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Vr User - End Qa Tester Resume

Mountain View, Ca


QA tester/ Interest working in the development side of the game industry/ Desire to learn and seek new opportunities in the industry.




Confidential, Mountain View, CA

VR User - end QA Tester


  • Paid careful attention to image quality when using the headset, logging in visual bugs; spotting anti-aliasing issues, artifacts/graphic corruption.
  • Stress-tested on several high-end PCs, and logged multiple playbacks within the VR headset throughout each day; spotting and keeping track of stability issues and potential degradation of framerate performance.
  • Kept track of low frequency crash bugs through GPU sensor logs and .dmp files for engineers, in order to narrow down potential causes of its stability issues.
  • Kept track of any audio compatiblity issues when testing with a 3rd-party audio headset while using the Oculus hardware.

Confidential, Menlo Park, CA

Contingent Game QA Tester


  • Familiarized and learned about key basic aspects of VR, while testing extensively on numerous game demos designed for the Oculus Rift and Samsung GearVR headsets.
  • Performed rigorous testing on game demos through ad-hoc and test cases involved with the Rift software + hardware's tracking capabilities.
  • Constant attention to detail within each game's VR environment; documented PC performance + framerate issues, jittering-issues through the headset's motion-tracking.
  • Addressed and documented potential motion-sickness issues immediately to ensure the users' experience is satisfactory.
  • Worked closely with a small group of testers. In particular titles, communicated clearly on particular bugs that can be considered major issues and how to reproduce them, in order for the developers to understand easily and be addressed immediately.
  • Performed online smoke tests to ensure whether or not certain multiplayer demos are in playable states for OC3.
  • Assisted Oculus co-workers with inventory checks which includes numerous high-end pre-built PCs and Samsung phones. Both hardware platforms prepared to be setup for OC3, intended for public and press media usage.
  • Performed imaging routines and firmware updates on PCs and Android phones required to run smoothly, prior to the event. Routines performed on these PCs and phones were tailored for OC3 attendees and press.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Compliance Tester


  • Tested and applied compliance testing against new builds on development consoles on a daily basis.
  • Carefully studying and researching both Sony and Microsoft compliance documents to conduct test runs properly. (TRC and TCR/BVT documents)
  • Learned to thoroughly test and check for standardized text (error messages, info messages, correct brand-name/trademarks). Making sure all messages are appropriate and appear correctly for the user.
  • Worked often with co-workers to conduct network tests under various scenarios according to test plans.
  • Utilized specialized software/tools required to work in conjunction with Sony and Microsoft SDKs; necessary to complete various test plans.
  • Checking and reporting inconsistent terminologies and naming conventions that can potentially violate publisher guidelines, in various languages such as Brazilian Portuguese, German, Italian, etc.
  • Worked on various bug databases including JIRA, TestTrack Pro, Bandai Namco's In-house bug databases.
  • Performed audio tests/checklists for Dolby Surround sound hardware on game consoles.
  • Returned to school to complete remaining course work in both Confidential and Confidential .
  • Also learned to speak and studied Japanese in both campuses.

Confidential, Foster City, CA

Dev QA In-House Tester


  • Testing and verifying functionality of gameplay/audio assets using Perforce.
  • Tested and reviewed in-game audio extensively to ensure they are played and triggered correctly.
  • Managing and organizing Pre-production dialogue scripts/in-game text using Excel.
  • Providing feedback on user-accessibility issues to the development team.
  • Direct communication and assistance to programmers and designers.
  • Sharing bug/gameplay-issue status and updates to the dev team on a consistent basis, nearing milestones and deadlines.
  • Testing/Regressing updated features and gameplay elements, providing feedback on what could be addressed before release.
  • Worked extensively on regression, reproducing and verifying bugs written by outsourced QA teams.

Confidential, Foster City, CA

Product Development Tester


  • Worked under tight deadlines, constantly observing and reporting major bugs directly to developers and programmers.
  • Worked extensively on regression, reproducing and verifying bugs written by outsourced QA teams.
  • Assisted in spot-checking and reporting any discrepancies/corrupted in appearance of characters related to European and Asian language bugs written by Localization teams.
  • Cooperated and communicated well with co-workers to resolve a wide variety of bugs related to localization, UI interface, gameplay issues.

Confidential, Foster City , CA

First Party Quality Assurance Tester


  • Worked in a team-based environment, focused on critical tasks and communicated well with co-workers treating each individual with respect and high cooperation.
  • Found and written a vast variety of bugs ranging from graphical, gameplay mechanics, game-breaking issues, to suggestive language/content correlating to ESRB rating on various projects.
  • Attention to detail, analyzing the cause and reproducing bugs in concise steps in order for software developers and testers understand quickly, maintaining consistent workflow of the roles assigned under deadline.
  • Thorough analysis in the localization of overseas product, focus attention on proper grammar appearing in software products, corrections addressed to developers; to remain comprehensible for consumer viewing.
  • Extensive testing experience on Sony PSP™, Playstation®2 and Playstation® 3 debug consoles, including online components.

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