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Qa Automation Engineer Resume

San Antonio, TX


  • Over 7 years of diversified experience in Software Testing and Quality Assurance of web based applications, Websites, Databases, web services and Client/Server Technologies.
  • Expertise in Quality Analysis with strong understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and object oriented methodologies.
  • Experience in Automation testing using Selenium WebDriver/RC/IDE/GRID, Junit, TestNG, Jenkins, Maven, Ant, QTP, Cucumber, SOAP UI and HP Quality Center.
  • Key expertise includes testing and debugging GUI and Multi - Applications environment and automated testing using Selenium WebDriver and Selenium RC/IDE.
  • Experience in using Java as client library for Selenium WebDriver to design and developed Automation test Framework using Junit and TestNG.
  • Expert in integrating Automation scripts (Selenium WebDriver API) on Continuous Integration tools Hudson/Jenkins for nightly batch run of the Script.
  • Good experience in Selenium Test Environment setup expert using the entire open source tools. Excellent knowledge in writing unique XPath using firebug and fire path to identify web elements.
  • Experience in creating Test Strategy, Test Plans and Test Cases, Test Estimation, Requirement Traceability Matrix.
  • Experience with comprehensive understanding of all phases of Test Life Cycle, including requirements gathering, test planning, and scheduling, testing, defect tracking, and reporting.
  • Expertise in Automation Testing, Manual Testing, Smoke Testing, GUI Software Testing, and Backed end Testing, Black-box Testing, Functional Testing, System Testing, and Regression Testing.
  • Good working experience on SOAP UI for testing and validating various web services used in the application.
  • Experience on working XML, XSD and XSL, XPATH and designing Web Services using WSDL, SOAP and latest features like Policies and Services.
  • Expertise in documenting defects with high level of detail, accuracy, and informative recreation steps using Quality Center, JIRA, IBM Clear Quest, BugZilla etc.
  • Experience in database query manipulation, SQL, PL/SQL statements, stored procedures, and triggers.
  • Strong expertise in lifecycle methodologies like Rational Unified Process (RUP), Waterfall, Spiral, Agile Models and TDD (Test Driven Development) methodology.
  • Well versed in different management scenarios like Change Control, Quality Assurance, Defect Tracking, System Integration, and Task Scheduling.
  • Excellent experience with source version control tools such as Subversion (SVN) & Git.
  • Good analytical and communication skills and ability to work independently with minimal supervision and also perform as part of a team.
  • Highly motivated team player with analytical, organizational and technical skills, unique ability to adapt quickly to challenges and changing environment.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, proven team player with an analytical bent to problem solving and delivering under high stress environment.


Testing Tools: Selenium WebDriver/RC/IDE/GRID, QTP, HP Quality Center, Soap UI, Cucumber BDD, JBehave

Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, XML, Python, Shell Script

Test Framework: Junit, TestNG

Project Methodologies: Agile-Scrum, Waterfall, V-Model

Defect Tracking Tools: Jira, BugZilla

Build Tools: Ant, Maven

Continuous Integration Tools: Jenkins, Hudson, Cruise Control

Packages: MS-Office Suite(Word, Excel, Access), MS-Project and MS-Visual Studio

Databases: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MS Access

Operating Systems: Windows variants, UNIX, Linux


Confidential, San Antonio, TX

QA Automation Engineer


  • Analyzed the Business Requirements Specification, System Requirements Specification and User Interface Specification documents.
  • Developed and executed Test Plans, Test scenarios, Test Cases, Test Scripts for Manual and Automation Testing.
  • Worked in agile environment on testing iteratively against newly developed code until quality is achieved from an end customer's perspective.
  • Developed and design necessary test plan and test scripts for functional and performance testing using, Selenium Web Driver, TestNG, Maven and Jenkins.
  • Identified test cases to automate. Automate those test cases using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and Java (Eclipse IDE).Contributed in framework creation.
  • Responsible for developing test automation Framework using Selenium WebDriver with Maven and, TestNG.
  • Created unit test cases for business component and worked on API server-side System level test cases using TestNG.
  • Used Maven, SVN, Selenium Web Driver and Java to create nightly automation scripts.
  • Developed functional/regression scripts utilizing Gherkin and Cucumber for web application reaching thousands of agents throughout thirteen states.
  • Used Java as client library for Selenium and WebDriver to design and developed Automation test Framework using TestNG.
  • Involved in using Jenkins as a Continuous Integration server to configure with Maven.
  • Used Selenium WebDriver API to automate tests on cross browser and cross platform environment. Sound knowledge on Object Oriented Programming concept and Java Language.
  • Involved in pushing the automated test code into CI (Continuous Integration) and monitored the test execution in Jenkins once the code pushed into CI.
  • Used Firebug/FirePath to do web based application testing with selenium for the commands and locator application.
  • Involved in SOA testing for Payments API's using SOAP UI and Java framework for Web Services testing.
  • Created SOAP UI projects for testing the integration of SOA Broker with the Federated Security component on Windows platforms.
  • Developed test scripts for web services using SOAP UI and worked with XPATH.
  • Involved in GUI testing, integration testing, navigation testing and regression testing using web and client-server applications.
  • Extensively used XPATH , Regular expression and classes to perform UI actions. Exported output/reports for all automated testing results.
  • Responsible for updating and maintaining the Jira for all the defects found during functional and regression testing and follow up of the bug life cycle.
  • Tested applications in different types of browsers and versions, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome to simulate production environment.
  • Used Protractor is an end-to-end testing framework for Angular.js applications and works as a solution integrator and combining powerful tools and technologies such as Jasmine.
  • Created Python scripting to test REST API functionality for regression setup. 
  • Developed Python scripts to automate the test cases.
  • Validated the data in the database by using SQL queries.
  • Performed back-end testing on Oracle and SQL Server databases by writing SQL queries to make sure the contents displayed on the UI correct as per requirements specifications.
  • Responsible for keeping up with the test schedule and interacting with software engineers to ensure clear communications on requirements and defect reports.
  • Actively participated in Stand-up meeting, walkthrough meeting, weekly assessment meetings and daily bug triage meetings and interacted with developers and business analysts to ensure high quality of the application under test.

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, Maven, TestNG, Jenkins, Cucumber, Python, SOAP UI, Ruby, FirePath, Firebug, XPATH, XML, Eclipse, Protractor, Angular.js, JMeter, Jira, SVN, Agile, SQL, Oracle, Windows.

Confidential, Middletown, NJ

QA Automation Engineer


  • Reviewed business requirements and technical specification documents and Analyzed use cases, functional requirements to write detailed Test plans and Test cases.
  • Configured Selenium WebDriver, Junit, Ant tool and created selenium automation scripts in java using Junit prior to agile release.
  • Developed and implemented robust MVC Pattern base testing with Selenium WebDriver which cut down the script development time in half.
  • Running Selenium automation scripts and updating the scripts according to enhanced requirements using selenium web driver and Python.
  • Developed automated tests for continuous regression testing and reducing manual testing using Selenium, Junit and Ant .
  • Developed test code in Java language using Eclipse, IDE and Junit framework.
  • Used Selenium WebDriver using Junit and Eclipse for automation in Hybrid model.
  • Performed build acceptance testing and smoke testing using Cucumber automation tool.
  • Monitor the test execution in Jenkins once the code pushed into CI.
  • Integrated the test suites to Jenkins to execute them automatically after every successful deployment.
  • Designed and Developed UAT Regression automation script and Automation of functional testing framework for all modules using Selenium and WebDriver.
  • Responsible creating the functional testing framework using Junit, and using Selenium WebDriver to automate the UI components.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining automation acceptance test suite using Selenium and Cucumber framework.
  • Developed Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) to ensure appropriate level of test coverage.
  • Used Selenium for End - to End testing for Angular.js Applications.
  • Used Firebug/Fire Path Add-on tools to identify the Object’s id, Name, XPath, link in the application.
  • Performed REST API Testing using Http java Test Client for SOAP/REST web APIs.
  • Performed the testing of Restful web services for mobile apps for the Using SOAP UI.
  • Created automation scripts in SOAP UI using Groovy Script for web services testing.
  • Performed data driven testing by using JDBC as a data source in SOAP UI and configured SQL queries to fetch data from the Oracle database.
  • Conducted System Testing and User Acceptance Testing for every client and Conducted Backend testing writing extensive SQL queries.
  • Developed Test Framework in Selenium for UI Regression Test Automation and when necessary, and potentially execute Unit Test automation (Java/Junit).
  • Involved in documentation as to how to maintain and run scripts for future enhancements. Responsible for testing the application against different environments in QA, staging and production.
  • Wrote   Python  CGI programs and Apache configurations to access application functionality. 
  • Wrote and executed SQL’s and PL/SQL’s to do the backend testing.
  • Involved in the Database Testing using SQL Queries of the Application like checking all the Tables in the Database and checking whether the data is moving in their Respective Tables.
  • Analyzed the business requirements, developed test plans and created test cases in Jira a test management tool.
  • Worked with appropriate development and technical support teams to triage, assess and solution.
  • Worked closely with different functional team including Development, QA, Sales and Business.

