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Database Specialist Resume


  • Adabas/Natural Certified Professional DBA with over 21 years of extensive experience in Database Administration and Data Modeling with a total 28 years of IT industry experience.
  • High proficiency in DBA tasks including installation & configuration of large databases, backup and recovery, performance tuning, database security, capacity planning, database monitoring & trouble shooting.
  • Substantial senior level of hands on experience operating Confidential Mainframes in a multi - CPU state-of-art environment,
  • Insightful and results - driven professional with excellent project management skills,
  • Highly skilled in maintaining system integrity and assuring efficient work flow,
  • Strong programming and debugging skills,
  • Excellent Supervisory experience in coaching, counselling, performance management, and conflict resolution, with adaptability to work under significant stress,
  • Proven analytical ability, with a systematic approach to planning and problem solving situations.
  • Good knowledge in the administration of databases in high availability environments, highly transactional database performance tuning, disaster recovery using ADABAS DELTA Backup and Restore facilities.
  • Supported administration of databases ranging from 2 GB to 300 GB in development, testing and production environments.
  • Excellent analytical, conceptual and problem-solving skills with attention to details.
  • Strong understanding of operating systems, network configurations and systems administration.
  • Possesses excellent communication skills and interpersonal personal skills with easy adoptability to different work environments.
  • In-depth knowledge in DB2 and CICS.

Database Specialist, Confidential

SAG Related Software

  • Verification, implementation, configuration and tuning of ADABAS database systems on several partitions (LPARs) on Confidential Mainframe.
  • Monitoring Database processes and performing database tuning as required.
  • Implementing ADABAS Backup/Recovery procedures including D.R.P.
  • Installing upgrades (ADABAS version 5 to 6 to 7 to 8).
  • NATURAL and Natural Security installation on Mainframe.
  • PREDICT Installation, administration, developing User-Exits.
  • EntireX Installation, Migration on Mainframe and Windows platforms.
  • Supporting, monitoring and configuring client access to mainframe resources through the multiple security layers of RACF, ADABAS and Natural security.

Confidential Software Products (More than 5 years’ experience)

  • Installation, Verification, Allocation of different specs of DB2 and CICS (IBM).
  • Use of DB2 Address Spaces, Allocation of Threads, and objects (DB2CONN, DB2ENTRY, DB2TRAN)
  • DB2 CICS and Security Installation (RACF) - DB2 CICS Region & CICS Transaction.
  • Preparing the procedure and monitoring of High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR).
  • Perform routine maintenance (Backup and Recovery, REORGSS, RUNSTATS).
  • 24x7 database support to DBAOPS, on - call support for operational processes.
  • Performing and defining specific backup processes associated with development and operational requirements.
  • Excellent knowledge of DB2 Version 9.7 and DB2 Version 10.5 for Operating System AIX (Power Series). Responsible for monitoring Data Compression, Automatic Storage and Performance Optimization)
  • Performing the migration of DB2 Version 9.7 to Version 10.5 (AIX - Power System).

Confidential Softwares

  • QA experience including an understanding of different types of QA testing and QA methodologies.
  • Technical report writing and system documentation.
  • Provide technical support to Operations, Systems and Programming Personnel.
  • Reviewing Capacity Planning with system, programmers as well as for production support.

Confidential, Kuwait Designation: Operation Support Analyst

Team: mainframe Operation Support

Role: Operation Support, batch Job distribution and backup and recovery

  • Insightful and results - driven IT professional with extensive broad range of Corporate IT Mainframe Operations Systems hands on experience. (IPL, HMC, POR, batch processing monitoring, script running, job coding, media management, output printing and distribution etc. )
  • Lead Console Operator/Backup Supervisor with a substantial senior level of experience operating Confidential Mainframes in a multi-CPU state-of-the-art environment.
  • Highly skilled in maintaining system integrity and assuring efficient work flow.
  • Good in multitasking and taking up several projects at a time,
  • Team player and goal oriented personality,

Mainframe Hardware: Confidential Z10-Seris open server, Confidential Z890, Confidential ES/9000 model 480, Confidential DS8700, Confidential 3990 storage Controller Confidential Direct Access Storage Controller (DASD) 3390, Confidential TS3500 - 3592 Tape Drive, Confidential TS7700 - Virtual Tape Unit, Confidential 3590 Total Storage Enterprise Tape System, IBM3490 Magnetic Tape Storage Subsystem, Confidential 3745-170 Remote Communication Controller


Utilities and Facilities: CA1, NETMASTER, RMF, OMEGAMON, NETPASS

Databases: ADABAS-NATURAL, COMPLETE (Software AG, Germany), AG, DB2 & CICS (IBM), VSAM, SQL

Networking Packages: VTAM, LAN, NCCF, NETSPY, TCPIP, NCP

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