for Manual Test execution also generated reports and graph type documents for results using QC.
  • Test scripts are written using Java selenium to automate the GUI test and functional test cases.
  • Test scripts created with automation tools and executed automation scripts on various builds.
  • Performed risk analysis to critical areas of application from customer perspective and supported multi-tier application.
  • Test scripts written are enhanced for Global Execution.
  • Data Driven Testing (DDT) is executed by prepared Test data.
  • User stories are tracked using JIRA and HP ALM/Quality Center (QC) to track the defects.
  • Experienced in working with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Testing.
  • Involved in weekly status review meeting and generated reports on summary of the test executions.

Environment: Windows, Selenium IDE, Selenium Webdriver, Java, J2EE, Scrum Master Pro, HP Quality Center, JIRA, Eclipse IDE and Firepath.

Confidential, Gallipolis, OH

QA Tester


  • Involvement in all the stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) like Requirements Specifications
  • Review, Test documentation, Application testing and Defect reporting.
  • Participated in Requirement Specification Meetings (RSD) to understand the application's functional requirements to initialize the test scenarios, test flows and test procedures.
  • Prepared Test cases for positive and negative test scenarios as referred in the user stories keeping in mind the
  • Boundary Value Limitations, Equivalence classes.
  • Scripted Tests and automated usingSeleniumIDE /SeleniumWebDriver at OS level for User Interface (UI).
  • Used Hybrid/Data Driven Framework and extracted the data from external Excel files using Apache POI.
  • Configured the Test Cases to receive input Test Data Sets for the corresponding test cases using TestNG Data
  • Provider Annotation.
  • Performed Cross Browser Testing on different types of browsers to run all the tests at the same using TestNG.
  • Used JIRA to track bugs and maintained the flow of iterations.
  • Performed Regression testing usingSeleniumWebDriver, TestNG and Jenkins Continuous Integration.
  • Executed Batch files usingSelenium.
  • Performed black box testing, database testing and web-based testing on each transaction usingSelenium.
  • Scripted the Test cases and managed the framework dependency jars using Maven. Used Maven to perform build from Jenkins Continuous Integration.
  • Scripted SQL queries to verify data integrity, data validation and data design.

Environment: SeleniumIDE,SeleniumWeb Driver, TestNG, Java, Eclipse, Hybrid/Data Driven FrameworkCucumber, Linux, Oracle, SQL, JIRA, SVN, Maven, Jenkins.


QA Analyst


  • Performed Manual Black Box Testing of a Web Site
  • Performed GUI functional and sanity testing manually for each new build of the application.
  • Executed test cases to compare the actual result with expected results in accordance with business, technical and functional specs of the applications.
  • Responsible for thorough testing of browser and platform compatibility issuesCreate test plan, test suits and test cases.
  • Performed testing on Mobile for compatibility check.
  • Validated applications GUI for compliance with Usability guidelines.
  • Verify bugs fixed in new releases.

Environment: JIRA, XML, SQL Server 2005, Windows 2000


QA Analyst


  • Test Environment set up using octopus tool.
  • Requirement gathering for testing through building test plans to execute test cases.
  • Participated in design reviews and quality inspections for each release
  • Writing Test Plan, Test Cases and Test Scripts.
  • Participated in System Testing, Regression Testing and Interface Testing
  • Prepared Test Data and performed Positive and Negative testing.
  • Created Test plans - Test cases for GUI, Regression and functional testing.
  • Execution of test cases, verification the actual results against the expected results andDocumenting in the test plan.
  • Analyzing specifications, Identified data and test requirements, developing QA test plan and ensuring its proper and timely execution from functional specification documents.
  • Creating/executing test cases coordinate integration of applications on a multi-server
  • Reviewing the database test cases.
  • Executed database test cases according to release.
  • Environment, and perform basic troubleshooting, conducting regression tests.
  • Defect Reporting & Defect Tracking using Product Studio.

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