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Qa Engineer Resume


  • Over seven years of IT experience in Software Quality Assurance and Testing.
  • Tested Applications manually and executed Test Cases using HP Tools (QC).
  • Automation skills using WITBE automation scripting for Set Top Boxes.
  • Python programming - Data Structures - lists, strings, dictionaries, sets, tuples. Basic Data Structure Manipulation.
  • Python coding of basic Functions, if\elif and else statements, and for\while Loops for simple Custom Block Coding for Witbe.
  • Experience in testing Stand alone, Web Based and Client Server Applications.
  • Have worked with Automation Framework (of QTP) Keyword Driven implemented for testing needs.
  • Experienced in Test management and defect tracking tool like Quality center.
  • Excellent knowledge of various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with emphasis on the Testing and Requirements gathering phases.
  • Worked in the QA Life cycle, which includes Design, Development, and Implementation of the entire QA process and documentation of Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Procedures and Test Script for Manual & Bug tracking tools.
  • Woked in an environment that was employing Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Waterfall Model, and then migrated to Agile Model.
  • Daily Automation Script Development Standup.
  • Extremely experienced in testing the domains like Banking, Finance and Insurance.
  • Experience with QA Methodology and QA Validations to ensure the Quality Assurance Control and identifying the Test Requirements based on User Requirements and Design Specifications
  • Expertise in testing applications on both Windows and basic Linux platforms.
  • Expertise in converting Use cases to Test Cases.
  • Proficient in Front end (Functional & GUI Testing), Black Box Testing, System and Integration Testing, Regression Testing, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Expertise in Traceability Matrix preparation and Defect Prevention Analysis activities.
  • Worked closely with development team, support team and customers. Coordinating with the onsite team and updating the status.
  • Performed data validation using SQL Queries that were provided by the client for specific sheets.
  • Skilled at working independently, multi-tasking and delegating responsibilities.
  • Quick learner, strong analytical skills, motivated with a positive attitude, good inter-personal skills, individual contributor and team player.


Testing: Quick Test Pro, SOAP UI Pro 4.5.2, WitBe

Defect Tracking: Quality Center / JIRA

Databases: CSG, SQL

Configuration Management: Rational Clear Case

Scripting languages: XML, Python (Basic)

Application environments: C#, .NET Framework, ASP.NET, EDI, Crystal, .NET Web Services, SSIS/ SSRS/ SSAS, SOA, CSS, Java, C++

MS Suite/ Project Tools: MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), MS Visio, MS Project

Methodologies: Waterfall, Agile, Scrum

Operating Systems/ Products: UNIX, LINUX, Windows - 7, Vista, XP, NT, 2003, 2000, 98

BI Tools: Business Object



QA Engineer


  • Daily Standup
  • Tracability Matrix Creation for Automation test plan.
  • Automation Script Identification and Script Writing in ALM
  • Image Capturing and nomenclature sheets for proper tracking of Automation work.
  • Witbe Issue tracker maintenance, and constant contact with vendor for solution support.
  • Custom Block coding in Python using python data structures - like lists, dictionaries, sets, tuples and strings
  • Custom Block coding in Python for Function creation, Basic Statements (if\elif and else), and for/while loops.
  • Created P1 and P2 Automation Suites and successfully navigated the Automation Script creation phase to maintenance phase.
  • Reported directly to a IT Manager on all weekly status updates for onsite Wipro Team every Monday.
  • Worked on STB Application Testing all pre-production App Pushes.
  • Extensively tested the STB Software Labels and dealt with weekly and monthly pushes for test.
  • Conducted a Regression Suite of testing for every new software release. Tested SOAK Labels as well.
  • Tested Pre Production and Production Satellite Feed. Am part of the entire process, and was liason with the Business Group that dealt with EchoStar for defect reporting and updating Quality Center with the defect fixes.
  • Worked on Testing Hopper with Sling, Hopper, Joey, Wireless Joey Device Functionality on the Satellite Receivers
  • Tested Dish VOD
  • Worked extensively writing test cases and developing a test Suite in Quality Center for Device Functionality and Application Testing.
  • Worked on the Test Plan, Test Lab, Test Runs and Defects Section in Quality Center for Testing Quality Assurance (TQA) Lab here at Dish
  • Worked with a Team of 3 and with an offshore team that worked on CSA, Customer Service Application that is part of the CSG Billing bundle for Dish Customers.
  • Prepared for POC on WitBe Robots and Dish’s Hopper with Sling and plain Hopper.
  • Worked extensively on Application, and Beta (Pre-Production Code Pushes and weekly STB Software Releases on a weekly and biweekly basis in an Agile Environment
  • Started from the beginning of the project till present
  • Tested Scripts for Service Now Portal in ALM
  • STB Testing Focus: Dish Specific Applications, IP VOD, Automation Scripts/ WitBe