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, Junit, Jenkins, Ant, Cucumber, Python, Jira, Eclipse, SOAP UI, Rest API, Ruby, Rake, Angular.js, XPATH, Firebug, FirePath, SQL, Oracle, Windows.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

QA Engineer


  • Worked closely with developers and other QA members to define test requirements and developed test cases based on the Business requirements and System requirements.
  • Responsible for design and development of requirements collected from the customer.
  • Prepared test plans to identify test strategies and resource.
  • Developed Automation scripts for new enhancements using Selenium RC and Junit.
  • Defined test automation strategy, designed automated tests, created automated test cases, test plans and executed tests using Selenium.
  • Modification and execution of Test case Scripts (Java-Selenium RC) in Eclipse IDE, design of automation test framework (Junit and ANT).
  • Responsible for setting up the framework and test environment.
  • Extensively involved in integrating Selenium RC with existing API to test framework.
  • Performed records, enhanced, and plays back test in Fire fox using Selenium IDE.
  • Worked on developing the automation scripts for back-end testing using Selenium and executed the Junit tests.
  • Involved in executing all Selenium test scripts on different browsers and checked for compatibility.
  • Involved in System-wide Integration, regression and Load testing.
  • Worked in Manual and Automated testing of applications on Windows Environment.
  • Verified database test results using Toad.
  • Clearly documented all the test cases and executing methods and techniques and uploaded all the requirements.
  • Worked closely with Business teams and participated in Business Acceptance Testing (BAT).
  • Actively participated in status report meetings and interacted with other team members for technical issues.

Environment: Java, Selenium RC/IDE, Junit, JavaScript, XML, HTML, Fire Path, Firebug , Eclipse, PL/SQL, Windows XP.

Confidential, Henderson, TX

QA Tester


  • Identified the test requirements based on application business requirements and blueprints.
  • Performed manual testing and maintain documentation on different types of Testing viz., Positive, Negative, Regression, Integration, System, User-acceptance, Performance and Black Box
  • Involved in analyzing the applications and development of test cases
  • Involved in doing System testing of the entire applications along with team members Applications are tested manually.
  • Analyzed and reviewed the software requirements, functional specifications and design documents.
  • Proficient in QA processes, test strategies and experience in creating documents like Test plan, Test procedures.
  • Developed test scenarios and test procedures based on the test requirements.
  • Participated in Preparing Test Plans.
  • Wrote SQL queries and stored procedures to validate data.
  • Documented errors and implemented their resolutions.
  • Created test scripts, executed test scripts.
  • Developed Test Objectives and test Procedures.

Environment: Manual testing, Win Runner, Quality Center, Oracle, Visual Basic, Windows.


Manual Tester


  • Created detailed test cases from business requirements document.
  • Executed test cases and reported status of the test cases.
  • Conducted functionality and regression testing
  • Performed static and dynamic testing to test the application.
  • Used HP Quality Center for defect tracking and to report the bugs.
  • Developed various reports and metrics to measure and track testing effort and maintained Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM).
  • Verified the data from backend by running the SQL queries.
  • Responsible for weekly status updates showing progress of testing effort and open issues to be resolved.

Environment: Manual Testing, SQL, HP Quality Center, Windows.

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