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Qa Tester Resume

San Antonio, TX


  • Having 7+ Years of Experience in Manual and Automation Testing.
  • Proficient in Software Development Life Cycle & QA Methodologies
  • Strong experience in manual testing of Client-Server applications, Web applications and applications linked to Database Systems
  • Experience in Agile Methodology
  • Proficient in creating effective Test Plan, Test Documents for features and stories based on FRS and SRS
  • Proficient in Smoke, Installation, Functional, Regression, User Acceptance, Recovery, Compatibility, Reliability and Reference application testing
  • Experience in Installation testing of client components in UI and Silent mode on different operating systems
  • Experience in automating test cases using NUnit, QTP
  • Experience in using Rational Pure Coverage Tool for code coverage
  • Expertise in Web applications testing by using FTP, SMTP, DB, JMS and Web Services in design and run time
  • Experience in Web Services testing using SoapUI
  • Experience in testing integration of Configuration Management Tools ClearCase and Perforce with client products
  • Good experience in back-end testing using SQL queries
  • Knowledge in Data warehouse concepts
  • Experience in creating Backend image using VMware
  • Good experience in testing Remote Commands using SECSIMPro+ based on Factory Automation Standards
  • Proficient in creating clear and concise test summary and defect reports for every release for client product review meetings
  • Involved in the preparation of Requirement Traceability Matrix.
  • Good experience in direct customer interaction and escalation management
  • Served as Defect Prevention Analyst to the project and implemented best practices to improve the process
  • Practical experience in managing and implementing continuous software quality process improvement with small to large size teams
  • Self-starter with drive, initiative and a positive attitude. Able to meet very stringent deadlines and always deliver results, even under pressure
  • Strong analytical & good communication Skills. Very keen and enthusiastic, constant desire to learn, genuine commitment to excel.

Technical Expertise:

Testing Methodologies: Manual Testing, Automation Testing, SDLC, Agile,

Testing Tools: QTP 9.0/10.0/11.0 , NUnit 2.4.8, Rational Pure Coverage v7.0, SoapUI

Operating Systems: Windows 2000/03/XP/NT/7

Networking & protocols: FTP, HTTP and SMTP

Web/App Servers: Apache Tomcat 7.0

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle11, C#.Net, Java, C

Defect Tracking Tools: HP Quality Center 9.2/10.0, ALM, JIRA 6.0, iNotion

Databases: SQL Server 2005/2008

Configuration Management Tools: ClearCase, Perforce

Domain: Manufacturing, Content Management

Professional Experience:

Client: Confidential

Role: Senior Consultant

This project belongs to Content Management Domain. xCP provides a better and faster way to build case management applications. It is an integrated application composition platform that delivers intelligent case management - quickly and easily.


  • Participated in xCP 2.0 Main release
  • Followed agile methodology
  • Completely owned story handling and other QA activities for Integrations module
  • Led the team for Case Process module and Runtime module
  • Led and participated in Functional, Regression, Smoke, Installation, Compatibility & Reference application testing
  • Setup environment with Content Server, Documentum Administrator, FTP, SMTP(POP3, IMAP), DB, Tibco Server, James, WebSphere JMS and SoapUI for testing
  • Designed case process using FTP, SMTP, DB, JMS, Web Services and executed run-time with different browsers on different Operating Systems
  • Tested integration of product with Perforce
  • Overlooked team defect leakage to be less than 8%, which is a client’s bench mark
  • Executed over 500 Regression test cases of Case-Process in a span of 25 days
  • Created Backend image and cloned it onto 100 PC’s for all team members
  • Served as Defect Prevention Analyst to the project and implemented best practices to improve the process
  • Involved in Reference Application Testing
  • Involved in Database testing
  • Attended Story reviews, Peer Reviews, daily standup meetings and customer interaction on functional or technical changes
  • Bug Fix Verification and Bug reporting using Jira
  • Test case management using Quality Center
  • Status update meetings with clients internally and handling them completely
  • Scheduled & delegated tasks to the team members
  • Prepared Weekly Status Reports and shared with the Managers

Environment: Java, SQL Server 2008(Content server), Oracle11, Documentum Administrator 7.1, Tc server/Apache Tomcat 7.0 , Firefox 7.0, FTP/ SMTP/ POP3/ IMAP/ Tibco EMS Server/ James/DB/ WebSphere JMS Servers, SoapUI, JMeter, Quality Center, Jira, VMware, VersionOne, Firebug

Client: Confidential

Role: Lead Engineer

Confidential is a common SW package, providing infrastructure services and common functionality to various products in the organization. The package is based on individual software components that have interdependencies on each-other. Many of the components are based on a windows-service that acts as the server and an interface DLL that is used by the clients.