Confidential, St Louis, MO

QA Engineer


  • Worked on Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)
  • Ad Widgets
  • Air command Gateway (ACG) using the SOAP Pro UI Tool .
  • Worked on SKY UI testing and worked with the Web End Testing of the Application.
  • Focused on Audience Measurement (AM) Testing.
  • Tested DOCSIS 2.0 Set Top Boxes, and analyzed the AM Logs from the AM Server .
  • Worked on provisioning Accounts and, STB Related Services on CSG (Cable Billing Software).
  • Created Issues on JIRA, and tracked them through their resolution cycle within a Lab environment.
  • Focused on understanding the structure of the Lab, and its integration into the backend devices like the 2 way conduit, NC 1500, DAC, Cherry Picker’s, and the various other middleware devices that from an integrated testing facility.
  • Worked on EBIF Applications, Instant Upgrade, Caller ID, Audience Measurement (AM), and validated Logs from OPENNET and Fourth Wall Media .
  • Worked on ROVI Guide for Motorola/ Arris and Passport Guide for CISCO STB’s .
  • Energy Measurement Testing for Government Regulations and FCC Benchmarks
  • SKY UI FCC Testing on CISCO Headend
  • Eclipse.exe for Pairing UUID and Device UUID for SOAP UI PRO
  • Worked on Trilithic EAS yPlus and sent EAS and EAN Messages to the SKY UI STB’s for FCC Testing
  • User Agent Tesing for Motorola and Cisco Headend

Confidential, Denver, CO

QA Tester


  • Analyzed the applications to gather the business requirements.
  • Pre prepared test plans were provided, and needed to be executed.
  • There was a need to constantly check that the network and the Multicast was functioning at an optimum.
  • Different types of DSLAM’s (Adtran, Calix, Alcatelucent) were tested, against RG’s from Pace, Motorola (Arris) and Cisco (Wireless and Wired).
  • The content was provided from Microsoft media room, and the Multicast and, IPTV applications within the required firmware were tested
  • Wireless connectivity with the RG (Residential Gateway) and the wired WAP/ Wireless STB’s was tested.
  • Constant Use of Modem GUI for the verification of IP, DNS Server and MAC ID’s was needed daily for validation.
  • The Microsoft Media room Firmware was tested for QOS and, for achieving the industry benchmark in IPTV.
  • A good understanding of DSL, ADSL, VDSL, and GPON lines is required to test the signal Bandwidth that was expected on the test feed from the satellite.
  • Worked closely with the Client and provided feedback and test updated via an in house test plan monitoring program and Excel.
  • Used Wire Shark for packet analyses and to take a TCP Dump and evaluate if the issues with packet loss and pixilation are in the video feed or a physical wiring issue. Evaluate and see if the issue is on the network side or the RG Side.

Environment: Windows - 7, NT, 2003, 98, SQL Server 2005, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, HP QC

Confidential, Bridgeport, CT

QA Tester


  • Completed Demographic Reports that comprised of the Date closed, as well as the Analysis type, New and, Product changes in FIS-XAA (Fidelity Information Systems Extended Account Analysis), and validated against the On Demand 32 Software to see if the Financial Line Items matched.
  • Maintained and Enrolled corporate accounts in FIS-BeB (Business EBanking) as an Admin regularly.
  • Validated Wire/ACH documents in DOC View and made changes to accounts in Process360-9.5. These Software’s are used in the Banks International Wire room and must be ACH Compliant. They directly impact the bottom line of the Treasury every month and the feeds from these software need to be checked against the On Demand Database.
  • Cross Checked Account Fee Override Reports and Composite Statements on IBM On Demand 32.
  • Maintained active communication with Branches regarding Corporate Account Maintenance via Enterprise Contact Management (ECM).
  • Daily created and executed test cases according to issues that were coming up on the Banks internal Web Interface (FIS XAA, Metavante Insight) that was not to be marketed to Customers, but was needed to implementation of revenue management.
  • Initiated Black Box testing of the Banks Internal Revenue Generation Software (XAA), and reported Issues to and from the International Wire Room.
  • Helped Automate monthly Accounting of Armored Car Dunbar, Coin Room, International/ Domestic Wires and Monthly Corporate Checking/ Savings Service Fees that were manual inputs via generating reports in SQL.
  • Extensively worked with DS (Designer, Director and Manager).
  • Attended Bi-Weekly Defect Review and Defect Status meetings. Provided updates to Team Lead on testing activities.
  • Point of Contact in regular project status meetings related to testing.

Environment: Windows NT/2000, Oracle 10g, SQL / PL SQL, JAVA, Test Director 8.0, QTP 8.2

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