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Qa Manager Resume

Pleasant Hill, CA


  • Over 12 years of experience in the Software Quality Assurance field
  • Hands on manager responsible for testing all products and supporting systems
  • Proven track record for high quality product delivery
  • In depth knowledge of QA process, SDLC and all required documentation
  • Hands on experience working in Agile/Scrum software delivery teams
  • Strong black and grey box testing skills
  • Tested client - server and web systems, API’s, web services and advertising using DART
  • Tested crossed browser and platform compatibility
  • Tested database scripts and stored procedures on MS SQL server
  • Experience developing Fitnesse tests and suites within a test automation framework
  • Experience developing VB scripts and batch files
  • Strong organizational skills, good team player
  • Attention to details and passion for quality


Operating systems: Win 7,Win XP embedded, XP/2000/NT/9x/3.x, MS - Dos 6.2, Unix

Databases: MS SQL, MS Access

Software/Tools: VSS, SVN, CruiseControl, Bugzilla, FileMaker Pro, GHOST, System Commander, Microsoft Office, PasswordSafe, Sharepoint, DART Ad Manager, Rally, Wiki


Confidential, Pleasant Hill, CA

QA Manager

  • Textmunication provides cutting-edge mobile marketing solutions to help businesses to be cost-effective, have proven ways to reach current and new customers and boost sales.
  • Work with developers and business owner to create test plan and test cases
  • Test business application modification for SMS delivery, campaign creation and reporting
  • Participate in creating and testing of tutorial videos
Confidential, Walnut Creek, CA

QA Manager

  • Globalware Solutions was the leader in customized global supply chain management solutions.
  • Tested online store releases for full store and checkout only with new features and improvements
  • Worked on bringing new online stores live by making sure designs match customer specification
  • Tested OPS (Operating Support system) releases
  • Tested crossed browsers compatibility (IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari)
  • Tested APIs using test application and internal API page
  • Deployed all builds to QA environment using CruiseControl
  • Created automated test cases and suites using Fitnesse to have coverage of regression test for all stores
  • Run database scripts in QA environment on MS SQL server and verified results
  • Added user stories, documented test cases and results in Rally
  • Created and updated wiki pages with testing information
  • Worked as a member of Scrum team by participating in morning standups, planning meetings, demos and retrospectives
Confidential, San Francisco, CA

QA Manager


  • Worked on building a strong team with the advanced knowledge of product and technology to ship good quality and reliable releases to customers
  • Managed people that were working on many concurrent projects
  • Provided training and support for all new QA team members to learn product and to adapt SCRUM methodology
  • Participated in all phases of SCRUM cycle: planning meeting, morning standups, end of sprint demo and retrospective
  • Was responsible for the SCRUM task board, spreadsheet, done list, retrospective document, etc
  • Focused on getting feedback to developers as soon as possible which is vital for higher quality releases
  • Developed QA release criteria for jukebox and web systems: smoke and release candidate test, smoke test for new features and running automated test suites
  • Participated in bug review meetings, assigned and prioritized bugs after these meetings
  • Kept Bugzilla up to date with release numbers, new products and components and accounts for new employees
  • Made sure that all releases went through all required testing phases with the best knowledgeable team member to perform this task
  • Provided estimates for team's test deliverables
  • Worked with development team on defining Fitnesse automation test framework for the client and web applications
  • Maintained QA servers, databases and backups
  • Worked with IT group on upgrading QA environment and matching it to production
  • Worked with the development and IT teams to create better release processes
  • Was able to manage the team while continuing to be an individual contributor

Software Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Performed testing on all systems: client (jukebox software and hardware), supporting web systems Ecast Central and Operations Support, RPC servers, Web Services, Billing, advertising using DART Ad Manager and APIs
  • Tested some jukebox and RPC releases by myself which were recognized as the most successful and bug free releases to production
  • Used Visual Studio and other editors to modify code for testing purposes
  • Tested database scripts, patches and stored procedures on MS SQL server. Used queries (select, update, etc) to verify the results
  • Tested video and audio files (MPG, FLV, SWF, WMA)
  • Tested jukebox and IMS network connections. Protocols used: TCP/IP, SSL
  • Tested crossed browsers and platform compatibility (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari) including different browser versions
  • Tested Facebook, Twitter and other social applications incorporated to run on jukeboxes and IMS products
  • Created test case documents and Regression document for all systems, which did not exist before. Able to create test cases with and without functional specification
  • Maintained all QA documents in VSS up to date
  • Filed bugs in Bugzilla for all products
  • Created and updated wiki pages with all necessary team and project information
  • Created automated test cases and suites using Fitnesse, VB scripts and batch files
  • Modified existing automated test cases and scripts to reflect new code changes
Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Software Quality Assurance Engineer/Test Lead


  • Wrote Test Plan for the projects
  • Prepared corresponding Test Suite for the project
  • Monitored the day-to-day activities of a small group of black-box testers at a project level
  • Distributed test team assignments
  • Tracked the progress of subordinates on assigned tasks
  • Provided technical assistance as required
  • Prepared and posted releases for the customers with the release notes using FTP site
  • Documented all project activities including weekly test reports and Final Release Report

Software Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Tested all software developed by Aramova, Inc. including Gearbox Connection Kit and MobileManager
  • Wrote test cases and Functional Test Outlines for different parts of the product
  • Tested different browser installation and cross browser compatibility (IE, Netscape, AOL) including different browser versions
  • Automated test scenarios using in house tools and batch files
  • Run test cases for all types of test during software development cycle including Unit, Acceptance, Localization and Regression
  • Maintained the test environment including installation of the supported OSs on the test machines, creating GHOST images of those OSs
  • Bug filing and tracking in FileMaker Pro
  • Worked with disk and imaging tools such as GHOST and System Commander
  • Performed documentation test including Help, Public Functional Specification, End User Guide and Administration Technical Support

Confidential, Oakland, CA

SQA Tester/ Project Lead

  • Tested the web-based email application for different email clients and online store software
  • Communicated with programmers and sales team on the on-going basis
  • Wrote daily reports for SQA work and distributed those between staff
  • Completed summary reports, provided presentations on weekly meetings
  • Checked browser and platform compatibility
  • Performed different kinds of Software Testing: Functionality, Boundary, Tree, Stress, Chaos and Regression
  • Wrote detailed bug reports and verified bug fixes
  • Maintained bug tracking database up-to-date using FileMaker Pro
  • Provided computer troubleshooting as needed

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