  • Created test documents for components and features based on SRS and FRS
  • Involved in Test Documents, SRS, UTD Peer reviews, Client Reviews and created peer review documents
  • Created Acceptance test scenarios for the product
  • Installation Testing of KTCS components in UI & Silent mode on different operating systems
  • Involved in Smoke, Security, Functionality and Regression testing of KTCS components
  • Acceptance testing on different client environments
  • Tested Feature and Incident Verifications based on release notes for every release
  • Organized Software Change Control Board Meetings in the team
  • Tested the components using Rational Pure Coverage Tool and thereby improved code coverage by analyzing the code and adding additional test cases
  • Automated test cases using NUnit
  • Test case management and bug tracking using iNotion
  • Led cross training sessions for new joiners on several components of the project
  • Experienced in creating Test Plan and Test Strategy

Environment: C# .Net, Windows 2000, XP, 2003, WIN 7, SQL Server 2005, iNotion

Client: Confidential

Role: Member Technical Staff

Clear-Notion’s main purpose is to synchronize iNotion incidents and software changes thereby controlling the software quality. Clear-Notion is intended to be used by multiple products that are using UCM on ClearCase. The primary use of iNotion is to track bugs/features and manage documents for Confidential Products.


  • Prepared Test Scenarios based on requirements
  • Involved in SRS, Test document reviews and peer reviews
  • Tested Clear-Notion Client and Server, which is integration of ClearCase with iNotion
  • Created clear and concise test summary & defect reports for every release for client product review meetings
  • Verified features and incidents based on release notes
  • Test case management and bug tracking using iNotion

Environment: C# .Net, Clear Case, iNotion, SQL Server 2005, Windows XP

Client: Confidential

Role: Member Technical Staff

Confidential ’s solution for Factory-Interface software. This project is subdivided as:

  • Factory Automation Services
  • These services in Nexus are provided by a set of software components, each representing a Factory Automation standard
  • Material and Carrier Handling
  • Job Management for optimizing the execution sequence


  • Prepared Test cases for new features in the product based on FRS
  • Executed Test cases on real handler in clean room
  • Prepared test cases for Recovery Scenarios in Job Manager and executed on real handler
  • Participated in Acceptance Testing on different client environments
  • Involved in Smoke, Installation, Functionality, Regression and User Interface testing of Nexus
  • Tested Remote Commands using SECSIMPro+ based on Factory Automation Standards
  • Scheduled jobs on real handler and verified the performance

Environment: C# .Net, Windows 2000, XP, 2003, WIN 7, SQL Server 2005, iNotion, Manual Testing Execution on Software & Real Handler, SECSIMPro+

Client: Confidential

Role: Consultant

Viper Software Enables capture of macro and random defects such as hot spots and coating, whole-wafer defects such as no-coat, no-develop, and tilted reticles. Allows rapid disposition through individual defect images, wafer maps, wafer images, and galleries of maps.


  • Automated the regression test cases using QTP
  • Documented and formatted the test data using Excel
  • Created and Executed Automation Test Scripts for Functional and Regression Testing using QTP
  • Divided the Test Scenario into Multiple Actions and converted the into Reusable Actions
  • Involved in QTP Data Driven Framework
  • Participated in Functionality and Regression Testing
  • Involved in team meetings and interaction with customer
  • Worked with developers to resolve any defects, assisted in problem root cause analysis and coordinated required changes to achieve Quality Control

Environment: C# .Net, Windows XP, SQL Server 2005, iNotion, QTP 9.0

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